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In this fanfiction, I've adjusted the ages of the MSLN protagonists slightly. An 18 year old, post DH Harry is not going to be comfotable fighting alongside girls barely half his age. The whole 'saving people thing' can expand to protecting them from themselves in such a case. So they're fifteen-sixteen year old high-schoolers instead, just a couple years behind Harry. (The age they were in the Epilogue of As, rather than the main body of the series).

Don't expect any shipping, at least not overtly, though there are hints of past H/G.

Harry's broken off from the Manipulative!Weasleys, and backstory will be provided.

Hints of Powerful!Grey!Harry, Manipulative!Weasleys, and, obviously, Powerful!Nanoha & Fate

A short, red-haired girl stood on air, alongside a blue-coated wolf.

"There are two powerful signatures nearby. If we can capture them both, we could easily gain fourty or fifty pages in the Book." The redhead spoke aloud. "Both appear to be suppressed though, and I can't get a direct fix."

In her head, for the jaws of a wolf weren't really shaped for vocalised speech, she heard the reply. "Let's split up and search for them. I'll leave the book with you." The wolf turned a hundred and eighty degrees.

The redhead nodded and shouldered her hammer. "Okay, Zafira. Search throughly, got it?"

"I know." The wolf, Zafira, leapt into the air, as a glowing red triangle formed around the girl. "Be careful, Vita. You don't want to face both of them at once."

She shrugged his warning off. "Barrier Field, Expand."

Her hammer itself responded, in a mechanical male voice. "=Magical Prison.=" And a sphere of purple-green energy engulfed the area.

Nanoha Takamachi was sitting at her desk, her orange hair done up with a pair of white ribbons, when she was startled by a ping from a red jewel. "=Caution, Emergency.="

Just as the sphere of expanding energy passed over her house. "A Barrier?"

As it did, the flying redhead exclaimed, "I've found one, the real thing. Let's go, Graf Eisen."

Harry James Potter, the-boy-who-lived, the-man-who-won, the-utter-bastard-that-upped-and-left, was walking along the street in Uminari City, Japan, when his ring rang like a chime. Then, a smooth, mechanical, but clearly female voice spoke. "=A barrier is forming, mi'lord="

As the energy washed over him, he noted a strong energy source flare to the West. If he had to guess, the individual letting off the energy had been peacibly minding their own business before the barrier was erected. The unknown individual was clearly heading his way, as said myterious person stopped atop the building directly to his left. From what Harry knew of this kind of barrier, it created a pocket of subspace within which magicals, like himself, entered, while muggles (non-magical individuals), were left in real space.

The reason she stopped was soon apparent, as a second magical individual approached at high speed from the East. Judging by their aura, this second individual was the one whom created the barrier.

And this second individual fired off a sphere of magic at the first, before moving at a vastly greater rate to behind the first. Harry barely heard her, and it was definitely a her, yell out; "Deadly Punishment!"

Within moments, the first, another girl, ginger haired, was launched off the building. Raher than panic though, she simply spoke. "Raging Heart, please."

Now Harry had some bad memories of ginger-haired fools, but understood, objectively speaking, that not all redheads were evil. Even if his one time best friend, ex-girlfriend, and former surrogate family were conniving manipulative wankers, Harry's own mother was a redhead too. So were several of his other schoolmates, for that matter.

A mechanical femine voice, much like his own ring, declared; "=Stand by, ready. Set up.=" A pink light surrounded her failing form, and her outfit morphed, as a staff took shape in her hands. She halted in midair. This 'Raging Heart' was obviously a device akin to Harry's own. One, hormonally driven piece of his brain was admiring her curves in all the right places, while the rest was pretending they weren't related to the first.

A shorter, slighter redhead followed her down, carrying a sledgehammer of some description, firing off more shots of (red) magic. They didn't resemble either stunners or reductors though. Within moments, the ginger-haired girl responding with a couple blasts of her own (which were, for some reason, pink). Rather than structured spells, these attacks seemed to be comprised of (contained) raw magic. Any one shot would have done serious damage to a muggle, but to any magical, the blasts would would be more akin to bludgers.

To put things in perspective, wizards like Harry liked to play a game sixty feet in the air, with these aforementioned bludgers being 25 pound cannonballs, flying at over eighty miles an hour, for fun, without protective armour.

As the redhead prepared another attack, the ginger charged up a powerful globe of magic, and her staff declared "=Divine Buster.=" Said 'divine buster' manifested as a beam of pink magic. All it hit was the redhead's hat.

Said redhead's eyes narrowed, before, with a few more words, her hammer drew on some source of concentrated magic, and warped into some kind of missile-on-a-stick. Swinging said missile/hammer around a few times, the redhead launched herself at the other.

Whom then put up some kind of 'protego' shield, again oddly pink. However, the redhead's hammer broke through the shield and launched the other girl, her clothing again changing, even as she was smashing into the very same building she'd been atop previously.

"I've seen enough. Hallow, let's go."

