There stood a woman on the edge of the pavement. She was leaning over the water as if she was about to jump in; committing suicide, that's what others thought. But they didn't see the young Yagara Bull in front of her; nudging her elbow to get her attention. The young lady held it's nuzzle and questioned it; "What's wrong little one?"`

The bull opened his mouth and showed the fruit he had. He spited out in Luka's hands and nudged her elbow again. He wore a sweet smile with good intentions so Luka took a mouthful of the fruit. It tasted funny from being in the water, but she didn't allow the bull to see it. She swallowed the bite and slices the fruit in half. She handed one half to the bull; who ate it from her hands. He moaned in delight of the sweet salty fruit. Luka tried to match the same impression of the animal as she finished her half. "Yummy," she said.

She patted the Yagara's head and left it. The fruit was a gift from the Yagara for the deed she had done for it. She had found his kin and recued it from a grave danger; so in return the Yagara gave Luka a fruit he had found for the rescue of his kin.

Luka sighed and stretched her limbs and that's when she heard purring. She looked down and there was a full size leopard rubbing itself against her legs. A full sized leopard out in the middle of a city. Like any normal person, she bent down and petted the big kitty. She rubbed behind his ear and under his chin and the leopard purred.

People who surrounded them screamed and ran away in fear of their lives while Luka stayed there and petted the big cat. Her soft touch found all of his places that caused him to purr out like a kitty. He brushed against her legs once again and raised his tail in delight.

"Who's a good kitty?" she asked playfully. Then she tilted her head, "Oh, I should name you…Spots!"

The leopard tilted his head as if asking the girl if she was serious, but she began petting him once again.

Her name was called and she followed after it. The leopard tried following after her, but she almost tripped over his body once. He stayed back on the pavement and watched as Luka left. He smirked at the contact he had gotten from the fair oblivious maiden. He turned away from her and went in an alley; scaring away people who were there.

His paws transformed into human hands as did the rest of his body. He stood up from his position on the ground and wiped the palms of his hands. He walked out of the alley as if he wasn't a leopard moments again.

Later that night, the young shipwright wouldn't leave his eyes off of the pirate captain. He remembered all of her touches on his skin and he purred out loud; those near him had to look back with a curious look at their fellow member. The bird on his shoulder turned and told them off and his face stayed emotionless as ever.

"Hm…oh look! Spots!" Luka pointed it some object and Lucci glanced at them as if he was being called. He turned back in embarrassment, but none of it showed on his face. Kaku looked at him with a questioning look, but Lucci didn't react none to it.

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