Chapter 18: Embarrassed Cripple

(Tyler's P.O.V.)

Walking beside Sam as I looked both ways, I saw Cerinians of many species, colors, and sizes milling about. There were either the easily seen civilians being herded deeper into the ship, then there were military personal performing one of the many tasks that needed to be done. Making my way towards the shield like barrier that kept the harmful effects of space at bay, I noticed some of the surrounding ships had blackened scars over their armor plates, while others appeared to be undergoing minor repairs as the pilots were elsewhere.

I looked over as Sam gasped sharply and said, "S-Something is wrong... he shouldn't be coming in that fast..."

Looking outside and into the space outside the ship, I saw now that there was a fighter approaching at what could be described as break neck speeds. There was a moment where it seemed he was going to pull away, but his turn had simply remained as a tilt... before he rolled it over into another angled tilt...


Looking behind me as Sam shouted, I saw many technicians look up in alarm, and as their muzzles fell open, their eyes widened even more. Then there was the sound of a large humming, and a shadow passed over me...

Looking up, I saw Wolf's fighter lowering as it flew on, and I saw sparks flying from the belly of it. All I saw was a large tear in the metal along with exposed wires before his fighter zoomed past me. Tracking its descent as I lowered my head, I finally understood exactly what was happening before it actually did, and when his fighter hit the deck, I felt it shake momentarily as a piercingly painful sound ripped through the air.

I fell to my knees as the loud screeching noise filled the hanger and seemed to echo back off the walls, giving it the sense of a banshee gone wild was in the hanger bay. I kept my eyes however on the fighter to see sparks flying everywhere as it began to turn on its axis. Before it had even slown down to a decent speed, I watched it come to an abrupt stop as the occupants were surely being jostled around if not injured.

Yet... as the sparks continued to fly from the undoubtedly ruined wing and yellow strobe lights began to flash... I knew the possibility of them not having acquired a fatal injury. There were of course worse things that have happened back on Earth and the occupants were alright... but then again, those people had safety equipment to keep them safe.

Getting back to my feet, I began to run in the direction of the crashed fighter as workers began to take off the cockpit...

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

"W-Wolf... n-no! Wake up Wolf!" I felt the tears sliding down my fur as I looked at Wolf, blood running down a wound on the side of his head. I wanted to shake him, move him, kiss him... anything, but I couldn't do that from within the confines of this small fighter cockpit. "W-Wolf..."

"Ms. Krystal, are you alright?"

Turning my head and looking the other way and up to see a figure clad in orange overalls, I noted the Cerinian emblem emblazed on his suits chest, before I nodded. I was soon being hoisted out of the ship, and when I was let go, I was on my feet standing on what was the remains of the right wing.

"Sir... sir...?" Moving closer, I saw the same technician was holding his hand against Wolf's neck, "He has a pulse, get him to the medical bay!"

Before I knew what was happening, I was following the engineers as they carried Wolf down a hallway, doing my best to keep an eye on his unconscious form. As we continued to move, I felt like everything was becoming farther, so I picked up my pace... and bumped into one of the engineers. He looked over his shoulder, and just as his eyes met my own, I felt myself become lightheaded... then I felt myself falling back...

(Tyler's P.O.V.)

Quickly moving forward, I caught Krystal before she could hit the ground, and as I held her, I looked up as the lead technician called for a stop, before he was soon across from me and holding a few fingers to her neck and the back of his hand to her forehead. "She must have gone into shock... bring her with, we need to get her and the young man to the medical bay immediately."

Hefting Krystal into a bridal style hold, I began to follow after the others, and when I looked to my side and saw Samantha looking over Krystal in concern, I tried to lighten the overall mood with a joke, "From being a platoon leader to a diplomatic mission to another world I can handle. But from a diplomatic mission to an escort in an intergalactic war... what in the hell did I sign up for...?"

"You should've heard what happened during first contact with the CDF. Nearly started a war between the worlds..."

Just the casual way she said it was enough to cause a deadpanned expression to clearly take over my features, and I looked at her dryly. What in the HELL did I sign up for...?

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

I felt a light probing like sensation inside my mind as I slowly began to wake up. While I did feel the probing sensation, it began to decrease as the sensation of pounding pain began to dominate everything else.

