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Sherlock walked out of the Yard with John satisfied that this case was over. He had discovered the reasons and the how, he smiled but it dropped. There was something else troubling him, the focus of everything, Raelyn Hale. He paused slightly in his triumphant gait which made John stop and look at him puzzled.

"Did you miss something?"

He nodded, "I'm afraid I did," he looked at John almost unable to verbalize what it was.

Watson smiled and almost laughed as his friend, "Go find her, I'll take care of things here."

Sherlock smiled placing a hand on John's shoulder, "John," he started but lost his words as he nodded and bounded off.

The smaller man crossed his arms as he looked after Holmes and sighed, "They never forget that first crush," he laughed as he walked back to Lestrade's office.

Holmes found his way back to the hospital where the Hale family and Mycroft were still waiting to hear updates and for Rae to be released. Once Mycroft spotted his little brother he made a beeline to him pulling him out of sight before the others had a chance to see him. The elder Holmes grasped Sherlock by his arm and took him to a quiet corner of the hallway.

"If you've come to inflict any moreā€¦"

Sherlock gave a knowing smirk to Mycroft, "The case is over, Callum Bannister is in custody, his accomplice Andrew Wilson has confessed to everything and Lestrade will be going after Burke Gannon once he has the location. I came here to update the Hales with the news that Cooper will be released tonight."

A shocked expression worked its way over Mycroft's face, "So it's over?"

"You had doubts dear brother?"

"No," Mycroft shook his head, "I just didn't imagine it would be over so soon. I can go deliver the news to them if you have something more exciting to get to," his voice turned up at the end, like he was expecting Sherlock to run. Mycroft had seen him with Raelyn and wanted to keep him away from the girl. The working relationship he had with her father would be strained if Sherlock broke the poor thing's heart. Placing his hands behind his back and almost turning away from his younger brother practically expecting Sherlock to say yes and leave.

The younger Holmes looked at his brother and laughed slightly at his posture, "Actually Mycroft I thought I would deliver the news personally." A smile curled over Sherlock's face as he walked past the elder Holmes wearing a bewildered expression. The deductive man walked to where Max and Victor were sitting, but Raelyn was nowhere to be seen.

Victor saw Sherlock and got up to meet him, "Do ya hav' any news?"

Holmes nodded, "Cooper will be released later tonight. He will need to be released into family custody," Victor hugged Sherlock tightly cutting him off.

"Thank ya Sherlock, for everythin'," he said almost sobbing.

"Da," Max said quietly from behind putting a hand on his father's shoulder. Victor turned to his son and hugged him, the emotion taking over that everything was finally over. He couldn't speak just choked out sobs. Max looked to Sherlock, "Wha' happen'd?"

"It's over," Sherlock said proudly.

Max looked at him stunned, he could hardly believe it. All those things the doctor wrote about him were true. So little time had passed his Victor had hired him to look into things but he proved to be the amazing detective as advertised. The middle Hale couldn't form words as he stood there holding his sobbing father and staring at Holmes.

Mycroft came into view, "Go get Cooper, we'll keep watch over Raelyn."

Sherlock turned to Mycroft, "As you can see Mycroft neither one of them is in any condition to drive or speak where to go for a cab. Why don't you take them to get Cooper and I'll keep an eye on Raelyn. I'll fill her in on what's going on."

The older Holmes shot a shrewd look at the younger man, "I'll take them, but tread cautiously little brother."

The younger Holmes watched Max and Victor leave with Mycroft. When they were out of sight he ducked into Rae's room. She was sleeping again, probably given a sedative after the incident with Cal; a nurse was finishing checking her vitals before shuffling out of the room. The two were alone for the first time since they shared an intimate moment on the patio. Sherlock stalked over to her bedside and sat down. He studied her sleeping form, so peaceful yet curious. This girl, just 23 had caught Sherlock Holmes off guard, surprised him in a way he never thought about or cared to. As he cast his light blue eyes on her figure taking in every inch of her, scrutinizing her trying to figure out how and why he had let Rae undo him. These strange feelings that rose up in him, ones he could name and categorize but not decipher would not leave him. Holmes was almost sure that once the case was over anything he felt would be fleeting, a moment or two then disappear in the wind becoming bored so quickly.

