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So, big chapter, it's by far my longest yet. 14500 words. Yeah, If you like to read stories all in one read and you have anything to do in one hour (two hours?), then maybe you should schedule a later visit to this chapter.

DtownGurl4488; k-pixy: I don't think adding any type of drama to this story is a good idea. Realistically, even small drama would eventually create little seeds of doubt and mistrust between the characters and the couples, and that situation would be very difficult to overcome. They are not kids anymore. Mistakes have consequences and I can't continue to explore this sexy dynamic between them if they can't have faith and confidence in each other.

Brooke's POV

Again, sorry for the long chapter… but I hope you all enjoy it!

I shifted a hand to turn a doorknob and we entered the bedroom. Lucas scanned the area with his eyes. The room was big, dark wooden furniture, modern aesthetic in harmony with the rest of the suite, the bed velvety and welcoming as I briefly placed a hand on the soft, clean sheets. The only electronic equipment present were a laptop and a small video camera sticking on top of a large tripod.

Lucas shifted comfortable in the bedroom. He switched on the ceiling lights which emitted a soft, amber light and turned off the lamp on the nightstand. Next, he strode to the bedroom door and pushed it shut. His left hand pocketed maybe to hide his own nervousness.

"You know we're live already, right?" I said. Heat flooded my cheeks as his eyes raked over my body and then the optical lens. He smiled in response before turning his back to the digital camera.

An image forced itself into my mind as I reached for my laptop. One of Julian and Peyton, watching the sexy show on their own computers. I felt my skin flush. Another image came into my head, Lucas sprawled naked on that very bed while I rode his cock to the highest of pleasures.

Jesus. This was really happening.

As Lucas wandered out of the camera frame to check the large size en-suite bathroom, I hit a couple keys and a video screen opened on the laptop, showing my face and the upper half of my body. The computer made a wicked sound when I tested the microphone for sound.

With a silent stride, Lucas moved close to one of the windows, setting his wallet and phone on a table. His chin tilted up, eyes staring out from molded masculinity. My body tightened, butterflies flapped around my stomach, I might not wait for him to make the first move.

I watched him, watched as he unbuttoned his sleeves. I drank in the sight of his carved body. Those muscles rippling under his shirt. His blue eyes glued to mine as I walked towards him, stopping just a foot from his body.

"Ready?" I touched his torso, trying to break the ice.

"I bet you are," he said, and then took the opportunity to stroke my back, his touch inciting a ripple of excitement that traveled through my whole body, ending with a tingle between my legs. That feeling never gets old. That exciting, nervous vertigo because I was about to have sex with a man who was not Julian.

I saw the sparkle in Luke's eyes, his strong arms and the bulge in his pants and I thought tonight was going to be wild. We were allowed to get as messy as we wanted, and I intended on getting very messy indeed. My companion was waiting for me to take the lead, and I wondered if he was trying perhaps to play a little safe at first, before asserting his authority. I'm not a submissive person in general but I do like when a man takes control in the bedroom.

I felt the heat of my sex and froze for a second when Lucas finally brushed his mouth over my dewy lips which pasted involuntarily, and then we were locked together. It was so hot. His tongue snaked past my lips, pursuing mine, and I playfully flicked it. Well, we had the kind of natural confidence that implied at having done this before but kissing Lucas Scott now was so forbidden. That belief alone made me hotter than just a conventional kiss would have.

In truth, I was a married woman in a hotel room with my best friend's husband, and his hands were all over my body as my tongue plundered his mouth. I was on fire, my whole body in flames, but the focus of the inferno lied obviously between my thighs.

I pushed him over to the wall, pressing myself on him now, raising my left knee to rub it up his thigh, inviting his hand to explore my curves and sweep around to my rear as I continued to kiss him.

Then I stepped away, and as my rational thoughts abandoned me I began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Inch after inch of male chest falling victim to my starved eyes, ignoring the clamor in my mind that said this was all wrong, we shouldn't have this little indiscretion even if we were allowed to.

Without a shirt Lucas had my full attention, a perfect physique unveiled as his shirt fell to the floor.

Jesus, I couldn't help myself. I reached out and ran my hand along his beautiful pecs, and then down to his abs, indulging in the rock hard feel of them. My eyes traveled down his abs and my fingers traced the same path. I saw a bulge in his pants growing and a fresh wave of lust ran through my body.

I pulled my eyes from his body and returned to his face. I could see the intensity in his eyes and smiled to myself. Then there was the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and our eyes dropped again. He placed a hand gently on my shoulder as I fumbled with his belt, biting my lower lip to indicate my insatiable need for his hard cock. Lucas stood there with a devilish smirk on his face as he watched me desperately trying to get into his pants. The lucky bastard was enjoying every moment of this, and I realized that I was loving that confident, cocky smile.

I took advantage of this sensual moment to tease him, and perhaps even tease myself, letting my dirty mind dwell on the thought that we were about to cheat on our respective spouses. It was a powerful thought, stirred strong emotions in me. It wasn't really cheating if we had their explicit consent, right? But it was still an edge-of-the-cliff moment.

"Mmmm" I gasped when I worked at the button and pulled down his zipper. I tugged once, twice, and on the third try I peeled back his pants only enough to reveal his boxer-briefs perfectly hugged by his muscular thighs and ass. Lucas caught me staring and smiled just as I pressed my hand over the hot throbbing mass inside his underwear, confirming its impressive size through the thin material.

Lucas only moaned in response. My fingers were solid and sure. I definitely wasn't shy about checking him out. His erection was bursting out of his briefs, elevating the fabric so it seemed to have a life of its own.

Despite the brightness of the room, I took a tiny step back so that the camera could fully capture the entire outline of his cock as it fought the thin fabric. That thing looked huge, almost menacing, and I wondered what was going through my husband's head, considering he was about to watch his pretty little wife take that rampaging hardness inside her.

"Do you want some?" He teased as I played with his member for a while. I stopped, then looked him in the eyes and he added, "I'm offering!"

I swallow as he strode over and sat on the easy couch. A thud sound filled the room when he got rid of his shoes as they hit the floor. He wrestled out of his clothes for a moment, his arms flexing as he pulled his pants off and threw them aside.

Damn. He was magnificent, every line and muscle perfectly defined, framing a package that made my mouth water.

I dawdled a little getting ready to show Lucas the luxurious lingerie I'd brought for him. Yes, I'd bought it for him. Did it stoke my husband's jealousy to know that I went shopping for something sexy to turn on another man? Probably, but those were the little things that made this little game of ours so exciting.

His eyes studied me carefully, his hand pressing his boxer-briefs as I slowly eased out of my formfitting dress, pulling it from the inside over my head.

"Hello," Lucas murmured as I stood there in my bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt. Black lace, very stylish, very expensive, very suggestive, designed only for the bedroom. A pair of killer heels completing my sexy ensemble.

As he sat there, his legs apart in that classic alpha male stance, I could see how well he was responding to my presentation and that stoked my flames even further.

"Tell me when you're done staring." I said playfully.

"So your plan is to wear that and expect me not to stare?" His gaze scanned my entire body, down my legs and back to meet my eyes. I smiled.

Lucas motioned for me to sit on his lap. I watched my image on the video screen as I first approached him and then settled myself on his rock hard thighs. If I hadn't known any better, I would have believed that I was watching one of those sexy amateur videos on pornhub.

When Lucas rubbed my thigh and buried his face in my hair, an arc of electricity shot through my body, but I reminded myself that this was just casual sex. Just casual sex. I repeated those three words to myself. I understood the rules of the game, but I still grew short of air every time I thought about my fuck buddy doing bad things to me, and my heart rate quickened even more every time I thought Julian and Peyton were going to watch it all happen live.

I bit my lip and stared at the camera when Lucas pulled my hair back to kiss my neck. "You like being watched huh!?" He whispered into my ear as his hand clamped over my breast, sending shivers down my back. My nipple puckered under the fabric of my bra, and I wondered if he could feel it on his palm.

"Uh-huh" I did love being the center of attention, I thought, fixing my eyes on the screen as my stomach hardened into a leaden knot.

I could feel the iron-hard insistence of his cock against my crotch. I swallowed the succulence that was flooding my mouth as pure, hot desire shot through me. Luke's heart was pounding hard too. He pulled back his head and stared into my hazel eyes. Then his eyes left mine and traveled to my lips, which were suddenly thirsty and hot. I parted them, licked them in an effort to banish the dryness. His firm hands were on either side of me, imprisoning me against his muscular body. I pressed my body into his as my head descended, taking possession of his lips with unleashed lust.

