A/N – This is set just before the movie Boondock Saints. The brothers are simply being themselves, enjoying life, hanging out and causing a bit of trouble. They have not yet received their mission from God. I don't own the twins – that's all Troy. But Teagan is mine.

Chapter One

It was a quiet night at McGinty's pub, well as quiet as an Irish bar in South Boston can be on any given night. Packed full of regulars there was bound to be a little trouble. Connor MacManus walked out of the bathroom to a small scuffle happening. Pushing and shoving and curse words being thrown around. And right in the middle of it was his brother. Murphy's fighting style couldn't be missed. He had backed himself against the wall for leverage and he was biding his time before he started swinging. Connor didn't know what the fight was about, didn't matter. He watched as two men, Pauly and Ronan advanced on Murphy. Connor didn't intervene, not yet anyways. His brother rarely needed his help in a fight. Everyone else in the place has stepped back and even Doc stayed behind the bar and let the scene play out.

Murphy was ready to fight and couldn't seem to keep his mouth from running as well, "I'm jus' sayin' that maybe you two would 'ave a better chance of getting' some if ya went 'ome tagether, stead of tryin' to pick up a woman." Connor had seen them both hitting on Teagan during the night, apparently Murphy had gotten tired of watching her fend them off. Ronan rushed in and took a swing at the dark haired twin and caught him in the jaw. Connor stepped forward but there was no need, Murphy took the hit to the face then pounced back, pushing the Irish man into the Italian and ending things with one single punch. Ronan went down in a drunken pile at Pauly's feet and the fight was over. Typical guys letting off steam. Connor watched as Murphy adjusted his t-shirt and hitched up his jeans. They walked back over to their bar stools as Doc was pouring shots in front of them. Murphy motioned for him to send one over to Teagan as well.

They sat in silence as Doc poured the whiskey into a shot glass and set it in front of the red haired beauty. She smiled at Doc, lifted the shot and mouthed "t'anks" to Murphy. The three of them drank back their whiskey in one swallow as she went back to her book and the brothers went back to talking. It had been a long day at the meat packing plant, but they were both scheduled off for the next day so neither of them minded drinking a bit too much for a Tuesday night. Rocco came and left after knocking back three shots of tequila and now they had stayed so long most everyone was gone. Teagan still sat at her corner spot drinking a tall draft Guinness, Murphy watched her lick her finger as she turned the pages of her book. She was a fast reader, she licked her finger often. Her hair was red, but chemically enhanced a bit, no shade of red like that had ever come out of Ireland. He knew she worked at a local law firm, a secretary or something like that. She had been coming into McGinty's for months now, always alone, always for dinner and a few drinks. Sometimes with a book which seemed to mean she wanted to be left alone, but sometimes without one and she would visit with all the locals. She was pretty new to the States and her accent was thick. Murphy liked that about her. She was a touch of home every time she spoke. Sometimes she would slip into Gaelic and only the MacManus brothers and a few older patrons would know what she was saying. That was when she was at her funniest. Tonight was a book night, she was engrossed in her story, and now that the crowd had thinned she was really flying through the pages. That finger to her tongue over and over, Murphy liked to watch her mouth. She had beautiful lips that never needed lipstick.

Connor leaned over to his brother, "Ya look good t'night." Murphy drew his gaze from Teagan down to his beer.

"Yeah?" Murphy was going to have to take his brothers word for it, he never thought he looked good. He brushed his fingers through his hair.

Connor reached into his pocket and pulled out cash, "Yeah." He tossed it in front of Murphy. "I'm gonna go home. Ya should go say 'ello ta Teagan." Connor knew his brother better than he knew himself most days. Not that Murphy wouldn't have started to a fight to defend any women's honor, but this one in particular had his attention tonight. Connor knew that straight away when Murphy had sat to his left so that he could keep Connor and Teagan in his line of sight. "Think that she's 'xactly what you need tonight." Connor slipped on his Pea coat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He took out two and left them on the bar for Murphy even though he had his own pack.

"Never gonna pan out ya know." Murphy mumbled it even though he agreed with his brother, she was what he needed tonight. But he figured he just get shot down. He had not had much luck with women in a while. Not that he was out prowling much, but when he had, it hadn't worked out.

Connor smiled, "Let go of Muprhy's Law f'once. Not'in' 'as to go wrong." He leaned in close to Murphy's ear. "'ave fun, but don't forget where ya bed is." Murphy nodded. Connor said goodnight to Doc and looked over to Teagan who didn't seem to notice him leaving. Murphy watched as Connor walked out the door.

