Chapter 1-The Awakened Beast

What could you say that hasn't already been said about Lara Croft? Nothing much really. She was an Archeologist. A scholar at the highest level. Could speak various languages fluently. Knew the customs from each culture for every language. Lara knew people from all over the world. Could get into places and do things few others at her impressive young age of 25 could ever hope to do. Hell, most of the people that could do it were twice her age, or getting close to it by now.

However, the one name that stuck out the most when defining her was...Tomb Raider. Yes. That was what they called her in the newspapers, in magazine, and overall media in general. Whenever an old tomb was discovered or a priceless artifact had been just been found from an ancient civilization...Lara's name was the first one mentioned on who it was that discovered the rare find.

She went to all the museum showings, all the exhibits, and would always go dressed to impress when attending the events. Heads turned, tongues wagged, and many of her peers soon became jealous of the fame that she received for it.

She was bigger then most Movie Stars and had the killer body that most models would kill their managers along with their entire families to have for just one week. Not that surprising considering how Lara pushed herself to have a lean athletic body, was taught various fighting styles from world renowned Martial Arts Masters, and know how to handle almost every known weapon man has ever made from swords to guns. She rode on horseback, climbed mountains, and occasionally shot things that meant to do her harm whether they were plant, animal, or even man.

Yep! She was the female version of Indiana Jones. At least that was what the Media kept comparing her to with the exception of the whip. Though some perverted people on the Internet thought it would be hot if she did have the whip, but used it for...other means outside of her archeological profession.

And speaking of her current profession just where was Lara at the moment? Answer, she was currently climbing a mountain in the most rural mountain regions of Japan far up North of Kyoto. Climbing up a very tall mountain where it was said a tomb was housed and it contained the prison of a demon. It was whispered, according to the legend past down through the generations, that the demon had once been a kind animal spirit, a friend to humans for years, but was later betrayed by the humans it befriended in their desire for harnessing the spirit's incredible power for themselves. Angered by the betrayal, the spirit became a demon, lashing out at the betrayers, killing them all in a violent painful death, and went missing for years. The demon was not seen since until the proclaimed Holy Monks of Fire found the demon in a cave wishing to be left alone. The Holy Monks of Fire did not wish to provoke the demon and complied with the request, but to ensure the spirit turned demon didn't lash out at humanity again, they sealed him away in his home, and made sure no one knew his exact location. To do this, the Holy Monks of Fire were able to setup multiple temples of sorts, each a false tomb looking exactly like the real one, and each false tomb filled with all kinds of traps in the mountainous region.

They had built nine temples total. Including the real tomb where the demon itself had been sealed. It was said it was done to honor the great demon's wish to be left alone and built nine due to the nine tails it possessed. Each monk, nine total as it would just so happen, were each assigned a temple, and to guard them with their lives no matter what. This was done so in the event a monk fell and the tomb they were guarding was entered by those desiring the demon's power, the traps would annihilate the enemy.

Eventually, time had turned the story of the spirit animal turned demon into a legend, a myth, and eventually a fairytale told by parents to their kids to scare them into behaving. How bad children would be known to the demon in the mountains, come down from its home, and then taking them to become meals since it fed of the negative emotions bad kids generated from their evil deeds.

It was actually something that interested Lara when she heard it the last time she was here for recreational purposes and promised herself that she would come back to Japan after doing some proper research on the subject behind the fairytale.

That was of course a year and a half ago.

'I just hope this particular mountain top has the real tomb in question. I've checked as far back on this story as I could and this was the only mountain to be searched. Many of my predecessors in searching for the tomb gave up after the eight temple was found and the entire team trying to enter were killed by traps. When others came to survey the temple, they found it was empty with triggered traps, and lots of dead people,' thought Lara, as she climbed the tallest, and most dangerous mountain to scale out of all nine within this region.

If this tomb did indeed hold the remains of some kind of bizarre animal with multiple tails, it could bring about new speculation, and ideas on how nature had mutated life before man evolved enough to do that for her. It would be an incredible archeological find on Lara's part and send her career even higher as the best archeologist of all time.

Perhaps it would stop the media from calling what she did as tomb raiding and remove the title of Tomb Raider from her profession. While it did fit with what did from a certain point of view, Lara saw it as another term for grave robbing, and the title of Tomb Raider was actually an insult to her job in finding lost antiques long since buried throughout the ages by the sands of time. She felt like they were calling her some kind of relic poacher, who took finds meant to be shared with the world, and stored it in a private collection where it would be seen only by her.

When Lara finally got to the top of the mountain, the well covered Tomb Raider, and Countess that was Lara Croft found it wasn't cold at all. It was warm, almost like it was the season of Spring, which was strange since all the other mountain tops with the other tombs had freezing winds from such high elevation, and were covered in snow with a skin biting cold added to the mix.

And wasn't here! Curious and interesting at the same time. Something Lara loved to experience such things when on her many adventures. Perhaps there was some kind of ancient artifact located in the temple and was generating some form of energy that made this possible? Or maybe the creature was did exist and was still alive? Or its descendants if any were somehow here and causing this to happen?

Walking on the grassy field towards the tomb and temple of this demonic entity, Lara pulled down her hood before looking around, and removing her wintery fur coat. She put down her backpack seconds later before taking a stretch and was somewhat glad she had a special thermal suit on. Once that was done, Lara took out some of her gear she had acquired for this assignment. Specifically, she was looking for any energy readings, and whether this was indeed the real tomb with the real demon sealed away.

'Based on Zip's gizmo now having a sudden liveliness to it, I would say I am right on the money about this place,' thought Lara with a smirk before putting the portable device away and got a good look at the temple.

