Agent Clint Barton.


When you're a spy, you learn that to succeed, love no one. Talk to no one. And to always, always follow the orders they give you. No matter what. They say orphans make the best agents, for they are generally alone in the world. They cannot be blackmailed; they are willing to sacrifice what is needed for the cause. They don't get close to anyone they don't need. They were alone their whole life; they get along fine in their bubble of independent arrogance. Percy Jackson was an orphan. He loved no one. He spoke to only the agents he was on the mission with and the directors who gave him the missions. He was one of the most arrogant bastards I had ever met. He could lie with disturbing ease and was willing to sacrifice anything for the cause. Natasha Romanov and I were the only two agents who he ever remained in contact with after a mission was done with. It was only us he deemed worthy to trust.

It's been four days since his funeral, and I already miss him like hell.

This is why you get on better when you love no one. Listen to the rules they tell you. Please, this pain that we are going through right now because we dared break those sacred rules… It's not worth it. Listen to what they tell you. Fury has me writing this log to help me with the 'grieving processes'. Whatever. I'm doing this for Percy. If anyone deserved to live forever, it was him. Since we can't immortalize him in reality, I'll do it in paper.

Tasha's calling again. I might ask her if she wants to help me with this.

Percy? If you've come back to haunt me, or some other creepy shit that you would find hilarious to do to me, and you happen to be reading this… hi. I am so sorry that we didn't get there in time. Tasha misses you too. Hell, even Fury misses you. For someone who claimed to be a loner, there sure is a long list of people who miss you. Stark, Rodgers, Pepper, Thor, Loki and Banner. They haven't left me alone since Thursday. It's getting annoying. So if you could go and scream at them and make their walls drip blood until they get the point, that would be much appreciated. Especially Loki. He keeps popping up when I least expect it and then eating all my food.

Tasha has agreed to help. I'll go italics. She's in italics.

We found your Green Day album the other day. He's been playing Give me Novocaine for two days straight now. I can see why you liked them. I think he's trying to tell me something.

Remember you moaned at us for months when you lost it? Yep. You lost your 'jam' apparently. What were you supposed to jog to now? Tasha told you to just buy a new copy and you slapped her and asked if you lost me, would she just buy another sex monkey? After you had realised what you said, I had never seen you run so fast. I think Stark still has the video.

Clint has left to go to the kitchen again. You are the first person he has ever lost and actually mourned over. He's more unstable than me when I'm on my period right now. He cried when he found the album. That was the first time I have ever seen him cry. I'm glad it was over something… someone worthwhile.

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