Brooke's POV

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People do the wildest things to break up the repetitive patterns in their lives. I should have known the good times were just getting started when my best friend, Peyton Sawyer, suggested this indecent idea.

What indecent idea, you ask? Well, the plan was to go on a date with her husband then take him to a fancy hotel room, suck his cock, and have him fuck me until I can't walk. Oh, I almost forgot… and have the whole thing streamed live for a private audience.

The reality is, my relationship with Julian stopped being conventional when I first broached these kinky fantasies with him. I still loved Julian. I wanted to spend my life with him. But I also wanted to have different experiments.

And Julian also wanted to have those kind of experiences. And so did Lucas and Peyton. So, the trick here was honesty. We were open and honest with each other from the beginning. We didn't let things fester. If either of us had a problem, individually or as a couple, we talked about it. We understood from the start that we had these sexual fantasies and turn-ons in common and it was better to explore them openly than harbor them in frustration and secret.

Well, we had to keep it a secret from the rest of society. We could tell no one what was going on. No coworkers, no friends and certainly no family members. It was just our little private adventure.

And it was our adventurous nature that proved to be a major turn-on. Our boldness, our raw sexuality, our desire to explore the boundaries of it all. The forbidden nature of these sexual escapades, the fact that Julian Baker as my husband was allowing me to provisionally break the terms of our vows to enjoy myself in this manner, and vice versa, driving us both into a continuous sexual frenzy.

"Can I get you a drink?" The bartender asked with a blank look.

"That would be great, Lemon Drop Martini… thanks."

There was a bottle of Champaign already waiting for this dude who was wearing an ugly black t-shirt with some kind of faded music-themed print, I couldn't quite make out in the mood lighting of the club. When he saw me, his lips curled up. This guy was too boastful for my taste. And is smell was intoxicating, but not in a good way.

"You're one sexy bitch," He groaned at me.

"And you're just about how I imagined." I fake smiled at him, reminding myself to keep my cool. Sexy bitch? What the fuck?

"And how did you imagine me?" He asked in an arrogant tone.

"A cocky asshole who never learned how to talk to a girl because every girl he met wanted nothing to do with him," I said with confidence, the added "… Anything else?"

He tried to come up with some words, but all of them crumbled under my smoldering stare. Before he could formulate a response, he was gone, the flash of his dark soles moving steadily up the nearest staircase in shame.

I raised my glass. "Goodbye asshole"

I knew that I should have felt bad for that - it wasn't my usual M.O., despite his approach – but with that ridiculous teardrop tattoo on his face and that embarrassing haircut, I didn't have time to feel bad.

I glanced around looking for my date, lashes fanning like a radar detector. And there he was. The man could only fairly be described in one word: Yum! Maybe a couple words? God Damn! He was tall, strong and ridiculously handsome. There was something about him and the way he held himself that said he knew that women would do whatever he wanted.

But I was a married woman. To be fair, a married woman with a hall pass. A hall pass I was going to use.

I fought down the butterflies rising in my belly. Damn was he hot! And was he driving me nuts tonight. I leaned against the bar and raised the cocktail to my lips.

I took a deep breath, trying to regain my self-control. As I did I felt a buzz from my phone that made me jump.

I looked at the screen. A text from Peyton.

Peyton: Hey babe, Luke told me he took you to a club… I take you guys are having a good time!? ;-)

I beamed in relief. Maybe I was expecting to see some concern on Peyton's part- some indication that we'd thrown her off-balance a little, that she was nervous, that she wanted to call it quits and have her man back - But I saw none. I only saw excitement.

I looked up to her husband and back down to my phone.

I held my phone up and snapped a picture of Lucas who was now chatting with a couple of thirsty chicks near the DJ booth on the other side of the room. He raised an eyebrow at my phone but otherwise didn't say anything. Let's see if Peyton liked hanging around the edges of her own fantasies.

I texted the picture to Peyton with a quick message:

Me: Should we invite them to my place? xxxx

Blondie didn't take too long to respond.

