"Felicity Smoak! Is that you?!"

Felicity cringed at the unfortunately recognizable voice, turning slowly to come face-to-face with Abigail James. Felicity knew it had been a bad idea to come to Starbucks. The lines were always too long, the coffee never as good as the corner shop and she always ran into someone she would rather avoid. She cursed herself for having stopped to read the headline of the newspaper before leaving, it would have been just enough time to to miss them completely.

"Hi, Abigail," Felicity said, forcing a smile. "It has been a while. How have you been?"

"It has been way too long. I miss my Felicity," Abigail pouted, throwing her arms around Felicity as if she had permission.

"Felicity," came a much cooler voice. Felicity barely managed to contain a groan as Stephanie Moore stepped foreword, her customary condescending smile firmly in place.

"Hi, Stephanie," Felicity said tightly, taking a step back.

"It's so great to see you," Stephanie demurred, not realizing she failed entirely at it.

"What have you guys been up to?" Felicity asked, in order to avoid returning the false sentiment.

"We were invited to a gala last night to restore the Glades. Stephanie's firm donated, so we got to go," Abigail chirped merrily, before leaning in a little closer, a conspiratorial look on her face, the same one she always wore right before revealing her biggest piece of gossip. "Oliver Queen was there."

"Oh-" Felicity began, already knowing, but Abigail cut her off.

"And he took quite a liking to Stephanie," Abigail finished, turning to share a triumphant look with Stephanie.

"Oh," Felicity said, unimpressed. "That's nice, I guess."

Clearly not getting the reaction she'd wanted, Stephanie moved forward into Felicity's personal space, looking down on her from her towering heels, "Normally, I don't kiss and tell, but since we're old friends. The stories about Oliver Queen's prowess in the bedroom have not been exaggerated."

"She spent the night with him," Abigail whispered, as if that hadn't been perfectly clear from Stephanie's tone and words.

Felicity couldn't help it. She laughed out loud, barely keeping stopping it from turning into an all out laugh attack. Thinking she was giggling at the idea of Stephanie and Oliver, the two girls before her exchanged look of triumph.


All three women turned as one to see Oliver Queen standing before them. He wore casual clothes, looking completely at ease in his skin. He was staring at Felicity, oblivious to the women next to her.

"I thought you were having brunch with your mother," Felicity said, confused to see him there.

"She cancelled. Thought I would track you down. I have something to show you," he said with a shrug.

"How'd you find me?" Felicity asked, knowing this wasn't her usual haunt. He only raised an eyebrow at her as he smiled knowingly, telling her with unspoken words that he had tracked the GPS on her phone. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Sorry," he lied, unable to contain his own smile. Beside her, Abigail let out a little giggle, drawing their attention. There wasn't a trace of recognition on his face as he smiled his polite 'Oliver Queen' smile at the women he must have just realized were standing close enough to her to make them acquaintances. Felicity couldn't wipe the smile from her face as he stepped forward, hand out stretched, "Hi, I'm Oliver."

Abigail squeaked out a greeting as Oliver grasped her hand in a brief handshake before turning to Stephanie with the same outstretched hand. Stephanie's face was stiff, her eyes pinched together while she tried to maintain a smile.

"Actually, we met last night," Stephanie tried to purr, but her desperation to save face leaked through. "At the gala."

"Oh, right," Oliver said, throwing a quick look at Felicity for help.

"Stephanie," Felicity supplied, grinning from ear to ear. "And Abigail."

"Right," Oliver nodded as if he had known all along. "Stephanie and Abigail. Hope you had fun at the party."

"We did!" Abigail piped up with an adoring smile on her face, her brain clearly not processing what the exchange meant.

"Wonderful," Oliver said, before turning to Felicity. "Sorry to interrupt coffee with your friends."

"You weren't interrupting," Felicity laughed. "Let's go see whatever it was you wanted to show me."

His gaze was quizzical but he didn't question her.

"It was nice seeing you two again," Felicity said, grabbing Oliver's arm to pull him toward the door. Oliver fell into step beside her, pulling the door open for her as they approached. She stopped short, staring at him. Smiling, she held up a finger to say 'hold on' as she turned back, "I forgot something."

Stephanie was in the same spot, watching them, ignoring the chattering Abigail beside her. A single eyebrow raised as Felicity approached them.

"You're right," Felicity said, leaning in toward them. "The stories haven't been exaggerated. I would know, he was with me last night."

