Author: Ally ([email protected])

Summary: Eric's cousin Ford comes to visit. Hyde and Jackie's fights begin to change into something else, but will he lose her to Ford?

Rating: R for language and drug content, and maybe a little sex but only implied.

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Chapter 1: High, Jackie, and the new Guy

There are a lot of things I regret in my life. Lots damnit, and it isn't like I have one of those nifty time machines that I could use and go back and change half the shit I regret. No man, not a damn thing I can do but sit here smokin' and drinkin' and regrettin'. Life sucks. Only eighteen and already ready to give up, sad story right? Fuck that. So you know how I deal with all these fuckin' regrets man? You wanna know? I do what I'm doin' right now. I sit in Foreman's basement, gettin' high, and watchin' TV. Fun, right? Well it could be worse. So there I was sittin' in Foreman's basement like always, very buzzed, like always, and in walked the only people in this world whom I care to care about.

"Hey man." Ah, good ole Foreman. Good man. "Hyde, what you doin? Oh wait, let me guess." Then he does that eyebrow thing and hops over the couch and points to the smoke lingerin' round my head. "You're playing bridge right? Guys am I right?" The feisty red head Donna pushes him over, and everyone assumes their positions in the basement. Fez in the lawn chair across from mine, Donna and Eric cuddled in one corner of the sofa, and Kelso sitting on the other end playing' with a yo-yo, which in my current state of mind was flashin all sorts of colours.

"So, Hyde, what is Bridge, and can I play it too?" Ah Fez, my protégé.

"Fez man, I'm not playin' bridge. Foreman was being a smartass." I look pointedly at Eric but he just continues making-out with Donna. All of a sudden the basement door bursts open and I hide the joint under my ass and start choking' on the partially inhaled smoke. "Please don't let it be Red," I hear Eric whispering in Donna's hair. I look up ready to face God and I see Jackie. "God damnit it Jackie, you scared the hell outta me. Why the hell you making so much god damn racket?"

"Oh please forgive me Steven, my world revolves completely around you and I wouldn't want you to feel put out." She smiles sarcastically at me.

"Careful Jackie, you might start turnin' me on with that smart little lip of yours." I smile sweetly at her and watch as her eyes flare with anger. She places her hands on her hips and takes a few more steps towards me.

"Well for your information Steven, the reason I made so much, um how did you say, 'so much god damn racket', was because Red is on his way down with some guy." Shit I say to myself.

"Why the hell didn't you say so to begin with Jackie?" I yell at her.

"Cause I like watching you squirm Steven," she says to me in that sweet little voice of hers.

"Well wasn't that just a lovely little spat, now quick Kelso, where's the air freshener?" Eric asks Kelso who has entangled his hands in his yo- yo.

"Oh come on guys, help me out here, the rope is beginnin' to pinch my skin." His eyes go wide and his lips curl in pain, and Fez gets up and begins to help untangle the dumbass. Donna and Eric search frantically for the freshener and begin to spray the basement when they find it.

"Hyde. Joint. Gone. Now." Donna orders as she continues spraying. I watch as Jackie, dressed in her cheese maiden outfit rolls her eyes and walks past me to sit on the freezer. I get up and grab the joint from below me. I turn and walk towards Jackie. She catches my eye and glares at me, as I get closer to her.

"What do you want now Steven." I walk right in between her legs and lean in towards her. I hear her breath catch. God I never noticed how dark her eyes are. "Steven, what are you-" The glare fades as I reach my arm behind her, and I lean in to whisper in her ear.

"Don't get your pretty, rich panties in a bunch doll." My lips graze her ear and I feel a shudder run through her tiny pixie-like body. I lick my lips suddenly forgetting what indeed I am doin'. My throat is suddenly dry and all I can think about is how great she smells when I hear Eric shout as he trips over Kelso's yo-yo.

"Damnit Fez, you don't use yo-yo's that way!" Eric screams. Snapped out of my daze I see Jackie still staring at me as I stand mere inches from her. I drop my hand behind the dryer and feel for the shelf.

"Ah gotcha." I see the question in Jackie's eyes and I smile. "Just stashin' the joint, you know, for later." I see realization dawn on her face and she pushes me off her, the glare back on her face. I return to my seat just as Red walks in with some guy.

"Okay dumbasses this is Ford, Kitty's dumbass nephew. Make him feel welcome or your asses are mine and you are all grounded."

