Sakura Haruno: Game of the Year Edition

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Sakura's Stats

Level 4

Health points (HP): 65/65
Chakra points (CP): 40/40


Beauty: 24
Control: 45
Dexterity: 30
Endurance: 18
Intelligence: 33
Luck: 22
Perception: 29
Social: 19
Speed: 18
Strength: 22
Willpower: 24



Tree Walking


Ripples of Reality






Cherry Blossom Ballet
Slug Sannin's Student
a Choice of Taijutsu


Parents: 60 / 100
Iruka: 50 / 100
Naruto: 81/100
Sasuke: 22/100

XP to Next Level: 595

Sakura's brain was working at full blast, weighing up the benefits and downfalls of each style. She should choose one offensive style, and then one evasive or defensive style, that much was certain. She would also prefer to have one suitable for short range and one for long range attacks.

Nightshade style seemed good... Sakura was particularly risk averse following her previous death so a defensive, consistent style seemed to be a good basis. That much having been decided, maybe she should choose a Taijutsu style to counter its weakness against bladed weapons? No, she then thought, if she had to choose it would be a long range offensive style.

And out of the entire group of ranged, offensive, styles Siren seemed to suit her best. She had high dexterity and control, which would suit a flexible style. And so it was settled. Sakura selected Nightshade Style and Siren Style, from the Earth and Water categories.

Taijutsu Learned: Nightshade Style & Siren Style!

The level up screen then faded away, leaving her to face a gaping Sasuke, and a grinning Naruto. Another notification then flashed up as she accepted Naruto's shoulder to lean on. Kami, she was exhausted!

You have gained an Ally: Uzumaki Naruto

Tutorial: Allies are gained once their relationship level is over 80/100, and a quest has been performed together. Once you gain an Ally you may call on them for help, but if you ask too much you may lose this status, as well as the person's friendship. Complete more quests to unlock further relationship types!

Iruka-sensei called them in after that, and Sakura and Naruto sat and chatted while the rest of the class ate their bentos. No-one made to approach them, and a few civilian kids sent glares towards Naruto, but for once Sakura didn't mind. In her old life she recalled chatting with the others, with everyone really, but no-one had ever mentioned Naruto once. It was sad, and yet she tried to dampen the emotion.

She was friends with Naruto for who he was, not because she felt sorry for him, and it would be an insult to his inner strength to give pity. If there was one thing that she had learnt today, it was that Uzumaki Naruto never gave up, and always stayed positive.

All too soon it was time for the next lesson, Taijutsu Techniques. This consisted of studying said techniques from a scroll, and making notes as Iruka-sensei lectured.

Taijutsu Learned: Academy Style

Sakura was bored, she already had two other styles, and though she was less skilled in them, both were better than this one. The main problem was it was a stepping stone style, as they were sometimes called. In other words they were designed to be average in every way, while requiring very little of any skill. It was also designed not to clash with any other style: so that clan children would be able to combine it with a family style. In other words it was useless.

But she had to study, and learn a vastly inferior style: otherwise how would she explain knowing advanced Taijutsu that was clearly not available to civilians? Life was like that sometimes Sakura supposed, and resigned herself to counting the seconds until actual practice.

5000 seconds later...

"Alright now we are going to see your basic skills, you may use whatever Taijutsu you wish as long as it is not overly harmful. No Ninjutsu or Genjutsu may be used. I will now call out the participants in the first match."

Most of the class was visibly excited at the chance to put their learning into action, except for two people, but then Shikamaru found everything troublesome, and the day Sasuke was excited would be the day the world ended, expanded universe or not.

Sakura watched the first few pairs fight with interest. Sure, she didn't have the Sharingan to copy the styles, but she could still learn from others, although at this level it was mostly from their mistakes.

Perception Check: 29/27: PASSED: +15XP

Many of the civilian children were fighting offensively, leaving many openings as they did so. The main fight that stood out was the one between Naruto and Sasuke. You could tell that Sasuke was still upset about being bested, and Naruto being Naruto just had to mention that the future Hokage would definitely win... again.

Naruto's style was well, not actually a style in the traditional sense, and against Sasuke's practised stance he was losing badly. But on closer observation that was not actually the case. Sure Naruto could not defend himself properly, and his stance was terrible, but there was something there... Then it hit her.

Naruto was taking sacrificial blows! He was attacking, leaving openings which Sasuke could take advantage of, but half of the time Naruto would get a hit on Sasuke when the Uchiha took advantage of the openings. It was clear that Naruto was not nearly as unmotivated as Sakura had previously thought. Rather he was showing good strategy, and trying his hardest to win by counting on the one thing that he knew he was superior to Sasuke in: endurance.

He had evidently realised that he would not be able to land a blow unless he himself took one. But in the end Sasuke did win, to a large round of applause from the spectators. Sakura clapped briefly before turning to Naruto to encourage him.

"You have really good endurance you know... If you practised a more suited style you could be really, really good."