The structure itself was pure stone. Carved in it was images of people attacking a beast, being repelled, and violently killed during the attacks. A story and warning all in one to those that dared come to find demon that was sealed away by the Holy Monks of Fire. As to the demonic creature in question, it was (in Lara's opinion) what appeared to be a giant fox with nine swishing tails, and clearly not in the best of moods when attacked. She was actually quite surprised at how well detailed the carvings were when approaching them and reading what she could of the story behind the attacks on the creature.

Provoked the spirit fox had been.

Betrayed by those it once aided.

Lost its beloved Mate by their hands.

Vowed revenge on those that caused her death.

Slaughtered them all.

None survived.

His rage sated the demon wished to be left alone.

The Holy Monks of Fire who once came to slay now came to help.

Sealed him away and protected his tomb they vowed.

To prevent his return, to stop those filled with greed from take what is not theirs to take, and to prevent the fall of man.

'According to this, if it can believed to be true, the demon is male, is violent, powerful, and was sealed away to keep his rage from spilling out again. It also seems that if he were ever freed that it would cause the apocalypse. Interesting. But I highly doubt the creature is alive after all these years,' thought Lara, as she entered the tomb, finding it was dark, cold, and damp inside with an air of certain death hanging in the air.

Another day at doing the work she loves.

Moving slowly with a flashlight in hand, Lara finds herself looking for traps on the walls, the floor, and ceiling that would impede her path via killing her. At first, Lara thought the tomb was empty, cleared out by another Tomb Raider, who unlike her, had decided to take what was here for themselves to hold for their private collection.

'I swear if some hot shot wanker somehow got here before me in finding this tomb and put what was here in their private collection, I'm going to be really bloody pissed off!' thought Lara before her danger sense kicked in and moved quickly to right in order to avoid a barrage of blunt objects that looked like kunai coming at her from above.

Cursing at herself for nearly getting killed, Lara looked at the sealing, but frowned when she saw no holes to indicate the objects aimed to kill her had been held there. No rope. No holes. Nothing! Just some squiggly designs in the stone and even then it was hard to see since it was so dark with the light she had providing very little for her vision to make out anything. Moving forward, Lara's instincts soon warned her of more threats to her person with more projectiles fire from the left, the right, above, and below with each defense within the tomb being different. She dodged what looked like kunai, spears from the walls, arrows, swords, pitfalls, and honest to goodness fireballs.

She almost felt like she was in a video game or something.

She was almost home free to what seemed like the end of he tomb when stone statues on either side of her came alive while glowing with light from the markings on their bodies. Cursing her luck, Lara dodged the stone giants, and their wild swings in their attempt to kill her. Deciding now was a good time as any, the Tomb Raider pulled out her trusty .25 ACP dual pistols, and opened fire on the pair trying to stop her advance. Surprisingly, she found the woman of many talents found her bullets had little effect on the large targets, and had to run while shooting.

It wasn't long before Lara found herself doing more running, rolling, dodging, weaving, and skidding out of the way of danger then shooting. The only option she had left, which was a risk onto itself, was to let the stone warriors kill each other with their own weapons in hand, and hope that the plan actually worked. Lara wished her light was still on her, as it fell off her person, and broke under one of the feet of the stone statues. Though the trick for Lara wasn't seeing them in the dark. The strange light coming off their designs helped her see them clearly.

The real trick behind it was getting both on opposite sides of her while she stayed in the middle between them.

'Come on boys. Come and get me,' thought Lara, as she managed to dodge one giant's swing with his blade, and roll away from the other.

Fortunately, it gave her the means to be where she wanted, and Lara now found herself in the middle between them with weapons pointed at her front and back. Waiting for just the right moment, Lara watched the statues waiting for what seemed to be the right moment to strike, and the female Tomb Raider had her guns at the ready to fire at her.

"ENOUGH!" bellowed a voice that echoed throughout the tomb and shook it violently enough to cause Lara to stumble until she fell on her ass.

"What the bloody Hell?" asked Lara out loud while seeing the statues stopped looking like they were going to attack and went back to standing where they were previously.

"So you have made it this far. Interesting. Though I suspect it was only a matter of time before someone decided to finally pay me a visit. Humans will always be greedy creatures no matter what day or age they live in," commented the voice that echoed again throughout the dark and large room Lara found herself in.

"Who's there? Show yourself?" demanded Lara after getting off the ground while a dark chuckle was heard.

"So the vixen has some bark in her. But can she back it up with some bite?" taunted the voice while Lara snarled since she had heard it all before when making her reputation out to be one of a great woman empowered to do great things.

You're a woman Ms. Croft. A Countess even. You should find yourself a husband among the royal families of Europe to help continue the family line. Someone befitting of your station.

Archeology may not be an exact science Ms. Croft, but it is a man's world. You are not a man and therefore have no business trying to live in this field with those far more skilled in it then you.

She has no business risking her life in a career that doesn't need or want her! Ms. Croft shames her Father by doing this! The woman needs to go home and train herself to one day perform her wifely duties for her future husband.

"Why don't you come out of the shadows and I'll show you how much bite I have in me," countered Lara with her pistols at the ready to fire.

"A tempting offer. Though if you saw me as I am now, I have no doubt you'll scream, wet yourself, and fire off your little toys at me in a last ditch moment of fright," replied the voice with Lara holding firm.

"I'm not some weak damsel who flees at the first sight of danger so I highly doubt what you claim will happen will actually happen," said Lara while the voice chuckled some more.

"No. You are not weak. At least not weaker then most human females in today's world from what I can sense outside," said the voice with Lara frowning in confusion.

"You can sense the world outside?" asked Lara before turning around and seeing only darkness while swearing she felt a presence behind her.

