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The Life of Albus Potter

Chapter 16: Reunions in the Alley

"Come on, Lily! Your ten, appearances don't matter!" James exclaimed as we stood by the fireplace in the family room. We were going to floo to Diagon Alley, which I really hated because I hate using the floo network.

"JAMES, I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT I'M PUTTING ON MY SANDALS, AND MUM'S IN THE BATHROOM, ACTUALLY!" Lily screamed from the mudroom. The mudroom is where we keep our shoes and coats.

I glanced at dad and we both rolled our green eyes. We both somehow managed to hold back a snicker.

It was about maybe ten minutes later that we were all here in the living room by the fireplace. Teddy was amusing Lily and James by constantly changing his looks. Right now he was doing the duck face. Mum was getting the floo jar, and dad was next to me.

"Excited, Al?" asked dad.

I shrugged. "As long as James doesn't ruin this day for me… ah, who am I kidding, he will at some point today."

"Alright, Potters and Mr. Duckface over there, ready to go?"

"Yes!" Lily exclaimed. Teddy morphed back into his usual short and spiky aqua blue hair.

"Alright! Here, Al- take the floo powder. You go first." Mum said.

I nodded and took a small bit of it in my hands. I stepped into the fireplace and yelled, "Diagon Alley!"

The flames turned green, and the next thing that I knew- after a weird sensation and seeing some old man change into his work clothes in front of the fireplace- I was in Diagon Alley.

Tumbling out of the fireplace, I landed on the ground on my back. Quickly, I crawled out of the way as James came out with a huge smile on his face.

That's when I caught sight of Scorpius and his father and mother.

"AL!" he exclaimed, and ran over. His dad nodded at me, and his mother smiled at me.

"Hey, Scorp! How's your summer been?" I asked my best friend.

"Boring. Norrie hasn't come over yet, and you haven't come over yet, and my mum is making me do my homework. Dad's playing Qudditch with me though."

"Scorpius, dear," his mother said as her and her husband walked over to us. "It's because I have seen teachers yell at people for not doing their summer homework."

"Yes, well I don't have Snape as a teacher."

"Still. Homework is important- except when they don't count as a grade." Mr. Malfoy said. His wife cuffed the back of his head as Lily, Teddy, mum and dad joined us.

"Draco." Mum and dad greeted.

"Ah, hello Astoria!" mum went right over to her, and dad stood there awkwardly with Mr. Malfoy.

"Hey, look- it's Rose!" Lily shouted with excitement.

Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Rose and Hugo walked over. Hermione went right over to Mrs. Malfoy and mum, and Ron went right over to dad and Mr. Malfoy. Hugo went over to James, Lily, and Teddy, while Rose came over to me and Scorp.

"Happy birthday, Al!" she said with a smile.


"So, Norrie came over last week," Rose began but was interrupted shortly by Scorpius.

"What!? I haven't seen my cousin all summer and she goes to your house?"

"Let me finish, Scorpius. Anyway, so we just came back from seeing a movie in downtown London, and you'll never believe who was in our house!"

"Who?" I asked her, curious.

"Gregory Goyle." She said.

"Really? Why was Uncle Fatso in your house?" Scorpius asked.

I laughed. Uncle Fatso.

"He was picking up Norrie. He looked really mad. Dad had his wand pointed at him, and so did Goyle. Mum had hers out and was hiding Hugo behind her. He looked really frightened. When Goyle noticed Norrie, he looked even angrier. He said: "You told me that you were at Malfoy's, you scumbag!" It was horrible.

"And then Norrie said, "Yeah, I lied." Dad nearly laughed, but reminded himself of the situation and didn't. Goyle pointed his wand at her neck, and said, "When we get home, you better prepare for a thousand cruciotus curses." Norrie retaliated with, "Oh, so nothing new."

"Then Goyle grabbed her by the neck and apparated out. I think that dad's going to report him."

"Damn right I am. Not just for threatening my family and Norrie and admitting that he basically abuses his daughter. I'm also reporting him because no kid should be treated that way. I also like Norrie."

"Oh, Goyle is going to be in so much trouble when I get to him… I'll be taking my goddaughter out of there immediately." Mr. Malfoy said.

"Nobody does that to my Norrie." I muttered loud enough for Rose and Scorp to her.

They looked at me with both of their eyebrows raised, and I blushed. "I mean, nobody does that to one of my best friends."

Phew, I think I almost got caught for having this huge crush on Norrie…

"Come on, children! Let's get supplies! March!"