"=Set up. Serpent's Aegis.="

Within moments, Harry's muggle clothing was replaced by a set of black-green snake skin robes, nearly the colour of his hair, though they shimmered with a green light, and a silvery cloak, supposedly death's own cloak, hanging from his back. In his hands was a wooden staff with an emerald green stone mounted atop the end. Formerly the Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone, along with the Cloak of True Invisibilty upon his back, comprised the trio of legendary objects known as the 'Deathly Hallows'. When the three 'Deathly Hallows' were combined, they became so much more.

"Raven's Wings." Harry spoke quietly yet firmly. Twin masses of light resolved themselves into the form of blue and bronze wings, jutting out from under the cloak to both sides. "Lion's Claw." The staff that was once the Elder Wand glowed red and gold, reshaping itself in the form of a sword. And Harry leapt into the air, the Raven's Wings supporting him.

Harry had meant what he'd said, when he'd told Dumbledore's portrait that he wasn't going to go looking for the stone that he'd discarded in the forbidden forest.

Unfortunately, when he strode forth from the damaged castle that was Hogwarts, hiding under the Cloak to avoid the press, bloody parasites, intending to return the Elder Wand to the Grave of Dumbledore, the Resurrection Stone had flown towards him as though 'accio'd, though he'd done no such thing. Though he was concealed, it halted infront of him. Poking the Elder Wand out from under the Cloak, he wasn't prepared for when the Stone attached itself to the top of the Wand. "=Greetings, mi'lord.="

He quickly aborted his plans to stroll the grounds, and headed back to the Great Hall dazedly, not remembering to remove the Cloak. As he approached the grieving Weasley family, preparing to tell Ron, he was in the perfect position to overhear a rather disconcerting conversation.

"Mum, wasn't Harry supposed to stay dead when he who-must-not-be-named killed him?"

"It's just a temporary setback Gin-Gin." Percy, of all people, replied. "There's always an undetectable poison. We'll pass it off as the stress of yet another killing curse finally overwhelming him."

"We could pass it off as a Death Eater everyone missed taking a shot at him?" Charlie suggested. "He can only get lucky so many times."

"Poison won't work." Ron argued. "Ever since the encounter with the Basilisk, he's immune to them. I know, I've tried."

"It's alright." Molly said. "There's methods other than poisons, or even unforgivables, if those would even work. A reductor in the back should suffice though. Or, if he's shielded, a blasting curse to bring a roof down on him. Any number of spells will work. If all else fails, push him off the Astronomy tower."

Needless to say, Harry was shocked.

"And then we collect the money in his vaults, as according to the will, right?" Ron asked.

"Yes Ron." Ginny sighed, "We clean out the Potter and Black vaults. You really aren't the brightest are you?"

"Hey. My job was to make sure Harry didn't learn overmuch. Your job was to keep him pining for you. You just need to stay close enough to off him. That means you can't play the part of the school broomstick next year."

Harry frowned, trying to work out what the phrase 'school broomstick' meant... Then it hit him. 'School broomstick' likely corresponded with the muggle expression 'town bicycle'. As in, 'everyone's taken a ride'. With that in mind, there was no way Harry would ever touch Ginny, even without the discussion about poisons, unforgivables, and other assassination methods...

"Amortentia will keep him interested-"

Even with the subject matter at hand, Harry had to smirk. The combination of Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears in his blood had rendered him surprisingly immune to most mind controlling substances and spells. The Basilisk venom tended to break down any potions before they could act, meaning they needed to be altered for his unique bloodtype to work, and the Phoenix tears were as an extra layer of protection against spells, the purity of the Phoenix song driving off any invading possessive spirits and fortifying his will against the 'Imperious' curse.

"- Have you kept up with Hermione's doses?"

Ron snorted, "Of course. She'll fall right in to bed the moment I make a move."

Harry left the hall in a hurry, the only goal in his mind to drag Hermione up to Dumbledore's office and show her the memory in the Pensieve.

After Hermione saw the memory, she was as shocked as he had been. Still was in fact. Her instinctive reaction was to head straight for the dungeons, for a purging potion from the late Snape's own stock.

"I- I can't stay here Harry. I'm going to clear my system, then leave Britain. Maybe I'll go the Australia, find my parents. Stay there. What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to go overseas too, but I'm thinking of getting lost somewhere they don't speak English as a first language. Dumbledore left a series of memories for a number of languages, in a dream format that I was able to just dump straight in my head. French, German, Bulgarian, Cyrillic, Mermish, all the dialects of Chinese, Japanese, including both Kanji and Hiragana, and a dozen others besides. And the knowledge of how to recreate them." He spun out a set of silver threads in a matter of seconds. "These are your copy."

Hermione nodded, pressed the various threads to her temple, shivered with the sudden influx of knowledge, and left for the dungeon.

Harry, on the other hand, wandered numbly up to the seventh floor, where the Resurrection Stone spoke to him. "=Ask for the room that holds the Founder's Artifacts.="