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"I don't think she's coming… Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Jaune broke the silence in the lounge room.

"I'm just gonna go…"

"Oh no you don't." Yang interrupted, catching Jaune by his collar and returning him to a seated position.

They sat alone in the near empty lounge room, huddled around a table. Yang stood to enforce the peace talks, Jaune sat sheepishly wishing he had planned this out better, and Ruby sat with her head held low in complete silence. The young huntress had no idea what she would even say. Sure, it was nice that Jaune had defended her, but he still never truly acknowledged whether he held feelings or not for her, as she did for him. She sadly assumed not, but at least it was off her chest. She just wished it hadn't happened under these circumstances. Yang had set up an informal peace meeting, for lack of a better title. All that was missing was the little instigator herself.

Just before Yang herself was about to doubt the arrival of the heiress, a lone figure entered the lounge silently.

"Yang, what is this? You said we were going to study for Professor Oobleck's test this week." Weiss glanced at the young knight and scythe wielder sitting at the table.

"I should've known better… you never study." She mumbled.

"I think it'll be good for the three of you if you all just sit down and discuss things. No yelling, no stabbing… no deception." Yang announced, the last line directed intentionally toward the young heiress.

Weiss saw that Jaune was glaring at her and that Ruby was sitting silently, paying no attention to any of the people around her.

"I don't need this right now." Weiss stated blatantly, turning back toward the door.

"I thought you'd say something like that." Yang interrupted her. "Blake, we got a runner."

Before Weiss could cross the threshold of the doorway, it slammed shut in front of her, nearly hitting her in the face.

"Sorry, Weiss. I agree with Yang on this for once… it's for your own good." Blake called out from the other side of the door.

"You can't hold me in here like this." Weiss turned to address Yang in frustration.

"And you can't leave here until you've at least talked things over together." Yang retorted, staring down Weiss.

"Very well then." Weiss replied in defeat, knowing there was no way she could overpower the brawler. She took a seat at the rounded table.

"Alright then, Ruby, would you like to go first?" Yang addressed her sister.

"Hmph" Ruby mumbled, not even looking at her older sister.

"Ruby, you'll never feel any better until all of this is talked over. Besides, you're the one where all of this begins." Yang said sternly.

"Fine… I'll go first." Ruby spoke at last and turned her gaze toward Weiss. "I hate you."

"Wow… we've made such progress here already." Weiss replied sarcastically.

"Shut it, Weiss." Yang cut her off. "Now, Ruby. Tell us all exactly what happened.

"Well…" Ruby glanced toward Jaune and then back at Weiss before continuing.

"I remember back when Weiss first agreed to help train Jaune and all that and yeah. Well, she kept telling me how fed up she was with him and how unsufferable he was and–"

"In-sufferable" Weiss interrupted.

"Whatever, Ice Witch." Ruby responded before continuing.

"She kept saying how Jaune was useless and annoying and impossible to teach. She just couldn't accept Jaune for who he was and couldn't accept that someone couldn't be just like her! And she just kept beating the crap out of him the whole time, just for her own enjoyment pretty much."

"Let the record show, I did get hurt… a lot." Jaune added. Yang nodded in acknowledgment.

"When we were arguing about him and I was mad at her for hurting him, I may have told her… everything." Ruby looked around sheepishly.

"Oh yes, about how you're practically in love with Jaune and how he deserves better and how I'm just an intolerant, stuck up bit–"

"Watch your language, Weiss. Wouldn't want any 'training accidents', as you call them, now would we?" Yang cut her off.

"Anyways… I told her how I felt about Jaune and how she just couldn't see how much of a great guy he really is. I thought I'd gotten her to understand, but I guess I was wrong. And then she asked him to go to the dance with her and she–"

"Okay, let me stop you there." Weiss interrupted.

"First off, I never asked him. He asked me to go with him and I reluctantly agreed."

Ruby was surprised to hear this as she thought it was Weiss who had been responsible for it all. But in her mind that still wasn't an excuse for her behavior.

"And secondly, I had no knowledge of your intentions. Had you informed me of your little plan to woo him, then perhaps I wouldn't have agreed to go with him." With that she looked from Ruby to Yang.

"I rest my case."

"Jaune, is this true?" Yang turned her attention to the young knight.

"Uhh…" He glanced from Yang to Ruby and back again. "…Technically."

"Ruby… as much as I want to defend you on this, Weiss is right. If she had no idea of what you were gonna do, then it can't be her fault. Even then, Jaune was the one who asked her out. So in other words…"

"You snooze, you lose?" Jaune added in.

"Jaune, you're not helping here." Yang replied, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Sorry, right… just filling in the blank." Jaune shut himself up.

"Anything else, Ruby?" Yang turned to her sister.

"She also turned me away at the dance when I tried to talk to Jaune!" Ruby added.

"You did what? Why?" Jaune turned to Weiss.

"Well, Jaune was technically my not-entirely-official date for the night so I wasn't going to let her intrude." Weiss defended herself.

"It wouldn't have been that way had you just respected the girl code and kept your hands off!" Ruby stood and shouted at the young heiress.

"Hands off? And what, you think you could've done any better? You're too young for him anyways!" Weiss stood as well.

"Can I have a say in this?" Jaune tried to speak but was cut off by the argument.

"Too young? That's your defense? You nearly killed him like at least twice!" Ruby retorted.

"Alright, you two. Sit down." Yang ushered the pair to their seats. "Weiss, do you like Jaune?"

"He's tolerable." Weiss replied.

"That's not what I asked. How about I rephrase. Do you have feelings for Jaune?" Yang stood before Weiss, waiting for her answer.

