Chapter 7

Recap: "So, how exactly do you entertain these girls?" Harry asks nervously. (Just to remind you, when the host are speaking Japanese, the words will be in italics)

Haruhi's POV

"Gentleman! I have decided that we will start a new host club here at Hogwarts!" Tamaki bellows as we sit outside. We've barely been here a week and he's already decided to start another club. Oh great. "Tamaki senpai, not to be rude, but I don't think the kids at Hogwarts are going to like a host club. I mean, I doubt they'll like the brotherly love package, and they definitely won't like your overdramatic love. I just don't think we should start one. At least not yet. Maybe never," I mumble the last part and Tamaki gasps.

"Nonsense Haruhi! The ladies here will love us!" He exclaims and I roll my eyes, glancing over at Kyouya who is writing something down in his little black book. "Tamaki, I think Haruhi has a point. Maybe, we should start the club, but just to talk to the ladies, as friends, not flirt with them. At least, not until we can analyze them further and find out what they like," Kyouya says, snapping his book shut. "Hmm, fine then! We will just be friends with the ladies!" Tamaki agrees and the twins throw their arms around my shoulders. "And men boss. Don't forget, everyone knows Haruhi is a girl," They chorus and Tamaki pales. "Oh yeah. I forgot about that," He says and I roll my eyes. "Oh please. They guys here don't like me," I deny and the twins frown.

"That's not true Haru chan. Takashi and I always see boys staring at you in the Great Hall and in the hallways, don't we Takashi?" Honey senpai looks up at Mori senpai. "Mmm," Mori nods and I frown. "What? No they don't. No one stares at me," I deny again and Hikaru rolls his eyes. "Don't be such a dummy. It's obvious. We even see everyone stare at you in the common room," He says, clenching his fists until his knuckles turn white. Hmm, I wonder why he's mad. "Hika chan, you don't have to be rude," Honey senpai says and Hikaru frowns. "What did I say?" He asks and Honey senpai jumps down from Mori senpai's shoulders. "You called Haru chan a dummy!" He pouts and Hikaru blinks. "Is that all?" He asks and Honey nods, still pouting. "Yes! Now I think you should apologize, and then we can all eat some cake!" He exclaims, pulling out a plate with a slice of strawberry cake on it.

"Honey senpai, it's alright really. I really don't mind," I say quietly and Honey frowns. "Well, can I still eat this cake?" He asks with puppy dog eyes and I mentally 'aww'. How can you not? "Yeah," Mori senpai answers and Honey's face lights up like a child's on Christmas. "Well, in any case, we will start this new host club, as more friendly and less flirty!" Tamaki exclaims and I sweat drop. Do I get to vote? Because I vote that we don't start one at all.

"Alright men, your job now, is to find somewhere we can have our club!" Tamaki orders and I roll my eyes as everyone else, minus Kyouya senpai and Mori senpai, salute him. "Are we done now?" I ask and Tamaki frowns. "Yes, but Haruhi, why don't we take a walk down by the lake?" He suggests and I leave my face blank. "No thanks senpai," I deadpan and he dramatically flops backwards. "How could you say no to your father?" He obnoxiously screams and I roll my eyes. "Sorry senpai, but I have much better things to do than go for a walk," I say in a monotone voice and he sobs. "Better than spending time with your father?" He cries and I sigh. "You're not my dad Tamaki senpai," I say, and with that, I turn on my heel and leave. Knowing Tamaki, he's not gonna leave us alone until we find a club room. I guess I better start looking.

"Ah, good afternoon Miss Fujioka. How may I help you?" I look up and smile at Dumbledore. "Professor, you are aware that my friends and I are quiet famous for our Host Club back at our school Japan, am I correct?" I start and Dumbledore nods. "Yes, I am aware." "Good. Well, Tamaki senpai, he would like to start another one here, and we have no where to hold it," I continue and Dumbledore nods thoughtfully. "Yes, I figured your leader would want to start a club here. Well, you can tell young Mr. Suoh that you are welcome to use Room 545 in the west wing," He says and I grin. "Thank you Professor. Knowing Tamaki, he will be over joyed to find that we have a room and now he won't bother me to find somewhere!" I exclaim, bowing, before running out of Dumbledore's office in search of Tamaki.

I run through the school, until I end up back outside by the lake. I look around until I spot the familiar blonde hair, and start to walk towards him when four arms reach out and grab me, halting my actions. "And where is the little commoner going in such a hurry?" The twins purr into my ears and I sigh. "I have to talk to Tamaki senpai, but you guys can come as well. Just let me go," I say, struggling against their grips and they shrug before releasing me and following me to Tamki.

"Haruhi! My precious daughter! What a surprise it is to see you here! Are you finally taking me up on my offer to go on a walk?" He asks hopefully, hugging me tightly. "Uh sorry, but no senpai. I'm here to tell you that I found a place where we can have the host club," I say.

"Welcome to the host club!" The boys and I all say in unison as girls and a few boys wander in. Let me explain. A week ago, I found a place for us to hold our club. Today is the day we opened. Kill me now.