Grey and green mixed with emotion and trouble. Nothing existed outside that gaze. Severus leaned forward and softly, with the most care and gentleness possible, placed his lips on Harry's. Harry responded with the same gentleness and kissed back. The kiss did not grow in passion, nor did it last more than seven seconds but the unspoken words and emotions passed through it could not have been more significant. When they broke apart Harry couldn't suppress his smile. And to his shock, neither could Severus. He had never seen him smile before so the sight was awkward and amusing, as well as heartwarming. He giggled, then his giggle grew into a laugh and soon he was laughing so hard he couldn't control himself. Severus was just standing there being like '?'. Harry stopped laughing enough to say, "well what do you know, the old dungeon bat smiles."

At this comment Severus wasn't sure whether or not to be offended. But the giddy look on Harry's face was too much for him. His smile grew into a chuckle and before either of them could have said 'quidditch' they were laughing uncontrollably together. This was something Harry had never seen before as well, but he hoped he would see it often.