"Mmmm" Lucas thrust his hot tongue deep into my mouth as my lips parted fervently, inflaming me beyond the point of reason.

My hands left his cheeks and my fingers dug into the back of his neck as I pushed my mouth against his. I felt his shoulders tense beneath my hands. Then, he wrapped his arms around me and drew me even closer.

I moaned and released my lips for a second, my eyes squeezed tight, then I took his lips again with renewed savagery. His tongue probed my mouth, swirling around my tongue and dancing over my teeth. My slick pussy ached as I explored his strong torso with my hands and his hands moved frantically over my butt. I could feel his cock, rock hard, throbbing against me.

"Damn," Lucas whispered when I pulled away. Our arms were still around each other when our eyes met. His pupils were dilated. His eyes fell to my nipples peeping over the lace edge of the bra and they hardened under his gaze.

I forced myself off of his lap and walked over to the other side of the room to retrieve my phone from my Versace limited edition and silence it, stashing it in my purse more as an excuse to walk away from Lucas, show him the goods, bending over as I access my phone.

"Like the view?" I asked as I offered him a nice glimpse of my butt. I took the opportunity to test my flexibility when I bent down to unstrap my heels.

While I was busy with my footwear, Lucas managed to lose the rest of his clothes. He lifted his butt just enough to slip down his briefs and with one quick movement he stepped out of them, exposing the swollen beast residing there. When his erection sprang into view I could appreciate again how fine-looking that thing was. Not just its size and mass, its simple lines were somehow well-designed and elegant, in ways the male phallus was not supposed to be. Also that cock looked very well trimmed and tidy, helping accentuate his sheer immensity.

I kicked my heels off and slipped my fingers into the band of my suspender belt to adjust it a little.

"Leave it on" Lucas said.

"You like the outfit?" I asked him, letting him run his eyes all over my body as I flaunted my assets and flicked my hair.

"I love it" He said with a quiver in his voice. Those words bolstered my confidence and I gave him a little fashion show. He sat and watched me, his hand settling on and gripping his swollen cock. The knowledge that I triggered that reaction, that my body aroused him, was powerful. The vision of Lucas stroking his cock was carnal in its beauty.

Lucas was smiling as I slowly waltzed over towards him, my bare feet hitting luxurious carpet floor. My pussy was soaking wet, vibrating like it had a life of its own, impatient for Lucas to stop the looking and start giving me what I've been fantasizing all night long. I stood within arm's reach, watching him and aching to caress his magnificent cock.

He held his free hand out and I came over and took it.

"You want to help a girl?" I asked him.

He eagerly took me up on my offer. His expression so easy to read.

Lucas stared into my eyes as he tugged at my waist. "Turn around." He said.

I turned. I knew I had a sexy figure and it pleased me to see how much desire my body gave him. His hand was on his erection, stroking slowly as he stared, devouring my deliciously rounded rear with his eyes. He passed his tongue over his lips as he shot out an arm and pulled me closer, bending to carefully unhook my bra and threw it aside, so that only stockings, suspender belt and my little panties remained.

I touched my breasts casually, gently cupping myself, squeezing my nipples. I was all flushed and my little buds were hard and free when I turned and showed them off.

He then ran his hands up the front of my body, from my stockings, over my panties and tummy, over my breasts, and then as I bent at the waist he held my face in both hands and pulled me down to kiss him again.

I could feel how turned on he was when I grasped his cock, my fingers just barely closed around it. Lucas moaned into our kiss as he started to mash my breasts with one of his hands.

"Wait," I said before pushing Lucas back onto the couch.

But Lucas didn't want to wait.

"Let me," The handsome man said, and I watched him slowly slip his thumbs inside the waistband of my panties to slip them down my legs, revealing the little triangle of dark down lodged between my thighs.

Luke's gaze fixed on my trimmed landing strip of hair and my flawlessly smooth, completely bare pussy lips as he pulled my thong down over my hips and legs. He helped me step out of my little panties and then sat back and stared some more, his hand on his erect cock, stroking it, showing exactly how appreciative he was at the sexy sight.

"You're so hot" He flashed me a naughty grin when I stroked his short hair a little. It was great to see his eyes widen, the way he licked his lips for me, the way he reached for me. It's a wonderful feeling, being desired.

I turned around again. My butt just inches away from his face as he focused on the task at hand.

I gave him a little twist, offering him an indication of what's to come, and then I was gliding like a supermodel towards the camera, swinging my hips seductively, knowing that Luke's eyes were glued to the curves of my body, loving that I was driving him crazy already. And that feeling reminded me I had my husband at home right now, watching me, and I was driving him crazy too.

Lucas stood and followed my lead. Naked and with his big cock straining towards me, he clutched my hips from behind. "You're so hot" He said as he grabbed my breasts, pushing his erection against my butt cheeks.

I smiled as I curved the camera so that it faced us perfectly. In the video screen, we could see both our bodies and faces, I could see his eyes cast downward in concentration, I could see him pull me upright and take me, submissive, in his arms. His mouth, that unbelievable, hot machine of joy and ecstasy, moved, traveling into the warm curves of my neck, and all I could think about was how it would feel between my legs.

"Mmmmm!" I moaned as Lucas touched my body. My breasts looked plump in his hands, and they bounced pleasingly when he played with them. I watched myself on screen, almost disbelievingly. I could have passed for a porn star—no, tonight I was a porn star—writhing in the hands of a gorgeous porn stud.

While Lucas massaged my breasts, I rested back against his shoulder to steal a kiss from him, slipping my tongue into his mouth, moaning as he fondled my chest and crushed my stiff nipples. What's the protocol when you are naked with a married man and you kiss him in the mouth like this? I mean, every time I shared Julian with Peyton, it was something that got me going to know he had experienced that tender intimacy of a real kiss with a different women. Kissing was much more affectionate than fucking, after all. The suggestion, perhaps, that what Julian was doing could turn out to be more than a quick fuck, triggered my jealousy like you wouldn't believe.

My heart vibrated inside of me, each pulse pushing out heat from my sex. Luke's eyebrows furrowed as he took a step away from me and turned me again, just like dance partner do.

When I reached for a kiss, I felt his hardness brushing against the bare skin of my waist just above the suspender belt. We made out for a while and then my hand found its way to his hard dick, holding him, squeezing him, and pumping him. Large and firm and hot and male and not at all my husband.

I swiveled my hips a little so that my rear faced the camera and then Lucas started palming its skin, his grip rougher than I expected. It made my heart beat faster. I squeezed my eyes shut as he ran his fingers down between my cheeks and then over my slit. His bronze neck was just inches from my mouth, perfectly smooth except for his pulse, which was as much erratic as my own.

"What do you want?" Lucas whispered as he slapped my ass. When I didn't respond, he ran his fingers back over my pussy lips again, making me gasp. My cunt twitched against the length of his calloused fingers, painting them with my juices.

You're such a pussy-tease! I thought as Lucas spread my wet lips apart with his digits, almost enquiringly. I bent my head and put my lips to his neck, burying the moan that threatened to escape my mouth. I sank my mouth into his skin, filling my nostrils with his spicy scent. Lucas spanked me again. Hard. It hurt and I cried out, then quickly the pain turned to the most wonderful pleasure and my heaving breathing grew loud and wanton.

"I want you to fuck me," I finally answered his question.

The aching in my pussy and the desperate need to feel his cock inside me told me everything I needed to know. Tonight, I was a complete and total slut for this stud, and the fact that I was in a serious and long-term relationship with another man wasn't going to get in the way of that.

It was time to take our live show to its forbidden conclusion.

"You really are a bad girl," Lucas whispered as he stroked my behind. Definitely something our viewers already knew about me.

I turned my head to look at the camera with a 'Please don't punish me' look flashed across my face. I slowly moved my hips to allow his hand better access to my snatch. Lucas rubbed my lips with his fingers, squeezing me lightly, making me wince. I rocked my hips back and forth as my pussy throbbed, begging for his hard cock. There was an expertise, a confidence and mastery in Luke's touch that was driving me out of my mind. I was behaving like a wild creature, moaning and sucking on his neck, biting the flesh of his shoulders.

