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It was a short walk past McGinty's which was long closed and to his five floor walk up to the shit hole he lived in. He felt better than he had in a while. He had lost track of how long it had been since he had been with a women and he had needed it more than he realized. He took the stairs two at time and quietly put his key in the lock. The flat was dark, he hung his rosary next to his brothers by the door and slipped out of his coat. Silently he walked across the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Connor was awake. Murphy knew he would be.

"'ave a goo' nigh'?" Connor sounded sleepy but Murphy knew he hadn't slept much. He never slept well when Murphy was out.

"Aye." Murphy started at the laces on his boots.

Connor touched his shoulder. "Gonna tell me 'bout it?" The room was dark but the ambient light from outside filled the space, he could see the expression on Murphy's face. "Ya don't 'ave to." Murphy looked hesitant to talk about it.

Connor was asking and it was wrong of him not to tell his brother what he wanted to know. "Gi'me a minute." Murphy stood up finished undressing and took a piss while Connor waited to talk. He came back to bed and Connor lifted the blanket. He was naked, even though it was a little cold in their apartment, Connor always slept naked. Murphy slid his warm unclothed body in next to Connor's and they wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed. It was all so different. This kiss was soft, well soft for Connor but not soft like Teagan had been.

"Ya taste like 'er." Connor licked at his brother's skin just below his lip. He could clearly taste the signature flavor of a woman's pussy.

Murphy pulled away, "Sorry. I'll go wash up." He started to roll away from Connor feeling stupid that he didn't think to do it before he came to bed.

Connor held his brother close. "Nay,'s fine." He kissed Murphy again. It had been a very long time since Connor had been with a women, it was a flavor he had always enjoyed. And extracting that taste from his lover's mouth had its own erotic flair to it. They kissed and their already swollen cocks found each other. "She tastes good." Connor humped against his brother as he ran his fingers through his long dark hair. Hair she had probably latched onto while Murphy buried his face between her legs. The blond brother knew how much his lover enjoyed going down on a women.

Murphy slowly rocked against Connor. "Mmm, she does." He had enjoyed her particular essence immensely. He broke the kiss. "Why the fuck do ya let me do this Connor?" He had made sure he didn't think about it all night. From the moment Connor had given him permission to go to Teagan, he blocked the question out of his head. But now in his lover's arms, he had to know. "Tis not fair ta ya, but you fuckin' le' me do it." He looked into Connor's eyes. Connor could hardly ever lie to Murphy, but especially if they were eye to eye.

Connor kissed him and paused, stringing his words together the right way. "Murphy, tis is part of who ya are. Ya need to be with a women sometimes. I know that. And just like us together is part of who we are, fucked up or not. Ya need pussy sometimes." He kissed Murphy's forehead like he had since they were kids. "Ya tried for so long not to even look at a lass once we started t'is. But ya we're missin' a part of ya. I could see that." Connor was right, when they had crossed the line from brothers to lovers, Murphy had tried to stop looking at women. Tried to be completely faithful to Connor. But something had been missing. When Connor had pushed him into the arms of a women three years ago, he finally felt whole again.

It was strange and fucked up, but it's what Murphy needed. Connor; every minute of every day, as his shadow, in his brain, on his skin, in his body. But sometimes, just occasionally, he needed to be with a women. Just for a brief moment that was beyond his own comprehension.

"Ya always be me brother first Murph. Always. And I need ya to be 'appy." Connor unwrapped himself from his brother and rolled Murphy over. Murphy may have gotten off already tonight, but Connor had not. He was stiff and dripping to be inside his lover. They had lived this experience before. Murphy would come home from a date and Connor would need to reclaim Murphy's body as his property. "T'night was good? She was good?" Connor kissed down his brother's spine and thought that this would be the perfect place for their next tattoo. Murphy nodded. Connor bit at Murphy's ass cheek then licked his asshole. He tasted like sex and Connor knew it should bother him but it didn't, it never did.

Whenever Murphy was done a women, it seemed to refocus their relationship. Connor loved how Murphy would be for the next few weeks. More aggressive, attentive. He'd want more sex, rougher, kinkier. Being with a women would recharge Murphy, and Connor always reaped the benefits of it. When Murphy was good and wet Connor spit into his hand and wet his cock. Murphy lifted his hips and propped himself just the way Connor liked, open to be fucked. Connor slapped his brother's ass once then lined himself up and worked the tip inside. There was very little resistance anymore, they had done this too many times.