"You think my jailors locked me away? That is just the story I wanted them to tell. The truth is my dear, they did come to seal me away for all time after learning the hardway that I would not be controlled by anyone. That was their original purpose on the orders of the Daimyo, who ruled this land long before your bloodline's founder from whatever region of the world you came on even settled down to domesticate himself. I used my power to influence the nine remaining Fire Monks to do what the story outside this tomb states and tell the story of how I was mistreated so perhaps that one day it would send some kind of message to the human race to stop being the greedy shits they have no doubt still been since I've left this world's stage!" replied the voice with Lara's eyes widening with her fear coming to the forefront of her mind.

'So the demon himself does exist and he made the story up to keep people away. Not the Holy Monks of Fire,' thought Lara while wondering how she was going to even get out of here alive?

"You're afraid of me. Rightfully so since you came here to make a name for yourself at my expense. You planned to use me for your own greedy purposes of fame and glory!" exclaimed the voice angrily with Lara backing up toward what she believed was the exit she needed to escape this large room.

Only for something very big and very furry to block the only means to escape.

'Oh bloody Hell!' thought Lara while finding the darkness of the room to be too much and wished her light hadn't been damaged during the fighting of those statues.

"I dislike being used by anyone with an agenda. Especially some arrogant little vixen like you! So...what should I do with you my arrogant little vixen?" questioned the voice while Lara shivered while sensing the smile on the demon's face and sensing it was right in front of her even if she couldn't see its massive form.

Still, despite this predicament she was currently in, Lara had an image, and reputation to maintain even if it meant her death. She was a Croft after all. The last of them if she did not count her evil doppelganger living abroad with that bitch Amada Evert controlling the even crazier bitch that was for the lack of a better term, Lara's clone. The copy herself did not even have a name though Lara suspected Amanda probably called the Tomb Raider's clone copy quite a few choice names while imagining she was insulting the real one and knowing the double couldn't attack one of its creators.

Though that was neither here nor there and it was time to get back to the current problem at hand.

Namely the dark presence looming over her own.

"I'd say let me go, but you would probably laugh, and say no before crushing my body into paste," replied Lara with the presence grinning in the dark.

"That is a distinct possibility," replied the voice while hearing the distinct "click" sound coming from Lara or rather...Lara's hands.

"In that case...," said Lara before she pointed her pistols in the direction she was betting hope beyond hope was where this demon's face was and fired bullet after bullet into it.

The action must have worked to some degree because she felt the presence move back at first, its leg moving away from the exit, and Lara rushed through while hoping to use the outside to her advantage. She tried to run even faster when hearing the angry roar that soon followed and the sudden intense heat from something beyond her heading toward the Tomb Raider's direction.

When Lara jumped out of the tomb, she dived onto the grass around her, and looked back after feeling the heat die down. Getting off the ground, the female Tomb Raider raised her pistols, and looked at the entrance of the tomb with frightful eyes. Sure she battled things before from beasts to mercenaries to power hungry madmen, but this was totally different, and Lara didn't know how to handle this.

How could she handle a demon? She wasn't expecting one. Granted, after everything the young Countess had gone through, she should have expected something, and had more firepower then just her .25 ACP dual pistols. But that wasn't the point! She was not even remotely prepared for fighting such a beast and now because of her own stupidity, Lara might have given it a reason to come out of the shadows to do what the warning said it might do.

"You know, those things you shot at me were very annoying," remarked a human voice that made Lara spin around and preparing the fire at what she assumed would be a large demonic fox creature.

Only to see the sky above was clear of any such thing with nine swishing tales like the stone picture portrayed at the entrance of the tomb.

"Uh...what?" asked Lara before she looked further down and saw a man standing in front of her with a mischievous smirk on his face.

And not just any man either. This man was shirtless, had tattoos all over his torso, arms, and most likely other parts of his body she couldn't see due to his red Gi pants with a black sash wrapped around the waist. This man was now taller then her too, even from a distance of no more then 10 feet away, and was wearing black sandals. His skin was well tanned, the face had whisker like marks on his cheeks, crimson red hair, and possessed the bluest of eyes she had ever seen.

But what really got her attention was the fox ears on his head and nine tails sprouting from behind his back.

"Surprised?" asked the figure in his demonic voice that made Lara snap out of her shock and prepare to fire.

"You are the demonic entity in that cave. Given the stone picture of you over there, I was under the impression that you would be...bigger," replied Lara while the demonic figure's smirk just grew.

"I can be when I want to show my demonic form. I can change into this when it suits me and even hide my fox features when I don't want to be noticed," stated the figure who saw Lara was itching for answers and was trying to stay her hand from firing.

"What are you really? I don't believe for a second you are a demon? Maybe some kind of science experiment gone wrong and using this place a cover? Doesn't matter, I know that demons don't exist. I know that much is true," said Lara with the red haired demonic fox in humanoid form laughing while his head went flying back when he did.

"How incredibly naive you are my dear. Demons do exist. Or rather they did. Past tense. I am the last if not one of the last remaining demons in existence. I'm from an era lost to all since I made sure its history was destroyed and only a select few things of my choosing were left behind," said the figure before wiping away a tear from his eye after laughing so hard.

"And what era is that?" questioned Lara with the figure still smirking at her.

"A lost era that you have no business knowing about my dear. Its from a time long since forgotten and will forever remain forgotten. Its only known survivor capable of telling you the tale of it, myself, and I!" replied the figure with a grin on his face now increasing.

"Maybe if I shoot you a couple dozen times with my bullets, that attitude of yours will change," Lara threatened with her enemy shaking his head.

"First, I wish to commend you for holding your ground against me. Not many people would or could do that in your situation. Second, your 'bullets' won't do anything to me except make me annoyed, and the last thing you want to do my dear vixen is annoy a demon. As for my final remark...well...I'm pretty sure you're out of those 'bullets' of yours," remarked the figure with Lara narrowing her eyes at him.

"Stop calling me vixen! I have a name you know," replied Lara angrily while wondering if she was out of ammo or getting close to it.

