Chapter 3-Three is NOT a Crowd

The newly named Laura Croft, clone of Tomb Raider Lara Croft slowly stirred awake in her bed. She was sore, tired, and yet felt strangely satisfied with everything that had just happened recently. One minute, the clone of Tomb Raider and Countess Lara Croft was on secret security detail of a party done my Amanda Avert. The next, the woman was talking to a complete stranger at Amanda's party, showing him to her bedroom, and was soon sweating between the sheets. She had passed out during the rutting, not surprising since it was her first time, and it was clear the sexy male God who was dominating the whole time had plenty experience. Even when unconscious, Laura's body reacted to him ravishing her, and she had the soreness to prove it.

'Where is that stud of a man anyway?' thought Laura, as she slowly got off her bed, and with some difficulty managed to make it to the bathroom.

She could feel his cum slowly dripping down her leg, a sign that what happened last night was not an erotic dream, but was in fact a real moment in time! It was a shame she had to shower and wash away what happened the previous night with the man. Why he wasn't in her bed when she woke up was strange and sad in a way because Laura wanted to wake up with him lying next to her. Did he sneak off? Or did Amanda somehow find out about the man being with her and have him killed?

After drying off when finished with her shower, Laura got dressed, and decided to walk around the Avert Estate to see what Amanda was up to right now. If anyone would know what happened to the Sex God who screwed her senseless last night, it would definitely be Amanda. As she walked through the halls of the Amanda Evert's Estate, Laura tried to find Amanda, but found the woman not hanging around the usual spots in the large home.


Deciding to go to the path of Amanda's bedroom, Laura stopped at the door when she heard the sound of grunts, moans, and the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Curious as well as a little turned on by what was going on inside Amanda's room, Laura silently opened the door to see movement in the room, and opened it further to get a better look at what she was seeing. The clone of Lara Croft was shocked to see Amanda, the woman she had served on the bed, was naked, blindfolded, had a ball gag in her mouth, arms tied behind her back at the wrists, and...currently riding the male stud Laura she met yesterday.

"Come in Laura-chan. I'm glad you are here," said Naruto, as he saw Laura come into the room, and look from him to Amanda.

"Amanda?" called out Laura with Amanda herself not giving an indication she heard her.

"She can't hear you right now. The blindfold is...special in a way that I've deprived her of seeing and hearing things," replied Naruto while his one hand was on her breast and the other on her ass while setting the pace of her riding him.

"How did you and like this?" asked Laura looking at Amanda to Naruto.

Yes. She finally remembered his name.

"Simple. I walked right up to her," replied Naruto while easily remembering how he met Amanda after waking up a few hours ago with his manhood still in Laura.

(Flashback-Hours Earlier)

Naruto awoke to the feeling of his cock being milked by Laura's pussy for his seed and didn't hold back when he shot his load into her. The woman he was lying on top of was out like a light, though she moaned from the sensation of his cum filling her, and Naruto had to admit her breasts were great pillows to rest his head on.

With some effort, Naruto was able to pull his cock out of Laura when he finished, and smirked when he heard her involuntarily moan in wanting more from him. Not surprising considering how things went last night and the woman's body was desiring him even now on a subconscious level. The same had happened to all the other women in his life he had known much to the personal shame of the women. Of course, when you count the fact that most of the women had been those from Konoha, it was only natural those women were ashamed since Naruto had stripped away their dignity, pride, and many other things that made each woman their own person.

He had completely destroyed and all romantic relationships Konoha Shinobi had with each other. Kurenai and Asuma's relationship was destroyed, Iruka and Anko had been annihilated, he made Tsume look like a horny old bitch, and Hana being her Mother's daughter by following her example. Not even Shizune and Tsunade were spared Naruto's personal wrath all those years ago, as he had destroyed each woman's reputation in the village by dominating them in bed. Shizune was first, as Naruto knew he couldn't get to Tsunade unless Shizune was removed, and turned against the blonde Senju. When the time came for the Gondaime Hokage to get her punishment, Naruto had Shizune heavily sedate Tsunade using powerful knock out drugs placed in the sake the blonde woman loved to drink.