Naruto just grinned, all traces of disappointment fading away. Sakura continued to talk.

"Would you like to train together after school? It would help both of us more than if we practised alone..."

"Yes! I'd love to train with you Sakura-chan!"

When he said Sakura his voice overlapped with Iruka-sensei's as he called out her name alongside the name of the person who would be her opponent in the match.

"Will Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino enter the ring?"

New Quest: Defeat Opponent: Yamanaka Ino: HP 75/75
Victory Conditions: Get your opponent out of the ring, or below half health.

After both of them were ready, in the starting stance of the Academy style Iruka-sensei gave the sign to begin.

Sakura launched herself straight ahead towards Ino, before darting to the side.

Ino swung around, but her stance slipped slightly as she moved, and left a gap in her defences. Sakura's leg swung towards her.

But Ino managed to step to the side, and while Sakura's leg did connect, rather than tripping Ino up, it landed a glancing blow

Ino then attempted to strike Sakura's side with her fist, but was unable to, and received yet another light hit for her efforts.

Sakura was sweating though, she had practised the moves before, but actually fighting used up a lot more energy than simply practising. The only good thing was that Ino had found herself in a similar scenario as she aimed a flurry of blows at Sakura.

You have been hit: -5 HP
you have been hit: -5 HP
you have been hit: -5 HP

That was bad news for Sakura, four more hits like that and she would be at half health, and lose. A quick glance at Ino's health bar revealed that she was on 60 HP. So far they had taken the same damage, giving Ino an advantage.

Intelligence Check: 33/30: PASSED: +10XP

Since they had equal skills, with Ino having higher health Sakura would lose unless she had a plan. So drawing on her memory she mimicked Ino's moves and continuously attacked, angling her body so that she took minimal damage from the counterblows. She was fighting like Naruto! As Ino blocked the technique she knew so well, her knowledge of the skill was her downfall.

This was because Ino was so used to defending the attack in a certain way that she was completely unprepared for Sakura next move.

Dexterity Check: 30/21: PASSED: +10XP
Speed Check: 18/23: FAILED

The elbow strike required high dexterity, and had a low defence. But while Sakura was able to sweep Ino's feet out from under her, she was not quite fast enough to dodge Ino's final attack.

"Alright, time out, you've reached a draw." Iruka-sensei's voice filtered through Sakura's gasps. She really did need air, and Ino's hit had been to the stomach!

"You both did decently, and responded well. But you both need to build up you endurance, and your response time. Next up..."

Quest Failed...

New Precious Person: Yamanaka Ino! +50XP

Now that was good news, she would be able to rekindle her friendship with her again. No Sasuke would come between them this time! Now... how to introduce Ino and Naruto... probably best to talk to Ino first... prepare her for the ball of energy currently manifesting as Uzumaki Naruto. So she waved at Ino and ran over.

"That was a really good fight; you were so quick I couldn't keep up with you!"

A smile was the blonde girl's response, followed with a glance towards Sasuke.

"Thanks! I'm Yamanaka Ino; my family runs the flower shop."

"Oh, I know that one. Do you know who makes the really pretty flower arrangements?"


The conversation continued along those lines for a few minutes, before Sakura decided to bring up the topic of Naruto.

"Would you like to meet my friend, he's called Uzumaki Naruto, and he's really nice once you get past the neon orange."

She was however, completely unprepared for the response.

"Isn't he that hooligan that all of our customers talk about... They said I should stay away from him..."

"That's not true! All he does is pull a few pranks, hooligan makes him sound like a criminal – and he is only nine years old!"

Unfortunately Ino had to return home, before she could be convinced. Naruto was sitting on a bench outside, looking sad, but the moment he saw her one of his trademark grin's appeared. They then walked part of the way home together until their paths split.

Upon entering her bedroom the clock on the wall started to glow...


Wait... what!?

5 Years Have Passed: 15 Terms at Konoha Central Ninja Academy!

You have gained 15 Ninja Technique Skill Points to spend!

NOTE: Many Techniques may be levelled multiple times by spending multiple points!

Available Techniques...


Nightshade Style 0/5
Siren Style 0/5
Academy Style 0/1


Bunshin 0/1
Henge 0/1
Kawarimi 0/1


Tree Walking 0/2


Ripples of Reality 0/3


Kunai 0/3
Shuriken 0/3


Poisons 0/2
Field Medicine 0/3
Traps 0/3
Calligraphy 0/1
Tracking 0/2


Inner Sakura 0/1

So the game was pushing her forwards in time, to her graduation day apparently. And she had fifteen skill points which, while seemingly large was not nearly enough. Deciding which ones to allocate would be tough, so Sakura started with the most obviously essential ones. After putting her points into the Academy Ninjutsu, and one point each into Shuriken and Kunai, she had ten left.

One, naturally went to Inner Sakura, and another four were spent increasing all the skills in the miscellaneous category by one, excluding calligraphy as she didn't know anything about fuinjutsu – they didn't teach it in the Academy in this life either. With only five points left one went into her new genjutsu, another one to tree walking, leaving her with three for Taijutsu. Since Nightshade style would be her main one it gained two points with her final one going to Siren Style.