"Yet you didn't tell me it. While I may have been out of the loop of sorts in the ways of social decorum for the last...many millennia give or take a century, its considered proper introduction to give your name in order to know someone else's," countered the demonic figure while Lara just snarled.

"And I'm suppose to believe you will give me yours?" challenged Lara with the figure just smirking at her.

"No, but you could at least be civil. At least that will prove your not some arrogant bitch thinking she's a bit better then everybody else," countered the demonic man.

"Lara. Lara Croft," replied Lara with the demon raising an eyebrow at her.

"First name used first instead of your last? Huh. Interesting. Though given how you are no doubt from a different culture, I suppose it is to be expected," remarked the demon while Lara scowled further.

"Your name...please," said Lara while the figure just smirked at her.

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto," said Naruto before doing a small bow of sorts.

"So you are of Japanese descent or at the very least use their customs," commented Lara with Naruto snorted at her.

"Please! They've been doing that for years since I was around. That was one of the few things I allowed to continue on from my era," replied Naruto with Lara frowning before her eyes widened.

"Wait! How can I understand you right now? Or can you understand me? I'm not speaking Japanese to I?" questioned Lara while thinking back and Naruto let out a laugh of amusement.

"When you walked through the tomb, the seals above your head scanned your mind for the primary language you use, and sent it to me to interpret so I could speak your native tongue fluently," answered Naruto with Lara looking confused.

"Seals?" asked Lara with Naruto still looking amused.

"You didn't really think those stone statues from earlier could move on their own through some kind of 'magic' did you? You saw the designs on their bodies? Those were seals I placed on them. Animation seals to be exact. They are very complex. Very difficult to make too, which is why I made only made them for two statues per temple," answered Naruto with Lara's eyes widening in surprise.

"What else can your 'seals' do?" asked Lara while Naruto wagged his finger at her and making a "tsk" sound.

"That would be telling Lara-chan. And I can see in your eyes the sudden interest and curiosity this information brings to your mind. You want to know more to use in some way to your benefit. Increase your fame? The glory of your find?" mocked Naruto with Lara scowling.

"What you know and what you could teach the world would revolutionize it. Change everything we know about the world. For the better perhaps," said Lara with Naruto scoffing at her.

"Please! I've heard it all before today. It was either 'We need your power to save the world.' or 'You have the power to change things for the better.' or "We need you to bring about change to make the world a better place.' blah blah fucking blah! You really want to know what people wanted from me in my time when I had such incredible power at my finger tips under my direct command? They wanted control of it! To take of control me! They wanted to manipulate me. Command me to do their bidding. All of it under the 'noble' pretense of making the world a better place. But it was all a lie. Every single word they spewed from their arrogant mouths was really their desire to use me to increase their hold on the world to be molded into their image! You are no better then they are and even less noble. At least they admitted to it when called out on it when confronted. Granted they did that out of arrogance and stupidity, but they admitted to it nonetheless," replied Naruto with Lara wincing.

"I'm an Archeologist. What we do is find tombs, the treasures they hold, and show them to the world. You have knowledge and no doubt various treasures in that tomb that would bring about great wealth to the world. I want to share it with the world. I get fame for it and a nice sum for my findings, but that's it," replied Lara with Naruto shaking his head.

"I'll admit I do have some...items I couldn't part with or allowed to be destroyed. But I'm not going to share them with you or the world. As for my knowledge, I'm not going to share it either. The last time someone shared a bit of the knowledge I know, it brought about unrest, war, coveting of power, unimaginable pain, suffering, and death to innocent people. Why in the blackest Hell would I want to let that happen? The human race has so many ways to kill each other, it doesn't need what I know to another one to the fucking list. Especially in a way that was meant to be lost and has been lost for so long that it should stay lost," commented Naruto with Lara not liking his answer and reaffirmed her stance with the pistols in hand ready to fire.

"I'll take that risk," remarked Lara with Naruto frowning at her.

"And how will you make me talk or surrender? Are you going to shoot me? Injure me with those toys of yours. Just try," countered Naruto while his eyes changed from blue to red with three tomoes in them to the woman's shock.

'What the...?' thought Lara before she pulled the trigger on her pistols on instinct and was glad to know she had some rounds left to fire.

Unfortunately for Lara, she had very few rounds left in each gun, as a "click" sound was soon heard after a few seconds when each pistol fired a shot at Naruto. Each shot missed, as the demonic entity moved left and right at such incredible speed, Lara thought her own eyes were playing tricks on her, and she cursed when seeing each gun was empty. Before she could even move to reload her weapons, Naruto was in front of her, knocking each gun out of her hand, and was surprised by what he did next.

He kissed her right on the lips plus tongue due to the sudden act making Lara gasp in surprise before even having a chance to recover. Even more shocking to Lara was when she felt one of his hands kneading her ass and the other groping her chest. When Lara finally realized what he was doing, she moved to bite his tongue, or at least knee him in the groin. However, Naruto seemed to anticipate it, and moved away from her before she could do either.

"Not bad, but I've kissed better...and groped better assets too," remarked Naruto with the angry look on Lara's face clearly showing how flustered by his actions and his comments she was.

Naruto could only surmise he was not the first to try that, but was clearly the first to get away with it. Add to the fact he said his hands had touched better female parts then her own must have injured some form of female pride in regards to her body. He wouldn't deny this woman clearly had a great body, as it was lean, athletic, and had nice female assets from what his hands felt from the skin tight thermal clothing she was currently wearing.

But as he said moments ago...Naruto had felt bigger and better assets then the flustered and angry Countess standing in front of him.

"I'm going to kick your ass for that," commented Lara angrily while getting ready for a fight in hand to hand combat since her guns were in her pack behind Naruto.

She would have to fight to get close to it for a weapon that would blow his face off.

"You can try, but just because I was in that tomb for countless years doesn't mean I've let my skills go to waste since living here," commented Naruto with his grin increasing.

