Chapter XIX

The sun arose upon the kingdom the next morning, casting its warm and serene light for all to see for another day. The morning radiance shone upon Pride Rock once more illuminating the inside of the den as well, where Simba and his entire pride slept calmly. As the sun rose further up, Simba was the first one to rouse from his sleep. He yawned tiredly, stood up on all fours and stretched himself out near the sleeping lionesses surrounding him. He was particularly tired on this morning, however. The night before, he'd not only had another horrifically perverted and incestuous dream about himself, but he had also drank from the Water Hole when Timon made it clear beforehand not to. Had it not been for the fact that he was so tired at the time, he would've reacted worse than he did when Kiara asked about the cubs.

His eyes opened fully now, looking out to the sky again. The closed laptop was still to the side of the den right where Timon had left it. All others were still sleeping around him. Nala was the first one the king decided to awake. He kneeled down close to her, and nudged her gently with his muzzle.

"Nala.. Nala, wake up." He said soothingly. When he did, Nala yawned and her deep blue eyes opened. She looked over to her mate.

"Good morning, Simba." She said.

From there, the day began for them all. Kopa and Vitani woke up, Timon and Pumbaa did next, and then Kiara and Kovu did too. But while the pride of twenty other lionesses were standing up and leaving to begin the day's hunt, Simba calmly walked over to Kopa. He yawned while his father spoke.

"Good morning, Kopa." He said as calmly as he could, though within his tone the prince could tell something was up. When he did, Kopa faced Simba now.

"Uh... good morning, dad." He replied. Simba nodded awkwardly.

"So... I heard from Timon that you two had fun the other day." Kopa's eyes suddenly bulged. He turned to Vitani for a moment before he stood up in front of her. "Uhh yeah, we... had a lot of fun reading those stories, dad. That's... that's what he meant."

Simba could tell by the tone in his son's voice that he was trying desperately to hide something. He chuckled. "No, he said it was the day before that... you know, the day you two went out to the Water Hole." He said.

Vitani gasped. Stepping in front of her mate now, she said to Simba, "Y-yeah! We just-just... uh, took a break and rested there, that's all!"

Simba said in an odd tone, "Really? Well... that's fine to know, Vitani. Because last night I had a drink from there, and the water tasted... different."

Kopa gasped in shock, realizing suddenly that his father had figured it all out. In a futile attempt to defend himself, Kopa trembled, "N-no it doesn't! It tasted fine!"

"Yeah! It tasted the same to me, nothing different with it at all." Vitani timidly added. Simba gave them both a look that said it all, making them both take a step back. "Look, we didn't do anything there, dad! Whatever Timon says, he's lying!"

Simba laughed. "Sure. Whatever you say, Kopa." he said sarcastically. Kopa opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it when Simba turned away from him. He sighed.

"Crap, he knows!" Kopa whispered to his mate. Vitani blushed.

"Oh and by the way, Kopa" Simba said back to his son suddenly and in a playful way. "If any of the animals complain about the water tasting different, I'm not covering for you."

Kopa smacked his paw upon his face, rubbing his eyes for a moment. Vitani bowed her head in embarrassment. The prince muttered to himself, "This is going to be a long day."

Within ten minutes, the pride of twenty lionesses had departed from Pride Rock to go and catch the day's kills. Like the day before, several of them questioned what they were doing and why the laptop was there. But also like before, Simba simply said he would rather not talk about it. With that, they set out for the morning savannah once more.

Timon chose to wait until all of the hunting lionesses had departed to pull the laptop back out for all still in the den to see. He opened it, started up the Internet browser and got to the page he wanted. Everyone else collected themselves from waking up, stretched out, and eventually Pumbaa and the six of them sat in a semi-circle around the laptop like they had the day before. Timon yawned.

"Alright guys, looks like we're going into day three now." He said tiredly. "Pumbaa, you wanna start the reading this time?"

The warthog shook his head. "I'm too tired, Timon." He replied. "You'd better start."

Timon sighed in annoyance. "So what story were you going to show us today?" Simba asked rather curiously. Timon clicked around a few places until he got to the page he was looking for.

"Well Simba," He began. "This one here's actually got a pretty good idea behind it. See, it's called The Lion King Oscars. Apparently here... all of you are called to receive awards based on just about everything you guys did before."

