I put my golden lock up into a ponytail, to keep them out of my face.

"Major Robbins" I familiar voice calls.

"Lieutenant Altman" I say with a smile, turning around to see her.

"Hey you going to the meeting" She asks with a twinkle in her light green eyes.

"Yeah, I have to" I say with a sigh.

"I hear a mutant is running it" She whispers.

"Urg, really? They let them into business now? They are going to take us over" I say disgusted.

"I hear that she's the best they have ever had, better than some humans" She says excitingly.

"Doesn't matter, she's not human" I spit out.

"Jeez, You work with them everyday" She says in surprise.

"To send them off to die" I say with no emotion.

"Well I heard she's really nice, so at least try" She says, spinning on her heal and walking away.