Chapter I

"Uh, Timon? What... the hell... is that?"

Timon and Pumbaa both stood at the entrance to the cave within Pride Rock, looking inside to see Simba and the rest of his family within it. Timon stood on the ground beside Pumbaa, and in his hands, the meerkat was holding what looked like a large, flat metallic object that no one in Simba's pride had ever seen before. And as the two friends stood there at the entrance, they received nothing short of dumbfounded and shocked looks from the lions inside.

Simba stood beside Nala, with Kiara and Kovu just to their left. Closer to the back of the cave behind them was Kopa and Vitani standing side-by-side with one another. The moment of silence going on while Timon and Pumbaa stood there with the strange object was broken when Simba spoke once more.

"Timon? Pumbaa? What's going on here?" He asked, staring blankly at the flat object Timon was holding.

"What's that thing you have?" Nala added.

Finally deciding to explain themselves, Timon and Pumbaa spoke. The meerkat said to them all,

"Guys, I've really got something to show ya' this time!"

The three lions and the three lionesses within Pride Rock took a few steps closer to them both as they watched Timon set the flat object on the ground in front of him. Pumbaa stepped up beside him now. He sat down next to the object.

"Timon, what is that, and where did you get it?" Vitani asked in a tone that made it clear she wasn't in the mood for any nonsense.

Timon looked up to her. "I'm glad you asked, Vitani. You see this thing?" He said to her. "They call it a laptop."

"A... laptop?" Kovu said to himself in confusion. He glanced over to Kiara.

"Never heard of it." She said to him curiously.

"What does it do?" Kopa asked them. And to this, Pumbaa looked down to Timon. He said to his friend, "Show 'em, Timon."

After the warthog said this, Timon cracked his fingers and then reached down for the laptop. Gripping the front end of it, he lifted it gently upwards, and to the lions, it seemed to split open. Having never seen this before, they all gasped when he did this. Carefully, Timon turned the laptop around so the inside faced the pride. And when he did, he received quite possibly the strangest looks he had ever gotten. The lions saw the laptop had a screen on the end that opened, and a button-based keyboard on the side below it.

"Pretty neat, huh?" Pumbaa commented, as though he were oblivious to the confused looks they were all giving at the moment. Timon took notice, and he walked out in front of the laptop's screen. He then began,

"Alright, maybe I should explain this." He said lightheartedly.

"Uh, yeah, you think?" Vitani said sarcastically.

Timon continued, "Okay, listen. Pumbaa and I were out in Hakuna Matata with my colony, right? Well all of a sudden these hunters showed up today in some kind of jeep, and they had this thing with them they called a laptop. Well, they left the thing in the front seat with the door open, going off to do God-knows-what. Well... let's just say I couldn't really handle myself there."

Simba perked up when he said this. "You mean you stole this from poachers?" He asked seriously. "You know it's the law to never deal with the likes of them here!"

Timon sneered, "Ah, but we weren't exactly in the Pride Lands, now were we?"

Simba opened his mouth to say something, but ultimately decided against it. Here, Kiara asked them both, "What did you two want with that thing anyway?"

"And what does it do?" Kopa added, giving his sister a brief glance.

Pumbaa perked up when he asked this. The warthog said to them, "That's just what we hoped you'd ask."

Timon, still standing in front of the laptop, looked up to them all again. He could tell that their curiosity was growing, so he decided to wait no longer.

"Well, a laptop can get you to this place the hunters called the Internet. Apparently, you can get any kind of information you want off this thing!"

This explanation left all of the others somewhat gaping in amazement. For a bit, Simba had his suspicions as to what the laptop was capable of, but now he was nothing short of intrigued.

"What kind of information, Timon?" Nala asked curiously.

The meerkat replied, "Anything you want, Nala. In fact, that's why Pumbaa and I came here to show you guys this... you're all on it!"

"What?" Kopa and Simba asked in unison, with most of the others gaping suddenly at what Timon had said.

Pumbaa continued, "Yeah! Apparently all of you guys are celebrities! You have whole fan bases dedicated to you, fan stories, fan art, you're in everything!"

Now, the pride was truly curious about the laptop. Never before had they ever thought of the idea of having fans, let alone the amount that Timon and Pumbaa were implying.

"No, that can't be!" Simba said anxiously. "How would they know about us? They never approached us before!"

Timon chuckled as he glanced behind him to look at the portable computer. "Simba... have you got a thing or two to learn about this."

Now, Kovu decided to speak. "Well, how does the laptop work?" He asked.

Timon, without saying a word, turned around and sat down in front of the laptop. He pressed a button near the back of the keyboard, and the screen flashed on. As he did this, all six of the lions crowded around him, trying their best to get a good look at the screen. Indeed, this was a new experience for them all.

They all sat down in a semicircle around Timon and his laptop as he began to fiddle around with the keyboard. Not feeling like questioning this any further, they watched the meerkat do his thing. And within minutes, he had been able to pull up a web browser, and a blank space was there to type what he desired. He looked back to them and smirked.

"So... should we start with the stories, or the art?"

Simba was the first one to take a step up closer to him, looking down intently at the laptop's screen. He glanced back to the others, who all gave him approving looks. After hearing this new information, even though they found it hard to believe, they were excited to see what would come up about them. Either that, or they wanted to have Simba be the guinea pig to know what to expect for the rest of them.

"I-I'd rather start with the art. We... can't exactly read, Timon, we're lions."

"Ah, wise choice, my friend." Timon said, but with just a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"So? Any volunteers?" Pumbaa said suddenly.

"I guess I'll start." said Simba as modestly as he could. And when he did, Timon gave the laptop's screen a devilishly devious smile.

"Coming right up, buddy..." Timon said as he typed in Simba's name. But as he did, Timon knew good and well what he was doing. To himself, he thought secretly,

They have no idea what's about to hit 'em.

He clicked 'search'.

Author's Notes: This story was inspired by "What's a DVD?" by ScorpioGirl1987. I was reading through it, and a crazy thought hit me- if the characters from The Lion King Trilogy could watch the movies about themselves, what would they say to the fan art and fanfics about them? I consider this to be just a fun side project to do while I continue with my Lion of the Rings trilogy.

In addition to this, just to avoid any problems, this story is NOT intended to attack and/or humiliate any specific fan art and/or fanfic, this is strictly for comedic and parodic purposes only. For what they will find here, I will keep the descriptions vague so that no one in particular will feel that their works are being specifically attacked. If by any chance you see a work that sounds close to yours, please do not take offense to it. The opinions and/or reactions of the characters here do not necessarily reflect my opinions on a work, and rarely will.

If however, you wish to suggest an idea for what fan creation relating to The Lion King you want them to see, just PM me about it, and I will give credit to the user in the beginning of the chapter.

I do not own any of these characters, they belong strictly to the Walt Disney Company. Also, this story is in no way related to, nor is it a continuation of "What's a DVD?". That was simply the inspiration, and I would like to give credit to ScorpioGirl1987.