It made Lara snarl angrily at him.

With the anger she felt getting the best of her, Lara acted first by throwing out left right combinations, trying to land a hit on Naruto, but the demonic fox just dodged with ease, and even made a kissy face at her for good measure. It made Lara angrier, it made her movements sloppier, and when Naruto saw the perfect opening in the form of a high kick missing his face...he took it. A now smirking Naruto grabbed her extended leg by the ankle, spun her around, and did something that made Lara's face go bright red with anger and humiliation.

He smacked her rear end hard. Multiple times in fact. Lara tried to elbow him in the face, but Naruto dodge each attempt, and continued to smack her vulnerable butt.

"Let go of me you filthy pervert!" commanded Lara, but was met by a chuckle, and the sound of him smacking her ass continued.

"Ah yes. I haven't heard that particular word being yelled at me in ages. How I miss it so," commented Naruto, as he was a pervert like the woman called him, and had been around the female flesh after many some years following the death of his beloved mate died when mourning her death had ended.

"You bloody perverted fiend. When I get free, I'm going to shoot off your dick, and shove your balls down your throat," threatened Lara with Naruto shoving her away after one final smack to her ass.

"As if you didn't like it Lara-chan," countered Naruto with Lara's face burning red with embarrassment.

"I did not!" said Lara in protest, but Naruto put a clawed finger to his nose, and tapped it multiple times.

"You say no Lara-chan, but this nose of mine knows differently," said Naruto with Lara's face getting redder.

"Shut up!" exclaimed Lara angrily with Naruto's smirk making her want to scream out in frustration.

"Make me shut up if you can Lara-chan. But a word of warning. The next time you are in my grasp, I'm going to do more then just spank that firm athletic ass of yours," warned Naruto with Lara hesitating since she knew he would and didn't want a repeat of her butt being struck by him.

Even if someone tiny voice in the back of her mind said she liked it.

'I have to be careful. One false move and he will be on me in seconds. Odds are he's like any other newly released prisoner getting out of prison and has a lot of sexual tension in him. And considering how long he's been up here...that's a lot of sexual tension,' thought Lara while seeing her opponent mocking her while wiggling his eyebrows.

Ordinarily, Lara would use her feminine charms, and appealing body to lure the enemies she faced (which were usually male) against them. However, this current enemy was not the usual enemy, and while he was clearly male...this was someone that had so far having a clear advantage over her. He was faster then her, physically stronger then her, and knew how to throw the Countess off her game.

He had the upper and she knew that Naruto knew it too.

Seeing Lara eyeing her pack a few times behind him, Naruto surmised it possessed more of the woman's gear, and figured it possessed a few more guns. Something more then just a couple of pistols and Naruto knew Lara was trying to figure out how to get to the pack. Something Naruto had no intention of letting happen, as he didn't want the Countess to get anymore guns much less shoot him, and decided to make her focus on him in a close quarterly capacity.

"Your Taijutsu and footwork isn't half bad. You keep yourself exposed on your left side though," commented Naruto with Lara narrowing her eyes at him.

'My instructors said the same thing. I need to work on that,' thought Lara while Naruto just kept smirking at her.

"Though how you can even fight in such a skin tight suit like yours on is beyond even my understanding. Seriously! That outfit hides nothing from the naked eye. It is so easy to picture you naked behind it. Are you even wearing a bra under that? Or panties? If I were to make an educated guess based on your would be wearing a thong. Yeah I see you as a thong wearing woman. Unless of prefer to go commando half the time?" remarked Naruto with Lara's face flushing further with his words.

"That's none of your business!" exclaimed Lara with Naruto's grin widening.

"So you do wear a thong! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I could always tell what type of panties a woman wears based on their figure," declared Naruto happily to himself while Lara's face was looking redder then an apple.

Forgetting all form of restraint, she ran toward him, intent on punching his lights out, and then using him for target practice to let out some pent of frustration.

Her actions was the very thing Naruto was hoping for from the start. Easily dodging her fist, he grabbed the extended hand, kneed her in the stomach, and flipped Lara so she was on the ground staring up at him. Seeing red from the sight of his smirk, she tried to trip Naruto with a swift kick, but it failed when he got out of range of it, and motioned for her to come at him. Dodging the jump kick aimed at his head, Naruto instantly pulled Lara back using the belt from the gun holster she wore, and held the woman in his grip.

"Filthy pig!" exclaimed Lara while one of her arms was held behind her back and felt him groping her chest once more.

"Pig? Huh, I always thought of myself as a perverted fox!" countered Naruto before he nipped her ear and had to dodge the elbow from the woman's free arm.

"I'm going to make you regret doing this!" exclaimed Lara before she found herself on her back again with Naruto on top of her with his tails pinning the woman's legs.

Was it Lara's imagination or did those red eyes with black tomoes now spinning? And changing?

"I think not my dear Lara-chan. In fact, I think this could be the start of a very beautiful relationship," said Naruto while he held Lara down, and look her right in the eyes.

"Like I would have any kind of relationship with a demon," said Lara while Naruto's eyes seemed to have a hypnotic effect on her.

"Kotoamatsukami!" said Naruto with his power now influencing Lara's mind while the woman herself stopped struggling.

This special power of the Sharingan Eye once belonged to one Uchiha Shisui, who would later give one of his eyes to Uchiha Itachi, and would try to use it against Naruto himself to protect Konoha. However, what Itachi never expected was that once the crow landed in Naruto's mind to program him to carry out the act, Kyuubi in a moment of sudden genius to spite the Uchiha Clan as a whole, had attacked the crow before it could carry out the command, and brought such a mutation from the Sharingan Eye under Naruto's control. The effect had actually given Naruto a pair of Sharingan Eyes at the time with the same ability as Uchiha Shisui to use how the Uzumaki saw fit.

