Homestuck x avengers cross-over


Chapter 1: where are we?

Karkat grunted in pain. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, but his head felt like splitting in two, so he had no intention in opening his eyes to find out. He lay there unmoving for a couple of minutes, feeling the sunlight on his eyelids (great! Another reason he didn't want to open his eyes) and started to think of what might have led to this.

After a long and tiring battle on one of the humans worlds (Lohac, maybe? Karkat wasn't sure) everyone had returned to the meteor to catch up with each other. Now Jade was no longer Grimbark and John's ecto-grandma (Jane or something. He really had to memorize their names sometime) was back to normal too, the eight humans and Davesprite spend nearly all their time together for a reason Karkat didn't entirely understand, but Kanaya said it had something to do with the humans aspect of 'family'.

Karkat and everyone who weren't already ascended, reached godtier during the fight and with the help of Gamzee, who regained his sanity, they were able to not only defeat the batterwich, but Jack Noir as well. Gamzee's help in this was the last push they had needed to kill their enemy's. however, this didn't mean the others trusted him, and he just kept apologizing for everything he had done. Karkat couldn't help but pity the poor, miracle-obsessed clown and they rekindled their moirallegiance.

The last he could remember was lying on his weird human bed wishing for his recuperacoon. He fell asleep completely against his own will and when he woke up he was at this strange place! If this was one of Egbert's pranks he would fucking…

A faint honk startled him out of his thoughts. He sat up, blinking his eyes against the bright sun. granted, it wasn't half as bright as the Alternian sun, but he was a nocturnal being. When he was able to see again, he looked around and found Gamzee laying 10 feet away from him.

Karkat scrambled up and ran towards his moirail, afraid he might be freaking out. Carefully he knelt next to his friend and started petting his unruly hair. Gamzee visibly relaxed by this. His eyes fluttered open, and when he saw Karkat he smiled lazily.

"Hey best friend," he said grinning.

Karkat tried to scowl, but succeeded only half since he was just too relieved his friend was ok.

"Get up fuckass, so we can find out where we are!" he said looking around, for the first time taking in his surroundings.

It seemed like they were in a small field surrounded by trees. In the meanwhile Gamzee had gotten up too and looked around with wonder.

"Motherfuckin' miracles, bro!"

Karkat rolled his eyes and would have started a rant about how there was no such thing as miracles, if he wasn't interrupted by two figures walking out from behind some bushes.

"KK!" Sollux called out, "where are we?"

Karkat shot him and the alpha-Strider that had followed him, a glare. Just fucking great! Oh well, guess everyone is better than the other shades wearing douche.

"How am I supposed to know that asshat!" he yelled back.

Gamzee just shot the newly arrived his signature grin and waved.

"Hey motherfuckers."

"Sup" Dave's ecto-brother answered with his typical Strider pokerface perfectly in place.

Karkat scowled and wanted to yell again, when he was interrupted by the sound of something flying towards them. The four teens looked up in shock, grabbing at their weapons when they saw the gold-and-red robotic creature that was coming directly to them.

"What the…"