He paused his assault on my pussy, then tugged on my back and I resisted, looking up at him. A string of depraved thoughts appeared in my mind, presenting me with some creative ideas. "I need this…" I said as I skillfully stroked his hardness, my voice cracking slightly, my mouth begging for a taste of his manhood, then I added "sucking your cock has been on my mind for over an hour."

Lucas let out a small sound and smiled devilishly, "Trust me, I'm not stopping you."

Slowly, I swung down onto the floor, moving like a snake, pushing up my butt, making the most of my curves as I kissed the hard, knotted muscles of his abs before sinking to my knees in front of him.

My pussy and mouth watered in time with one another as I stared in amazement at his prick. I glanced up at Lucas and he was smiling down at me with both his hands buried in his hair. Something about the way he stood there like that was so damned hot.

"You're so hard," I said when my hand reached out and wrapped around his cock.

Lucas inhaled sharply when I licked the purple head of his cock with the very tip of my tongue. I stroked him lightly, teasingly, as I ran my lips down his veined length, making a thin, wet trail with my tongue. With my free hand, I brushed my soft fingertips along the throbbing, wet folds of my pussy.

I took a quick glance at the camera, then my eyes went to rest on the imagery appearing on the laptop screen and I smiled. I looked pretty hot standing on my knees in front of this bad boy, ready to accommodate his married cock into my mouth. I wondered if Peyton thought the same.

I turned my eyes back to Lucas, "Do you think your wife will mind if I let you cum in my mouth?" I teased him with dirty talk and then took his entire cock in my mouth, driving my head up and down, swirling my tongue over the tip. I gripped the shaft and pumped my hand as my tongue fluttered over his frenulum. Lucas threw his head back for a moment, making his neck muscles bulge.

I loved worshipping at the altar of a forbidden cock. It gave me a real buzz to experience this delicious big hard cock in my mouth that got even harder when I licked it, when I stretched my lips around it, when I sucked it in my hot mouth.

"Fuck!" Lucas cried out as I sank down on him, holding back my hair as I took him deep, then withdrew, licking him, kissing him, tasting him. He had a clean, delicate smell, manly, light on the cologne. The way he felt in my mouth thrilled me, made me feel so wicked, every touch spurring long, low moans from him, every lick a sigh, every suck a gasp.

"Am I pleasing you sir?" I said playfully. See, I am a skilled cock-sucker. I know just how tight to suck him, and how to move my hands. How fast and how far to go. How to bring a man back from the edge and how to drive him closer. I paused to catch my breath and allow Lucas to catch his breath before I resumed savoring that delicious cock.

"Mmmmm" I loved how his erection pulsated in my mouth. I loved it when his hands touched down on my head, feeling my silky hair as I bobbed up and down on him.

"Mmm… ahhhhhh" He moaned when I pushed my head toward his hips, forcing his cock into my throat.

I looked up and saw that Luke's mouth was hanging open and his eyes watching what I was doing. His grip tight on my hair as my throat muscles clenched around his dick. He was lost, lost in a world of pure, wicked pleasure, his enormous cock buried in my mouth and my own pleasure rivaled his.

"Ohh fuck" He moaned when I pulled up off him, leaving him as wet with saliva as I could.

Then I decided to put my left hand at the base of his swollen member, holding him. I began to move my right hand over him, starting at the base and moving my grip up over the tip, pulling and tugging his cock, grasping his cock with both hands.

"You're so big" I teased him as I stroked the smooth steel length.

His moans grew louder, then I closed my mouth around the mushroom tip and started sucking it, I slurping it, swirling my probing tongue around him again and again.

When I finally brought him closer to climax, Lucas pushed me away from his cock, panting. I didn't want to stop now. I could taste the first sweet drops of pre-cum and wanted to take Lucas to the edge, and over, so that he could spray his full load into and on to me. I was craving is release but I felt a little shiver of desire course through my whole body at the suggestion that maybe it was my turn now, in some form.

"Fuck… that's too much!" He was breathing just as hard as I was. I gave his cock one last lick, then rose to my feet.

"Come" My heart drummed painfully as I guided him to the king-sized bed. There was no hesitation, no uncertainty. All the teasing and anticipation had kept me horny the entire evening and I was ready to burst.

Lucas was a little too impatient and plunged into me again, pulling my body to him. He stroked my back, kneaded my ass, and in response I leaned forward and brushed his lips softly. His mouth welcomed mine, immediately wanting more.

"Mmmm" A moan slipped from my mouth before I had a chance to capture it. His hands moved up through my hair, gripping and pulling its dark strands. He tasted me, spreading my lips gently with his and sinking his tongue inside.

I responded keenly, my body taking over my mind as a flood of arousal hit me, my mouth more demanding as he moved me backward till the edge of the bed was against me. Then his hands griped my ass again, squeezing it roughly, making me squeal. One hand on each cheek, Lucas lifted me easily, setting my tiny body on the bed, the surface soft against my skin.

"Lie down," He said in a commanding tone and I slid backward until my elbows were resting on the mattress.

With his feet still on the floor, Lucas approached me with poise. His arms bulged when he pressed his hands on the bed, positioning his upper body on top of me. He kissed me on the mouth again, his lips sliding easily over mine.

Lucas took one, last, torturous sweep of my mouth and forced his lips to my chest.

"Oh God…" I sighed when I felt the heat of his mouth on my sensitive nipples, his soft lips closing around them, his tongue whirling around them, his sucking producing little electric shocks that rushed down through my body directly to my tingling snatch.

My chest heaved as I watched Lucas lick my breasts and tease my buds until I was giddy. The combination of soft mouth and hard teeth driving me wild.

And he was just getting started.

His eyes met my eyes for a brief moment, and then he was kissing his way down my stomach to my groin where he paused for a while, as though teasing himself with his closeness to my sex. His breath feathered down my soft, creamy thighs. His lips touched the sensitive skin there, making my legs jump.

"Luke!" I whispered his name when he stepped back, turning around briefly to pick up the camera.

This was it, I thought as I watched him carry the tripod closer to the bed. His thick cock bobbed with each step, hard and ready to slide into me. I grabbed the sheets as adrenaline coursed through my blood, my head swimming, my skin hot with fever.

Lucas took a second to address the camera's zoom lens and the angle to make sure every crazy position would be clearly visible on the screen.

"Done" He said before moving towards the edge of the bed and kneeling on the floor in front of me.

For a moment he just looked between my thighs, feasting his eyes on my sex. I felt a glimmer of that common paranoia every woman have when a man gazes at our most personal part. But I quickly got back into that daring frame of mine, knowing that I looked as perfect as any man could desire.

Lucas smiled and curved my hips slightly, then pushed my thighs open and up. A quick adjustment to get my tiny pussy and his beautiful face perfectly in frame.

He looked up at me, as though asking permission. I gulped a breath in response

Lucas licked his lips, then gently pulled mine apart, lowering his head down to drag his pleasingly warm, velvet tongue up my slick groove from base to apex.

"Oh my God…" I couldn't help but moan when I felt his heat on the middle of my bliss.

Lucas looked up at my face as he lapped at my juices, seeking out my reaction. I didn't have to exaggerate any response, his technique was perfect. He held me firmly, his hands holding my behind, pulling me to him as he slid his tongue as far inside me as he could reach, nudging my little delicate clit with his nose.

"Mmmm" I felt his hot breath on my flesh, I could also feel the vibrations from his voice as he moaned slightly, apparently enjoying himself.

I stroked Luke's head as he indulged on my soaking folds, and his action on me became a little more forceful. I knew he welcomed my encouragement, and applied a little more pressure and weight, pulling him against me, even guiding his face a little as to where I wanted him, and the rhythm I liked from his tongue.

"So good," I said as his mouth ravaged me.

Lucas paused and raised his head, his eyes locking with mine over my tits. His soft lips were inches from me. I wanted to grip his hair and grind his beautiful face back down onto my cunt.

"You taste so good" Lucas confessed. His eyes shifted briefly to the camera and then back to me, his expression unreadable. Just when I was convinced he was going to climb on top of me, he lowered his head and ran the tip of his tongue over my dripping slit again.

"Ahhhh" I cried when I felt his mouth and tongue pressing softly on my buzzing clit.


I looked down on him so I could watch Lucas moan as his out-of-control tongue flicked and swirled around my clit.

