"Lucy, come on let me in!" Natsu called through the closed window, softly tapping it.

"You are such a jerk Natsu!" She replied throwing a pillow at his face. The pillow hit the glass with a thump, almost sending him flying off of the window.

"I said I was sorry a million times! If you let me in I can make it up to you and you know it!" He pleaded suggestively with a grin, getting impatient with the blonde.

"No way that I am letting you mess with my head like that…" She muttered to herself.

"If you don't open this window right now I'm going to scream to all who can hear me that I love Lucy Heartfilia! I don't even care if the guild hears!" He said as his tapping became louder.

"Get your ass in here!" She said as she opened the window sharply yanking the dragon slayer in by his scarf.

"See that wasn't so hard was it?" Natsu said with a triumphant grin sprawled out on the floor of her apartment.

"What if someone heard you?!" She said slamming the window shut and closing the curtains.

"So what? I don't like lying or sneaking around I told you that Lucy…"

"You know as well as I do that we have no choice. I will not end up the gossip of the guild." Lucy said looking down at him with crossed arms.

"They'll get over it and move on to something else you know how they are. I've only held out for two months, because you really want to keep this a secret." He said getting up and dusting himself off.

"I don't want people treating us differently…" She admitted.

"Why on Earthland would they treat us differently?" He asked genuinely confused.

"I don't know but you're stupid if you think they won't." She said glaring at him. "Besides, I shouldn't even be talking to you after what you said."

"Don't call me stupid. It was your fault I said it… All this sneaking around if I didn't say something like that they would have known we were together." He said angrily.

"You didn't have to completely insult me!" She yelled.

"Well when someone asks you point blank if you think someone is dateable you have to say something!" He said stepping closer to her.

"You shouldn't say I'm too promiscuous for you! You were basically calling me a slut!" She yelled never leaving his angry gaze.

"You should know I don't mean it!" He said knitting his brows together.

"You're such an idiot!"

"Stop calling me that Lucy." He said with a low growl.

"Idiot." She said in fury. They stood in silence inches apart just staring into each other's eyes full of rage. Natsu held his hands in fists trying to calm himself to no avail, while Lucy never wavered testing him with the word. The anger pulsing through them lit something else inside of them. This was something so primal that before she knew it Natsu slammed his lips against hers in a fit of anger and passion. Lucy didn't feel surprised; if he hadn't initiated it she knew she would have. There was just too much tension between the two since their first kiss and passionate nights together. Natsu's hands slid into her hair as their kiss became more intense, as tongues slide against one another's sending warmth deep inside Lucy. They had been at it for two months and she still couldn't get enough of this. This time however was different. She could feel the anger she felt still bubbling inside, and she could sense his in his desperate kiss. Soon she pushed hard against his chest making him step away from her.

"No way am I letting you change my mind this way." Lucy said glaring at him through lustful eyes. Natsu's primal feelings were written all over his face, as he took her wrist.

"I know that nothing I say will change that stubborn mind of yours." He said huskily as he pulled her toward her bed. Natsu had had it with lying to his friends, and as hot as sneaking around town devouring each other was he knew he was sick of that too. What he really wanted right now was to take her and punish her with pleasure. He had her wrist firmly not letting go as he tossed her on the bed climbing quickly on top of her.

"I'm stubborn, what about you?!"

"You talk too much!" He said pinning her wrists to the bed above her head, and continuing their kiss. He parted her lips with his tongue roughly as he ravaged her mouth sending a shiver down her spine. Good. He thought feeling her body react. You better feel every bit of this. Natsu felt her writhing beneath him grinding her hips up to meet his. He sat up pulling his scarf off with a finger and quickly using it to tie Lucy's wrists to her headboard. He then looked down at her with a heated expression. "Try calling me an idiot again while you're like that." He threatened.

"Idiot" She said slowly with fuming lustful eyes. Natsu reached down ripping her defenseless white shirt and bra right off of her body. Lucy grunted when he did, as her cheeks inflamed in anger. "That was a nice shirt!" She yelled pulling at her tight restraints.

"I warned you Lucy." He said roughly, sending another shiver up her spine. Her breathing becoming heavy as his hands assaulted her perky breasts. A deep groan escaped her as she tried to fight the pleasure out of pure will and stubbornness. After a fight like that she would not give in to his plans. "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Natsu, you are going to get it when I get out of these restraints!" She said her eyes full of fire.

"That's it get mad." He said sliding his tongue across her exposed nipples making her back arch pressing her breasts into his hands. He sucked one breast as his hand kneaded the other. He felt hungry for every part of her, and he would take it now. He wasted no time throwing off her skirt and the last of her undergarments. Standing up he watched as her eyes followed him pleading for his return. Natsu began to yank off the rest of his clothes quickly exposing his hard length completely ready to dominate. He watched as her breathing became more erratic making her chest rise and fall quickly, and as she squirmed on the bed her eyes begged him to come back. Instead he locked eyes with her and began stroking himself slowly letting her watch helpless to do anything about it.