Peyton: What!? O_O

Peyton: Well, if they want to watch ;-)

I knew she was just being playful, trying to put me at ease with regard to any possible worries that I had relating to our late-night plans.

Me: Thank you so much for letting me borrow your husband. xxxx

I knew I had her explicit consent to sleep with Lucas but I didn't want to sound like a complete slut.

I didn't want Peyton to fear that I might be enjoying all of this a little too much. I definitely didn't want her to get the impression that I like her husband's dick so much that I might not return it to the rightful owner.

Peyton: You're welcome :-p

"Miss me." Lucas surprised me from behind, ready to move this thing along. I suppressed a shudder as his deep voice washed over me.

"Mmmm, naughty boy, Lucas." Suddenly my lips felt dry. I took another sip of my drink without breaking the smile I couldn't conceal.

"Don't think it's just me who's been naughty" He whispered into my neck, as his hands wrapped around my waist and traveled up the front of my dress.

"I was just teasing your wife… that you caught the attentions of two lucky ladies." I provoked him.

With his strong hands wrapped around me, I could feel the heat against my body as he pressed himself against me, taking control. His body was firm in all the right places including his cock pressing against my ass. God, that thing felt amazing.

"Believe it or not she wants you to be the lucky lady tonight." His mouth nuzzled my neck and planted a soft kiss on my fragrant skin.

"Really?" I leaned in closer to him, pressing my body against him. Talking to him in my most seductive voice.

"Is she going to get her wish?" Lucas teased me. His voice was so sultry. I couldn't wait to hear him moan.

I offered him my hand and led him off the bar, away from the dance floor and towards the back of the club. I moved flawlessly, his eyes following my steps, the curves of my body underneath this ridiculously tight dress, my shapely legs on display.

The illumination grew dimmer as we moved around the corner to find a dozen couches spread out throughout a more private space. This big living area was cast in deep shadow and we couldn't make out much more than the shapes and sizes of people back there.

As I sat on the big couch, I felt like I was on a first date or something. My palms were sweaty, my heart was pounding. I wish I could control myself better around him.

I knew what was on Luke's mind and let him move to sit next to me. I tried not to think about how sexy he looked sitting there in that tight fitting shirt and wool pants that outlined every hard curve of his muscular body. I smiled when his hand ran along my shoulder. His gentle touch sent goose bumps running down my body. I leaned in and rubbed my hand against his thigh without thinking.

When he felt my hand pushing in between his legs, his lips moved against my ear and I let out an involuntary sighed.

"Tonight is going to be a lot of fun," He promised.

His fingers traced a line around my back and then moved behind my neck.

He chuckled when I held my phone and cocked an eyebrow at him. I was about to take an innocent picture but I had a better idea.

"C'mere" I said, then handed him the phone "let's take another selfie."

Lucas was more than happy to oblige.

I decided to get a little naughty and put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek, close to the angle of his mouth. There was just something about feeling his muscular body so close to me that made me start thinking the wildest things.

Lucas held out the phone and took the picture.

"I'm gonna send this pic to your wife… and ask for her permission to flirt with you a little bit." I told him, acting like all those hot make out session we had tonight never really happened.

I thumbed at my phone…

Me: I want to go back to my room with this guy… What do you think? xxxx

I sent the picture and waited for a moment.

"A little flirting wouldn't hurt anyone, right?" He whispered in my ear. Fuck why did his voice sound so sexy?

I glanced at Lucas again. Tonight, I was going back to my hotel room to fuck this hot hunk of meat. Which would have been absolutely normal if not for my definitely not single status. This was crazy!

"Good news for me?" Luke asked. His half smile formed a dimple on his left cheek.

My phone buzzed and I held it up to Lucas. "That depends on what this text says, now doesn't it?"

Peyton: He's kinda hot! Have fun babe ;-)

There was my answer. It was the answer I wanted.

"You're so naughty!" Lucas panted as I pulled close to him. "I can't believe you convince my wife to watch us later on… and Julian too."