Bringing my hands up and placing them on the sides of my head proved to be a rather horrible mistake as the pain amplified, and I felt and heard a groan leave my lips. Yet, before I was able to writher in my pain, I felt the probing sensation return in full strength, yet this time it was accompanied by a soothing sensation, along with a mental image of my beloved Krystal smiling.

I felt something soft and soothing rub against my cheek as the pain became nothing more than a dull throb, and then I felt something even softer and warm press against my lips. I felt a smile beginning to form over my lips through the kiss as I knew who it was, yet it was too soon that the sensation was gone, but instead I was greeted by feeling of fur sliding over my cheek instead of what must've been a hand. And then I heard her whispering, "I'm so glad that you are alright... when you hit your head and didn't wake up, I thought you were hurt worse than the doctors said..."

When she didn't say anything for a few minutes, I slowly reached up and slid my hand over her back in a bit of personal reassurance. I felt her lean over me and I felt her hands and arms sliding under my back as she gave me a hug, but as soon as enough adequate pressure was applied, I felt something crunch within my chest, and I let out a hiss of pain. She instantly moved to pull away, but I applied as much pressure as I could to keeping her within my arms. Please, stay there, just don't squeeze too hard and I will be fine.

She seemed to pull away a bit again, yet before it was too much more, she seemed to stop; then she moved further into my arms. I tried to open my eyes, but it was still too soon as I was still feeling a bit tired from my earlier escapade. The last thing I remembered was the feeling of the fighter that Krystal and I had been in crashing into the deck of the hanger bay, yet I couldn't quite remember coming to a halt. The dull throbbing pain in the back of my senses and the pain that had flared in my chest were brief hints as to what had happened. Are you ok Krystal?

There was a brief pause where there was no movement or sound, until she giggled softly against my chest and snuggled closer to me. I felt her shift a bit before she was pressing against me even closer than before. Not only was she closer, but I knew from the amount of movement that she had gotten on the bed or whatever it was with me. I should be asking if you are ok Wolf... the doctors said you had internal bleeding. Luckily our medicines are strong enough to heal most of your wounds...


I felt her squeeze me tighter, and I did my best to restrain the groan of pain, before she mentally spoke to me again, Cerinian advances may be great, but there is no safe way to treat head trauma.

While I let that sink in, I wrapped my arms around Krystal a bit tighter, and I kissed the closest patch of fur my lips found. If the feeling was right, along with the sound of her giggle, I think I just kissed her neck. I felt a smirk cross my lips before I repeated the action, only to get another giggle from Krystal as she shifted a bit beneath my kiss. Where are we?

I heard Krystal giggle once again, until she pulled away a bit. We are inside the medical ward. Now, please stop kissing me...

A chuckle left me as I kissed her a third time, Why, don't you like getting kisses from me?

Yes, well, if someone else were to come in here... how do I say this...? I'm only wearing a wraparound bandage on my chest.

Warmth began to pool at my cheeks, but I buried my face in her soft fur as I kissed her again with a bit more firmness as I asked, quietly, "Why does it matter, I'm only kissing your neck?"

Krystal shuddered a bit as her breath got caught in her throat suddenly, and I felt her grip snake tighter around my back before she spoke telepathically, M-My neck is nearly half a foot higher... o-open your eyes...

I felt her breath shakily come out over the top of my head, and I focused on opening my eyes so that I could finally meet her own. It was a bit tougher than I thought it would originally be, but slowly light began to assault my tired eyes. It took me a few blinks to focus enough to see that I was now looking at a mass of white fur, but it wasn't the color that threw me off. Krystal's neck may be white on the underside, but it was easy to see the bordering blue sapphire color. Now however, after a few more blinks, I noticed that what I thought was once her neck was in fact her chest. Dangerously close to the exact center of her chest...

Pulling away a bit, I began to see the curves through her short and soft white fur to where her cleavage was, and I felt the warmth in my face only intensify. I may have seen her in nothing but a bra before, and been in a shower with her before, but I was practically kissing the edge of her chest and entering a bit more of an intimate area.