And with one final smile of victory she turned on her heel, pulling Oliver through the door with her. Not wanting to give up the ruse in case they were watching through the windows, she pulled Oliver's arm around her shoulder while wrapping her arm around his waist, pulling herself into his side.

"I'll explain later," Felicity answered Oliver's confused eyebrows, putting slight pressure on his hip to keep him moving.

"Alright," Oliver said, tightening his grip on her shoulder. "I take it those weren't friends of yours."

"Noooo," Felicity intoned. "And one of them claimed to have slept with you last night.

Next to her Oliver laughed, "They chose the wrong person to lie to about me."

"Yeah, no kidding," Felicity scoffed

"What stories?"

"Huh?" Felicity asked back, lost.

"You said 'the stories haven't been exaggerated.' What stories?"

"Oh," Felicity said, laughing a little, she hadn't realized he'd heard her. "I meant to tell you, but didn't really know how. I mean, it's not an easy conversation to have with your friend, let alone your boss and resident vigilante—"

"Felicity," Oliver said, squeezing her shoulder to stop her ramblings. "Just tell me."

"There's a site," Felicity confessed, an apologetic smile on her face. "About you. About you before and after the island. About your various love affairs."

He kept walking, giving her his best 'not amused' face, waiting for her to explain further.

"I have a program that monitors the internet daily for any information about you or the Arrow," Felicity explained. "A couple of months ago, this site popped up. It's a very detailed account of your love life. Like crazy detailed. They never did manage to get hold of the Isabel story, but that could be due to it happening in Russia. Although, maybe—"

"Felicity," Oliver said again, pushing her back on track.

"Right," she nodded. "So the site keeps a close eye on your relationship status and has records of all your past relationships. Several pages are dedicated to Laurel. The site also has an option to review you."

He stopped beside her, grabbing her arm before she could take another step, his eyebrows drawn together. "What?"

"Uh, yeah," Felicity stuttered, remembering why she hadn't wanted to tell him this in the first place. "They review you, you know, your performance. Your sexual performance."

"Why haven't you taken it down?" he growled when she trailed off.

"Well, I was going to." She shrugged. "But the reviews were all pretty good; like mostly 10 out of 10 good. And I figured your PR people would have it taken down if it was really bad."

He let out an exasperated sigh, grabbing her arm to pull her forward. "I want you to take it down."

"Fine," she mumbled as they turned the corner and his car came into view. He released her arm so they could slide into the sports car. She quickly buckled her seatbelt, turning to ask him where they were going when she found he was frozen, his hand halfway to the ignition. His eyes were unfocused, she called his name, wondering what was going on.

"You read them?" he asked, turning to her slowly, his expression unreadable. "You read the reviews about me?"

"More like skim read," she whispered, leaning away from him slightly. "I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything too bad in there."

"Mostly 10 out of 10?"


"You said 'mostly 10 for 10.' Were there bad reviews?"

"Well," she said, looking down at her lap as her face blushed. "There was one review that gave you 2 out 10, but I'm pretty sure that was because you didn't call her again. And also…"

"Also, what? Felicity…"

"Also, she claimed you were a little selfish in the bedroom."

"What did the 10 out of 10 ones say?" His tone caught her off guard, drawing her attention. He was smiling down at her in a way that had all the various reviews about him in the bedroom cycling through her mind in quick succession.

As the site gained popularity, more former flames came forward to tell their tales. They were mostly pre-island Oliver stories; stories of sex in bathrooms, classrooms and various vehicles. Each story going into to lurid detail about the way Oliver Queen went about things. She had made an effort to avoid thinking about it during the day in his presence. But that didn't stop her from having a couple of very vivid dreams.

Oliver's chuckle brought her out of her thought loop. She blinked, realizing her mouth had been hanging open. He was still laughing when he started the car, pulling out onto the street with a glance over his shoulder.

"I was taking down that gang in the Glades last night after the gala," Oliver said, eyes on the road.

"I know," Felicity answered, confused.

"But your friends back at the coffee shop don't know that."

"I know."

"That means you led them to believe you and I were together last night in non-platonic circumstances," he said with a smirk, emphasizing the last couple of words.

"I'm not going to apologize for that," Felicity said with a jab of her finger. "They lied first. Plus Stephanie stole my boyfriend in the eighth grade and I just wanted to beat her at something. Everyone at QC already thinks we're sleeping together. What do a couple more people matter?"

His face sobered when she mentioned her reputation at QC, his grip on the steering wheel tightening slightly. He drove on in silence.