The betrayal involved Hinata dying in the hospital from her heart not being healed like the doctors claimed it had been after her fight years prior during the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries. When Naruto learned that he went into a rage. A violent rage to be more exact and it went about killing many of the fools in Konoha without mercy for their actions against him and the woman he loved. The boy used his power to trap himself and Hinata in a Tsukuyomi, which he unlocked when he learned she was going to die, and used the fox's chakra to enhance it to bring about 72 years instead of 72 hours.

Naruto made sure Hinata got to experience everything her heart desired in that time with him and when it was about to end...she thanked him for everything despite the world being a Genjutsu. She got to enjoy spending what was technically her life with him and they even got married in the realm with the fox becoming a priest to make it happen. He treated her like a Queen, loving every second he spent with her, and when it was over with the Genjutsu ending...the light in Naruto's life died when Hinata did.

And in its place brought about the birth a dark Naruto the likes of which made Uchiha Madara and his Uchiha of a puppet Obito seem like a pair of pathetic 90 pounds soaking wet weaklings.

But that was in the past. Buried for all time and forgotten to all but one. Now was the time to start anew. To have some fun. To see what the world was now like, what it had become since he had been away, and just how to approach it upon his return.

With Lara under his command, he had her tell him everything about the world, and what it was like with humanity having populated the globe. How technology dominated most of the world now, the different countries, religions, creeds, cultures, etc. It wasn't long before he changed direction of seeking information by commanding Lara to tell him about herself and what she did in life, all her hobbies, habits, and on a perverted level he asked what her deepest secret fantasies were in terms of being with a guy. The former Shinobi turned demon used his mastery over the Kotoamatsukami to rewrite some of the fantasies to match his own preferences.

Not all. Just some.

"Have I explained everything to your liking Master?" asked Lara with a dreamy smile on her face.

Oh yeah. He also used his optical powers to make Lara have the impression she was his loyal servant to do whatever Naruto commanded her to do.

She belonged to him now.

"Yes you did Lara-chan. And now that you have, its time for your well deserved reward," answered Naruto while leaning in, his eyes becoming blue once more, and saw Lara was now looking at him with lust in her eyes.

"And what kind of reward does Master have in mind?" asked Lara in a sultry tone that oozed sexual desire.

"The fun kind. The sexual kind," answered Naruto, as he began groping the woman's very impressive breasts, and was rewarded with a moan of appreciation by the Tomb Raider.

"More Master. Please!" begged Lara, as she felt him working his fingers on her chest, and loved every single moment of it.

"You like having your tits and ass fondled, don't you Lara-chan? You just love the idea of seeing all the horny perverted men in the world being drawn to your assets. Isn't that why you wear such skin tight clothing? To show off your chest and ass to them while saying you can't have this? You want them to stare and fantasize about a big strong man finally putting you in your place. You want a strong man to grab these breasts. To grab your well toned ass. To take command of you in a way others wouldn't dare out of some fear of what you would do to them. You tempt them, make every man fear your wrath if they try, but in reality my young Countess, when it comes down to the moment where someone does such a will do nothing to stop the act," remarked Naruto before kissing her on the lips, then around her neck, and felt the female Tomb Raider beneath him moan like a common whore while grinding her hips against him.

"Yes. I show off what I have because I enjoy tempting men. Old and young. I do this to entice them. To say 'Here it is and you can't have it because I'll kick your ass!' while they stare. In reality, I wish they would do something, and try to for my body into submission like their greedy lust filled eyes have always told me when I stare back," said Lara while feeling Naruto's hands left her bust and began to unzip her thermal suit from behind when she arched her back.

Lara herself was in a haze, as her mind was trying to process this change, and was so far coming up with a big fat "WTF?!" no matter how hard she tried to think. One moment, she is fighting this demonic entity from an age long since forgotten, and the next...her body is being molested by him. She was Lara Croft for God's sake! She was the Countess to the noble Croft family and one of the richest families in all of England. She was an Archeologist. A warrior woman. A Tomb Raider.

So how why would she of all people letting this demon seduce his way into her panties?

At the moment, Lara didn't have an answer, and that was probably due to her mind being unable to create one thanks to the pleasure Naruto was giving her body. The demon had just finished unzipping her thermal suit in the back and with a mighty tug, he had now exposed the woman's female flesh to him in all its glory.

He was right about her not wearing a bra. To constricting.

"You really are a naughty Countess my dear Lara-chan. No form of modesty whatsoever. Surely in a world as advanced as the one you claim it is, there must be some kind of chest support for you to wear under this suit. But then again, it would go against the fantasy of you having of horny perverted men ripping your clothes off, and grabbing these melons you have for tits," remarked Naruto while going back to his chest groping and loving how Lara's moans increased now that there was no barriers between them here.

"Yes I am. I love to walk around in skin tight clothing. Wet suits. Thermal suits. Tight short shorts and tank tops. I wear skimpy thongs and bikinis that ride up my ass and give men painful erections when they see me in them," admitted Lara while part of her mind was wondering why she was even revealing this to him.

Or that she was even talking about it?

"Well that's all they are ever going to get from you. They will only be allowed to look at this body. Not touch. I'm the only man allowed to touch you. To grope your awesome rocking tits. To grab your well toned ass. This body belongs to me!" replied Naruto with the woman beneath him moaning in agreement to his words.

"You can do more then just groping my Master," Lara breathed out while feeling like her body was on fire.

"I know Lara-chan and I intend to do a lot more. A lot more," replied Naruto lustfully before pulling the thermal suit down past her waist, exposing her hips, and black thong panties currently soaked in her juices from his previous ministrations.

