Marco opened the wooden door and looked at the three males in the room. They are gasped and him and at the man he was dragging.

"Ace!" Sabo grunted. As he gotten up papers flew off the desk and scattered throughout the floor. Thatch hopped off his seat and helped Marco to get Ace's body to the couch. Everyone of them circled around their captain. Sabo looked at Ace's face and back to Marco. "Just what happened?"

Marco looked down as the other two crewmembers stared at him. "I went looking for Ace…"

"Figured you would do that," Thatch stated. He told Marco to go back to the hotel because of what happened before, but the man never listens to him; even if Thatch was only trying to help him. "As if you were going to listen to me."

"We headed and searched around the hotel and the bar," Jozu added.

"Then we came back here when you finally showed up," Thatch finished.

Sabo looked at the three of them. "Full story now. Just what the fuck happened? I only left for few hours and this happens." Sabo turned around and pinched his forehead. Stress was starting to more as if he didn't have enough on his hands. So many things were happening in this island that four pirates couldn't handle by themselves. This visit was only supposed to get their boat repaired yet one of their crewmembers is missing and their sister appeared in front of them.

Thatch looked at Marco and Jozu before opening his mouth. "Okay. We were hanging out with these hot ladies, not the average villager woman-"

"I don't care about that," Sabo interrupted.

The cook rolled his eyes. "We went to this bar on the other side of town. Just started to order our drinks, and then these idiots' stands up out of nowhere. I don't know why, it was just this girl and boy getting ready to leave."

"They ran, and those two followed them out there. Turns out Marco knew of this girl so Ace got mad and ran after her," Jozu added.

"I think it was his girlfriend, or ex," added the cook but was ignored by the others.

Sabo's eyes landed on Marco for his part of the story. Marco finally said something ever since he opened the door. "I went looking for him and seen this fire coming out of one of the allies. I followed, and found him and this other man on the ground burnt and bruised."

"…Was this girl Luka by chance?" Sabo questioned.

"Yes," Marco nodded. He was more used to calling her Lu since that was what he believed was her name.

"Fuck!" the blonde cursed. He stumbled back to his seat and leaned his head in his fists.

"Can we get some answers?" Thatch uttered. "Who is Luka? What's the hell is going on?"

The blonde looked up from his fists. Shadows hide his eyes that held emotions of the past and anger. "Luka is our sister."

"Sis..ter…" shuttered Jozu.

"When we were younger, things happened and she was taken away. For ten years we haven't seen her nor heard anything about her. The last thing we heard about her was that she was becoming a marine…Gramps even said she was becoming the greatest."

Marco stood there. Out of all of the people he knew, he would have never guess she was related to Ace. There were similar in their appearances, but their actions were unlike each other. If taken into account that she grew up training as a marine, which could explain some. At least it was somewhat similar to how Sabo acted.

Jozu dropped his swords to the ground. He knew he wasn't one of the first to join Ace's crew but the two never talked about their sister, or about their families. Ever since they gotten to the ship, none of the crew talked about their past, if one didn't count Thatch's accounts of the girlfriends he had. But their sister as a marine? The two brothers were pirates; marines were the completely opposite of that.

"Then why the hell is she running away from Ace when she seen him?!" Thatch screamed. None of this made sense.

"That…I don't know." Sabo answered. "This is the second time she did it. Yesterday we seen her…and she just ran away." He looked over at his brother lying on the couch. He seen all of the burns that Ace had. Burns that shouldn't be on a Fire Man. They gave Sabo time to take this in. Marco sat on a wooden chair from the dining room, as did Jozu. Thatch sat in the chair facing Sabo and Ace.

"This is the first time I have heard about a boy," the blonde finally said after moments of silence. He looked up to Marco, hoping he could spare some light on this subject.

"I didn't get a good look at him. By the time I got there, he was being carried away by Luka."

Sabo's hand tensed.

"He could be a marine," suggested Jozu. It made some sense as to why she was carrying him away.

"We will just have to wait until Ace wakes up," Thatch added as he looked down on his captain.

Moon reflected against the waters of Water Seven. It rippled as Luka crossed it and the box flew over it. Her footsteps were light and left no trace behind a she hopped from one side of the stream to the other. There were no lights as she came closer to the hideout they used. She slowed down her past and the box's. Kaku's body was floating right next to her and it looked terrible.

She hoped the sake that he drink caused him to forget about everything that happened tonight, but that wasn't a good backup plan to use. She could only hope that she could divert their attention of Kaku and her brothers. At least until they left the city. Luka halted and grabbed Kaku's body, flinging it over her shoulder as she gotten up to the door.

His body was unusually light for a man, but it made up for it in speed. Out of all of the CP9 members, Kaku was the lightest on his feet; even quicker than her.

She opened the door and the two were already waiting for her. They knew she was coming from miles away. Lucci sat in his seat as Kalifa gotten up and moved Kaku into his bedroom. She came back out of his bedroom, her hips swaying from side to side. Her glasses flickered in the light. Even with Kaku at Luka's side, it wasn't safe and now Lucci knew about it.

He even knew about the chase from yesterday. "Reason?" he vulgarly questioned without the help of his pigeon. Luka struggled not to gulp, but she wished she was speaking to the pigeon than Lucci himself. The pigeon had more emotions than him.

Thoughts raced through Luka's mind, but she was careful not to change any facial features. She sat down at the table with Kalifa stand up by the counter. "Pirates causing trouble. Thought Kaku was with me and attacked him. Some shots were fired...and he took care of them."

Lucci's eyes stared through hers. Nothing changed beneath those emotionless eyes. "Why, out of all of the marines stationed on this island, do they chase after you?"

"I may have the power of boxes, but I do not have the power of reading minds, Lucci, neither do you."

His eyelid lowered over his leering eyes. Lines in his chest tensed. Just a simple movement could kill the girl in front of him. Even a grasp around her throat, or a snack of her arm. He blinked and he looked back at Kalifa. Luka could tell right away that Lucci didn't believe her, but the only other witness was Kaku who wasn't able to speak right now.

"Spandam called this morning. Our mission has been canceled so we are being recalled. All ties must be destroyed before we head back."

"Iceberg must be killed tomorrow?" questioned Kalifa.


"Why? We have been working on this mission for five years," Luka quickly questioned.

"Calls from the higher up."

Luka now understood. It could only be because of Garp and Sengoku. They must have gotten news of Ace and Sabo heading here and decided that Luka must be swiftly moved. It was a lucky break for her, but it didn't mean that Ace and Sabo wasn't counted as a loose tie as Lucci put it. They were still targets for the CP9.

"Nico Robin…" Luka started.

"Yes?" Kalifa questioned.

"…She has been hiding in Franky's House for some time."

Lucci's chair cracked as he moved the seat. "Her appearance could cause a stir unless if taken care of. Luka, stay here and take care of what you brought home. Kalifa and I will get Nico Robin."

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