"Uh Dad, they're not your kids, you so can't ground them," Eric informs Red laughingly.

"Wanna bet?" And that is all Red has to say before we are all sitting quietly waiting for him to leave. "He's here for two weeks. Now, I dunno, bond or some shit like that." And just like that, Red leaves. I take this time to finally get a look at this Ford guy. Well if it isn't another Kelso wanna-be, I think to myself. The guy is good-lookin I guess. The girls would definitely find him attractive. And instead of Kelso's brown hair, this Ford guy had blonde, and damnit even some muscle. Maybe he'll be stupid, I silently hoped.

Fez was the first one to speak, and of course what he said was priceless, "Ford huh? So you are the one who makes those damn cars those old people are always driving around and hitting me with."

"OOOOhhh burn man so a burn," Kelso shouts as he high fives Fez.

"Not exactly dumbass," Donna says as she punches Kelso in the arm.

"Ow. Damnit Donna I call um as I see um." At this point the room got quiet and Ford decided to talk.

"Hey Eric how ya been?" Eric finally releases his girl and reaches out a hand to his cousin.

"Fine man, you? Didn't realize you were coming'." Ford laughs and sits on the couch in between Kelso and Donna.

"Me neither but you know my folks, decided on a last minute vacation and dropped me off with the nearest relatives who would have me." Damnit this guy actually sounded nice. "So you gonna introduce me or am I gonna hafta guess?"

"Oh man sorry, just you know shock from Red's threats you know? Well you already know Donna here." Donna smiled sweetly at Ford as she shook his hand. Oh yeah Donna definitely thought he was cute. I laughed out loud and watched as Eric flashed a possessive glare over Donna.

"Yeah I remember that one summer you came and I trapped you up in that tree in the front yard," Donna says as she settles back in to Eric's arms.

"Yeah I tried to block that out. So you and Eric? Ha was wondering when he'd get the balls to go for it." I couldn't help myself and so I laughed at the obvious burn. And of course Kelso called him on it. I decided danger was over and got up to retrieve my joint as Eric introduced Ford to Kelso and Fez. I blocked out the predictable conversation involving Ford, Fez, and the meaning of Ford's name. As I turned around I noticed Jackie checking out Ford as he talked with Fez. I walked up and blocked her view.

"See something over there you like Jacks?" I ask her as I place my hands on the dryer on either side of her.

She places her hands over mine and leans forward into me, just as I had done to her before. "Oh Steven you're just jealous is all, so why don't you just get your little joint, go in your little room and right letters to the newspapers on how the government is after all of us." As she speaks the last words I feel her breath on my lips and watch as her eyes sparkle with the knowledge that she just burned me. Me being the gentleman that I am just can't let her get the last word. Some of her hair had fallen in her face and a small amount of sweat made her face glisten. Before I knew what I was doing I reached up and smoothed the hair back onto her head. Her eyes suddenly grew wide at the contact and her breath caught yet again. I let my hand linger on her cheek.

I leaned in so that when I spoke my lips just barely brushed hers. "Well Jackie, why don't you go prance over there in your little outfit and introduce your cute self to Ford and see how long it will take you to get into his pants, then you can wave him in front of Kelso and make him jealous." Okay I admit, it wasn't my best insult, hardly even ranks up there but sure enough her eyes hardened in anger and disgust and she let out a scream of frustration, pushed me hard, so hard I fell on my ass.

"You are such a dill hole Steven Hyde." And with that the little vixen ran out of the basement. I sat there stunned for a second before I started laughing. After a moment I looked up and noticed everyone staring at me strangely.

"What the hell was that all about Hyde?" Donna shouts at me before going after Jackie. Eric looks at me then notices Ford's confusing look.

"Uh, yeah Ford, that one is Hyde." Ford smiled and nodded at me.

"Yeah I'm Hyde and that little pixie was Jackie." And with that I was once again lost in my laughs. Man this shit was good. Maybe later I realized I had kinda been an ass to the Queen bitch herself, but for now I was ridin' the high and I wasn't gonna let her spoil it for me. But no sooner had I thought that than the regret I was talking about earlier crept back in. For the rest of the night I sat silently watching my friends exchange pleasantries with Ford, and try as I might I couldn't get what had transpired with Jackie out of my head.

"Well I know a thing or two about her Well I know she'll only make you cry" -The Donna's "Strutter" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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