Lara could only gasp when she felt him lean back from her chest, his one hand leaving it, and going to south. She felt Naruto touching her down there, a single clawed index finger touching the soaked panties surrounding the sacred area. Lara looked at Naruto, who was looking down at her, gauging the woman's reaction to his touch, and heard him letting out a sinister yet perverted chuckle that sent shivers up the Tomb Raider's body.

Then without warning, Naruto grabbed the front waistband of her thong, and yanked it up toward him to give her a surprise wedgie. Lara screamed in surprise, pain, and pleasure at the sudden sensation while Naruto's evil smile never left. Even more surprising for Lara was the fact she wanted more, his one hand on her breast was still working its magic, and the other on her thong was being given the occasional hard yank that rode up her soaking pussy.

As for Naruto, he was loving this woman's screams of pain and pleasure since they were music to his ears. She was completely at his mercy. She belonged to him now. Plain and simple.

"M-Master! Ah! Master!" Lara cried out in pleasure while surprisingly feeling an orgasm fast approaching from his acts of perversion against her body.

"You belong to me Lara. Say it! Say you belong to me!" commanded Naruto lustfully while he yanked on Lara's thong even harder and loved how the woman was putty in his hands.

"I belong to you. Only you. You are my Master! My lover! Everything I have aside from my body is yours by extension!" exclaimed Lara while tears fell from her eyes from the pain/pleasure combo being unleashed.

Smirking at his victory over the horny female Tomb Raider, Naruto decided to finalize it in his own way by having his hand on the thong move to her now swollen clit, and give it nice gentle touch...with a hint of chakra behind it. The results was Lara screaming out in pleasure like she never screamed before and nearly blacked out with her barely staying conscious. Had she been more aware, Lara would have felt Naruto tugging on her panties once more until the faint tearing sound was heard to indicate such female unmentionables were now useless in terms of wearing.

Granted, they were useless the moment Naruto gave her the frontal wedgie, but that was beside the point.

"The foreplay on my part is over. Now onto the real fun," said Naruto, as he began to strip out of his clothing, and was soon naked in front of Lara for the slightly out of it Tomb Raider to see despite the still blurry vision.

'I must be out of my mind. There is no way his thing could be that...big!' thought Lara, as she focused on Naruto's naked body, and finally looked at his...item before her eyes went wide when seeing it.

When Naruto was on top of her, all Lara could do was moan when he kissed her on the lips, feeling his erection at her moist entrance while her legs were up on his shoulders, and wondered if it would even fit. Hell, part of Lara's mind yelled it would split her in half, or it would get stuck while needing the jaws of life to free it. Such thoughts left however, as the demonic male before the Tomb Raider entered slowly, inch by inch, and began filling the shocked Countess of the noble Croft family to the brim.

"So tight! Yet no hymen. Tell me Lara-chan, who was your first?" asked Naruto while seeing the mixture of shock and pleasure on the woman's face.

"You are the first! I lost my hymen in my late teens when practicing my fitness training," replied Lara though it was difficult to speak considering she had a massive cock inside her pussy.

"Good. I'm going to be the one and only cock you have in here. Understand? This pussy belongs to me. I'm going to mold it to accept my appendage with open lips and paint its inner walls with my cum," commanded Naruto while feeling Lara's inner walls were now responding excitedly to the concept and felt them tighten more around his length.

"I understand Master. Please mark my pussy as yours. Plow me until you cum and make it so no one else can satisfy me but you," pleased Lara, as Naruto grinned at her response, and began with slow yet powerful thrusts.

"Damn straight! I've countless years of pent of sexual frustration Lara. Make no mistake, you will help me with this," declared Naruto, as he spend up his thrust, and set a pace with powerful thrusts sent one jolt of pleasure after another through the Tomb Raider's body.

'Damn! How can anything be this big or feel this good,' thought Lara dumbly while soon finding it ironic that she, the media's proclaimed "Tomb Raider" was having her female "tomb" raided in a sense by this demonic stud before her very eyes.

As for Naruto, he was enjoying himself to the fullest while dominating Lara, loving the way her breasts moved when thrusting into the woman's wet hole, and the sound she gave off only encouraged him more. It helped remind Naruto of his vengeance against the Leaf when he sought it out and how he ruined all the lives of those that ruined his own.

After Hinata died prior to unleashing his rage, Naruto had gone into a state of depression at losing his love, but it left one day when he unknowingly overheard Kurenai talking with Anko, Shizune Kakashi, and other Shinobi at nearby bar. Apparently, the doctors at he hospital had not patched up Hinata's injuries to her heart after the fight with Neji in the Preliminaries. How the Hyuuga Elders had insisted that the damage be fixed in a subpar manner, as she they saw her as a weak Heiress, and hoped the stress of being a Shinobi would reawaken the injury to one day kill her. The doctors had refused at first, but then it was known to them that she liked Naruto, and after that the guilt they felt left them as if it never existed. What surprised Naruto the most was none of the Jounin at the bar talking about it had shed one ounce of guilt over it since they felt death was better then her being alive to give Naruto happiness. Not only that, but if what Naruto heard that day from Kakashi was any indication, the other Rookies felt the same way, and were glad the two lovers were no longer together. Even worse then hearing that, Shizune revealed that Tsunade herself was told in advance so she could cover it up using her own medical experience to sweep it under the rug, and make sure no one disputed what was told to Naruto when they felt he would demand to know how she died.

Hence why Naruto soon went on a violent and vicious rampage. But not just any kind of rampage. This was cold and calculating with revenge clearly at the forefront of his mind when it happened. So after destroying roughly...half of Konoha in one shot, Naruto had taken off, hiding seclusion for two whole years with no one knowing where he went, and even Jiraiya couldn't track him after his student ended the Toad Contract. The Akatsuki organization was wiped out during that time using hit and run tactics by Naruto with the only woman of the group named Konan being alive. Spared on a whim by Naruto, as she reminded him so much of Hinata, but to ensure she was never a threat to him, the young Missing Nin of Konoha made sure she forgot everything she knew through the power of his Sharingan Eyes before dropping her off at a hospital in a small country in a coma.