One seal to temporarily reverse the aging process on the unconscious woman and another to keep her from using her chakra after waking up...she was ready to be punished. First, he had to wait until the sedatives wore off, which Naruto did by spending his time having with Shizune in the room. When Tsunade did wake up, Naruto found it amusing how the woman looked in the position he left her after placing the seals on her, which was being bent over her desk, shirtless with her exposed breasts pressed on the flat wood, her pants and panties around her ankles. Normally, the woman's own body weight would team up with gravity, and make Tsunade fall to the ground on her ass. However, Naruto had put seals on her wrists to bind the woman to each far corner piece of the large desk, and her legs spread with each ankle touching a leg. The woman's pants and panties were stretched and ultimately ruined from so many hours in that position for so long. When Tsunade had come to realize her situation, she became enraged, tried to break free from her restraints, and soon demanded an explanation.

Of course Naruto didn't bother giving her one, except stating it was high time someone did what no one else had the courage, or strength to do to her when she was growing up aside from himself.

To show Senju Tsunade a lesson in humility. And in Naruto's mind, there was no other way to show humility to a person than to humiliate said person. Something he did with gusto by taking out a paddle and proceeded to spank the woman over and over again no matter how hard she cried, screamed, and eventually begged him to stop. When he did stop, it was because he wanted to, and set terms she would have to live with for the rest of her days.

First, Tsunade had to admit her own criminal actions, in writing mind you, on the fact she denied Hinata medical attention when the Hyuuga girl needed it. Second, she also had to admit to being an arrogant, drunk, and gambling addict bitch. Again, that too was also to be put down in writing, and stamped with her seal. Both of them.

And the third term, since he had been so gracious to give her youth back temporarily, it was only fair to Naruto that it belonged to him until the seal wore off. That part Tsunade profoundly refused, but a couple dozen spankings later, and the woman submitted to his request.

But that was a tale for another time.

'Time to see where Amanda is...after a nice shower of course,' thought Naruto, as he went to take a shower, cleaned himself off, and proceeded to explore the large house.

As he walked around, Naruto was actually kind of sad to see such a large house like this one go to waste in being used by only two people, and no one else. Lara's home was also roughly the same size as Amanda's, but at least his Cuntess of a fuck toy have a butler, and a tech expert living with her before he came along. Before Amanda had Laura in her life, the woman was living alone, in this big old house, and it didn't make sense to him.

Of course, Naruto wasn't one to talk since he lived in a cave by himself for Kami knows how long in terms of the number of millennia it actually was since being outside before recently.

Sensing his target was in her bedroom, Naruto entered in a carefree manner, which gave the surprised, and barely dressed Amanda Evert a near heart attack. Not surprising really since she saw the person in her bedroom was not the one who she thought it would be when entering.

"You! How did you get in here? Why are you here?" asked Amanda, as she grabbed her robe to cover herself up, and glared at the man in front of her.

"Those are some good questions. Though you are missing one," remarked Naruto with Amanda frowning before she realized something else about him she saw.

"Why are you naked?!" demanded Amanda with Naruto smirking.

"That's the one," replied Naruto with Amanda blushing heavily at the sight of seeing this man she just met yesterday at her party standing in front of her casually, calmly, and fully nude for everyone to see.

Not that he had anything shameful to hide.

Quite the opposite actually.

"Answer my questions before I have you thrown out!" demanded Amanda while reaching for her gun on the nearby desk and turned to see his nude body had vanished.

"Oh really? Throw me out you say? You and what army?" asked Naruto from behind Amanda, who spun around, trying to aim the pistol in her hand at him.

But he was faster and anticipated her movements easily. Amanda found her gun knocked out of her hand and had her hands pinned behind her back. When the woman tried to kick him, Naruto just took the hit, but was unfazed by it, and smirked at the woman when she saw her hit did nothing to him.

'Why isn't he in any pain? Such a hit should have left a bruise. Broke a rib even,' thought Amanda before she was suddenly kissed passionately by Naruto and was so overwhelmed by the action that she didn't fight back at first.