I tried to keep myself from cumming as long as I could so I could enjoy every second of his wonderful mouth on my womanhood. Then, without so much as a glance at the camera, Lucas plunged a finger knuckle-deep into me, adding a second and a third within the space of a few shoves.

Oh God

Lucas was a man on a mission, the fingers of one hand pushing inside me while his tongue danced over my engorged clit. The way he was totally focused on me left me gasping for breath, moaning as the sensations threaten to overpower me.

I was shuddering, quivering, near orgasm when I felt him pull away. I felt a jolt of great disappointment, and I was about to plead with him to keep going — but then I felt the tip of his cock press against my slit, and suddenly that idea seemed even better to me than riding his beautiful face to climax.

I looked down when he positioned himself perpendicular to my body. This was big. My husband was about to watch another man go where we had believed no one ever should go but him. For a moment, I wondered how insanely fired up Julian and Peyton must be right now and how much jealousy we were causing them at the same.

"Wait," he said. I felt my heart pounding with excitement as I watched him pick up the camera and adjust focus to what was needed. Lucas, the filmmaker, was about to capture the action in a way that truly gave the perfect POV experience to our audience.

I gasped when Lucas approached my body, he was beaming, standing on the floor with me lying before him on the bed, my ass on the edge of the mattress, my legs open and in the air to allow him better access. With his left hand working the camera, he used his right hand to first guide and then press that enormous thing over my sparkling flower, against my petals, stirring waves of energy that pulsate through my whole body.

The camera panned up from my snatch, pausing at my face. The face of a happy woman. A woman who was grateful that she had a husband who was able to grant her this extracurricular experience.

"Mmmm" I moaned to the camera with a naughty smile on my face.

Then, his cockhead pressed against my slit and my outer lips parted when he teased my entrance.

"Ahhhh" Sparks went off down below and I felt my world ignited when he eased forward. That great beast stuttering a little as it slid inside me half-inch by half-inch, stretching me open around it, filling me, lighting me up.

I moaned as Lucas slowly moved inside me, his violation so physical, and yet it made me so wet that he simply glided within me, then out, his fullness sweeping over every erogenous point within me.

That dick's width made me struggle for oxygen. Lucas was ticker than Julian, not that my husband was in any way disappointing in that respect. But If you were going to stray from your spouse, it might as well be with someone who was different, though.

"Ohhh fuck…" Lucas moaned. I felt the fire of rebellion inside me as he fucked my little pussy. His cock, so hard and so lusciously hot. So very bare without a condom.

"Mmmmm… your pussy is so tight," Lucas said with a cocky smile on his face and then pointed the camera to the scene of the crime, pausing to show my drenched pussy to the camera.

Breathing heavily I turned my head and searched for my laptop so I could watch the action on the screen. I couldn't help a dopey smile at what I saw. I looked at where our two bodies were joined together and was astonished to see the girth of that massive cock pushing in and out of me. Oh my God, Luke's cock looked even bigger on camera.

The feeling of being so exposed had me mewling.

"Don't stop…" I said and then I touched myself tentatively, my fingers sliding over my pussy, over his active boner, gentle lashes that teased the sensitive skin of both our genitals.

"Is that what you like?" I flinched at his voice. I opened my eyes and turn to the sound, seeing him in front of me, his eyes on his moving shaft and my panting snatch.

"So good…" I muttered. My eyes closed and I attempted to relax. Attempted to ignore my open legs, the view on display for the camera and just enjoy that glorious hot powerhouse pushing every button I had inside.

When Luke began to accelerate his pace, I allowed my fingers to test my readiness, and dragged some of that wetness higher to the center of my pleasure that was my sensitive bud, circling the skin gently. I released a low sigh, the building pleasure immense to contain, and I arched my back, lifting slightly off the mattress as my fingers danced lightly through a distressing tease.

I am a sadistic bitch when it comes to pleasure, and my body loves me for it. I love enticing my arousal out only to deny it. I love feeling my orgasm scream for mercy, the explosion sweeter and more powerful the longer I fucked with its mind.

"Mmmm… mmmm," I moaned. My clit was starting to take all the attention, hardening beneath my tender swipes, each tiny circle moving me a little closer to the edge.

I was reminded of my situation when Lucas pulled out and rubbed his cock against my lips.

"You're having too much fun," He teased me playfully.

I looked up at Lucas, curious as to what he was up to, as he took a couple steps towards the tripod to mount the camera back on the head of it.

It wasn't long before he was back with some mischievous plan. Lucas resumed his kneeling position on the carpet floor with me laid there, flat before him, fondling my breasts.

"Ahhhhh" I whimpered at the marvelous feelings washing through me the second Lucas attached his lips to my clit.

It's a good thing that man had put my feet out of the way because I might have hit him out cold when his tongue tasted me and my legs kicked out. My cries were deep and husky, and I called out his name as he pulled my sensitive clit into his mouth and shook it like a puppy with a rag toy.

"Ohhh Yesss," I was lost in pleasure. My fingers reaching that lovely mess of hair, bringing his head harder on my cunt, the sensation too hot not to savor.

I was going to cum all over his face soon if he kept that delicious pace. When I thought I was finally about to explode, he stoped. Then he wrapped his powerful arms around my petit body and lifted me through the air like a rag doll until I faced him, the lights reflecting in his hungry expression.

I was putty in his firm hands, my head leaning over his shoulder as I smooched along his neck. He cupped my ass and lifted me up and outward, bringing me down when the middle of the bed was beneath me and he was above me.

My legs parted, his heavy body comfortably settled on mine, the thick length of him solid and heavy against my thighs, his mouth on my throat, his playful tongue teasing the hollows of my neck as my need to be filled again with the full mass of his cock overwhelmed me.

"Please…" I begged.

Lucas lifted his mouth from my neck, hovered above my mouth and kissed me softly before pulling off of me and kneeling down in front of me. He watched me lay there for a moment, my fingers where his cock had previously been, my pussy begging for stimulation, craving a release that would only be sweet enough if he participated.

"Here," Lucas said as he pulled me closer to him. I was spread wide before him as the stiff head of his prick brushed over my swollen lips.

"Ahhhh" Lucas moaned when he guided his bare cock inside me. Then I watched him grip my legs, hoist them over his shoulders, and lean forward, pushing his body towards mine until my face was right beneath his, his warm breath on my lips.

I gasped against his mouth, my eyes glued to his, my body swooning as he began pushing his thick cock in and out my soaked opening. Every thrust of his hard shaft producing delicious friction on my sex, every withdrawal push giving me hope that he would move even deeper inside of me.

"You like that?" He whispered into my mouth. I moaned in response

My eyes shutter close, the grinding sensation too good not to savor. Another inch, shoved firmly in, another quick intake of breathe. Holy hell. His heavy body overpowering mine, his delicious cock satisfying every basis of my carnal need, grounding me into submission.

"You feel so good inside me," I spelled out the words when I opened my eyes. My mouth against his, close enough to touch, but just enough space to tease.

Lucas slowed his pace until he was completely still inside me, and then eased my legs off his shoulders and pressed his hands on the bed on either side of me, leaning over to kiss me softly on the lips.

"Mmmm" I moaned into his mouth when Lucas began to move back and forth again, gently at first, letting me adjust to his deeper shoves, feeling his length and girth as he thrust fully. Then withdrew. Then thrust. Then withdrew. Long slow fucks in which my body celebrated his shape and worshiped his stroke.

When Lucas released my lips from his, I gently pushed his chest a little with my hands and risked a look upward, at the man above me, his face determined and super intense, the muscles of his arms and chest emphasized by the position, the whole package too much.

"Ohhh… yesss" I cried, his hard prick causing my eyes to shut and my head to rest back against the cushion of the bed. The pleasure inside me grew when he began to circle his hips against me, then he tried to rub up and down, the persistent movement of his shaft driving me wild.

When Lucas sensed that I was craving a release, he gently pounced on me, his forearms braced on the mattress and on either side of the rounded contours of my shoulders, his hands holding my head from below as he draped his body over mine.

"You want to cum?" Lucas whispered into my eyes before lowering his mouth to mine, lightly feedings of my flesh as he continued to give my little pussy the courtesy and attention of his cock.

