Agent Clint Barton


Tasha is here to help again today. She's still in italics. Stark showed us how to do the thing he did, so we're doing that. It's easier than taking turns at the keyboard. Exactly. Today we're going to start with the final days. To get a proper understanding of everything, we have to start five days before his death. Yesterday, Clint forgot to say the obituary SHIELD gave him was wrong. He didn't die on 28th- he died on the 18th. He had already been dead 10 days before then .We're assuming that Director Fury had his reasons. You're assuming Director Fury had his reasons. I'm assuming he's just became senile in his old age. Asshole.

Everything started when Percy came to my apartment with a new mission. Technically we aren't supposed to tell each other about the missions we went on because they were classified, but as long as Fury never found out, we were fine.



"Up here." I called from my window side perch.

"Hey. Who are you watching for?" Percy asked as he let himself into my apartment

I let out a small puff of exasperation "No one, I'm just bored. Tasha's still in Bangladesh and my last assignment finished a couple days ago."

"So you're free then?"

"Free as a bird. Coffee's in the pot if you want- wait no. There's water in the fridge, I don't trust you with coffee."

"Do you make it your goal in life to make as many bird puns as you can?" He laughed "Do you want anything while I'm in there?"

"Uhh… I think I have a half-eaten granola bar somewhere… can you find it for me?"

"Jesus Christ Clint, what have we told about leaving unfinished food in places other than the fridge?" He demanded

"That it's fucking disgusting and then I'll have to get a cat to kill all the bugs I've attracted." I mumbled

"Exactly. And then how would you feel?"

"Happy. You too would never come round and steal all my food because you both hate cats as much as me." Ha. Gotcha this time Jackson.

"That's cool dude. I'll just stay at Tasha's. She has chocolate covered strawberries AND lets me watch good movies with her."

"How many times, Frozen is not a good movie."

"You know Clint…" he sighed

"Don't you fucking dare."

"I really think you should just…"

"Percy I swear to god-"

"Let it go."

I let out a low growl as I watched Percy quake with laughter. That was his favourite joke. Oh and the 'do you wanna build a snowman' thing too. Oh God remember the time he pulled it with Fury. Vividly. I'm surprised that Fury didn't shoot him to be honest. Stark literally pissed his pants. Every time he saw Percy after that he would start laughing again and start singing that song.

"Percy why are you here?" I spat out, still completely unimpressed with his 'joke'.

"Oh yeah…" He trailed off whilst walking through with his water "I wanted to talk to you about something."

I frowned at that. His expression became uncharacteristically serious and withdrawn. He was putting on his "work" face. This particular expression was used for when he wanted a client to be completely assured that he knew what he was doing, that he was a trained professional who had done this before. He wanted you to feel at ease that he could and would get the job done. He sat his water bottle on the small coffee table and threw me my granola bar.

I climbed off of my windowsill and joined him on the sofa.

"What's wrong?"

"… I'm not sure about my next mission." He sighed

I was really confused. Percy always gave 103% in most missions and it was unlike him to give up on a mission, especially before he'd even attempted it. Apart from that time with the badger.

"What do you mean?" I asked slowly

"The mission. Something just feels a little… off about it. I'm supposed to go and find this guy, right? And then I have to bring him in and 'question' him about the whereabouts of this other guy who supposedly has the ingredients to make like this poison that can effectively make anyone lose their fucking mind or something. I know that sounds pretty normal… but… I just have a bad feeling."

The first part of the mission did seem kind of standard. Find the target, subdue the target, kill the target. I didn't really see what was wrong here. He didn't even have to kill anyone. He must of noticed my perplexed expression because he let out a huff of exasperation.

"Look, I just don't know, okay? I have always trusted my gut instinct and it sure has saved me a couple times, but right now, it's like it's trying to crawl up my throat and into my brain and stop me from doing this. Every time Hill mentions it to me I get this horrible feeling and I just want to crawl under a rock and let someone else do it this time." He shouted loudly

I put a placating hand on his shoulder "Alright, alright it's fine. Ah… All agents feel like on some missions sometimes. Everything will be fine, I promise. Who was it issued by?"

Mistake number one.

I tried to reassure him.

"I'm not sure. It was one of the agents in level above us who gave me the folio with all the details and stuff… She didn't mention who it was from."

"Well, you said that Hill knows about it and if she knows, Fury will know too. It doesn't sound like it's off the books or anything…"

"That's not what I'm worried about." He swiftly glanced around, eyes skating along the ceiling and delving into the darker corners of the room. "Uhmm… Can I borrow a green pen?"

That was our code: is this place clean? Is it safe? Can we talk? He was worried that Fury was bugging the apartment. Fury does this from time to time, completely random of course, to 'keep us on our toes'. Asshole.

"Sure, there's one in my left drawer." I said cautiously

Left was essentially the green light. Right meant -shut your goddamn mouth before you declare any secrets to god knows who-stay silent.

I was concerned as to why Percy asked me this now. Why not at the start of the conversation?

He fidgeted with laser pointer on his keychain. Kept it constantly flashing and darting around. If I hadn't noticed beforehand that he was nervous or upset about something, this was a clear cut sign.

"My target is Annabeth Chase."

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