Simba perked up at this. "Really? We won awards for everything we did?"

Timon replied, "Yep. Everything."

"This'd better be good." Vitani whispered to Kopa. "I hope you're able to win something." Little did she know that Timon picked up on this, and he took a deep breath.

"Actually Vitani, I should probably tell you now... Kopa's not in this story."

"What?!" She and Simba both shouted at the exact same time. They gave each other an awkward look for a moment because of this.

"Why the hell not?" Simba demanded. "If we're all supposed to be getting awards here, why not him too? He survived out on his own for years, if anything he deserves more awards than all of us!"

Timon shook his head. "No, see Simba... they're just writing about everything based on what they showed in those movies I told you about. They uh... never mentioned Kopa."

"Well that sucks." Kiara said suddenly. "If you said the second one starts with me being born, but the first ended with him... haven't people gotten confused over that?"

Kovu added, "Yeah, there's probably someone out there who has no idea where my pride came from or why Simba was so overprotective! If they never showed that, aren't they going to be baffled by it? Think something's wrong when really there isn't?"

There was a pause before Timon replied slyly, "Trust me, they're way ahead of you there, Kovu."

And with that, he cracked his fingers and began reading.

The African sun slowly rose through the horizon as a king walked towards Pride Rock. He closed his eyes and let the warmth from the sun's rays hit his fur, creating a bright golden-yellow color. He took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air through his nostrils and allowed it to fill his lungs. The king opened his eyes and noticed the zebras, buffaloes antelopes, and other creatures gathered around him. Usually, the animals gathered when something was wrong with the Pride, if he had an announcement, or if he was to have another cub. However, he respectfully bowed to the animals and they bowed back to him.

"We gotta go, we gotta go!" a voice as heard behind him. The lion king, named Mufasa, turned his head and saw a meerkat and warthog running out of the den.

"W-what?" Asked Simba. "My father's alive here? So. that means this takes place when I was a cub, right?"

Timon shook his head. "Yeah, not exactly."

"What is the hurry?" Mufasa asked the meerkat named Timon and warthog named Pumbaa.

"Hey! Since when did Mufasa ever meet you and Pumbaa?" Nala suddenly asked.

"Last time I checked, you guys didn't even know who the hell he was until after Scar died." added Kovu.

Pumbaa decided to answer him this time. "Well, just listen and see. You'll get it sooner or later."

"Haven't you heard?" Timon asked, "Pumbaa and me have been selected to host the African Oscars."

"Oscars?" Mufasa asked as he raised an eyebrow at the word that sounded foreign to him.

"Every single lion and animal that's an actor and actress has been nominated by every single Africa animal to attend to the Oscars so see who has won!" Timon excitedly said, "and you my friend, are one of those nominated lions."

"I am?" Mufasa asked.

"You, Simba, Nala, everybody," Timon said, "and of course Scar, the Out Landers, and the hyenas who I don't even want to look at."

"Let's just hope that they don't win anything," Pumbaa said. "They don't deserve anything."

"Amen to that!" Timon now said, interrupting himself for a moment.

That would be my brother Mufasa thought. He was also a bit uneasy about going because he knew that he would have to face his brother. However, he had to go and respect the voters that were going to be there. He looked behind him when he heard paw steps stepping out of the den. He saw Sarafina, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Kovu, and Kiara walking out of the den followed by the rest of the pride. He smiled at them and told them what Timon and Pumbaa had told him.

"Alright, I'm officially confused now." said Kopa. "Mufasa and Kiara were never even alive at the same time! How did he... when did... When does this even take place?!"

That last part he held himself off from exploding. Timon sighed. "Listen guys, just so we clear this up now... this isn't going to be a very serious story. It's just for the fun of you guys winning awards, alright? This isn't in any real time that the movies show."

"Well that's... weird." said Kiara. "So... it's just every one of us randomly coming together for this story?"

Timon nodded. "You've got it, princess. It's really a comedy based story, let's get that through your heads right now."

"Oh Timon told us about it alright," Simba said as he smoothed his mane.

"Really?" Mufasa asked as he gave Timon and Pumbaa a smirk, "and where will this little event take place."

"At a beautiful oasis that we specifically named 'Hakuna Matata,'" Pumbaa told him. "Timon and I are going there right now to set up the place for you guys."