Shifting my gaze away from Krystal's... covering, I trailed my eyes up to see Krystal's eyes were closed as she lightly held her bottom lip in her teeth. If it wasn't for the fatigue I was feeling, I most likely would have gotten out of what must be a medical gurney. Swallowing a bit thickly, I shook my head lightly, I can see now why I should stop kissing you there... heh heh...

I saw her lips curl into a smile as her eyes opened once again, and I was greeted by her beautiful light blue eyes. After she pulled her lip out of its place between her teeth, she gave me a soft wink as a devious smirk played across her features. She leaned down and kissed my lips gently as she giggled, before she pulled away and said, "I wouldn't mind if we were back in my room, but I believe Sam and Tyler are making their way here as we speak."

My face warmed up even more, but I could only cough weakly as I asked, "Don't you think we should, er, get up?"

Krystal's eyes lit up in amusement, before she shook her head and simply replied with a quick kiss, and then I heard a door slide open somewhere. The sounds of boots meeting flooring grated on my hearing as it seemed to rebound off the room's walls. I twisted my head a bit to try and find the source of the noise, but as my head rubbed against the pillow; I felt it touch a particularly sensitive spot that forced a light grunt of pain from my lips. Krystal winced as well while she gave me a sympathetic look, but soon she was overshadowed by a tall form.

"Well now, the young man finally awakens. I must say Wolf, that was some smooth flying from a kid... that is right until the end."

I felt a smile cross my lips, before the bed seemed to shake beneath me and the lights flickered weakly. As the lights returned to full strength, my smile dropped as I asked, "We are still fighting?"

His expression only darkened by a light margin, but he nodded and said, "Yeah, but the last of the enemy armada is apparently nearing its destruction."

Looking over towards Samantha, I saw her still looking at me, yet her eyes weren't looking into my own. She seemed to be looking above my eyes, perhaps over the head wound I had acquired during my crash in the hanger. "How bad... is it?"

I had to pause momentarily to cough, but once my question was hanging in the air, Tyler grimaced, but Samantha remained stoic as she answered my question, "Head trauma, minor bruising, and a few fractured bones and light blood loss. Once we are planet side, I think you might make a full recovery in a week or two, three tops."

Tyler scoffed loudly, but when he turned to meet a smug look from Sam, his eyes seemed to lose a bit of warmth as he snapped his mouth shut. I watched on as I tried to decipher why Tyler had chosen to remain silent, but before much more time was allowed to pass, there was a another rumble in the ship that was followed by another flickering of lights.

"Wolf, you think you can stand?"

"I think so, but I know I will get a massive headache..."

"Well then, either way we need to move..."

Before I had a chance to protest, along with a wave of dizziness and nausea assaulting my senses, I was hoisted to my feet and being supported my Tyler. I had to cover my mouth as my gut threatened to turn itself inside out, but I managed well enough as I felt us beginning to move to the door.

I felt a soft hand snake its way into one of my own, and I cracked an eye open to see Krystal gazing at me with a pained and concerned one. Yet when my gaze remained locked on her own, I felt a burning question enter my mind, one that I wasn't able to hide from her.

Her smile fell a bit as she looked away, yet she didn't bother saying it out loud, I thought the same thing, but if we brought your people over here to fight for us with humanity's lower technology level, then they would needlessly get harmed. And while the diplomacy part was successful, father thinks it would be best if we don't harm your people's soldiers when it is avoidable.

That is understandable... and probably for the best. But where are we going right now?

Krystal looked out one of the viewports for a second before she once more replied mentally, We are going back to Cerinia, but we won't be returning to Iris right away.

I nodded briefly, before I heard Tyler grunt as he said, "Hey kid, remember when I said none of that internal dialogue stuff? Well that applies now as well..."

A chuckle left my lips instantly, before I forced myself to ask in a loud enough voice that he would hear, "Heh, I'm only asking questions..."

"Yeah, well..." I felt Tyler shudder, before I heard both Krystal and Samantha fighting to suppress their respective laughs, though I did hear Krystal giggle a bit. "... I didn't sign up for this..."

"If you wish to go ahead of us, I can help Wolf for you. He-he..."

