Love Will Thaw
by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24)

Chapter 1: Poor Kristoff

"Okay, so let me get this straight," said Kristoff, turning to Anna, "you're in love with your sister?" Anna blushed, but nodded wordlessly. He took this as a cue to continue talking, and to try and make sense of it all.

"So that's why you're breaking up with me?" he asked again, to which Anna replied with another silent nod. He breathed in deeply before exhaling through his mouth. This was a lot to take in. First, his ice business is threatened by the raging snowstorms in summer, then he gets kicked out of Oaken's shop, then he travels to an ice castle with a klutz of a princess (wolf attack included) – whose sister apparently built with her powers – so that they could bring back summer, then gets almost smashed to pieces by a gigantic scary snowman (care of the sister – who is apparently the Queen of Arendelle – as well), and then they get fixed up by his troll family despite Anna already being engaged to a Prince from the Southern Isles, only to realize her heart had been frozen and so he brings her to her Prince Charming, Hans, who ends up betraying her, leaving her to die, and then almost kills her crying sister (who had been previously captured and locked away in the dungeon and was being all depressed because she thought had killed off her beloved sister, Anna, who was the only family she had left), at which time he realizes he actually loves Princess Anna, and so he's about to go to her and then maybe they can share True Love's Kiss to save her life, but then she goes and saves her sister from Hans' sword just seconds before she freezes solid, after which her heart thaws because of she committed an act of true love for her sister, and then Queen Elsa thaws the whole kingdom and everyone's happy, and he gets a new sled and an official job, and then he and Anna finally share a kiss and now... this, all in a matter of days. He breathed in deeply again and then exhaled. This was definitely going to take some getting used to. It would take a lot of time and maybe a lot of alcohol... definitely a lot of alcohol.

"Wow," he said, unsure what to say. While he wasn't exactly angry with Anna, he was still quite surprised with all that has happened recently. His normally uneventful life had become a series of unfortunate (some not so much) events in a matter of days, all because he had met this girl. He didn't really regret getting to know Anna, or her sister, the Queen, or Olaf and everyone, but this was just too much to take all at once. He wasn't exactly prepared to find out that his girlfriend, the Princess of Arendelle, was cultivating feelings for Queen Elsa, her sister. Sister. Anna and Elsa were sisters. That was supposed to bother him somehow. He just couldn't quite place why. There was a word for that, he knew it. He had heard Grand Pabbie say it once or twice. Sounds something like ice, he thought. Ice. Iced? Ices? Icest? Ah, INCEST! So that's why it was supposed to bother him. This was incest. It was taboo. This was a forbidden kind of love. A love that rings true for Anna, surely, but it wasn't normal, that's for sure.

"Anna," he said softly, looking to Anna. She looked at him expectantly. Her eyes showed so much hope, hope that Kristoff would understand why she was calling off their relationship; hope that Kristoff would accept her reasons, though unconventional. He smiled at her reassuringly. He wasn't entirely sure he was okay with incest. With the trolls, it was sometimes necessary, but it was to reproduce. It's not like you find trolls everywhere. With Anna and Elsa, they were both women. How could two women ever have a child together? And speaking of the Queen, was she aware of the consequences their actions might have on the kingdom? Did she even care?

"What does Elsa – I mean, the Queen, have to say about all this?" he asked. He didn't mean to sound so distant. He wanted to reassure her that he was still going to be her best friend. He wanted her to know that he would still stick by her side no matter what, that he still loved her, but he couldn't, at least not before he clarifies everything. Maybe then, he'd be able to understand. Maybe he'd get over it. Maybe he'd be okay with it. Maybe he'd even support them and protect their secret and be their best man or whatever they needed him to be. For now, he needed answers. He needed Anna to explain to him, to help him understand, so that he'd be able to accept it.

Anna blushed and opened her mouth for the first time in minutes. She closed them again without saying anything, seemingly unsure of what to say. Kristoff waited patiently, but Anna seemed reluctant to answer. She squirmed in her seat, as if nervous, and turned her gaze to the floor. He tried to understand why she acted that way, but in a few seconds, he realized the answer.

"Queen Elsa... She doesn't know yet, does she?" Anna's eyes looked up from the ground and at him, her eyes telling him more truth than words ever could. He sighed. She mirrored his actions.

"Well, uhm... Do you think she feels the same?" Anna was quiet again and then she shrugged her shoulders. Kristoff was a patient man, but if he had to keep guessing what Anna wanted to say, well, let's just say he found it much easier to speak to Sven. His best reindeer buddy was the most readable being in the world. Anna, well, while she was easier to read than most people – she did wear her heart on her sleeve – she wasn't exactly crystal clear on everything. After all, they've only known each other for days. He took another deep breath. This was going to be a long day.