"Tell may bout it Murph. Tell me about fuckin' Teagan." This was the first time the woman Murphy had been with was someone Connor actually knew and though he didn't mind hearing the stories normally, he wondered if it would bother him this time.

Murphy craved from a women all the things his brother couldn't give him, "She 'as pretty tits." Connor slid into him quick and deep, pushing him a bit making Murphy push back. "I sucked 'em and she let may fuck them." Murphy had always had a thing for sliding his cock between a women's breasts, he had been doing it since his first girlfriend, and she had large full ones that enveloped him. But he liked any breasts he could push between.

"I didn't 'ave to ask to do her. She invited me." Murphy was surprised when a women wanted him enough to be the aggressor. He always thought Connor was the better looking of them.

Connor had found a rhythm and enjoyed every bit of his brother's ass. No place felt more like home to him. "She's been watchin' ya for weeks Murph." He pushed deep till he heard a moan than did it again. "I knew she's let ya take her." Connor loved to point out the things his brother missed. "She been watchin' ya ass every time ya came t'rough the door." Murphy had noticed her but he didn't realize it had been mutual till two days ago when he caught her smiling at him over her book. Connor leaned down and growled in his brother's ear. "Fookin' stroke ya self." Connor knew Murphy had cum already tonight, maybe more than once. But he also knew that Murphy would do it again and again if Connor told him to. "She dirty Murph? I know ya like 'em dirty."

Murphy nodded, she was a wee bit dirty, begging to do things she'd need to confess. He wished they had done more for her to bring to the confessional. "She asked may to cum on 'er." Connor moaned this time, partly because Murphy had tightened up when he thought of about, partly cause Connor loved it when Murphy came on him. He knew what a site it was.

"Ja do it? Ja cum all over 'er pretty tits?" Connor had noticed that she had a lovely rack.

Murphy nodded. "Aye. Covered her good."

Connor loved to talk dirty when he fucked his brother, it always made Murphy contract tighter around his cock. Most nights it was simply dirty words in foreign languages, but on a night that Murph had spent would a women, it was details like this.

Connor knew how to push his lover, "Tell me ya licked it off. Ya always look sexiest with cum in your mouth." He loved to come on his brothers lips, he'd let some slide down his chin but most of it he'd drink down. It was a sight.

Murphy pushed back as he stroked hard. It didn't matter that he had already orgasmed twice tonight, Connor inside him, talking dirty while he stroked, it would make him shoot again. "Aye. Sucked 'er nips clean, and she fuckin' watched. Smiled. FuckingfraochÚnsalach." Murphy would never call a women a dirty whore to her face, but here with his brother, he knew it was just gas on a fire of desire. Connor slammed harder, smacking Murphy's ass, gripping tight. He as so close to cummng and Murphy was gonna do it with him.

They stroked and pounded, bit and smacked. It was rough and sexy and when Connor finally came, it triggered an orgasm for Murphy. Cum flowed into his ass as his own spilled on the sheet. Teagan had felt good tonight, but Connor felt right. Murphy spewed as if it was his first orgasm in weeks. Connor pumped into him as he groaned out "Yebatsya!" It sounded so perfect coming from his brother's mouth and he would never tell Connor that he had said it because of Teagan. Finally Connor pulled out of him dragging his cum out with him, it dripped between Murphy's legs, down to his balls and his cock. He loved it. Murphy reached down and worked the cum into his skin then licked it off his finger. Connor watched as he panted on the side lines. Murphy was beautiful and refocused.

They kissed a while, no more talking, no more fucking. Connor balled up the sheet while Murphy cleaned himself up. They laid between blankets and held each other. "Gonna see 'er again?" It was a valid questions, she was a local.

"Nay, I'm yours." Murphy kissed his brother. "'sides, she only wanted a one nigh' stand."

Connor lit a cigarette. "Murphy's Law ya know. She's gonna wanna come back for more." He put the cigarette to his brother's lips and they shared it before they fell asleep.