"You want her to watch, don't you?" I asked.

He smiled in response. "Why not? If she wants to…" Lucas then asked, "Was it hard watching them? Peyton with Julian?"

"Not really, no. I mean, I knew it was going to happen at some point, right? There is just still that initial feeling, those butterflies in my stomach when I see him with another woman."

"I know what you mean. I feel that way too. I just hope Peyton has a good time."

"Yeah, but I like to have some seed of apprehension, and I love to watch. I think it adds to my excitement."

"Really?" Lucas smiled.

"Yeah. I like feeling like I'm doing something forbidden, something bad." I let him chew on that thought for a moment.

"Then maybe we should be bad right here." Lucas suggested. He was so damned attractive and knew all the right buttons to push to turn me on.

I let out a delighted squeal as his hands circled around my waist and then those powerful arms were gently pulling me up and swaying me around. I hiked up my dress and raised a leg, crooking it around him. He pulled my slender body against his and his hands went for my ass, pulling the hem of my short dress even higher. For a few moments, my ass cheeks were left bare and uncovered.

"Comfortable?" He asked. My legs wrapped around him, his rock hard cock pressing up through his pants against my pantie clad pussy.

"Very" I confessed as I brushed a lock back from my forehead and kissed him, formal, teasingly at first, just brushing my lips with his. Then I grabbed his head, held him, and got what I wanted. I flicked my tongue into his mouth as he leaned into me, holding my body against him. My fingers raked through his hair, so smooth. I loved touching it. His hands moved up and down my sides and soon he was massaging my ass and examining me through my panties. It was so shadowy in our corner and I was so horny that I didn't even care.

"Your ass in that dress have been driving me crazy all night." I felt a rush of excitement course through my body as he said that. The feeling was so naughty that I stopped the slow but insistent grinding I was doing against his delicious cock.

"You really know how to make a girl wet." I admitted. Lucas raised an eyebrow and narrowed his blue eyes as he stared at my face for a moment.

He then cupped both my breasts and his hands felt great, even through my push-up bra. My lover was firm, not rough, and handled my body expertly.

"Hey, we can't do this here," I protested. Lucas pressed his boner against me in a slow grind that was rubbing against my pussy and setting off little fireworks with every thrust, and we weren't even naked yet. God that felt so good.

"No one cares about what happens back here," Lucas purred.

The next protest died in my throat when he kissed my mouth again. Words formed in my mind, we can't, this is wrong, but they didn't reach my lips. Luke's mouth was so smooth, his kisses so hot and I was weak and horny.

"Mmmm," I moaned when his lips travelled down the side of my neck, my head tilted back and my eyes closed. His hands circled around to my ass again. He pulled my butt against him, pressing that hard cock against me even harder. I gave in to the moment.

Somehow, the taboo part of the whole thing seemed to only encourage us both. There was this sensation of being isolated from anyone we knew, society's rules no longer really applying. And the wicked part was that we had a secret hotel room to go back to. At this point, it was almost a duty to take advantage of it.

I kept thinking, just another minute, but kept letting him go. Even when his hand slid up my thigh and pushed under my dress I didn't stop him, I moaned and dug my nails into his arms, clinging to him. My wet, lacy black panties stuck to my pussy lips when his fingers touched me there.

"If these people weren't around, I would fuck you right now!" His husky voice and hot breath in my ear was making me wetter.

There was a woman staring at us, apparently curious about what she was seeing. Her flagrant voyeurism made me think about Julian again. He was going to see me on screen this time. He was going to watch live the look on my face as I actually went through with it. The bliss, the elation as I got to indulge in another man's touch, another man's kiss, another man's big, hard cock. Well, tonight was a new adventure for us. With a new variable to fire up the thrill factor.

"Well, If these people weren't around, I would be on my knees with your cock in my mouth" I teased him.

In response I pressed down and indulged in the sensation of his erection pressing up against the folds of my slit through my panties and his fingers exploring the meat of my butt like he was trying to tenderize it. I kissed along his neck and then moved up to nibble on his ear and that seemed only to encourage him.