By the time Jiraiya found her, any hope of a Yamanaka finding information by diving into her head was impossible, and the Sannin was forced to mourn losing another student from the past.

It was shortly after Akatsuki fell, Naruto focused on Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke while killing all three without mercy. Orochimaru and Kabuto died first before he went for Sasuke, who he beat within an inch of his life, and relished seeing the Uchiha crawl away in fear of him. The fool even began pleading for his life, saying he was Naruto's friend, and had seen the error of his ways while blaming the Curse Seal on his neck for their last fight years prior.

Naruto's response? Ripping out Sasuke's beating heart and then crushing it violently in his hand. After that, Naruto went after the Curse Seal on the Uchiha's body, discovering its purpose with how it worked, and created his own set of seals on the Uchiha's dead body. These seals, written in Naruto's blood, were designed to connect to Sasuke's Curse Seal with everyone currently a Curse Seal received by Orochimaru...before destroying them completely.

And killing every soul fragment Orochimaru ever gave over the years to cheat death.

After that happened, Naruto once more went into seclusion to Master himself, and a few years later had merged with the fox when practicing Sage Mode to unknowingly become the new Kyuubi. Even more interesting was the fact he got the Rinnegan in the process and become the single most powerful entity in all of the Elemental Countries.

Something which didn't sit well with Konoha one bit when they learned Naruto was the source behind all of the world's major problems seemingly be destroyed.

But again, that is a tale for another time.

Breaking free from his past deeds, Naruto redoubled his efforts in pounding Lara with his manhood, the sound of her cries, and slutty moans of pleasure echoing throughout the mountain top. She was vague mumbling about how great his cock felt and how she was his bitch for all time. He could see the woman had practically been zoning out from the pleasure, having cum several times while he was lost down memory lane, and his own release had yet to happen. Pounding even harder, Naruto felt his release approaching, and soon let out a loud roar that shook the mountain itself before cumming hard into Lara's now sore pussy.

By this point, Lara did black out from the intense pleasure while Naruto fell on top of her, having been overwhelmed in getting off for the first time in many many years. After a quick breather, Naruto was able to recover, and lift his head reluctantly from the breasts he crashed against. However, now that the initial first round was over, it was time to get to the second, and easily rotated his unconscious new slave/bitch onto her stomach while still staying inside of the woman's pussy.

"Round 1 is over my lovely and slutty little Cuntess. Now its time for Round 2, followed by Round 3, then Round 4, and Round 5 depending on how much your body can handle," whispered Naruto into Lara's ear while staring at the unconscious, naked, and sweaty body of the woman he now owned.

The top of the mountain was soon echoing with flesh slapping flesh, followed by moans, and cries of pleasure that would last for several long days.

(Tokyo Airport-Sometime Later)

"Yes Winston. I will be getting on the plane soon. No there wasn't anything at the tomb like I thought and hoped there would be after checking it out," said Lara now wearing short shorts, sky blue tank top, a tan brownish trench coat, and shades while her hair was wrapped in a ponytail in the back.

As to who Lara was speaking to, it was her loyal butler Winston Smith after calling him on her cell phone, and letting the old man know she was indeed alive.

"That's a pity. I know you were really looking forward to donating the findings to the London Museum for a significant sum. Well at least you are alive and healthy. I was beginning to get worried when I didn't hear from you," said Winston with the sound of his voice clearly showing how happy he was to hear from her again.

"Yes I know. Thank you Winston. The tomb did hold some treasures from the looks of things, but they were destroyed either by time or from some of the rooms collapsing on themselves after years of neglect by anyone, and therefore unsalvageable," replied Lara while looking to her left at the person sitting next to her with a smile while the man just smiled back.

"Anything else happen while there? Usually something interesting always happens when you don't find exactly what you've been searching for," questioned Winston since it was usually a regular occurrence with Lara to get into more trouble outside of the booby traps left in an old temple.

"Yes and no. Yes something did happen, but not in the way you're thinking. I'll tell you more when I return home. Its quite the surprise really and I feel I should share it with you and possibly explain myself in person," explained Lara while sensing Winston's surprise over the phone since he was unprepared for this.

"If that is what you want Lara," replied Winston while Lara smile while holding back the shiver she felt when the person sitting beside her was running his hand up and down her exposed leg.

"It is Winston. Now if you'll excuse me, my flight is here, and I have to go. I'll talk to you when I land at the London Airport," replied Lara knowing it would make Winston stop from inquiring further.

"Very well. See you soon," said Winston before hanging up.

"Do you think he suspects something?" asked the figure while running his hand further up the leg before it was smacked by his Lara since she didn't want people to see him do it.

"No. Not yet. Winston is a loyal man and has served the Croft family since my Father's days. He knows when not to ask questions and when to inquire about my current health," replied Lara while the figure that was Naruto smiled at her while she smiled back.

"Good. While I have no intention of removing him from your life, I don't want him to get too suspicious and try anything ahead of time," replied Naruto, as he was creating an illusion to hold off his less than human features, and wearing normal civilian clothing that Lara paid for out of her own big fat wallet.

Being a rich Countess with lots of money had its perks.

"I understand. Thank you for being so merciful in agreeing to spare those close to me at Croft Manor like Winston and Master," whispered Lara while feeling her body tingling for his touch once more.

"Your welcome my dear sweet Lara-chan. Now let's get on board the plane and you can tell me more about this doppelganger of yours and her handler named Amanda Evert. Something tells me that I will have to deal with them sooner or later so I'd rather know about them now to decide on the proper course of action," said Naruto with Lara getting out of her chair with him and began explaining everything while heading to the plane.

And what would be Naruto's shared introduction to the Mile High Club with Lara Croft

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