"We have also let Zazu notify the Out Landers, hyenas, and your brother to come as well," Timon miserably said, "I don't know why but for some reason, the creatures had nominated them to participate."

"Well this ought to be a hell of a show, then." Vitani remarked.

Pumbaa replied to her, "Just wait until later on, Vitani... you definitely won't be disappointed."

Softly she whispered to herself, "If Kopa isn't in this, I already am."

"And this is where I say again that I hope they win nothing," Pumbaa said as him and Timon turned around and walked to their destination.

"I repeat: Amen to that!" Timon suddenly remarked. Simba snickered.

"It figures you'd love to agree with yourself." He said rudely.

Mufasa turned his attention back to his family and pride. "So what are you up to?" he asked them.

"We were going to go to the water hole to get cleaned up," Kiara answered her grandfather, "would you like to come?"

Mufasa smiled at his granddaughter. It was good to see her again after finishing the movie

"What do they mean by finishing the movie?" Nala questioned now. "Didn't everything we're being awarded for really happen?"

Pumbaa shook his head. "Actually Nala, in this story you were just actors. Everything you did was... eh, planned and staged."

"Oh yeah, that's not insulting or offensive in any way, shape or form." Kovu said sarcastically. "All those years of abuse I went through were just staged for a movie, huh? God I'm glad these people respect us so well!"

Timon smacked his hand against his face. "It's not-"

"Hey, does this mean that me seeing my father get trampled to death was fake in this too?" Simba protested.

"Look guys, whoever wrote this doesn't have anything against any of you." Timon said firmly. "It's just for fun, they're just working with what the movies gave them... live with it."

Simba sighed. "What's next? You're gonna tell me the movies were made for kids too?"

and rejoicing with his family and granddaughter and her boyfriend. However, he was still Scar's, the hyenas', and the Out Landers' enemy. He pushed that thought aside and said, "then what are we waiting for?" and ran ahead of his family with Kiara running after him.

The Pride Landers were not the only ones that were nominated. In the depths of Africa, a dry, hot land with almost no life around was a group of strong lionesses that wanted their revenge on the Pride Landers. Zira was the most jealous of all the lionesses. Her ultimate goal was to kill Simba after he had overthrown Scar and banished her and the pride to the Out Lands. She was surprised to have heard from Zazu that she and her family had been nominated to participate in the African Oscars. She hoped that she would win everything, so she could show Simba with whom he was messing with. Now was just the time for them to get ready.

"Ugh, shut up about her." Kopa said rudely. "Even if I'm not in this, you bet your ass I'll still be happy if she doesn't win anything!"

Vitani nodded in agreement. "The less she wins, the longer I'll keep my respect for this whole fanbase."

Timon said under his breath before continuing, "Oh I'm sure there's plenty of other ways to ruin your faith in them... ever hear of slash fanfics? Yeesh."

A lion with a black mane was perched on a rock and lazily bathed into the sunlight. He was enjoying this peace and quiet until a flapping noise was heard above him. He snapped his eyes open and saw a colored majordomo hovering over his head. He groaned and rolled onto his stomach and exasperatingly asked, "what do you want?"

"I'm here to announce that you have been nominated to participate in the African Oscars tonight," the bird, Zazu informed the annoyed lion, named Scar.

"I'm surprised he didn't try to eat him or something." said Simba. "Last he told me, that's what he always tried to do."

Scar arched an eyebrow at the bird. "I have been nominated for what?" he asked.

"The asshole of the year award!" Nala cut in.

Zazu shrugged. "I can't say. Just be there if you want to win something," he finished as he flapped his wings and flew away from Scar, "possibly some humanity."

"Did ya hear?" a female hyena with three bangs dangling from her head, named Shenzi, asked as she an to her friends named Banzai and Ed.

"They finally made fan art off of me that didn't involve us having a three way!" Kiara said in a voice that tried her best to sound like Shenzi. To everyone's surprise, she got it rather close to the real thing.

"That was pretty good." Kovu complimented. Kiara blushed while she scooted over closer to him.

Banzai, who was sleeping, slowly raised his head. "What?" he murmured.

"Mufasa's little stooge was babblin' to me about some Oscars thing that was goin' on," she told them.

"So?" Banzai asked without any interest.