So far you have befriended:

Yamanaka Ino: +5, Beauty
Uzumaki Naruto: +5, Endurance

Since 5 Years have passed you may pick 5 more precious people to possibly befriend in the Academy!

Available Precious People

Nara Shikamaru +5 Intelligence
Akimichi Choji +5 Strength
Aburame Shino +5 Perception
Hyuuga Hinata +5 Dexterity
Inuzuka Kiba +5 Speed
Uchiha Sasuke +5 Social
Tenten +5 Strength
Hyuuga Neji +5 Luck
Rock Lee +5 Willpower

The list continued onwards, naming a majority of the children studying. Those however were the only names she recognised. She was... surprised to say the least that Sasuke gave a social bonus, but then again befriending the boy would probably require ridiculously high social skills. The question was who should she pick? Even if she discounted Team Gai, there were still six candidates for five places!

To make matters worse, try as she might she could not contact Inner! Instead she was left with a message stating that...

Inner Assistance is Disabled for Time Skip Construction

Who should she pick? It wasn't fair to ask her to choose! It wasn't fair! Sakura felt tears begin to well up in her eyes... The thought of befriending all of her former classmates who had graduated except one seemed incredibly cruel... but it wasn't like the game cared about her dilemma. She didn't even have inner to help.

In the end she came to a decision after reading the instructions over and over again. She would leave out Sasuke for the simple reason that he most likely wouldn't accept her friendship. She didn't know about the others, but at least she may have a chance at a mutual friendship with them, rather than the one sided thing that her crush on Sasuke had been. That said she tried to ignore the feeling in her gut, and her memory of Kakashi's words. She wasn't abandoning her teammate, was she?

After picking Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, Hinata and Kiba a new screen appeared. It really wasn't surprising any more, although she hoped that it would not be a difficult choice again. Looking closer it actually seemed to be more of a story?

As Haruno Sakura grew up she was a dedicated student of the academy, being able to perform all 3 Academy Ninjutsu flawlessly, and being well above average in Taijutsu technique and form.

Her Academic Studies were perfect and she is in the running for Rookie of the Year. However due to her lack of speed and endurance she is unable to fully utilize her Taijutsu, and lack of practise with Kunai and Shuriken makes her aim only average, though her high perception raises this to above average.

She represented Konoha Central Ninja Academy as part of a team in the Inter-Academy Annual Tournament alongside Shikamaru and Sasuke, which resulted in victory.

Now the day is Monday and the Exam to graduate the Academy is this morning. Sakura and her friends are getting ready to go to the Classroom.

Sakura's friends think of her as Clever and Fun, but with a tendency to panic and/or overanalyse



After pressing the yes button a whirl of colours surrounded Sakura and she was in her bedroom, which had changed from the one of her childhood significantly. Pink was no longer the predominant colour, instead a leaf green that matched her eyes had replaced it. Looking down, she could see that she was wearing the same style outfit, only in shades of pale green and white instead of red. Her older self must really like green.

Her Kunai and Shuriken were neatly organised, and a large pile of notes containing her studies were as well. Looking at the notes she could recall all of the information they held, and as she thought back memories sprung into her head. These consisted of both the ninja techniques that she had learnt, and time spent with her friends. Sakura smiled softly, she had evidently had a lot more fun this time around according to these memories. Parties, pranks, cloud-watching and barbecues – she could recall them all.

As she got up and walked over to the mirror she could see herself, looking back with an older, more mature face. Well she was fourteen in this world now, one and a half years older than she had been when she had died in her first life. Of course she would look different! Her hair was shorter, and exposed her forehead with its bob, but Sakura found oddly enough, that she didn't care. The same clock that had initiated the time skip then struck eight and she found herself grabbing her books and running for the academy. She was not going to miss this exam!

"Shannaro, I'm finally back! Have you any idea how boring it was without you?"

Sakura let out a shout of joy as she ran down the street, and punched her fist in the air. Life was good, even if the battle was only just beginning!

Sakura's Stats

Level 4

Health points (HP): 65/65
Chakra points (CP): 40/40


Beauty: 29
Control: 45
Dexterity: 35
Endurance: 23
Intelligence: 38
Luck: 22
Perception: 34
Social: 19
Speed: 23
Strength: 27
Willpower: 24



Tree Walking: 100/200


Ripples of Reality: 100/300


Nightshade Style: 200/500
Siren Style: 100/500
Academy Style: 10/100





Cherry Blossom Ballet
Slug Sannin's Student
a Choice of Taijutsu
Inner Sakura


Parents: 55/ 100
Iruka: 60 / 100
Naruto: 91/100: Ally!
Sasuke: 27/100
Ino: 66/100
Shikamaru: 50/100
Shino: 50/100
Hinata: 50/100
Kiba: 50/100
Choji: 50/100

XP to Next Level: 515

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