"No it's still slanted move a little to the left." Lucy directed lounging in her arm chair.

"What about now?" Natsu asked with her bedroom door between his hands sizing it up to the entranceway.

"Nope, a little lower." Lucy said pointing down. Natsu obliged and bent his knees lowering the level of the door. It was an exceptionally hot and sweltering day as Lucy fanned herself wearing nothing but a bikini. She tilted her head to the side observing her shirtless boyfriend in action. "Still not low enough." She breathed watching his muscles flex under the pressure.

"Lucy! The door is obviously too low!" He complained turning to glare in her direction. He relaxed his grip as he took in the sight of a very turned on Lucy wearing a bikini. "We can always forget about the door?" He suggested smirking at her exposed skin.

"No, you promised you'd fix it." She reminded him fanning herself a little faster. "Damn it's hot in here. Gray said he'd be over today to fix my air conditioning!"

"I can do it!" Natsu growled.

"Natsu, if it was winter time and my heater wasn't working then I'd ask for your help." She said waving off his offer. "We have to start over with the door its gone completely crooked again."

"Ne Lucy! Can't we just play instead?" He whined heaving the door back into place.

"Later Natsu I told you Gray is supposed to come over." She sank deeper into the chair throwing her legs over one of the arm rests. Her arm was supporting her head on the other.

"When?" He asked in thought.

"Um he was supposed to be here a half hour ago." She answered looking over her shoulder to the clock on the wall. She turned her head in Natsu's direction realizing he was setting the door down. "Hey what gives! You're supposed to fix it!"

"Don't wanna right now." He said eyes trailing over her heated body.

"Natsu, Gray is coming." She said sternly.

"He's late. He might not even show up." He shrugged kneeling in front of her chair.

"He said he would!" She reasoned.

"And I said I'd fix your door, but I'm not doing that now." He said trailing his fingers along her side making her shiver.

"You are such a liar." She said brushing away his hand.

"No such thing. I'll fix it when I'm done." He continued, his eyes travelling down her tantalizing curves. He heard her breathing quicken when he slid his hands back to her side and leaned in to kiss the pout she was wearing. He felt her heart race as she sank into his kiss. She's mine. He thought pulling her up against his chest. Her legs folded around his waist tightly. Natsu undid her bikini top and pulled it off her body, discarding it behind him.

"What if he does show up?" Lucy asked huskily.

"It's not like we're keeping it a secret anymore." He said with a smug grin.

"But…" Lucy began before arching her back and leaning into his lips, which were now wrapped around her sensitive nipple. A groan tumbled from her lips as he suckled softly and massaged her other breast between expert digits. Natsu felt his need grow stronger as he moaned into her soft chest. He nipped playfully around her wet peak and grinned when she whimpered at the sensation. Lucy tugged his hair pulling him closer wrapping her quivering legs tighter rubbing against his arousal. She felt him lick softly at her nipple and slide a hand slowly down her side. A soft moan slipped as he shoved his fingers past her bikini's waistband.

"Isn't this better than watching me put up a door Lucy?" He asked suckling her other breast looking up into her fiery gaze. She moaned his name in response when he let his middle finger sink into her soaking core. "Looks like you really like watching me. It got you all ready." He observed letting his ring finger slip into her feeling slick with her need. His eyes like a predator when he quickly thrust his fingers deep inside causing her to writhe in her chair a moan erupting from the blonde before him. His blood boiled with passion at the sight of her crumbling before him. How he wanted to make her lose it just for him. He pulled his fingers out slowly before thrusting in again, a relentless rhythm causing whimpers and moans. Natsu began kissing the underside of her perky breast as he tortured her with his greedy hand.

"Natsu I need- aah!" She moaned loudly as he lapped at her skin.

"What do you need from me Lucy?" He asked darkly skimming his teeth across her skin. She reached passed his hands to his hard length slipping her hands inside and stroking him beneath his pants. Natsu responded with a deep growl, and added another finger pumping furiously into her core.

"I need all of you Natsu." She whimpered stroking him tightly making him release her name in a moan. He sat up immediately taking her with him. He brought her around the side of the chair bending her over the armrest so her ass sat perfectly in the air for Natsu to see. He licked his lips and groaned before he pulled down his pants and boxers. He almost lost it when Lucy looked over her shoulder at him hands grasping the other arm tightly. She felt her bottoms slide easily past her legs causing her to spread her legs her hips angled for Natsu's pleasure. And he was now definitely pleased watching as she positioned herself in front of him.

"God you're perfect." He said taking her hips in his rough hands. He trailed kisses up her back as he slid his immense cock between her folds. He moaned as her walls pulled him in further sending waves of pleasure shooting through him. Lucy groaned noisily beneath him the deeper he went. She pushed back against his throbbing need moans rolling across her tongue. Natsu sat up looking down at her flushed pleasured face when he pulled back agonizingly slowly. He paused for only a second before impaling her hard causing her to brace herself against the chair. He watched her body bounce against its arm whenever he collided deep inside her.