"So," Shenzi continued, "when I was about to eat him,

"Why did I know she was going to say something like that?" Simba said while rubbing his face with his paw.

he told me that we three have been nominated and the one of us with the most votes chooses whatever our hearts desire. That means more food for us!"

"Awwh yeah!" Banzai whooped as he stood on his paws, "delicious zebra, antelope, and gazelles here I come!" His mouth started to drool at the thought of the delicious meats.

"And I'm just curious to see how Scar will react when we win something," Shenzi added.

Vitani sneered, "Probably the same way Simba did when Ki-"

Simba suddenly growled at her. "Would you all just let that go already? It was a misunderstanding, God!"

"I would like to see that too," Banzai agreed, "let's bring that lion down!"

"YEAH!" Shenzi whooped followed by Ed's shrill of laughter.

At the Water Hole, the lionesses swam, dried, and licked themselves and their cubs clean to get ready for the festive event. Kiara trotted out of the water and shook herself to get rid of the water. Kovu walked up to her and placed an exotic pink flower behind her ear, making the princess of the Pride Lands blush.

"Hey, just like you really did." Kiara said to Kovu, where she rested her head against his mane. The lion smiled at her.

"Anytime, Kiara." He said.

Simba cannon-balled into the water along with his father. The two sprang up to the surface and they splashed each other with some water.

At the mention of this, Simba suddenly burst out laughing, getting an incredibly humorous image in his mind of him doing that with his father. The funny thing was, they had actually done that once before while he was still very young.

"Ah, good times... good times." Simba said softly, stopping his laughter.

Meanwhile, Sarabi licked her paw and swiped it against her face to make her fur even while Sarafina and Nala were sun bathing.

"Are we ready to go?" Sarabi gently spoke up after deciding that Mufasa and Simba were having a little too much fun in the water.

Both father and son stepped out and shook themselves clean, causing their manes to puff up which made Sarabi and Nala go over to their mates to smooth it out and make it nice and even. "Now we are ready," Mufasa said as him, his family, and the rest of the pride proceeded to their destination.

Stopping once again, Timon now asked them all, "Well that was chapter one for you. What do you say so far?"

Simba was the first one to nod approvingly. "So far so good." He said.

"I want to see who wins what." commented Kiara.

Vitani remarked, "With Scar, the hyenas, and Zira in this too... this is gonna be interesting to hear."

Kopa nodded. "Hell yeah. I just... wish I could've been in this too."

Vitani gave him a gentle, comforting nuzzle. "If you ask me, you've already won everything you would've been nominated for."

Kovu groaned in annoyance at what she said, which earned him a confused look from her. "For God sakes Vitani, would you two stop talking like that? It's getting annoying and so freaking cheesy!"

This prompted Kopa to sneer back to his brother-in-law, "Oh, like the day you and Kiara asked about the cubs... you're telling me that what you said to my father there wasn't cheesy at all? Really, not in the slightest, Kovu?"

Kovu narrowed his eyes. "You win this round."

A brief pause passed before Nala finally urged, "Well come on Timon, keep going!"

He obliged. In the story, all of the characters seen in The Lion King films got together in the jungle where Simba was raised and they all got settled around tables that were there for some reason. Timon and Pumbaa were the hosts on some sort of stage up front, and right off the bat everyone could tell that this setup was going to be interesting. The first category was for favorite character, but not before this little piece of banter went down.

"Who da ya think will win Pumbaa?"

"I don't know," Pumbaa shrugged, "it could be anyone."

Zira couldn't stand it anymore. "JUST SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" she roared through the place as a flock of birds flew out a tree and flew into the blue sky.

"Sheesh, impatient old lady we have gotten there," Timon commented.

Zira furrowed her eyebrows at him. "I'll have you know that I am much younger than that Pride Lander queen over there!" she snarled as she looked at Sarabi.

Sarabi had a calm look on her face. She gave Zira an innocent smile and said, "I may be old dear Zira but at least my personality and character is wiser than yours."

"Well then, if there's a category for the biggest bitch in Africa, I already know who's gonna win it." Kovu snickered, which earned a few laughs from the others, Kopa included.

"Ain't that the truth!" Kopa replied.

Back to the story, it turned out that the award categories would be divided between each film. There would be a first, second and third place for the first film, and a first, second and third for the second film. With the exception of Kopa's absence, all the others already knew what they covered, so there was no confusion there. (Much to Timon's relief, too).