"I can barely concentrate… I just keep thinking about you grabbing me and taking me from behind." I whispered in his ear.

Fuck! How did I end up sitting on this handsome man's lap in some random club with his hands all over me? And he was married for God's sake! And yet his wife would probably be so fucking turned on if she knew what was happening, if she knew how bad I wanted him.

Which gave me an idea. I reached back and fished my phone from my little purse.

"What are you doing?" He said gruffly.

I sighed as I held my hand out and started making a small video on my phone.

"It's just a video" I said.

Lucas pulled my body tightly to him and looked over at the lens of the small camera as he leaned forward and slid his tongue into my mouth, slowly swirling it around and around my own. Once we started kissing, I was swept up in passion, all the blood rushed from my brain to my groin. With his arms around me, I could feel how heavily he was breathing, and was glad that he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. When our kiss broke, I showed him our little movie and I double checked that it turned out okay.

It turned out great. There in all its glory was a little video of me and Lucas chilling on a couch in some night club with him running his hands all over my body as we make out like crazy.

I texted the video to Peyton with a hot message…

Me: This is so wrong but it feels so damn good. xxxx

I hesitated for a moment but hit send. This was insane, I thought. I took a deep breath and swiped my phone. Then decided to snake my free hand down between his legs, finding his cock hard and ready.

"I've been sending sexy messages to them all night." I confessed with a smile and his cock flexed in response.

I lowered my mouth to his, silencing his response. I craved guys like Lucas, guys who were dominant alpha males but knew exactly when to give a little control to a woman.

One minute after I texted the video, my phone buzzed again and all I got in return was a series of sexy emojis. Now that I knew Peyton enjoyed the trailer, I wondered if she was ready for the big premier later on.

"You think we've made them wait a little too long?" He asked.

I leaned forward and decided to just enjoy my moment.

"Let's make them wait a little longer."

More teasing, more kissing, more groping. I was less concerned about making a spectacle now, and I was happy to let Lucas touch me while we made out in our corner. We had fun for another 10 minutes or so, but I knew Lucas was anxious to get out of there, and honestly, so was I. I'd had a taste and now I wanted the main course.

"You wanna go?" Lucas asked, he was ready to leave.

I pushed him back in response and smoothed my dress down quickly. I grabbed my purse and then gave in to another kiss before telling him boldly, "Let's go."

As we walked out of the club I pulled my phone out to check my texts.

Julian's messages showed that he'd been on edge during the whole time I'd been clubbing with Lucas. But I understood it was part of the whole experience for him as the expectant partner.

Julian: Are you trying to kill me? You look unbelievably hot!

Me: I'm turning you on. It's a totally different thing. xxxx

Julian: I'm really horny, just thinking about you... like that.

Me: Show me how hard you are! xxxx

Julian: Multimedia message received IMG_ .

That one was a picture of Julian's hand holding his erection, showing me just how crazy horny he was. I couldn't help but smile. And seeing my husband's long cock was enough to send another thrill running down my spine straight to my pussy. In a way it felt like a sweet relief. I was happy to know that my husband was having some fun, considering the circumstances.

Me: God, you really are, huh? xxxx

Julian: I guess I like it when you talk dirty.

Me: And you won't be an insane, jealous mess watching me suck his big cock? xxxx

Julian: Actually, it's kind of turning me on.

Me: Does it turn you on… knowing I will let Lucas have me anyway he wants? xxxx

Me: I want to fuck him so bad… It's all I've been thinking about. xxxx

Me: Can I tell you a secret? xxxx

Julian: You can tell me anything.

Me: I showed him my ring, told him I was happily married. He said it was a shame. Invited him to my place anyway. LOL. xxxx

Me: Whispered in his ear all the naughty things I would let him do to me… and he just couldn't say no! xxxx

There was a little pleasure in torturing him. It was only sex. It wasn't as though he'd lose me to another man. It wasn't as though I would no longer desire him. If I had a wonderful hotdog, it would never take away my cravings for a good burrito, or vice versa.