When Amanda felt his one hands undoing her robe and molesting one of her breasts, she started to struggle, but Naruto held her in place until he robe entire, and let the garment fall on the floor. When he broke the kiss, Naruto saw the various tattoos on the woman's body, appreciating them, and had to admit Amanda had that something that would put an ordinary steam in a man's stride.

"Damn you have a good body. Not unlike Lara and Laura," commented Naruto while seeing the woman was only wearing white pinkish thong panties.

"Lara? Lara Croft?" questioned Amanda with Naruto smirking.

"Do you know any other Lara's that you hate with a passion?" asked Naruto with Amanda narrowing her eyes at him and tried to hurt the man once more.

"The ally of my enemy is also my enemy," stated Amanda, as she tried to punch his lights out, but found her attacks were as effective as flea on a giant.

"Who said Lara was my ally? She's just a fuck toy to me," replied Naruto with Amanda now looking at him in shock, her attempts to hurt the strange man stopped.

"What?" asked Amanda, as she was sure her ears had betrayed her, and heard something entirely different.

"I hate explaining things when I want to do something else so let's speed things up so I can fuck your brains out. 'Tsukuyomi!'" said Naruto before he had his eyes turn into the Sharingan and trapped the woman in the Genjutsu World to speed things up.

And use his other Sharingan ability to bring Amanda under his control.

When Naruto finished, Amanda had slumped against him, exhausted from the mental strain she just went through, and felt her body was slowly grinding against him. The demonic entity grinned an evil grin, as Amanda began nipping at his shoulder, her panties were now getting wet, quickly becoming drenched, and moaned when she felt his hand that retrained her one arm move to her butt to grope it. Amanda found herself breathing heavily and looked up at Naruto with lust overflowing from her eyes.

"Take me. Ravish me. Do whatever you want to Master!" exclaimed Amanda, as she felt his hand go to the waistband of her panties, and made the fall to her seat.

"Oh I intend to Amanda. I intend to," whispered Naruto before he captured her mouth with his own in a passionate kiss, followed by groping, moaning, and finally thrusting.

(End Flashback)

"Eventually, I decided to do something kinky with her, and we are my dear," said Naruto while Laura watched Amanda still riding him.

"Can I join?" asked Laura lustfully, as she saw Naruto tense for a moment, and shoot his load into Amanda arching her back while letting out a loud moan from being filled with his seed before she fell forward while on top of him.

"Are you up for it? I know and can tell you are sore from last night," asked Naruto, as he moved Amanda off of him, and let his cum covered cock just dangle there while dripping juice from both genders onto the already stained bed sheets.

"The body maybe sore, but the spirit is most definitely willing!" stated Laura, as she was soon disrobing, and climbed onto the bed naked while eyeing Naruto's one eyed monster.

'Who ever said two is company, but three is a crowd clearly never had more than one hot woman under his thumb,' thought Naruto while Laura began licking his tool, and cleaning it with her mouth.

Turning his head to look at Amanda's tied up form, he pulled her close to his side, and removed the blindfold along with the gag she had on so the woman could see Laura cleaning his cock. The white haired woman look at Laura in shock before looking at Naruto, who had his arm reach around her shoulder to grope her breast.

"Aren't you satisfied yet?" asked Amanda tiredly while Naruto let out a small chuckle.

"I have a very high libido. Plus, you, Lara, and Laura here are all smoking hot. I have no intention of stopping my fun with you three anytime soon," replied Naruto while making a noise in the back of his throat saying he approved of Laura's oral skills.

"I'd rather see Lara dead after what she pulled years ago," replied Amanda angrily while feeling her body tingling with desire due to the sensitivity due to the orgasms for the past couple of hours.