For favorite character, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa tied for first place. Nala won second, and Mufasa had won third.

"Mufasa should've gotten first." Nala said comfortingly as she rested her head upon Simba's mane. Simba purred while she did so.

Then they got to the best characters for the second film.

"Are you finished?" Simba's voice boomed over the hyenas and they stopped laughing.

"Finally," Timon said, "now let's continue. We are in the same category but we are going to focus on the second movie," Timon said as he looked at the stack of leaves, "first place is Kiara!"

Kiara gasped when her name was called. "Did he say my name?" she asked as excitement rose through her.

"Yeah," Kovu happily nodded for her, "go and get your prize."

Kiara's real life counterpart perked up considerably when this was read off to her. Lifting her head off of her mate's mane, her mouth fell open with shock before it grew to that of a much needed smile. Kovu placed his paw on her shoulder.

"There, you see?" He said to her warmly. "Someone likes you here. I knew it couldn't've been all hate."

The two lovers nuzzled momentarily. "With someone as smart and beautiful as you, somebody was bound to like you." Kovu muttered to her. Right as he did, he heard Vitani chortle, which earned her a glare from Kovu.

"Oh, so Kopa's the one being cheesy here, Kovu?" she sneered Kovu growled at his sister.

"Let it go, Vitani." Kopa now whispered to her. "She needs this."

A moment passed before Timon continued with the story. After Kiara, Kovu won second place as best character, and Vitani won third. Each of their real life counterparts felt flattered that this author would've chosen them for such positions. But then this went down:

"Anything you would like to say to the audience?" Pumbaa asked.

"'m just shocked to win first place," Kiara said with a sweet smile, "but winning first, second, or third is not important me. I'm just glad that I have wonderful parents and grandparents and a wonderful boyfriend," she said as she looked at Kovu.

"What about you?" Timon asked Kovu.

"Kiara took the words out of my mouth. I am glad that she is my girlfriend and that I am living with her wonderful family," Kovu said.

Zira glared at her son. Who does he think he is? she thought. I have given him water, food, and love!

"Uh, don't forget the mental scars, starvation, permanent wounds and the blame for Nuka's death on me!" Kovu said loudly, clearly resenting how accurate his mother's portrayal here was to the real thing.

Next in the story, there was a break before the next category. And here, something genuinely unexpected went down. Zira was insulting Vitani for only winning third place, and finally she got so fed up with her harshness that she simply got up and left her table. Nuka went after her (on Zira's command of course), but after a lot of surprisingly sincere and heartfelt words and moments because of that, Kovu came to them. He was the only one to show them any kind of kindness or appreciation for winning something, which comforted the two siblings immensely.

As this was read, Kovu and Vitani's real life counterparts felt extremely poignant on the inside, hearing this kind of emotional drama go down between them and Nuka. It seemed very realistic for that kind of thing given the situation they were in.

"Wow... this is really starting to get good now." said Kovu sincerely.

"This is exactly what he would've said." added Vitani, taking in the scene as a whole.

Later on in the story, the hyena trio was beginning to drink too much passion fruit as the story called it, and Banzai started to lose his mind.

The two boys were pointing their paws at one another and laughing. "And..." Banzai wheezed out as he tried to suppress a laugh but couldn't, "HA! HA! HA!...he told me to catch a zebra for him...ha, ha...I said that I couldn't because I had hurt my leg when I sprained my leg on a ROCK! HA! HA! HA!" he yelled as he buried his head under his arm and hit the table with a fisted paw.

All six of the listeners burst out into laughter upon hearing this, loving the idea of seeing them humiliated in this way. In between laughs, Simba managed to say, "Brilliant! This is genius, this is exactly what they would do!"

Nala then added humorously, "At least it isn't you this time, Timon!"

Timon replied, "Yeah, and at least this time it's not gonna cause someone's paw to almost get torn off."

Shenzi stared at him with an eyebrow raised. How was a story like that supposed to be funny? It never even happened! "I think you two had too much to drink!" Shenzi snapped as she swiped the drinks off the table with her paws.

"HEY!" Banzai's head shot up from the table. The goofy smile never disappeared from his face. "We were drinking-phhhht!" a laugh burst out of his mouth, "OH SHENZI!" he yelled, "I LOVE YOU!" He yelled so loud that every single hyena, lion, and lioness heard him.

