"You three are going to be marines. I'm tired of hearing reports of three little kids causing trouble in this area, and don't even say it wasn't you, Ace!" Garp yelled at his three ungrateful children. Behind him, a marine boat horned as if to emphasis his point.

Ace stood there grunting looking at the ground. In front of him was Luka, who was blocking Garp from Ace's view. Sabo stood on his side with the same guilty face as him. Unlike other times, Garp meant it. Everything was planned within the last second and they were about to be shipped out of here.

Luka turned her head and looked at Ace. This was her fault that Garp was informed by this event. They were up to their usual raids on the town, and the nobles called in the marines. For once, Garp came out to see for himself. Her stomach turned as she gripped onto her hat. "Gramps leave them alone. It has nothing to do with him."

"What are you talking about?"

Her fingers fidgeted with the fabric of her hat. "…Can't you take me instead?"

"I'm takin' all three of y'all."

"Luka…?" Sabo muttered as he looked at the older girl. Even though she was only one year older than them, she looked so…big from where he was standing. He tightens his grip on his shirt.

"If I became a marine…they can do whenever they want," Luka said. She looked up from under her hat; staring right at her grandpa.

He swelled up with pride of his princess. "Alright," he said before turning away, "We're leaving then."

Soon they arrived at the dock. Luka was being hugged by her two younger brothers. Luka just hugged them back. "See ya soon!" she smiled at them.

"No fuckin' fair," cursed Ace. "Damn Old Man."

"You will be back, right?" Sabo asked.

"Course," she grinned from ear to ear. Sabo grabbed one of her arms, and Ace had the other before letting go. They hugged for a final time and said goodbye. Each one of the trio had each other to relay on, and now they were breaking apart.

She boarded the ship with Garp. He ate a pack of rice crackers as the door closed behind them.

From the window, she watched as they gotten farther and farther away from the landmass; away from Sabo and Ace. She reached for her hat but it was missing. It was in Ace's hands. Now it was only Sabo and Ace to be Pirate King. 'Maybe there's a Marine King?' she thought absent mindlessly; but then soon dropped the thought. That sounded boring.

Soon the island disappeared from view and Luka restlessly went around the boat. They kept calling her the new recruit, or those who knew who she was, called her Garp's kid. She just shrugged it off. The whole aura inside of the marine boat felt boring and uncomfortable. She even felt uncomfortable when they gotten off of the boat. Her hands still tried to tug on her hat but she only left air.

Once she gotten off that boat, her whole world changed. Within years of the same boring drills and training, Luka transformed into somebody new; she was different. Her huge smile that brightens anyone's day faded away with time. Her stomach grew less hungry from the tasteless meals. And she was even forming dark circles under her eyes. Her whole life just did a one-eighty.

What happen to that smiling, caring, funny, hunger, simple minded girl?

And that's how her new life started, and her new personally. She was constantly trained by the marines with new techniques; going from one to the other to learn but never leaving the comfort of the Marine headquarters. Garp was watched her progress through the different trials; and Sengoku saw skill in her.

Skill that landed her in CP9.

She was hidden from public view.

The Luka that everyone knew became something that scared everyone. She was trained under Spandam after she made it through all of the training at Marineford. She was only sixteen at the time when she was recruited for CP9 and they taken her on the spot. She was Garp's granddaughter.

She trained with all of her might, all day long. Her body movements were smooth and effortless, but she was still defeated by Lucci every time; he was in charge of her training. She spoke very little to those around her; what she did say was blunt and straight to the point. When the time called for it, she was called on a mission with the rest of the CP9.

She was shipped to Water Seven.

There were five members in the part of the mission. Luka. Lucci. Kaku. Kalifa. Hattori. She was the only rookie out of all of them, but she was the second strongest in the group; following only after Lucci. She was only able to master five of the six Rokushiki techniques.

Each one of them were placed close to the Mayor of Water Seven. Two of them trained effortlessly in shipbuilding, and the third spent all of his time on the shoulder of Lucci. Kalifa gotten the position of a secretary to Mayor Iceburg. Using Garp's power in the marine force, Luka was able to gain a position of captain of the guard throughout the city; which only meant she had the chase the Franky Family around.

Her life became somewhat exciting getting away from Enies Lobby. She saw new sights and heights that she never even experienced in her home village, nor in the Marine Headquarters. But by the end of the day, she had to go back to the bar and report with the others. The black haired girl could never get away from this life.

From that one day in her childhood, she signed a contact with fate and could never get out of the loop.


Years passed since that fateful day on Windmill Island. A young boy grew into a young adult with a fine head of hair. He sailed the Grand Line in search of the lost treasure of Gol D. Roger; One Piece. He sailed with his first mate, a childhood friend who became his brother with all of their adventures. He had a brown haired cook who joked with the young man. The young man had a crewmate with a devil fruit power to turn into a phoenix; as well as other crewmates. This was the Spades Pirates; their captain was Portgas D. Ace.

Ace sailed to the nearest city for repairs, Water Seven. This was also the spot that Nico Robin was headed so Ace allowed her to join his ship for the time.

This is a redo from my first attempt at the story, which is now deleted. Luka is older than Ace and Sabo, and has a different fruit.

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