I felt myself instantly being moved into a pair of furry arms as Tyler quickly walked away ahead of us, shaking his head and mumbling something beneath his breath. I felt a kiss land on my cheek, yet when I looked over towards Krystal, I received a light kiss on my lips before I could even ask my question. I closed my eyes briefly to savor the unexpected kiss, yet I felt Krystal smirk through the kiss. Before I could even fathom on what was happening, I suddenly felt myself being subjected to a crushing feeling as Krystal proceeded to hug me tightly. When she pulled her muzzle away from my lips, I felt her grip loosen, before she said, "It seems that Tyler is just as easily flustered as you are my dear Wolf... hehe..."

Looking beside us as I heard a light laugh, I saw Samantha was still there, and she was watching Krystal and I with an attentive eye that only forced me to wish I wasn't the only guy back here. Yet before my mind's eye, my attention was dragged back to another memory I had nearly forgotten about, even though it had just happened recently. It seemed to be from Krystal's perspective, and it showed her holding my form. And then it showed me kissing her collar, dangerously close to her chest.

And then the memory was gone.

My face felt like it was on fire as I reached an arm around the giggling Krystal, before I pulled her closer and gave her a deep kiss on her lips and in full view of Samantha. I knew that since I heard Samantha stop laughing softly, along with her swallowing thickly, that Krystal also knew her friend had just witnessed our kiss as well.

Once I pulled away and opened my eyes, Krystal seemed deeply flustered as well as at this point, her face was appearing more red than blue. I looked over and saw Sam had since averted her gaze and had crossed her arms over her chest with one hand covering her muzzle. From the angle, I saw that she too was blushing quite badly, but I wanted to make sure this joke wouldn't come back to bite me in the ass, so I made sure to get my point home.

"Don't think I can't get you flustered either Sam, I just gotta mention certain things about human guys and Tyler and I'm more than certain that will get a reaction out of you as well." She giggled momentarily, but that was soon cut off as I saw her blush intensify. I cleared my throat, before I said a bit weakly, "N-Now ladies, I believe we should get to that hanger bay..."

Taking a few steps by myself down the corridor, it wasn't long before Krystal was at my side and supporting me, and I looked over my shoulder to see Samantha walk past us.

Heh... I'm surprised that worked...

"Oh, you think it worked now did you?" Looking back towards Krystal, I saw her cheeks were still just as red as before, but her smile wasn't one of embarrassment, no, it was one of adoration. I felt my throat tighten a bit as I weakly nodded, but she only giggled as she leaned closer to me and planted a soft kiss on chin, before she pulled away and winked as she said, "Consider it a gain for me in the long run Wolf..."

Clearing my suddenly dry throat, I asked with a bit of trepidation as I wasn't sure if I truly wanted to know or not, "What are you planning Krystal...?"

I felt my heart give a nervous leap as instead of a verbal answer, Krystal looked back at my eyes, and I saw her smile sweetly as a flash seemed to pass through her gaze. Her tail even moved over and lightly patted against my back a few times as one of her hands slowly ran across my back, but she pulled me into a stop as she leaned up and closed her eyes, before she whispered softly into my ear. "That is for you to wait and find out..."

My voice was lost to me as my mind began to jump at all possible conclusions or meanings to that, and a few of the more vivid images my imagination were conjuring I know Krystal saw seemed to make her blush even more than the less vivid ones. Shaking my head a bit to try and clear the flashes of imaginative thinking, I instead tried to shift it to a more realistic standpoint; such as the attackers of Cerinia. Shouldn't we be worried and a bit cautious instead of... frisky? Cerinia was just attacked, and surely that means that there is something larger at play if an entire planet was attacked out of the blue... er, wrong wording.

The sigh that left Krystal didn't do well to reassure me, but she answered anyways, "It is true, yes, but father will take care of that political turmoil. It was probably just another rogue attack from the Lylatian system anyways. So while father is busy with the politics, I will just be busy with you..."

Krystal pulled me alongside her as we began to walk again, and I felt an icy chill running through the back of my head as my soon to be wife laughed softly, before I resumed my task at hand. Figuring a way out of my situation of being a cripple with no means of escape from my blue fox's mystical plans...

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