The talking among the tables stopped as the guests looked at the three hyenas.

"I knew it," Scar mumbled under his breath.

The laughter from this became uncontrollable, with Kopa in particular falling to the ground in amusement. Simba started hitting the ground with his paw, and Kiara fell to her side from laughter. Both Timon and Pumbaa could easily tell that they were going to enjoy what was to come if this was any indication.

"I'd be willing to bet a week's worth of food that this is how that would really happen!" said Kovu, who was taking deep breaths from trying not to laugh now.

"Are you kidding me?" Simba said to him playfully. "They'd be lucky if this is how it goes down! Those crazy bastards!"

After a while, everyone collected themselves once more to return their attention to the story. In it, the next award category was announced: The best songs from each film. The first place winner of the first film was Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Oddly enough, Simba and Nala were asked to come up to the stage and perform the song for all to hear, which took a moment to get used to for the listeners.

He looked at Nala and she enthusiastically agreed to sing with him. Simba opened his mouth and a soft melody escapes his mouth, "There's a calm surrender/To the rush of day/When the heat of the rolling world/Can be turned away."

Nala smiled at her mate and she followed his lead, "An enchanted moment/And it sees me through/It's enough for this restless warrior/Just to be with you."

"What the hell is this?!" Nala unexpectedly protested. "That's not how it went! The song we really sung had completely different words than that!"

Simba added, "What did they do, change the lyrics for the movie or something?"

Timon turned around and shook his head. "Uh guys? This... technically is your song. It's just a different version written by someone else. That's all."

"Well that's pointless." Simba said flatly. "They should've used our version. I bet the one they're having us do now is terrible."

"Compared to ours, at least." Nala finished for him.

Ignoring what just happened, Timon went on. The second place winner for best song of the first film went to I Just Can't Wait to be King, which prompted him and Nala to go up again and sing it. And as of that moment, their real life counterparts had never felt so awkward before. The images they were getting of them reprising that song as adults... it made them feel uneasy and embarrassed to put it mildly.

"This ought to be good." Kiara said before it started, exactly as she did in the story.

Most of them struggled to hold back intense laughter while Simba and Nala just sat there, looking as though they wished they could just disappear. It made them all the more thankful that this was only a story and not real life. If this had been happening in reality, it's unlikely that they could've done this without collapsing of embarrassment.

After that the third place winner for best song went to, of all things, Be Prepared by Scar.

"Wait, Scar had a song?" Simba asked curiously. "I don't remember that."

Timon looked back to him. "Uh yeah, he did, Simba. He was... kind of singing about how he was planning to kill your dad and everything."

Simba gave him a blank look.

"What? Too soon?" The meerkat said innocently.

"I know it sounds sordid/But you'll be rewarded/When at last I am given my dues/And injustice deliciously squared/Be prepared!"

"Yeah be prepared!" Banzai slurred, "we'll be prepared, for some more passion fruit."

"Im starting to like this character." Vitani said radiantly. "He's funny as hell so far!"

Kopa agreed. "I bet we're gonna get a lot of crazy crap from this one."

"No you fool, for the death of the king!" Scar snapped.

"We don't have to listen to you," Banzai shot back as he sipped onto some more passion fruit, "man this is good!"

Scar scrunched his eyes at his former henchman. "Stop it, you're ruining my moment!" Why did Banzai pick the perfect moment to mess with Scar? It was all part of him being a traitor to them.

"WHOO!" Banzai hooted, "man this stuff is good. Too bad it doesn't give you wings. I just want to fly right now!"

The ear-piercing laughter exploded once more, with Simba in particular getting a kick out of this. Anything that was able to mock his worst enemy (besides Zira) in this fashion was always going to be right to him. The others were laughing like the very hyenas they were hearing about at that moment.

"Guess I was right!" Kopa commented.

"I will hurl you to kingdom come if you don't stop talking!" Scar growled through gritted sharp teeth. When Banzai didn't stop, Scar lost his temper and lashed out at the hyena.

Shenzi immediately jumped to her paws and flew over at Scar. "Leave him alone!" she snapped her teeth at him. "Who do you think you are to do such a thing?"

"Shenzi, this is Scar we're talking about here." Kiara said through her fading laughter. "You should know what he's like!"