"Naatsu" She moaned pressing her legs together desperately trying to relieve some of the throbbing between her thighs. He only shook his head as his hand moved faster. He saw her eyes move down toward the movement making her groan more. "Please" She begged softly.

"You drive me crazy Lucy. I'd do anything for you." He said bucking his hips into his hand and stepping closer to her writhing form and pressing his lips against her ear. "But I'm so mad the only thing I can think about doing is punishing you." He whispered feeling her groan against his lips. Natsu quickly slid back on the bed spreading her legs baring her before him and pulling her hips up to his face. Before Lucy could say a word he buried his mouth in her hot sex. He snaked his tongue inside her as she moaned crying out his name. He locked eyes with her as she watched him devour her in full view, sending her in a fit of moans and whimpers that made him ache with the need to be inside her. He stroked her clit roughly with his tongue enjoying the taste and smell he found himself craving during the day.

"N-Natsu please!" She groaned feeling her release coming quickly as she never left his eyes. He suddenly pulled his hot tongue away from her core.

"You promise to stop calling me an idiot?" He asked darkly.

"Don't stop!" She whined thrusting her hips up.

"You have to promise first." He said.

"No." She said with a grin waiting for the grueling punishment. Natsu began nipping at her inner thigh, too close to where she wanted him to be. Lucy let out whimpers as he proceeded to do the same to the other side.

"Promise me." He said glaring into her gaze.

"Make me." She said simply.

"You're such a bad girl Lucy." He rumbled as he laid love bites along her thigh again.

"You did say you wanted to punish me Natsu, so punish me." She said begging him with her eyes. He leaned back and dropped her hips, and watched as her breasts bounced enticingly. Without another word he hiked her legs up against her body and let his tip sit waiting at her entrance.

"What do you promise never to call me?" He asked teasing her as she mumbled her response. "I can't hear you Lucy."

"Idiot" she said letting her passion seep into the word. Natsu hastily thrust deep into her letting a low growl escape his throat. He couldn't take it anymore as he watched her throw her head back and moan his name loudly. His hands on either side of her head keeping him up as he grinded his length deep inside her. "Oh god Natsuu!" She screamed pulling her restraints harder. His pace increased thrusting at a relentless rhythm. "I'm going to cum if you don't-" she began to say.

"Cum for me Lucy." He groaned feeling her walls tighten around him. At his words she unraveled beneath him calling his name filling his ears with passion. "That's right let it all go." He said in a low voice. As she fell limp he continued his pursuit rubbing her clit softly with his thumb as he thrust into her. His other hand found his scarf again undoing the knot letting her hands fall against her bed. His thumb working to reawaken his spent princess. Lucy realizing her hands were finally free let her fingers glide into his hair bringing their lips together again as she moaned to life once more. Natsu let her tongue invade his mouth as his hands found her lower back pulling her closer to him. Lucy began meeting his thrusts as she groaned. He knew he had to get her to release again before he did. Feeling addicted to the sight of her peaking beneath him he couldn't help but want more of her as he continued to slam into her soaking core. Natsu groaned loudly into her neck as their bodies pressed together.

Lucy had never seen Natsu this way, a complete animal carnivorous and lusting against her. Their groans mixing together making her feel like they were one being. She felt his length fill her up again and again hitting every spot she could dream of. A fire burned inside her as she sensed her climax coming again. It must have been the same with Natsu. Before she knew what was happening he let out a ferocious growl into her neck as they were both entwined together completely engulfed in flame. The warmth licked her skin soothingly never too hot to burn.

Natsu lifted his head to press his forehead against hers smashing their bodies together watching her eyes widen. He couldn't hold them in anymore, the flames clawed their way out of his body as his climax neared rapidly.

"Cum with me Lucy." He ordered looking into her eyes as she clenched around his hot arousal.

"Yes! Oh Natsu!" she screamed letting his throbbing member rock her to heaven again. She moaned softly as his thrusts slowed to a stop. He stayed inside her holding her sweltering body against him. He felt their skin slick with sweat as he lay her down and pulled out of her slowly with a soft groan.

He pulled her body closer to him as they looked into each other's eyes.

"I'm sorry." She said in almost a whisper. "I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you. I know you hate hiding us."

"I shouldn't have called you promiscuous." He said sweeping a strand of hair out of her face and softly stroking her cheek.

"I just love you so much. I don't want what the guild will say or do to destroy this." She said with a small smile.

"And I love you too much to let that happen. I don't care what they say. You're very important to me I'm sure they'll see that and back off after a while."

"I guess I couldn't blame them. When I found out about Gajeel and Levy I almost had a heart attack." She giggled.

"What about Gajeel and Levy?!" He said in alarm.

"You really are dense Natsu." She said laughing out loud.

"What did I say about calling me that?" He said pulling her close giving her a mischievous grin.

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