Chapter 1: Practiced Observation

(Wolf's P.O.V.)



"…" I yawned as I let my hand fall from the top of my alarm clock, and I started to push myself up off my bed. When I was on my knees, I rolled backwards and was sitting on my bed with my back against the wall. I stretched my shoulders out as I rolled my neck around, easing the tension that had built up through-out the night after my workouts. It was a month after I had returned back to Earth, but this time it was permanent. I had fooled around with the device, but no matter what I did to it, it no longer yielded any results.

When I felt a jerk in my shoulder, along with the satisfying sound of a loud crack noise, I eased my arms down as I sighed, and rubbed the back of my neck. I swung my feet over the edge of my bed, and I stood up. I turned towards the bathroom that was connected to my room, and I was feeling excited as I closed the door behind me.

Now that it is finally a month after my disappearance, everybody will ease off of watching me, and I can finally get out and go shoot the blasters I have. But today will also be the last time for a while, since school is starting tomorrow…

I looked over at myself in the mirror as I passed it, and I saw my hair was all bunched up in one place, and spiked on the other side. Chuckling quietly, I started to strip off my clothes, starting with my shirt. I feel like a hot shower today… yesterday it was cold.

When the last article of clothing was off my body, I turned around briefly and flickered the life switch to my radio on, before I got into my tub and started to shower. As the water began flowing, it was first icy cold, which caused me to shiver as I laid a hand on the tiled wall. When the water began to heat up some more, I looked down and saw the old scar that covered my side. Looking up slightly, I looked over my arm, and watched as the water slid down the skin over my arm, and other blaster scar.

"Me and my battle scars… heh." I said out loud to myself. It wasn't like anyone else was going to hear me, considering how I had the music blaring inside the small bathroom. The water was soothing as it steamed around my body, leaving me in a state oblivious to the outside world. Memories began to flash through my head, as they usually did when I was in such a relaxed state. A blue fox running through a forest, the hover vehicles, and the image that awed, and scared me the most; a Cerinian tank on fire as a massive shot burst from the front of its gun. Every time I thought about it, my mind obscured certain parts of it, and highlighted other parts of it; in this case, the way the fire curled in the air and spiked away erratically around the canons exit barrel as the blaster shell left it.

Shaking my head slightly, I grabbed some soap, and began to clean myself, very well anticipating my outing with a blaster rifle and pistol…

I finished securing the blaster to the side of my quad, and I grabbed a pair of cut-off gloves, and quickly slid them on. The gloves were a solid black color, and left my fingertips exposed, making it easier to feel things while leaving my hands free to grab hazardous stuff; such as glass, hot things, sharp metal, and the occasional crash landing.

"What are those you got there?" I looked over my shoulder as I grabbed the other glove, and saw a tall man in a black trench coat looking over my shoulder and at the blaster rifle.

I turned around and slid my glove on and began to fasten it as I said, "Just a prop for this video me and a friend of mine are doing."

"A prop huh? Well, it sure looks interesting, mind if I see it?" The man asked.

"Sorry, but firstly, I can't let anyone else touch them, strictly because they were hard to make, and secondly, I need to get going." I replied as I lifted my leg up and sat down on my quad. I reached for ignition, but the man put his hand down on top of my handle bar, and I felt myself bristle.

"Take your hand off my gear, sir!" I nearly snarled out, and the man drew his hand away rather quickly. As soon as my anger was gone, I felt ashamed, and looked the other way as he spoke.

"Why the hostility?"

I sighed as I shook my head and said, "I don't trust strangers, all for good reasons." And before he could reply, I clicked the ignition, and stomped down on the accelerator, leaving the tall man, literally, in my dust. I reached down as I was driving, and slid a pair of sunglasses out from one of the pockets along the side of my quad, and quickly slipped them on. I reached a attentive hand down, and felt the cold alloy of the blaster rifle, and I shook my head as I set my hand back down on the handlebars…

(Agent's P.O.V.)

"Keep a close eye on him; do not let him leave your sight for too long… we are sending reinforcements to your current coordinates."

"Roger… I'm on the move." I replied before I hung up my personalized, and secure, blackberry curve. (A.N.: Yes, I have one XD)

I walked over, and quickly entered the standard issue vehicle used my all agents, and as I started the engine, the V8 supercharge engine silently rumbled to life. Without wasting any time, I quickly stepped on the accelerator, and was racing down the street at a meager speed of seventy miles per hour. Flicking a few switches, a holographic map was overlaid on my windshield, and I could see the tracker I had put onto the kids handlebars was just five miles ahead of me. I clicked another button, and a scroll text formed in the bottom left hand side of my projection screen, and it read: Interception time~ 4 minutes. Threat level~ minor.

Clicking another switch, I saw a picture appear on the screen that my contact lenses had snapped when I had been observing the Blaster. "Cross match with known database's." I said out loud, and soon, the computer in the vehicle began to scroll through hundreds of pictures a second. When it beeped, I glanced over, and saw a similar looking rifle, and I said, "Report search."

"Crowd control assault rifle variant armament. Commonly used among many Cerinian guards and various mercenary groups. Threat level~ Aqua." The onboard computer announced. I nodded to myself as I pulled my vehicle over on the road, and I hit a button, and I heard a pop at the back of the vehicle. Stepping out, I turned around and walked to the back of the black sedan.

I lifted the back hatch, and reached inside and grabbed a IGS handheld, which also stood for Intelligence Gathering Snitch. Turning towards the forest, I began to run quickly, and quietly, and I saw the tracks from his quad.

"You damn near killed me… but now, I'm the one controlling you instead." The kid said as he was aiming the Blaster pistol at a tree he had scorched with the crowd controller assault rifle. I readjusted the tiny satellite device, and aimed the microphone at him the best I could while remaining concealed behind a large bush. I pushed the ear bud firmly into my ear, and I grunted as static played over the audio as he shot the blaster. The high pitched noise left my head ringing, but I didn't let that bother me as I kept on my target.

'Answer your phone! BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Answer your ph-' "Hello?"

Readjusting my satellite, I tried to get into the phone call conversation, but I couldn't tap into it with my small field sized IGS.

"Sure… meet me at my place so I can get my motorcycle… I'm on my quad… Alright, see you soon."

I ducked as my target spun around and started to secure his guns to his quad. I reached a hand up, and clicked a button on my IGS, "Target is returning home… I repeat, vacant the target zone."

"Roger, return to base for further assignments…"

When I heard the radio click off, I started to compress my IGS as I heard the kids' quad rev up, and it started to grow silent in the distance. He is someone else's target now…

A.N.: Hello everyone, and welcome, to the alternate ending of the REAL Technological Exploits! The changes are minor in chapter 15, and the real changes start occurring in chapter 16. For all my old readers, you can choose to reread all this, or skip right to the end of 15!