I was close. Lucas feasted on my mouth while maintaining a fluid rhythm with his body, his bulging cock slamming into my g-spot, pushing me ever closer as the pressure built. I'd been dancing around the edge of climax for the entire evening but there was no turning back now.

I dug my fingernails into his back and wrapped my legs around his strong physique as he increased his pace, the slippery sounds of our bodies mixing with hot breaths and rough kisses as he grinded his hips with mine and rubbed his public bone against my clit.

"Ahhhh" Our kiss interrupted by my gasp. I couldn't take much more of this, my clit one swipe away from explosion, his continuous pace building an animalistic need between my legs, a need that could only be satisfied when I cum.

"Ahhh, ahhh , ahhh…." I begged, bucking against his body, my orgasm on the edge of explosion. Lucas lowered his lips to my neck and unleashed the full force of his cock. Quick and fast thrusts that were perfect in speed, perfect in rhythm, and blissful on my body.

"Ohhhh" I cried as my orgasm ripped through me. Those final pumps hitting my g-spot, those perfect swipes across the swollen surface of my clit had my eyes rolling back, my world momentarily going black as my back arched and I exploded in one perfect climax.

I was weak, my body temporally losing all muscle function as the final tendrils of pleasure gently faded away, aftershocks twitching my drained body.

"Was that good for you?" Lucas asked, his voice sounded almost shaky, as he moved his lips to my tits.

I looked up at him and smiled. His fingers danced along the sensitive tips of my nipples, sending fresh little jolts of pleasure through my body, although none of them could come close to the orgasm I just experienced.

"You have no idea," I said as I stared at his cum covered cock shinning between my legs. I should be doing something sexy, like jacking or sucking that beautiful piece of meat. But instead I was lying on the soft mattress and celebrating the awesomeness that was that orgasm.

"Well… it's a good thing the night is still young," Lucas said and I responded with a smirk. All good things come to an end, as they say, but I didn't really want our fun session of fucking to be over.

I was now left with a pleasant glow radiating out from my snatch to the rest of my body as my orgasm subsided. I had to concentrate on taking in deep breaths as I tried to regain some of my composure.

"You're so hard" I giggled when Lucas made his way slowly up my body, until he was kneeling across my breasts, the shaft resting there.

I ran my fingers through my hair, brushing it away from my forehead and my cheeks, and then watched Lucas take his cock in his hand, still wet with my juices, and rub it over my nipples in slow, teasing strokes.

I kept my eyes glued to engorged tip as he scrubbed my nipple and areola. His cock, so large, so wide, so thick, so wet. When Luke's eyes turned to the laptop present in the room I was reminded that the camera was still rolling, streaming, recording.

"Suck," Lucas pleasantly surprised me, placing the tip of his pole over my lips. I opened my mouth and stretched my lips around him, around his cock, that big obscene thing that had intruded so magnificently on me and my marriage.

I curled my fingers around it and began to move my mouth slowly over him and the movement against my tongue, my lips, the inside of my cheeks, was wonderful.

"Ahhhh," Lucas moaned when I pulled his meat out of my mouth. I took a couple breaths and then began licking him, the big helmet with its rounded tip, the central vein of his shaft pulsating from its arousal, feeling his mass with my lips and tongue.

"Do you want me to suck your balls" I teased as I rubbed that massive thing over my lips and the soft skin of my face as though marking myself as his territory.

Lucas froze for a second, completely speechless.

I muttered a naughty, "Yeah?"

Lucas moved his hips a little so I could have easy access to his clean, shaved jewels. I licked him, brushed my lips on the underside of his balls, gently bathing the loose flesh with my tongue. With my hand still working him, moving up and down the long, thick shaft, Lucas moans became more urgent.

"Ohhh" He groaned. His eyes hungry as he watched me dangle his balls into my mouth and suck on them, chasing them with my tongue. I know Julian loves the way I play with his balls and I hoped Lucas would approve my technique as well.

I paused and fed his cock in my mouth again. With his boner upside down like that, he slipped right down my throat. My lips were stretched to the limit, so I concentrated on breathing through my nose, doing my best to relax as I let him shamelessly use my mouth.

I took his saliva covered cock off my mouth and stared deep into his eyes. Lucas beamed when I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.

He was strong, he was dominant, but he did listen to my sexy suggestions, especially when those suggestions involved having his erection between my breasts as he fucked my cleavage on camera. He moved down my body and straddled me, while at the same placing his wet aching penis between the soft mounds that were normally reserved for hubby's mouth and hands.

I used my hands to mash my boobs around that enormous tool and soon he started moving, slowly fucking my breasts.

"Yeah…" I murmured a tease of encouragement, mesmerized at the sight of his glorious erection so close and yet so far.

"Mmmm" Lucas moaned as he fucked my tits. I didn't have the biggest knockers so I had to squeeze them tight to keep him satisfied, but it was so worth it. I was letting this athletic god ram his cock in between my mounds and I couldn't help but feel exhilarated while he used me.

A dreamy smile curved Luke's mouth, as his motions grew languid, then fast at times, then almost stilling. He was moving just enough to keep the heat and desire going but not enough to end it.

"Ohhh yeahh… mmmm… so good" My friend with benefits was loving the benefits of having his large cock gently constrained as he slipped in and out of my cleavage.

"You like that?..." I panted between thrusts, loving the feel of his cock pushing through my flesh in such a lewd way while he groaned out in pleasure. "… I am going to make you cum so hard!" I promised.

Lucas looked down on me, with my hair spread on the mattress, and watched me squeal when I felt his fingers on my opening, teasing my pussy lips in long, sweeping motions, while his big hot phallus continued to push in and out of my breasts, back and forth.

That sweet feeling of his digits up and down my slit didn't last long. He put his hands over my hands and soon he started bucking in and out of my breasts. His hips moved faster, desperate to bring himself to a release.

"Are you gonna cum? I teased him terribly. His expression growing tense as the speed of his balls against my stomach increased.

"Yeah!?" Lucas looked directly at me and frowned in concentration.

"I want to taste you," It was just sexy conversation to get him good and ready to burst. I knew all the words, all the little teases and looks, all the porn clichés. And I loved to use them all, openly and with lusty enthusiasm.

"Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh" Lucas took quick breaths in frustration, my teasing words too much, the look in my eyes even more of a turn-on. He knew what I wanted, what I needed.

"Yeah… you're gonna cum in my mouth?" I teased him as he rocked that magnificent cock back and forth through my slick tunnel. The raw need and demand in eyes amazed me. The thought of him shooting in my mouth electrified me.

And soon, Lucas found himself losing control.

"Ohh… fuck," The man groaned when he pulled free from by breasts. I opened my lips and let my tongue hang as Lucas brought the big tip of his erection close to my lips. My lover jerked himself off for a couple seconds and then ejaculated with a growl into my open mouth.

"Ahhhhhh" Lucas cried out and erupted, his cum splashing my tongue and throat in warm spurts.

I closed my mouth around Lucas and felt his cock jerked several times until he stilled. His eyes looked dazed, his face and throat gleamed with sweat. His breathing was harsh as his consumed body shook with aftershocks.

I moaned as I savored him in my mouth, his adultery. Sweet, salty and spicy. The flavor of bad boy.

"Mmmm… you taste so good," I said, channeling my inner porn star.

"That was fuckin fantastic." Lucas said. His mouth agape and his breathing was rasping.

I couldn't help touching myself as I sucked around the sensitive tip of his cock. I started to circle it with my tongue, then teased the tiny little opening before swirling my lips around the big head.

"Ohh God," My partner said and then repeated before pulling his cock out and away from my grasping mouth. My lips too much for his overly sensitive flesh. I hesitated, not exactly sure what he wanted me to do next. What I wanted to do next.

Lucas gave me one last look and moved off me. I watched him climb out of bed, drinking in his nudity until he disappeared out of view. I lay there for the longest time, staring at the ceiling and trying to gather my own thoughts.

This was crazy, I thought. I smiled wickedly, reaching up and wiping some of his remaining cum from my chin with the back of my hand, looking back in disbelief at the laptop screen. If someone told me a year ago I would be doing something as lewd as letting another man cum in my mouth while my husband watched from home, I'd have thought them insane.

I kneeled on the bed waiting, touching myself lightly, playfully to the judging camera, hoping desperately that Lucas would touch me at some point again.

"Mmmm" I moaned as my fingers rubbed over my aching clit, slowly, gently in semi-circular motions.