"Look, Anna," he started, "I'm here for you. I promise you that. This... is difficult for me to deal with, but I'm trying. I can't say that I'm okay with it. I'm not saying I will never be okay with it. I -... What I mean is, help me. Help me understand, so that I could help you in any way I can. This... won't be easy for any of us, the Queen included, but... we – me, Olaf, Sven – are here for you. We're your friends. But we can't learn to accept this... this thing, if you don't help us understand." He stopped for a minute to gather his thoughts. He knew he could accept this. Eventually, the pain of getting dumped would fade. He was actually thankful that Anna had been so honest to him about her feelings. She was such a gentle soul. She knew she would be lying and leading him on if she stayed with him and had feelings for someone else, whether or not that was her sister. And that was why he knew that he would be okay with it... maybe not now, but someday.

"You have to tell your sister," he said finally, as if it was the most logical thing to do. While he wasn't sure if the Queen had the same feelings for Anna, he knew that she'd at least understand. He knew that she'd know what to do. Kristoff saw how much the Queen cared about her sister, how much she loved Anna. He saw the pain in her eyes when she found Anna frozen solid at the fjord days ago. He felt his heart break when he'd seen Anna as an ice statue, but he could only imagine the greater pain the older girl must have felt. So while he didn't know if the Queen's feelings for her little sister was purely platonic, he knew the best way to go about this was for Anna to confess her love, her romantic love.

Anna was shaking her head at Kristoff's suggestion. She was obviously nervous about telling her sister. After all, she had only gotten her sister back, and now her feelings threatened to send Elsa hiding away again. She knew that this should not have happened. Anna loved Elsa, and she was sure her older sister loved her too, but Anna loved Elsa differently. It was wrong on so many levels, but it felt so right. It felt different, sure, but a good different. Her heart fluttered whenever Elsa held her hand, when the older girl would pull her into an embrace, when she'd give her goodnight kisses on her forehead or on the cheek. Anna would always blush at Elsa's tender affections, especially during the few times they'd say "I love you" to each other. Anna would always mean it more than sisterly.

Anna wasn't quite sure where all these romantic feelings came from exactly. She loved her sister from long ago, ever since they were children, but never like this. She'd knock on Elsa's door often, hoping she'd come out to play and build a snowman with her. Elsa would never answer her door and Anna would turn away, disappointed, but she never felt like this back then. She never wanted to kiss Elsa, with a lover's passion, and curl up in bed at night with her older sister, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as they succumb to the Sandman's magic.

She never used to stare at her sister, with mouth agape, as she walked, with her long legs just peeking from the slit of her beautiful ice dress. Oh, that time when she saw her in her ice castle, Elsa was simply majestic. She was gorgeous, to say the least. Anna had forgotten for a second why she had been there in the first place. Maybe it was all those years apart, and when finally laid eyes on her sister again, she had become this beautiful woman, this Queen. And then, later on, she finds her in the mountains, in a beautifully sculpted castle, in her sparkly ice dress, with her hair brushed away from her face and her hair braided down, her sister was perhaps the most beautiful thing she had ever seen... and she was sexy. She never thought a snow queen could ever be so hot. So maybe, that's where it all started. Maybe she knew vaguely how it all happened, but this was all too much all at once. She agreed with Kristoff. This was all too much to handle. How could she expect him to understand and accept all of this when she herself didn't quite understand exactly how she felt? She knew she loved Elsa. She was in love with her sister. But all this was so foreign. And now Kristoff is telling her to confess? It was hard enough for her to admit it to herself, and then to him, and now he wants her to tell Elsa? How was she even supposed to go about doing that? Oh, hi there, big sister, can I just say I just realized I'm so madly in love with you? And by the way, you look incredibly hot in that ice dress. Wanna fuck? Oh, Lord, that would be terrible. It was a terrifying thought indeed.

"I- I can't!" she exclaimed, finally finding her voice. Kristoff sighed. This was definitely not going to be easy.

"You should. And you will," he said, smiling, as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Anna looked at him, as if pleading with him, hoping he'd retract his words.

"Anna, you have to tell her how you feel. She loves you. How else are you going to find out if she feels the same way? Come on, what's the worst that can happen?" Anna swallowed the lump in her throat. What's the worst that can happen? She sighed. Kristoff definitely forgot the fact that her sister could send the whole kingdom of Arendelle into another "endless winter." While she knew he was right, she was afraid of what will happen – may happen. She knew Elsa wasn't a terrible monster who'd want to hurt people, but she also knew that her sister didn't have the best control of her powers when she got upset or whenever it came to feelings, in general. Anna needed to go about this as gently and safe as possible.

"Fine," she said, with a nod of her head. She tried to calm herself. This didn't have to be so hard. This could be easy. Kristoff gave her a pat on her back.

"That's a good girl!" he said, smiling. Anna felt a little better already. This was probably one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but she was glad she had Kristoff by her side. She knew she had hurt his feelings, but she was happy that he was still her best friend. Now she just had to figure out how to tell Elsa.

How does a younger sister tell her older sister she's in love with her?