Me: I feel like such a bad girl tonight… you have no idea! Headed to the Ritz. xxxx

It was happening. I was going to give into temptation! I was going back to my hotel room to fuck this handsome hunk and get this crazy energy out of my system. I was horny and wet. My pussy begging for attention, begging for a big hard cock, which Lucas was more than happy to provide.

We ended up walking down the main street, hand in hand like a real couple, while we looked for a taxi to take us back to my place.

"Let's go" Lucas guided me. I ran a finger along his chest as I moved past him and into the warm vehicle. God, Lucas looked so fucking hot! I couldn't believe I was thinking the things I was thinking. I couldn't believe we were actually going through with this.

My boldness wavered on the ride back to my place. Can you be horny and scared and excited all at the same time? As much as I loved my husband, I was excited about being with Lucas. I'm sure he'd felt the same way about being with Peyton, and it didn't mean he loved me any less.

And soon we were right at the door and entering the scene of the crime, the notorious Ritz Hotel.

The hotel concierge tipped his head at us as we headed into the lobby. We received pleasant smiles from a young couple rolling out of the hotel bar, another late-night partygoers.

We decided to go straight to our room. A nice gentleman held open the elevator door for us and I offered him a warm smile, reward for his courtesy in holding the elevator. I also noticed how his eyes subtly took in my little dress, and the way my body squeezed into it.

We stepped into the elevator and Lucas asked, "What floor?"

"What? My room?" I winked at him as I pushed the button that sent us to the 6th floor.

"Ohh" He said before stepping up behind me, snatching a kiss on the side of my neck.

"I don't normally do this, you know." I said, unable to keep from grinning so broadly it hurt my cheeks a little.

"No, me neither." Lucas smiled, that wonderful sugar smile of his.

Then I skipped a step forward and turned around, forcing my body to knock into his this time, so I could fling my arms around his neck, suck on his lips and feel that forbidden tongue of his slip inside my mouth.

"Mmmm" I moaned as we kissed. The wet feeling of his mouth on me, so real and so wicked.

Anticipation intensified as we waited. Each floor chiming on its way to our lusty destination. Lucas was kissing me hard now, and we were whirling around and around in the elevator as though we were clumsy waltzing to some Johan Strauss.

Then the elevator was opening, and I felt slightly bubbly inside as we pitched forward into the hallway, my eyes winding around the walls to look for signs pointing out the direction to our room.

"To your right, room 187" I giggled again and Lucas smiled in response. His eyes roaming my body again, knowing that he was permitted. I felt myself warming up as his gaze dwelled on my little dress.

I was playing with my hair now, as we wandered the long halls. God, this hotel was a labyrinth.

Jesus, we were at my door now. This was huge.

Lucas slipped his arm around my waist, pulling my curves close. He then joked, "So how often do you do this?" I knew Lucas was just joking, while inside I was busy freaking out about the prospect of having sex with another man, a married man.

I played it cool on the outside. "How often do I hook up with married men? I teased him. My own statement caused me to fumble with my keycard. I slipped it into the slot, hearing the lock buzz and click.

Lucas swung the door open just as I wrapped my arms around him. "I need to feel you inside me." My hand sliding down to the front of his pants.

Lucas gulped.

He looked incredible, his hair was a little messy, and there was a glow about him that made him look so unbelievably hot to me.

"If you play your cards right, you've got some pleasure coming your way" Lucas promised. His face looking dreamy.

I pulled him into the room by the hand, letting the door close behind us.

I was left standing in the living area of my luxurious accommodation with this good-looking man, not my husband, who happened to be married with my best friend. My pulse was picking up fast. My breath was coming in gasps. I felt unbelievably hot and so damn excited and wet between my legs.

"Talk is cheap. Show me."

And with that I was gone down the bright hall that led to the bedroom. Lucas smiled and didn't waste a single moment following me.

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