Every dirty thought raced through my mind, all surrounding Luke's body and his magnificent cock.

It made me feel dirty, which made me masturbate faster. My hand felt amazing on my snatch, the simple motion of my digits on my little bundle of nerves electrifying my desire and wanting need to get fucked hard.

In that now empty bedroom that still smelled of sex, I couldn't understand what Lucas was doing exactly, but I could heard some familiar noises coming in from the little kitchen of the suite, the boom of the fridge opening and closing, the bang of the drawers opening and closing. A brief period of silence was interrupted when Lucas began talking on the phone. Maybe trying to convince his wife to let him get down and dirty again?


The sound of a cork exploding from a bottle resounded throughout our suite, and then Lucas was back in the bedroom. Without a backward glance, the door shut behind him

My eyes devoured him as he walked towards the bed with a champagne bottle in his hand.

I took a moment to appreciate the view of Lucas Scott gloriously naked and semi-aroused. No doubt, Peyton was a very lucky lady. Tan skin stretched over flawless flesh, rippling muscles of arms, legs and torso, topped by a beautiful face.

I watched him drink from the bottle, my gaze focusing on his cock. I wasn't sure he would function anymore, not after everything we did tonight, but it twitched at the sight of my naked body. That man had stamina!

"You want some?" He said, referring to the alcoholic drink.

He walked to my side of the bed, lowered the bottle four-inches from my face, and slowly poured white sparkling wine into my open mouth. A little too much liquid leaked out around my lips, dripping down my chin and onto my chest.

"Sorry" Lucas said with a smile.

He placed the bottle on the bedside table, took a deep breath and then hopped on the bed and kissed me forcefully. Forceful was good. I needed that energy, that little short sharp shock to my system. Perhaps I needed a little punishment, too, for what I was doing to hubby.

I fell back on the bed and let Lucas crawl over me. I palmed his nape and made him fall against me and as I felt my breasts against his chest, I knew I was going to have him again.

"Mmmmm" I let out a long moan when he kissed his way to my breasts, breathing me in, putting his hands all over my body. God, I'd always had a thing for strong hands and Luke's were all over me now — holding me, fondling me, squeezing and caressing me.

I slowly melted under him when I felt his hot mouth on my bare breasts, flicking his tongue over my sensitive buds, sending electric shocks directly from my chest straight down to my pussy.

"Ahhhh" I cried as he sucked my tits into his mouth, his tongue swaying over the rough path of his teeth.

I pushed him back for a moment, tasting his lips again, sucking on his tongue, and breathing in that hint of alcohol. I was still full of adrenaline, even after that first round of hot sex.

I gasped when I felt Luke's right hand sliding down my stomach, lower, his fingers gliding along my smooth skin, finding my slippery folds, touching me just where I wanted.

I was soaking wet and visibly dripping with arousal.

"Ahhhh" I whispered into his mouth when he pushed two fingers deep inside me, my left foot slowly raising in the air to accommodate his moves. I froze in that position as Lucas owned my pussy with his hand. My clit and its protective hood pinched between his fingers even as he continued to stroke me, moving his digits inside me and spreading my sweet moisture all over my mound.

I let out a harsh breath when he stopped his assault on my pussy and pulled out. I draped myself over him for a moment, rubbing my breasts on him, kissing his mouth eagerly, showing him how much I craved his body.

At some point I was able to flip us over so that I was on top "I am going to sit on your pretty face!" I teased him. This time it was my turn to control the pace. Lucas didn't respond. He let out an inaudible yell that might have been intermingled with a few actual human words.

In one deft move, I pressed down on his chest. I wasn't nearly strong enough to keep Lucas down if he wanted to get up, but he obeyed my corporal command. I moved further up, steadying myself on the headboard, spreading my thighs and moving my pussy directly over his mouth.

His mouth was open, reaching in anticipation. Without warning, I reached down and put my hand behind his neck, not so much settling myself onto his tongue as lifting his mouth to my pussy. Lucas licked me eagerly, wanting to please me. I lifted up a little, so I was just out of his reach for a moment, his face already wet with my juices.

"Put your tongue out," I demanded. Lucas reached with his tongue. "Now… hold still."

A brief, satisfied smile flickered on my face before lowering my pussy closer on his face. And then I felt it again. Lost in pleasure as Lucas used his stiff, still tongue while I rocked back and forth on his face.

"Oh God…. oh fuck… Luke," I shuddered as he drowned in my wetness. Occasionally teasing him when I moved my hips away from his mouth.

"Mmmmm," Lucas murmured when he took my ass in his hands. His face buried between my legs like he was devouring a fresh slice of watermelon and the pressure of his lips and tongue drove me crazy.

He paused for just a few seconds and I took the opportunity to press my palm against his forehead. I watched Lucas lick his wet lips, he looked very pleased with himself. And then I turned, doing a 180 with my body, readjusting it so I could suck his growing erection into my mouth while my pussy was in still in his face in a 69 position.

At that moment, said erection was close to full strength again. I gave it a gander. It was a really nice looking cock. I wrapped a hand around it and rubbed it up and down. Lucas groaned when I leaned in and put my mouth on his cock. I toyed, licked and kissed his cock for a while and then I opened my mouth and took in his head.

With my pussy crouched over his head, Lucas began to eat me. God, the first probe of his tongue on my clit almost made me fly off of him. It felt so good! He hugged me tight around my hips and proceeded to work on my cunt. Seriously. I tried to give the sly man head for head, but he was right back behind the wheel again, stealing all the power and control from me. He was incredible with his tongue, stroking, licking, biting and sucking me into a state of shrieking ecstasy.

"Mmmm" I stuffed Luke's dick in my mouth and cried tears of pleasure while he tongue-fucked me within an inch of my life. His tongue's playful swipes at my exposed pearl were sweet torture to me.

Lucas was rowdily slurping between my legs and now I really did want to fuck him again. I really, really wanted to.

Lucas finally stopped, pulling me back from the edge. I lay there trying to calm down while I lightly sucked his cock, just enough to keep him riled up. He groaned, again and again, as I filled my mouth with his sweetness, and my head with inappropriate ideas.

I didn't give him time to rest. He was more than satisfied, more than ready when I decided to change positions again. I rolled down his body, rubbing my snatch down those hard abs, reveling in the sensation, then straddled him, facing away from him with my bent legs bracketing his thighs.

Lucas lay down there, looking at my elegant back and opulent butt, dizzy with lust. I reached between my legs and grasped his hard meat in my hands pumping it up and down, being rewarded with a loud groan.

I placed the head of his aching cock at my entrance and angled my body down onto him. Lucas watched in fascination as his shaft disappeared from sight into my pussy, nice and easy, helped by the fresh wave of wetness that his mouth brought.

Lucas felt the tight, wet fist of my pussy envelop him, and he nearly lost it.

"Mmmm… fuck," His moan sent a rush through my body knowing that I had that sort of power over him. I lowered my ass slightly and thrust back up causing his erection to pull out and push in. I rewarded him with a tortured groan of my own as his hand hovered over my ankles.

I turned my head and looked him straight in the eyes. "You feel so good inside me," I teased Lucas with a smile and a bite of my lip. He reached up in response and gave my butt a sharp slap.

I gasped at the sharp sting and picked up the tempo.

This position was visually exciting for Lucas and I was rewarded by another groan when I moved my ass down as far as I could and then back up again.

Lucas watched in fascination as I forced my body into a rocking rhythm. My hot, tight pussy gloved him, and the muscles of my butt worked his cock, stretching me until I thought I would lose my mind.

His cock slipped out of me and I felt a moment of profound emptiness when that monster left my body, but it wouldn't be for long. Lucas tried to sit up, but I was way ahead of him.

I got on my hands and knees and crawled on the bed, facing our audience.

"Here" I said, turning my head over my shoulder to demand he take me from behind.

"Yea?" Lucas said, looking at me with so much desire in his eyes.

I turned my head back towards the camera and looked down at the mattress as his shadow approached me. "Do you wanna be fucked hard? Hmm?" He asked, his hands stroking my ass, and then moving to my hips, holding me over my close-fitting garments, sliding his cock between my legs.

I drew in a deep breath, feeling his manhood against my wet pussy lips.

"A huh…" I breathed, backing my ass up a little further, and then added flirtatiously, "… fuck me!"

