Harry woke up with the events of the previous day all in a blur. The memories came back when he opened his eyes and he was in a huge four-poster bed in the biggest room he'd ever seen. He grimaced at the fact that he was in a house with Snape, stuck there for the rest of his life. The thought was almost forced though. He was so grateful for a way to escape the raging temper and new hobby of his insane uncle, even if that escape was through his least favorite professor who hated him. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When he got there the door was shut. He knocked on it and heard a mumbled "Just a second Potter" come through the door. A few seconds later, a messy haired Snape came out of the bathroom. He stared at Harry for a second and returned to his room. Harry went into the bathroom and started the shower. He undressed and stepped into the shower and felt a searing burning pain come through his body. He quickly adjusted the temperature on the shower until it was where he wanted it. He heard an urgent knock on the door.

"Potter! What happened?" Snape inquired. "Why did I just feel pain?"

"I accidentally made the water incredibly hot. It burned me when I got in. Sorry!" Harry apologized.

"Don't be so idiotic next time. I feel the pain you feel remember?"

"How could I forget," Harry snapped back. "it isn't like I was forced to move here because of it or anything!"

"Don't be so ungrateful either. You are here for your own protection and you know it."

"Just leave me alone." Harry had something he wanted to think about. Right before he went to bed he had felt irritated, which he had expected to be coming from Snape. He felt something else though. He felt a brief moment of pleasure sweep through his body, what was that about? He decided it was nothing and finished washing himself and turned off the water. He grabbed a fluffy towel off the rack that was just outside the curtain and held it against his face. He wrapped it around himself and headed back to his room.

He decided that he wasn't ready to eat yet, so he lays down on his bed completely naked except for the towel and falls back to sleep. He dreams about wandering through the manor without Snape and forgetting where he was and entering into Snape's room by accident but Snape is wanking off and then he woke up from the "nightmare".

He looks down at his towel and sees a tent forming there. He was disgusted with himself. For one, he was straight, for two even if he wasn't he would never go after Snape. So he decided to blame the issue on teenage hormones. Whatever the reason for it, he had to deal with it so Snape wouldn't see it. He pulled the towel off and started slowly stroking himself. His strokes gradually became faster and he began to lose control. He felt waves of pleasure come over him as he climaxed over his newly cleaned body. Just as he climaxed and image came into his head. As much as he tried to deny what he saw, there was no doubt that he had seen Snape. Just the thought of that made him want to hurl.

He got out of bed deciding to push it out of his head. He put on a pair of sweats that were three sizes too big for him, having belonged at one point to Dudley, and walked down to the kitchen. Snape was sitting there in red plaid pajama pants, which Harry had to admit, looked good on him. Harry took some yogurt out of the fridge and began looking for a bowl and spoon.

"Why don't you just summon it Potter? You are a wizard no?"

"I'm still underage, I'm barely 16, not old enough to do magic away from Hogwarts."

"Right forgot, keep looking then."

Harry opened cupboard after cupboard looking for the bowls. He found them on the top shelf of one and had to stand on his tiptoes to reach it. Being shirtless yet again all of his toned muscles were being stretched out provocatively in front of Snape. His sweats slid down his butt a little and revealed the Slytherin green boxers he was wearing. At this sight Snape abruptly stood up and left the room. Harry turned around and he was gone. He grinned slightly. He thought he knew what happened. He wasn't the only one affected by the other's presence. It didn't take him long to find a spoon and he was soon spooning a large portion of yogurt into his bowl.

Once he finished eating he went back upstairs to find Snape sitting on his bed.

"Why are you in here?" Harry asked.

"We need to have a conversation Potter!" Snape Sneered. "About the feeling that came through my body this morning."

Harry blushed at this statement and decided to take a stab at his suspicion of the night before. "It was probably no different than the feeling I got last night!" he said hoping that his suspicion was right.

At this Snape blushed.

"Maybe that is what our conversation should be about. I'm a teenage boy; I have hormones and all that bullshit happening to me right now. What's your excuse?"

Snape blushed harder at this statement, stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything.

Harry was pleased with himself. He had made a situation that would have been quite awkward for him much less awkward. He had pushed some of the issue on to Snape instead of having it all be framed on himself. The knowledge of what had obviously happened the night before slightly concerned him. If Snape had really done that, why did he do it? Was Snape… no he couldn't be… but then again… no there is no way… but the evidence was all there… no freaking way… Severus Snape was not attracted to him. It simply couldn't be true.