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Merlin stormed down the halls of the castle in a furious rage. Arthur could just be so incredibly aggravating and dense sometimes. He was nothing more than a pompous, arrogant, king anyways. And a very stupid one at that. Sometimes Merlin forgot why he cared so much about Arthur. Then he would remember that it's because of what's there under all of those layers of toughness and petty insults. Merlin never lost sight to how good of a person that Arthur was, and Merlin never hesitated in his decision to stand by his side and guide him as best he could. But that didn't mean that Arthur couldn't be the most annoying person on the face of the planet. Well, that might be taking it a bit too far. But then again...

It was well past dusk while Merlin was sulking about in the halls, making his way to his chambers. When he reached his destination, he quietly tip-toed into his room, taking caution as to not wake Gaius, and brought his magic book and his cape out with him. Once he was out of the quarters and at the top of the stairway, he fastened his cloak around his shoulders and his book under the thin fabric that was now draped over him.

He sneaked his way out of the castle and well into the woods. When he was sure that he had gone far enough and that no one was around to see him, he took his hood off and climbed a tree. When he found a comfortable nook to sit it, he leaned back against a tree branch and opened his book. He stayed there near an hour, practicing spells and incantations. It was his way to vent and let go of his emotions. It was the most effective thing that calmed him down. He decided that it would be best to head back home, despite his urge to stay there all night, so he reluctantly climbed down from the tree and walked back to the castle.

When he was roaming about the large, empty halls, he realized again how beautiful Camelot and its castle was. He'd always underestimated it's magnificence and had never really taken the time to appreciate it before. That is with the exception of times like he was experiencing right then. Times when he could just let his mind wander off with his body and not have to worry about anything.

Merlin drifted about the castle for about a quarter of an hour before he heard something that made him pause. Was that...a piano? Merlin had only heard it a few times when there was a concert or special banquet, but each time that he did hear it he adored it. He wanted to to play it, but there was no way that he would be allowed to use it. And he didn't know how to anyway. So instead, he would just relish in the sounds that came from the instrument with newly awoken passion and admire the player's swift hands and fingers.

Merlin followed the sound of the piano as it grew louder the closer he became to it, but still just as soft and gentle. Merlin wondered who would be playing it at that time of night. Whoever it was was very skilled. Merlin had never heard it played so beautifully.

Merlin reached the music room where the playing was coming from and peeked his head around the wide open doors to see who was playing. His breath caught in his throat when he saw a tall and broad figure with a familiar head of thick blonde hair seated on the bench in front of the piano. He watched as Arthur's hands gracefully danced across the keys, causing wonderful sounds to emanate from the grand piano.

As he watched Arthur smile as the tempo of the song increased and then became calm and subtle again, Merlin couldn't help but do the same. He had never seen Arthur look so relaxed and...happy before. He was just so happy.

So this is what Arthur does. When Merlin is angry or sad, or even happy, he uses his magic to express it and calm himself down. He uses it to vent his emotions and, depending on the person, almost like a way of communication. When he's done, he'll feel so...complete. It's like he's been a puzzle missing only one piece. When he let's it all out, the puzzled will be finished. When his emotions and thoughts start to build again, that last piece of his puzzle fades away until it disintegrates into nothing. Arthur's the same, only he uses his music instead of magic.

Merlin pondered if there was even a difference between music and magic. They both were so beautiful and could be so calm. But in an instant it could all change. Everything could get turned around and start to get violent or wistful or mournful or any other emotion you can think of.

Merlin still couldn't wrap his mind fully around that thought. That Arthur uses his music. Music. Arthur's music. He found it hard to entirely believe that Arthur was the one making such wonderful sounds come from the piano. It was the most beautiful thing that he had ever heard. When he listened to it, it spread an indescribably feeling of calmness and bliss over him. It was as if none of his troubles and worries weren't there anymore. Like they vanished into nothingness and left only the two men and the peacefulness of Arthur's tune echoing through the castle.

He stood there for hours, never falling into boredom or becoming tired. He just stood there and let himself become enraptured in the music as he watched Arthur swiftly and delicately sweep his hands along the keys, playing a never ending melody of bliss and memories. Those moments, those rare minutes of peace and calm that Merlin had, were perfect.

They stayed up til dawn, listening to and playing the piano, until a rooster's crow woke them both from the time that they'd wished would never end. Arthur continued to play for a couple of more minutes, before Merlin heard him close the lid over the keys and walk over to the doors. Merlin quickly darted away from the doors while straightening his clothes out, trying his best to make it look as if he hadn't spent the whole night standing up.

When he saw Arthur exit, he did his best to pretend everything was normal, but he didn't think that he fully concealed the look of esteem partially hidden in his eyes as he walked towards him.

"Merlin," Arthur called when he saw his servant.


"I wanted to apologize, for what I said the other day. I'm sorry."

Merlin was taken aback my this statement. Arthur should play the piano more often! "I'm sorry, too. Your were right. I was overreacting."

"Well, I'm not going to argue with you on that one." Arthur said with a scoff. He smiled brightly and ruffled Merlin's hair. "You look like you've been up half the night. What were you doing?"

"I could say the same about you." Merlin retorted snarkily, but still playfully.

"Watch it. I'm still your king." He said while walking away.

The two men then went about their normal routines, but Merlin spent most of his day staring at Arthur. He seemed much happier and brighter that day, especially for not having gotten any sleep that night, and he just seemed to glow and radiate with joy. Merlin recalled days when Arthur had been in an uncharacteristically cheerful mood and had given a good nights sleep the credit for it. Now he he knew why Arthur was like this. It was because of the magic of music.

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