Nya watched intently as her father hammered a sword with all his might. It was a special order, he told her, and had to be dealt with carefully. She watched as he quickly dipped the sword into a basin of water and drew it back out again. Unintentionally, Nya let out a soft 'ooh...' is admiration. Her father looked at her and smiled.

"Do you like it my phoenix?" he asked, getting down to her height, still holding the newly forged sword. Nya smiled and nodded her head. Her father smiled at her and held the sword to her as if presenting it as a gift.

"Do you, Nya Metzger-Tong take this weapon to uphold the honor and laws according to bushido?"

Nya looked at her father, thinking he was joking and playing with her, but his face was very serious. Even the glimmer in his eyes seemed to dull a little.

"What have I done to earn the title?" Nya asked skeptically.

"You are brave and resourceful," her father told her, "You guard over those who cannot, and you see others as royalty and treat them as such."

"But what if I'm not ready?" Nya asked, carefully placing a hand on the sword.

"My phoenix, heroes are not born, nor does one just wake up one day with the makings of a hero. A hero earns her way among the ranks in self-sacrifice, not because she wants the reputation or the wealth. Will you make a way that honors others before yourself?"

Nya looked from her father to the sword and back again. Then she placed her other hand on top of the one already on the sword.

"I will." she promised. Her father smiled again, then kissed her on the forehead.

"The phoenix has been reborn, and in waking, she will rise from the ashes to protect those who believe they do not need guidance."

Nya smiled when she thought of something.

"Like Kai." she mused. Her father laughed.

"Yep," he agreed, "Someone just like Kai."

Nya and her father laughed.

"Nya." a voice called out from somewhere, reducing the glorious laughter of Nya and her father. "Nya! Wake up Nya! I didn't even think I hit you that hard... Wake up!"

Nya slowly opened her eyes and groaned. Apparently, sparing with your older brother wasn't the smartest idea when he had unlocked his True Potential and had recently helped save Ninjago from pure evil. Nya looked up at her brother, who in turn was looking over her with a very worried look.

"Are you okay?" Kai asked worriedly, helping his sister up.

"I'm fine." she insisted. "Just a little dizzy... There's also this faint taste of blood in my mouth..."

Kai's worried face became horrified.

"I'm joking." Nya quickly said. "I'm fine, honestly and seriously."

Kai gave her a skeptical look.

"Kai," Nya assured him, "A phoenix never dies, it is only reborn and in waking, will rise from the ashes."

Most of Kai's worry left from his face, and he smiled at her.

"Want to try again?" he asked her, getting into his sparring pose. "I'll take it easy on you this time."

"Easy?" Nya asked, being jokingly repulsive as she got into her sparring pose. "Give me all you got!"