"That– that's irrelevant right now." Weiss stammered.

"Okay, so no then? I guess Ruby wins then." Yang replied sarcastically.

"What? No! …She can't be with him." Weiss burst out.

Meanwhile, Jaune sat back quietly in a mix of fear and interest. Had this not been revolving around him, he'd probably have brought popcorn.

"And just why is that?" Yang stared her down.

"…Because… Maybe I do have feelings for him." Weiss admitted.

"Pretty obvious at this point." Yang replied. "And did you let Ruby know this?"

"What? Of course not. I wasn't entirely sure how I felt up until recently." Weiss replied.

"Damnit you two…" Yang sighed. "Look, I've got my little sister who's struggling with her first crush and now I've got an uptight heiress who can't get her feelings straight. What was the first thing Professor Goodwitch told us about successful team-building?"

"Communication." Weiss automatically answered.

"Exactly." Yang replied. "And what we've had here… other than Weiss being typical stuck-up Weiss and Ruby being so innocent… Is a failure to communicate."

"What do you mean?" Ruby and Weiss asked in unison and Jaune looked toward Yang for her answer.

"I mean that had Ruby simply told Weiss what she intended on doing, Weiss would've never agreed to go with Jaune. Had Weiss simply told Ruby how she felt about Jaune as well, Ruby wouldn't have nearly gone off the deep end and thought that Weiss was simply doing all this to spite her." Yang answered, trying to hit the major points.

"Oh…" Ruby stared at Yang and then at Weiss.

"But she still insulted me and said I didn't have a–"

"Yes, yes she did." Yang interrupted. "And I'm sure she's very sorry for what she said. Right, Weiss?" She made a fist and held it near the heiress' face.

"I suppose so." Weiss stated.

"Close enough." Yang smiled.

"Wait, so what the hell just happened?" Jaune spoke at last.

"Ruby likes you. Weiss likes you. Ruby needs to communicate her intentions better. Weiss needs to stop being a jerk." Yang answered him.

"Her just being a jerk is no excuse in my book for the way she hurt Ruby." Jaune directed his attention to Weiss. "That was beyond cruel."

"Jaune… it's fine now." All eyes turned toward Ruby, who had interrupted Jaune.

"What? But she–" Jaune tried to speak before being cut off again.

"She was mean, yes. But she wasn't exactly wrong." Ruby spoke. "Jaune, did you care about Weiss before you found out about all of this?"

"Well… I sort of…" Jaune tried to answer.

"Jaune." Ruby tried to get him to answer.

"Yes… But she still–"

"But nothing. You enjoyed your time with her and you had a great time at the dance. That was all her." Ruby swallowed hard before speaking further. "…If you truly care about her… and she cares about you… then you two should be happy together."

Jaune was beyond surprised to say the least. Ruby had pulled a complete one-eighty in her stance now. He stared in disbelief at the young team leader.

"Ruby, you don't have to do this." Weiss interrupted the pair. "You don't have to just give up."

"I'm not giving up, Weiss." Ruby answered. "But it's what Jaune wants that matters here."

"I'm sorry for my behavior before all this…" Weiss apologized.

"I'm just… bad… at conveying how I feel."

Ruby could tell it took a lot for the young heiress to apologize like that. She knew she was honest and sincere. Now her attention turned to Yang.

"Thanks, Yang." Ruby hugged her sister. "Thanks for getting all of this settled.

"No prob, little sis." Yang responded.

"Hold up a second. What the hell just happened, again?" Jaune asked obliviously.

"Geez… you two sure know how to pick 'em." Yang looked around. "Ruby still cares about you, but enough to know to let you decide. Weiss cares about you and she's settled things with Ruby. So basically, you're dating Weiss now. Good work, Lady Killer."

"I'm… what?" Jaune stared open-mouthed. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about all of this.

"Alright, you guys, try to communicate better. Everybody's friends again? Alright, good." Yang spoke victoriously.

"Wait… Ruby, you're okay with this?" Jaune looked to her.

"Yep… Just be safe, Jaune." Ruby nodded in agreement. "I want you to be happy."

"And you actually care about me?" Jaune turned to Weiss who nodded.

"And you're not going to try to kill me in training then?" He asked with a smile, to which Weiss just stared at him without answer.

"Oh… But you like me now, so don't I get a break?" Jaune asked with a joking smile.

"Don't push your luck, Lunkhead." Weiss smiled back.

"Aww, aren't you two adorable. Alright, peace talks adjourned! Everybody, get out!" Yang announced.

"But this lounge is open to everyone, Yang!" The three tried to protest as they were pushed out into the hallway.

"Peace talks over, everybody go lead successful lives." Yang ignored them, eager to get it all over with. "Oh and Jaune…"

"Yeah?" Jaune turned back toward her.

"Make sure to use protection!" Yang exclaimed with a laugh. "…Seriously though."

"Wait, what?!" Jaune gave a puzzled look before having the door slammed shut before him and ignoring the fact that Yang had just closed herself in the lounge.

Jaune wasn't entirely sure how this was going to play out. Sure, he'd had an amazing time at the Winter Ball with Weiss… but that was before everything came crashing down around them. Although, Ruby did basically just give him the go ahead. If Ruby could forgive Weiss, so could he. He knew he couldn't just rush into things, so he'd have to take the relationship slowly. Even in his own thoughts, the word 'relationship' sounded foreign. Maybe he was just overthinking things. All he wanted was for his friends to be happy… but he too wanted to be happy himself.

"What have I gotten myself into?" He sighed to himself as he shut the door to his room behind him.

"I just need to relax and see how things pan out."