"Yes Natsu!" She cried meeting his thrusts with her hips holding on desperately to her chair. He groaned when she said his name propelling his hips faster. Lucy felt like she was losing her mind at the very feeling of him filling her so quickly. She could feel her walls clench uncontrollably as she pushed back against him. "I'm so close!" Lucy moaned. Natsu leaned into her again reaching a hand around to massage her desire with his hand as he continued pumping in and out of her alluring sex. He left passionate kisses on her back as one arm pulled her closer. She cried in ecstasy when he pulled her to climax. He moaned her name as his hips continued its grind letting her spill beneath him.

"Again Lucy." He breathed into her skin kneading her clit. He slammed harder in and out of her slick walls. Before Lucy could catch her breath she felt her end climbing once more. Her mind was a fog as she came all over again against the predator above her.

"Fuck Lucy!" Natsu roared alongside her moans of passion. His eyes shut tight as stars danced in his vision. He rocked his hips slowly riding out their bliss before decelerating to a stop and standing up looking down at her limp body.

"I told you I'd take you on this chair." He said with a victorious grin pulling her into his arms and setting her down on her bed.

"That you did." She sighed with content pulling him into a kiss.

"Ugh I can't play this with you." Lucy groaned on her bed. Natsu lay next to her propped up on one arm.

"Why not?" He asked with a soft chuckle.

"You always cheat!" She accused glaring at their hands.

"You can't cheat in thumb war." He stated pinning her thumb beneath his and counting to three. Lucy threw her hands up in exasperation.

"Every time I pin your thumb down you light it on fire! Magic is so cheating…" She pouted crossing her arms and lying back onto the bed.

"You can use magic too." He said trying to coax her hand from underneath her overlapped arm.

"I don't have magic that can do something like that!" She complained pulling her hands farther away from Natsu's reach.

"That's not my problem." He grinned rolling on top of her naked body to grab her arms and reach for her extended hands.

"Cheater!" She exclaimed trying to push him off of her with little effects. He grabbed her hands pinning them over her head.

"That's almost as bad as calling me an idiot Lucy." He said darkly before nuzzling into her neck making her squirm.

"Doesn't change the fact that you are." She said leaning back as he kissed her neck slowly. "Wait! What time is it?" She wondered.

"Doesn't matter." Natsu replied huskily suckling her soft skin.

"No, Gray was supposed to be here. What if something happened?" She thought worriedly.

"Ice prick can take care of himself, but I'd like to take care of you if you'd let me." He said frustration playing in his voice.

"Natsu we should go look for him." She said wiggling out of his grasp.

"Lucyyy!" Natsu grumbled reaching out to grab her when she made her way to her dresser.

"Stop whining let's go." She ordered pulling on a pair of shorts.

"If I go can I get you naked on this table?" He asked inspecting its sturdy legs.

"Do you just want to have sex everywhere?" She shook her head in amazement.

"Why not?" He said with a devilish expression.

"We should check with the guild first." Lucy said reaching for her keys.

Natsu was surprised when they walked into the guild. It seemed as though everyone was celebrating, but what they didn't know. The pair walked over to the bar where the white haired bar maid stood pouring shots.

"Uh what's going on?" Lucy asked gesturing toward the commotion.

"Oh a fight!" Natsu exclaimed bounding toward the fuss. Lucy only shook her head and watched as he bounded into the brawl.

"Max bought new shoes." Mira giggled. "Mostly just an excuse to drink I think." Lucy glanced at all the busy tables. Max sat with Jet and Droy seemingly drunk since he was cuddling a defenseless broom.

"I can see that. Have you seen Gray?" She asked looking around to the other tables.

"He was here not too long ago. Cana challenged him to a drinking contest." Mira pointed to the unconscious brunette sprawled across a table top snoring loudly.

"Well where do you think he went?" Lucy wondered.

"He has to be around here somewhere. Why are you looking for him Lucy?" Mira asked filling a serving tray with her poured shots.

"He was supposed to stop by today to take a look at my air conditioning." Lucy said.

"Mira we need some of those shots for the new couple!" Jet laughed loudly pointing to Max who had the broom now pressed against his lips.

"Oh my." Mira said shaking her head. "I think they need to be cut off, and I'm sure you'll find him Lucy." She smiled before heaving the full tray onto her shoulder. Lucy watched as Max rolled off of his seat to the floor spurring on another round of hoots and hollers from his nearby guild mates. She stood up and walked behind the bar. She knew if Gray was still in the guild somewhere the only other place to look was the back rooms. Lucy opened the door to the master's office finding no sign of the raven haired mage. She rested her hand on another knob when Natsu bounded toward her.

"Lucy, come join us!" He called excitedly trying to tug her away.

"I'm looking for Gray. You should help me instead of getting me in fights!" She yelled pulling open the door in front of her. What lay inside the broom closet was something Lucy and Natsu were definitely unprepared for.

"Oh uh hi guys…" Gray slurred pushing a half-naked Juvia behind him.

"Oh my." Lucy said her eyes wider than saucers.

"No no no! I am not going to keep this a secret! You can count me out I am done with that stuff!" Natsu said waving his hands in the air running back toward the guild hall far away from the crazy kids bumping uglies in the broom closet. Lucy said nothing before closing the door and slowly walking out toward the bar grabbing a shot on her way.

"You okay Lucy?" Mira asked watching her hastily pouring the shot down her throat.

"Just great Mira." Lucy said walking over to the fight to punch something.

"Juvia guesses our secret is out now Gray-sama!" Juvia said happily clapping her hands together in the dark.

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