"No, you hold mystery my dear Raelyn," he whispered out as he moved closer to her bedside. Examining her face, so peaceful in the state of chemical sleep she was in, he leaned in closer almost wanting to make her one of his experiments, to find out how and why she ticked.

His eyes searched her face over and over until he had it memorized, her large almond shaped eyes, her lightly tanned skin, the splattering of freckles over her slender and pointed nose. Full and pink lips that slightly parted as she gently breathed. Her sharp jawline that led to rounded chin with subtle cleft that was slightly off center. Her cheek bones were high and rounded and her forehead smooth as glass. The symmetry in her face was nearly perfect. Holmes just watched her like one observes animals in a zoo. This feeling he could not shake as he looked deeper and deeper at the youngest Hale was making him impatient for her to awaken and see him there.

A slight noise emanated from her slightly open mouth and a jolt of electricity shot through Sherlock as Raelyn moved and her eyes tightened. The anticipation of seeing those deep green eyes looking into his was making him slightly nervous, his palms were damp as he leaned forward looking at Rae's eyes fluttering as she shook off her induced slumber.

The Irish girl opened her eyes to see Sherlock leaning towards her, "Sherlock," her accent thick with sleep and confusion.

"I'm here Rae," he spoke gently touching her hands, feeling her soft skin under his own.

Raelyn blinked hard for a moment as she was pulled into the waking world, "Wher's me Da?" She looked at him and saw the focused look on his face and she became alert afraid something was wrong. "Wha' happen'd?"

Sherlock smiled before taking her face in his hands and putting his lips hers. The pressure was gentle and light. The girl's eyes fluttered for a moment before succumbing to Holmes sinking into his mouth. The release of endorphins that Sherlock had felt on the patio returned almost doubled as he tasted her sweet lips again. The smell of her skin invaded his senses making any reason he had left leave him. The blood rushed faster though his veins as his lips tangled with Raelyn's. His hand moved through her slightly messy hair holding her steadfastly to his embrace. This feeling was such a high that he knew that couldn't be reproduced in any experiment. The feel of her skin, hair and lips against his own was thrilling to the point of addiction, a high that he needed to find over and over.

The fire that sparked between the two as they kissed smoldered until Holmes gently pulled away from the girl. His eyes locked on her pleasantly shocked face as she slowly opened her eyes; dark green met light blue and gold. A smile crawled onto Raelyn's face, "Cooper's bein' released," she whispered as Holmes gave an assuring nod.

"I wanted to give you the news personally," Sherlock grinned at her.

"Tha' was certainly a splendid way ta deliver tha news," Raelyn said as her smile got wider. She looked at Holmes, running over his unique face and those eyes of his. She had to go back to University in the States; she couldn't stay here even if she was extending her stay a bit longer for Cooper. She let out a slight but somber sigh.

"What is it Rae," Sherlock asked quietly.

The Irish girl locked eyes with the consulting detective, "I'm afrai'd tha I'll hav' ta be goin' home soon." She said it in a way to try not to hurt him but make him understand.

The elation Holmes felt swelling inside him deflated when he realized where home for her was, across the Atlantic. "I know Rae," he stroked her cheek with his thumb as a wicked smile crossed his face.

"Ya min' tellin' me wha' you're smilin' abou'?"

"That doesn't stop me from trying to dissuade you from returning to Boston."

Raelyn laughed lightly, "Ya are a devious one aren' ya? Well Mr. Holmes ya hav' abou' two months figur' it out," the girl leaned in putting her lips to his again. She let herself feel the butterfly sensation in her belly start to rise as his intoxicating lips danced with hers. It would be an interesting two months indeed and she did have a scholarship to Oxford.