Doc was wiping down bottles and cashing out patrons while Murphy drank down his beer and debating on one more. He had been talking with Ryan for a while, but he had finally left for the night as well. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Teagan close her book. He had been watching her that way since Connor had gone.

"Hey Doc, one more fa me, an' one fa me friend." Teagan smiled at Murphy as he looked up to see who she was ordering for. She moved her book aside and patted the seat next to her. The invitation was clear and Murphy took it. He grabbed the two cigarettes, money and his coat and moved five stools down and settled in next to her.

When Doc came over with the beers Murphy handed him the folded bills Connor had left, "These are on me." Didn't matter if she had ordered them, he was a gentleman and she knew enough not to argue with a MacManus.

"Fuck! Ass!" Doc's turrets wasn't too bad tonight, but it still made Murphy smile when that combination came out of his mouth. He walked away and went back to his cleaning.

One of the things Murphy liked about this fiery lass was the fact that she was always comfortable in a conversation. More than he was sometimes. She started right in while he was still thinking about what to say. "T'anks for earlier. They just weren't goin ta back off." Murphy mumbled something about it being no trouble at all. She sipped down her beer, "Saw you and Connor at Mass this Sunday."

Murphy straightened up a bit, "Ya could have said 'ello." He hadn't seen her there.

"Nay, ya bot' look so intense. Didn't want ta disturb ya prayin'." She had watched them from them moment they had entered the church, rosary's around their necks, they sat in the same pew every time. The got on their knees at the start of Mass and unlike most Catholics they spent most of Mass that way. It meant that they were not always engaged in the service going on around them, but they were always deep in their faith and conversation with God.

Murphy nodded, he and his brother knew many of the parishioners at their church but not many approached them; the brothers didn't give off such a comfortable vibe. "I'd like it if ya said 'hello next time." He said it looking down but she clearly heard him. They talked for a while, about work, the regulars and the book she was reading. He liked mysteries as well and she offered to loan it to him when she was done with it in a day or so. Teagan touched his right hand and trailed down to the tattoo that read "Aequitas" It started at the back of his hand and continued onto his index finger. She knew his brother had one as well but she couldn't remember what Connor's tat said.

"Equity?" She said it softly as she ran her finger on his lettering. That finger that had gone from her book to her tongue over and over all night.

Murphy loved the feel of her skin on his, even if it was just a simple touch. He hadn't admitted it to himself till now, but he had a thing for Teagan. "Or Justice."

She smiled up at him, "Gaelic and Latin?" She wondered how much he spoke of either language.

"An' Italian, French, German a bit of a few ot'rs." He watched her face to see if she was impressed. His mother may have insisted that they learn multiple languages, and he always assumed the benefit was to woo women. Really all it ever seemed to do was give Connor and him a chance to talk covertly in front of people.

Her fingers trailed upto the cross that covered most of his forearm. "A linguist an' a pugilist. Nice." Teagan touched his chin, it was swollen for her. He didn't flinch, just let her smooth her fingers over his bruising flesh. She wondered if he was smarter than she had imagined. She had only ever seen him joking around here with Connor and his friends. Smart men were sexy.

Doc was getting close to closing and they were going to have to go soon. She finished her beer and went back to wrap up an earlier conversation about her favorite hurling team back home. Murphy didn't have a favorite team but he loved the sport. He was comfortable with her and he liked that. He thought it had to do with the fact that she was so much from the homeland, more than any other women he had met in a while.

Teagan started to round up her belongings, it was closing time. "Would ya mind walkin' me home Murphy? I don't live far." She like him, he was rowdy and boisterous around his brother but shy and a bit quiet around her. But more importantly, she always felt safe when he was around. He had come to her aid tonight and she found that to be a sexy quality in a man.

This was going better than he had expected. "Aye." She smiled at him, his accent seemed to thicken when as they talked. After a half hour with her he sounded like he had never stepped off the Emerald Island. She excused herself to the rest room and he followed to do the same.

Murphy stood looking in the mirror. He didn't see what Connor saw, he didn't think he was all that good looking. No cut could make this mop of dark hair sit right, his right eye looked tired, it always had compared to the left. Another remnant of a bar fight of years gone by. His smattering of facial hair never filled in enough. He trailed his fingers up his Mary Magdalene tattoo on his neck up to his latest injury of a bruised and swollen jaw. He had used the cold pint glass on his face as an ice pack most of the night. He could hear the toilet flush through the wall into the room next door, Teagan was almost done. He wasn't sure where this night was going but his body was definitely expressing a vote for sex. He had a hard on that had been persistent for the better part of the evening, but now it was making itself more known. He adjusted himself in his jeans and buttoned his pea coat. She had simply asked him to walk her home and he would do that.