"Mmmm," I heard just before his hand slapped hard against my ass. A pleasant effect that had me shivering in pleasure.

"You wanna be a bad little wife?" Lucas teased me playfully, smacking my tight ass again.

"A huh," I breathed, hardly able to talk as he smacked my ass harder.

"Yea?" Lucas said. His voice was hoarse with desire, hard gasps in between the sentences, the instruction almost a plead even with the command in his tone.

Spread your legs a little more," Lucas said.

"Mmmm," I moaned, delighted to do so. Stepping closer behind me, Lucas pressed one hand over the little dimples on my lower back, and with the other he guided that big fat naked non-spousal cock in my married pussy.

"Ahhh" I gasped when Lucas slid into me, as far as he could go, filling my pussy completely.

My hands were flat against the mattress as he fucked me, his cock slamming inside me, gliding between my moist pussy lips, making me scream.

"You like that" Lucas breathed, leaning forward to take the nape of my neck with his hand before pulling my hair back.

Erratic breaths brushed against my neck as he kept a tight grip on my hair, breathing in that intense scent of rough sex that I only allowed Julian to experience. A groan came from deep in the pit of his lungs as he continued to fuck my pussy, each thrust harder than the last.

God, the two of us were like animals, rutting away without a care whether people outside this room might overhear our grunts and our screams.

Then as though he was conscious of my approaching climax, he slowed up his pace and then stopped moving completely.

"Fuck" He murmured, breathing harshly.

Lucas pulled out of me with a wet plop and I moaned in frustration.

"Head down ass up" He demanded, giving my ass a sharp smack. I arched my back, rising almost to my knees and after letting out another sexy howl I shivered and fell onto my face on the bed.

Luke took a moment to appreciate the look and shape of my ass, round, elevated, stinging from his slaps. I cried for his touch and my recompense was quickly followed when his mouth descended on my pussy and his wonderful tongue pressed up inside me in a way that made me grip the bed sheets in an effort to hold onto sanity.

"Mmmmm" Lucas moaned, his tongue teasing around my outer lips before diving into my pussy. Every few moments he paused to close his lips around my clit and spiral his tongue around it in a way that made me almost lose consciousness.

I turned my head when he stopped, only to watch him slap his hand against my rear again. After hearing me bellow out an erotic squeal, he placed his hands on my hips and gently scrubbed my clit with the swollen head of his tool before nudging it into my entrance.

"Does that feel good?" His tone was strong, powerful.

"Yes..." I was incapable of higher opinions. "…yes." I didn't want to battle with Lucas now, I just wanted to pour out my greedy pussy for him to use in any way he saw fit.

"Ohhh," I shuddered when Lucas pulled out a little so he could get extra leverage before sinking in even deeper.

"Ahh, yeah." Lucas pressed deeper and deeper still until he was lost in the sensation. "You're so tight… so good."

As Lucas fucked my pussy, stroking me slowly with his big thick cock, I slid my hand down between my legs and began to press my fingers to my clit, rubbing it in circles softly.

I loved the feel of his cock, the hardness, the fullness, the smooth sound his cock made as it stretched my lips open while he tried to go so slow. But I was getting restless. An intense need had begun deep in my core and now the sensation of being filled wasn't nearly satisfying enough.

"More… More… fuck me hard!"

Lucas stilled. His big dick jerked inside me as my statement percolated in his lust-flown head.

And then fuck me, he did.

Lucas went a little feral. "Ahhhh" I moaned as Lucas fucked my aching cunt, each stroke of his cock flooding my entire body with pleasure. I bit my lip and caught sight of my face in the camera, my ass shook every time Lucas slammed into me.

"Ahhh… ahhh…. Ahhh" He pounded me hard and rough, like a wild man, savagely possessing me, fucking me the way an animal fucks a mate in heat. My fingers never pausing in their explorations, moisture collecting between my lips and his working cock, my digits grazing gooey liquid as they move slowly over the edge of my sanity.

He vigorously and repeatedly shove deep inside me, rocking back and forth, penetrating me with force, making me scream. I was unable to move, unable to see, unable to breathe. He controlled me completely.

"Ohhhh… ohhh," Lucas started to moan loudly and his breath got faster as he held my hips in a tight clutch and barreled in and out of my snatch, reveling in the pressure of my tight cunt around his cock and the piercing slap of flesh against flesh with every thrust. I gloried in the yells that fell from his mouth, the way he continuing to ram into me and the way his balls slapped against me with every stroke.

I fought him, trying to hold off from my orgasm a little longer. Lucas did not let up for a second, mastering my body with his, pounding that married cock into me and fucking me senseless. Then he made me cum when I was good and ready.

"Ahhhh" I exploded, bucking and writhing and making inhuman sounds. My pussy flooding with ecstasy and tingling all over his cock as a numbing sensation coursed its way through my veins. I came so hard and so fast that I was cumming a second time right on top of the first. Lucas kept fucking me until it was just too intense and I had to make him stop.

I felt light headed when Lucas pulled out of me, completely coated in my cum, which continued to flow out of my slit and down my inner thighs.

I rolled onto my back to catch my breath, but I wasn't allowed up.

"Come here!" Lucas said as he lay back on the bed. His right hand holding his cock, still throbbing with excitement.

My brain tried to process his words as I moved, clambering on all fours towards him, my limbs sluggish and slow. I was aided by his free hand on my hair, helping me with directions as my eyes adjusted to light once again.

"Here, suck it!" He ordered, and I moaned in approval when his gentle grip forced me to look at his forbidden cock. This seemed so wrong, so powerfully against my every instinct — and yet so exotic, so hot, so different from the norm.

I could not help it. I liberated that big juicy cock from his hand and held it with my own. Then with a sexy groan, I stuffed it into my mouth, I mean, as much of it as I could get in there.

"Yes," Lucas stated as I savored his cock. I licked it, I sucked it and deep throated him nice and good before backing off a little to swirl my tongue around the swollen head and suck hard.

I stopped, then I rested my head on one of his thighs, looking straight at his cock as though I'd never really got the opportunity to just look at it before, and thinking how it would hurt Julian to know how much I was enjoying putting this thing in my mouth, in my body. I pumped him for a few seconds, then kissed the tip before slipping him inside my mouth again with a deep moan. My guilt only fueling my lust and desire.

I could not get enough. Lucas was sprawled back, mouth open, helpless and moaning in pleasure while I stuffed myself, literally, with his glorious cock, pausing to trace the mushroom tip with my tongue and tease the sensitive crown before engulfing it once again.

After a couple minutes of this euphoria, I became a little more aggressive and climbed on top of Lucas again to ride him. I straddled his pelvis with my legs on either side of him, resting my weight on my knees. My partner lay flat on his back as he enjoyed the view of my naked, feather-light body on top of him.

My pussy was nestling softly against his hard meat and it was easy to slide him straight into me.

"Does that feel good?" I asked. His cock halfway in. Pulling a move from my bag of tricks, I stopped, lifted up slightly, and then pressed back down.

"Fuck me." His words were imposing, his blue eyes locked with mine, his smirk dropping slightly as need overtook his features.

I moved, sliding up and down in smooth bounces, the waves provoking a smile from Lucas, a nod of approval. I moved my hands to my breasts, the movement sexy and provocative, one I like to try while with my husband.

"Yesss…" I sighed as I lifted the weight of them, hugging them against my skin. I couldn't help but beam by the change in his face.

"Ohhh… yes" I cried as I lifted up and slammed down, bottoming out his cock inside me. His eyes expanded and his mouth opened in a silent roar. I felt his cock twitching, but he wasn't over the edge yet. Those controlling hands wrapped around my hips and he lifted me up. I rotated my butt and slammed down, taking his full member inside me.

I threw my head back and enjoyed the sensation of that cock moving in and out of me. It was so damn big, and it filled me perfectly. My hips continued to gyrate over him as I reach up my head to run my fingers through my hair, knowing that this action pushed out my chest, empathizes the cleavage he was so obviously fixated on.

I gazed into his eyes and whispered dirty thoughts to him.

"I want you to cum in my pussy…" I placed both my hands back against his chest and smiled the most evil of smiles.

"Yeah?" He moaned, holding that beautiful sinister grin.

"Mmmm… I want you to fill me up" I teased him even more as he fucked my unfaithful pussy.

