When Severus walked out the door his lips went into a sneer. "Headmaster, surely bringing that incompetent prat here was not necessary. I doubt he will be of any assistance to the current situation," He snapped, loathingly glaring at Harry.

Albus ignored Severus and silently pushed past him into the store motioning for Harry to follow him. Once all three off them had safely arrived in Dumbledore's office he put up a silencing charm and closed all the shades so there was no possible way for them to be overheard.

"Harry, earlier this morning I want you to tell me anything out of the ordinary that happened." Dumbledore said.

"I'm not really sure what you mean Sir," Harry said. "There wasn't really anything out of the ordinary. I guess that isn't entirely true. I felt irrational surges of anger flood through me about 10 minutes before you came and took me, but I didn't really think anything of it."

"Severus, what were you feeling with me this morning?"

"Anger, but it was by no means irrational, what is your point Dumbledore?"

"Of course to you it would have seemed perfectly rational, you had a reason to be feeling it. Think about it from a third party perspective. If you were just carrying on your usual life and all of the sudden you were angry for no apparent reason"

"Well I guess it may seem irrational but I am failing to see your point Headmaster."

For once Harry seemed to be one step ahead of Severus for once.

"Tell me what I'm thinking right now isn't true, Sir." Harry moaned.

"If you are thinking what I think you are thinking it is very true, Harry." Albus responded calmly.

"But how is that possible," Harry inquired. "I haven't been in direct contact with him since our occ… Oh my Godric! It… the… but… why… did you know… How can we fix this?"

"Okay I'm officially lost," Severus stated plainly. "What the bloody hell is going on here?"

"Severus," Albus started to explain, "It seems that during your occlumency lessons with Harry this past school year you shared enough intimacies that you have formed a bond. You have seen the best and the worst of each other and henceforth have an emotion bond. This bond can never be broken and can be very dangerous. The extent of it are as follows: You will only notice it if the other part of the bond experiences strong emotion or pain. It should not affect your daily life unless the other is in severe emotional weakness. You may get unnamable moods but you should be fine. It will only cripple you in the worst situations,"

At this Severus wondered what had happened to harry that had caused him to be crippled by the bond, but he had a feeling he already knew given the flashbacks he received on that night.

"Further more while one of you lives, both of you live. Harry don't worry, if Severus dies a natural death you will not be affected at all and the bond will disappear. However, if either one of you is killed you will both die and nothing can save you. For this reason many people who discover that they are connected in a similar bond as this one choose to take up residence together, because they feel safer around each other. Another reason is because the bond is formed by knowing intimate details about each other so you are more likely to understand each other than anyone else is which will make you great living partners. I see a potential issue with the two of you and sense that you do not wish to move in together."

During this speech that Dumbledore was giving several menacing glances were shared between Harry and Severus. It was clear that they would be reluctant to move in together.

"As it is," Dumbledore continued ignoring the obviously displeased faces of the two men in front of him, "I am requiring you two to move in together. It is the safest option seeing as Severus' house is well protected and we can't risk losing both of you. You will protect each other until death. I don' care about any grudges you have at Hogwarts, those can be kept up in public but Harry will be moving in to your quarters Severus, don't try to change my mind it won't work. You both will be safer and happier if you are together all the time. Trust me, do as I say and this experience may be a small factor in your lives. Should you try to ignore my instructions I will invoke a stronger bond that makes it impossible for you two to be apart from each other. Do not make things come to that. I believe that is all, Harry your stuff has been moved to Severus' house already. I'll see you two at Hogwarts. And to answer the question that is burning on your tongue Mr. Potter," as Harry had opened his mouth to speak, "No, there is no way to break the bond. I'm sorry."

With that Dumbledore disapparated leaving the two men to discuss what had just happened. They looked at each other in mutual distaste and Severus stood up, grabbed Harry's arm and with a loud 'crack' they were gone from the office with the strange cards in it.