"No you won't. I forbid it. You can't kill Lara-chan. She is my bitch. My fuck toy to get me off whenever I want like you and Laura-chan here. But I can see where you would want to get some measure of revenge on her. Speaking from the personal experience of one person who was betrayed by others, I know what you are feeling by dear, and the best way to hurt someone is not to kill them. At least not right away. The best way to hurt someone, is to humiliate them, break the persona they have created for themselves, and others perceive them as before smashing that perception to pieces. Granted I have already done that to Lara with the exception being the public doesn't know of our sexual activities together, but that doesn't mean I don't have a the proof that such sexual activities have happened," stated Naruto while petting Laura now and giving Amanda's nipple a good twisting.

"Are you suggesting I do what I think you are suggesting?" asked Amanda with her voice showing a mixture of shock, hesitance, and lust all in one.

"As if you haven't thought about it my dear. You may not be into women per se, but we both know that if you had one chance, and could have Lara in that manner...I know you would take it without a second thought," replied Naruto with Amanda blushing now since she did have a secret fantasy of dominating Lara sexually as a form of payback and using the recording she made of it (her own face censored out) be known to the world.

Lara's reputation would be tarnished, her client pool would dry up, and those close to her would abandon the woman. Even her loyal butler Winston and that tech guy Zip would have left Lara to her own devices just to save themselves. Amanda would finally have had the last laugh before possibly trying again in the future before repeating the process all over again. Maybe even holding onto the footage the next time around to make Lara into her personal little pet?

Oh the thought of it was turning her on so badly.

"I don't suppose you could...arrange such a thing for me if I asked?" questioned Amanda while hoping he would say yes.

"I might. Provided you don't break any rules I set down pertaining to such an event taking place," replied Naruto while his breathing increased and knew he was going to cum soon.

"So long as I get my revenge and humiliate her," answered Amanda with Naruto grinning at her before he let out a loud moan and came into Laura's hungry mouth.

"You maybe Lara Croft's copy Laura-chan, but you are definitely your own woman in terms of skill when sucking on my cock," remarked Naruto happily while seeing the woman looking up at him with a crude smile on her face since his tool was still in her mouth.

"So when do I get to pay Lara a visit?" asked Amanda while Laura took Naruto's tool out of her mouth, and crawled forward until she was straddling him.

"In a few days. For now, let's enjoy our time together. All three of us," answered Naruto while Laura had him inside of her again and let out a sigh of pleasure.

"Aren't you worried Lara might become worried and come over here?" asked Amanda curiously while Laura moved her hips slowly.

"Not really. Though if you want, I could put your mind at ease. Hand me that phone," said Naruto with Amanda obeying and put the object in his hand before he started dialing.

"Croft Manor," said the voice belonging to Winston.

"Hello Winston. Its Naruto," said the demonic man casually.

"Oh Master Naruto. Its good to hear from you. I trust all went according to plan I take it?" asked Winston with Naruto smirking on his end.

"Yes. I was calling to ask about Lara. How is she?" inquired Naruto while playing the role of the "concerned fiancée" to the butler.

"Mistress Lara is doing well. Your assigned tasks to her have been carried out since you left yesterday. Though from the way things are going with her training...I fear she will need some help," stated Winston with Naruto frowning.

"Help? With what exactly?" asked Naruto while hearing the butler hesitate.

"Mistress Lara needs help with her...urges sir," answered Winston with Naruto letting out an "ah!" in understanding.

"I see. Lara must be really training hard if she needs me back home to help her out in that...capacity. I didn't think she would need such help so soon," replied Naruto while he was looking at Laura Croft currently lost in pleasure from his tool in her pussy.

"She has been training hard since you left yesterday sir. I've seen Lara during her breaks to ensure she isn't pushing herself too hard. I estimate she will need your...special touch in the next day or two sir," said Winston while keeping himself professional over the phones.

You never knew if people tapped the phones in someway to record these conversations.

"I understand. Let her know I'll be back in a few days and to keep up with her training," ordered Naruto while sensing the butler was nodding on his end.

"Understood Master Naruto. I'll let Lara know of your instructions. Goodbye," replied Winston before he hung up the phone.

"He's definitely getting a raise," commented Naruto before refocusing on Amanda and Laura currently trying to get pleasure through his body.

He was going to have a busy couple of days ahead of him.

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