Watching Luke's eyes glued to my body, checking me out as I bounced up and down on his prick sent another thrill through me. I ran my own hands down his chess and abs, enjoying all these sensations because who knew If Julian and Peyton would ever let me replicate this experience.

"Ride me" Lucas said, picking a small pillow and placing it below his head.

"What?" I moved slowly, grinding my hips against him, a continuing motion that created friction on my clit.

"No. Up and down." He scowled at me, imposing words spoken with an edge.

I decided to try a variation of the cowgirl position and so I moved my feet underneath me, resting my body's weight on my feet and moved, lifting up and then down, feeling his shaft respond inside me, straightening and thickening, a slight jerk in its movement. I moaned at the sensation, the stiff rod slippery and hard inside me, filling my pussy with every downward path.

I settled fully down, the depth delighting me, the complete fullness, something every woman should revel in at least once in life.

I looked down and saw Luke's face scrunched up and his mouth open and out of breath. My moves became more powerful and his cock was buried to the hilt longer and longer with each pump.

"Mmmm" I groaned.

Then his hands reached out, gripping me by the hips, pushing slightly from below and holding me down, my mouth opening at the new sensation, my cloudy eyes held by his, a boastful smile crossing his face.

"Here" Lucas said and then, moving quickly, he pinned me against him and moved both of us downward, sliding along the bed until we locked our bodies together closer to the camera. The variation affecting the distance and angle of our bodies relative to the lens.

The new position forced me to my knees again. I resumed my gentle rocking on his pole but Lucas had other ideas. As he lay on the bed with his legs outspread, he held his arms around my waist and forced my chest to rollover his as though we were wrestlers. Then he bent his legs slightly, allowing him to take the lead, to pump his hips and fuck me hard from below.

I shook in his arms when he began thrusting in and out of me.

"Ahhhh" I cried as his thrusts jolted my whole body, wracking me with a force that might even have hurt, had I not been so drugged up on adrenaline and pure straight wicked sex.

"Perfect" Lucas groaned, holding my body tightly with one arm, his free hand traveling lower before claiming a considerable area on my butt. His hand pressed roughly there for a few seconds and then he slapped the delicate meat of my cheeks, the gesture causing me to swear against him, the added sensation causing me to moan in pleasure.

Ohhh… fuck… don't stop" I said. Those words gave him renewed confidence and he continued pumping me from below, another gasp escaping my mouth when a firm finger pressed on the bare pucker between my butt cheeks.

The presence of that naughty finger over my asshole had a strong effect on me, my breath became dirty, my body at a different, ungodly level of stimulation, my pussy delicate and crying out for the devotion he lavished with his cock.

Lucas moaned as he endured the hard rhythm of his cock. Holding my body with both arms now and driving the action, pulling his hips up and down in rhythm with his hungry cock.

"Ohhh" Lucas was impatient, seizing my body in a full attack. My legs went dumb from his assault, pleasure rippled through me as moans warned him to keep thrusting, strengthening this orgasm ahead.

Lucas completely took over, groans of excitement coming as he fucked me from below, pushing in and out as he held my body still with his strength and I came apart in his hands.

"Ahhh… ahhh" Cries ripped out of my throat, animalistic in its power. Mumbles coming from deep within Luke's throat, his upward thrusts hard and reckless, pounding and shaking my whole body with their strength. He was close to climax again, I felt.

I was experiencing the same continuous sparks that I'd felt earlier, and as I saw him tensing up I realized that his own body was building towards something huge. I just hoped he could last long enough to send me over that massive edge. I locked eyes with him, concentration in his eyes, and I kissed him as his arms wrapped firmly around my body, holding me tightly against him.

"Don't stop… ahhh" I moaned into his mouth, his strokes accelerating as the sound faded from my throat. The bed squeaked underneath, the springs seeming like they were almost on the verge of breaking under the strain of his continuous pounding.

That hard pounding was too much for me to handle. My body tensed, his arms wrapping hard around my back, pulling me to his body as I let out a banshee scream.

"Ohhhh" Goosebumps broke out across my whole body and I felt my legs and torso shaking as my snatch clenched around his cock. Little stars danced in front of my vision in the dark and blood pulsed through my body filling me with hot heat that made me feel like my skin was on fire.

And apparently my own orgasm was enough to send Lucas over the edge. He let out an animalistic roar to match my own screams and clenched his arms over my body as he rammed home one last time, burying himself to the hilt for that final push.

"Ohhhh" I was rewarded with a deep groan. I felt his powerful monster twitching, jerking and pumping inside me in massive spurts as his hot cum filled my married pussy, completing that sense of absolute depravity.

"Ahhh… ahhhh… ahhhh!" He roared a few roars of victory. The muscles on his arms were tense. The tendons in his neck stood out as his cock continued to pump his thick oil deep inside me.

Luke's arms loosened around my body even as another atomic blast went off inside me from the energy of feeling that massive cock detonate. Ragged breaths came from my mouth as my pussy muscles compressed and gushed around him, and then we were back to little explosions. Little explosions faded to sparks, and then the sparks were just tiny dots dancing in front of my eyes.

It was all too much for me. Our mouths reconnected, I tasted his lips fully before collapsing against his chest, resting for a minute as his cock softened inside of me.

"Let me," He whispered then pushed gently against my chest, lifting me off his body and depositing mine onto the bed. He kneeled on a mesh of wet sheets, his naked body towering above mine.

Lucas stared at me through dazed eyes, His eyes making a pleasant journey over every curve, cut and bulge of my body. His forbidden cock had wiped me out good. My every muscle a relaxed mess of uselessness. My body marked with red where my pale skin had been mauled. My pussy, angry red from use. I looked as exhausted as I felt.

"Hope you got it all out of your system cause I'm completely done for the night," I told him as my fingers swept some hair off my face.

"I guess that means I did a good job on you." Lucas was grinning like a man who knows a secret he could never share.

"You were pretty good, I have to admit." My spirits sank a little at the thought of Julian at home with no wife and no backup pussy whatsoever. He's had his fun with Peyton already, but still.

"Well, I'm glad you're satisfied…" Lucas said as he hopped off the bed, then added. "…because I have a little more responsibility… to attend to tonight." Lucas said with a wink.

I looked at him with an odd look on my face like I was waiting for Lucas to spill the beans.

"The rest of the night belongs to my lady." Lucas concluded as he collected the bottle of champagne from the bedside table.

No sleepovers was one of the ground rules me and my husband shared with the Scotts. Although, boundaries for non-monogamy and swinging were important to the long-term success of our relationships, some exceptions to this common rules were allowed in specific circumstances.

My head turned to the vintage alarm clock that sat on the bedside table.

"Lucas… it's almost 3 in the morning." I said with a confused look on my face, then asked, "Peyton is in New York?

"New York"? He smiled before bringing what was left of that bottle to his lips.

"She's staying in this hotel." Lucas confessed. He couldn't stop smiling from where he stood.

"Peyton?" I said in complete shock.

"Yeah, Peyton… my wife, your best friend … remember her? He joked.

"You're kidding." I said.

"I am not..." He chuckled. "...We reserved room 165 for us. It is the last room on the right at the end of that long hall."

"Really?" I grabbed my jaw and turned my face to the camera. I didn't know if I was supposed to take him completely seriously, or if he was mocking me as part of an inside joke that was only funny for him and his wife.

"Seriously, am I on punk'd right now?" I asked, with a disordered smile on my face. I couldn't believe that Peyton was secretly staying in the same building, on the same floor, just 50 yards away from the room where me and her husband had met up for two rounds of serious fucking.

Lucas laughed hysterically.

"It wasn't planned or anything," He added, "I mean… It was a last minute thing. Nathan got us tickets to the Knicks game tomorrow."

Then my phone started to vibrate. Lucas walk over to pick it up and looked at the display.

"It's Peyton" Lucas said as he handed me the phone.

"You're in trouble" He winked playfully, before walking bare assed out into the bathroom.

I felt a slight ache somewhere in my chest. Sure, tonight was not the first time I fucked Lucas with her permission, but no matter how much you prepared mentally and emotionally for a thing like this, you never really knew how you were going to feel until it happened.

Any lingering fears melted away when I clicked on Answer with video and was confronted with my best friend's face looking at me with twinkly eyes and a big smirk.

"Hey slut!?" Peyton said friskily as she smiled and waved.

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