Timon and Pumbaa immediately jumped off the stage and ran over to Scar and the hyenas. "Come on you guys," Pumbaa said, "just let Scar sing his song. It's not that long."

"HA!" Shenzi let out a laugh, "he has thrown us over a geyser and into a pile of bones during his song. Imagine how much injuries we went through."

"I rest my case." Kiara added.

Mufasa leaned towards Sarabi and murmured, "at least their wounds were not as fatal as mine were."

Eventually Scar had managed to finish his song after numerous comical interruptions, which Simba could greatly appreciate. After that, there was another break in between categories.

After the winners were announced from the first movie, the lions and hyenas left their tables and went into the jungle to enjoy some leisure time. The Pride Landers were talking among themselves about how it wasn't really fair that Scar had even won. "When Simba won first place, I saw Scar fuming with anger," one of the lionesses whispered into the group.

"Forget about him," a younger one said, "did you see Zira's face? She looked like she was out for murder!"

"So basically she looked like she always did, then?" Kiara sneered.

Following some extremely humorous drunken antics involving the hyenas, and another moment between Kovu and his siblings, this happened between Scar and Zira.

"Well," she said with a smile as she cocked her head to the side, "congratulations on winning your best song."

Scar gave her a small smirk. "Charmed," he said.

"Although, it would have been better if you won first place. That Simba didn't even deserve to win anything," she spat out his name as if it was poisonous.

"Yes," Scar said, "if I had given the chance to kill him in the movie and in reality, I would have won first place!"

"Both of us!" Zira hissed. She turned her bloody red eyes towards Simba and looked at him with an evil smile. "We might still have a chance," she said as she turned her attention back to Scar, "to get rid of him and take all the trophies that he has won."

Scar gave her a light smile. If it was only him planning this, Mufasa would have stopped him before he even carried out his plan. "When do you think would be the right time to do it?" he asked her.

"After the Oscars," she said, "I have a feeling that he would win something in the next categories anyway. He wins them, we kill him, and we take them."

"And my brother's too," Scar added. "I killed him once and I can kill him again."

"Good," Zira said. "Would you like to sit with me?" she asked, hoping for a 'yes.'

Scar turned his head and looked at Vitani and Nuka that were gathered around Kovu and Kiara. "Only if you're children won't sit with us."

"That can be arranged," she smiled.

"Oh shut up!" Simba said mockingly. "Would you two just go and die in a hole already?"

Kovu rubbed his eyes while saying, "There'd better be a part where I mess her up the way I should've done when I had the chance!"

Timon whispered under his breath, quoting the story, "That can be arranged... sort of."

Following this, Nuka and Vitani had another moment where they were shooed away from Zira's table, but then were accepted to stay with the Pride Landers and sit alongside their brother, which was rather heartwarming for those listening. Then the awards for the best songs in the second film could begin, all while the hyenas continued to provide them with strong laughs because of Banzai's drunken state. And interestingly (Or in the pride's case, maddeningly) enough, My Lullaby by Zira had won first place.

Zira stood up on her paws and approached the stage. Pumbaa pushed the trophy in front of her paws and she held it as if she was holding her own cub. "Well," she said to the audience, "I FINALLY WON SOMETHING! FIRST PLACE IN THE SECOND MOVIE! ME! YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS TROPHY AND WEEP SIMBA BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WIN FIRST PLACE IN THE SECOND MOVIE BUT I DID!"

Kovu and Vitani both groaned in annoyance. The prince just booed her portrayal in the story for its accuracy, shouting out the occasional insult towards her. Vitani uttered a few obscenities about what she was doing in the story, but no one could really blame her for it.

"Geeze, she's actually worse than she was in real life about this sort of thing!" Kovu said rather loudly.

"Oh my God, really?" Vitani said. "They really gave her first place?"

"She doesn't deserve to win anything!" Kiara protested, prompting Kovu to snicker. "Except maybe the worst mother of the year award."

Kiara playfully added, "Or the biggest bitch in Africa."

Then following this, the second place winner was announced, which was Love Will Find a Way by Kiara and Kovu. The mention of this virtually washed away all of the ridicule and hatred they had felt from who had won first place, and now a very gentle and sincere moment passed around them all, despite the mentions of the hyena's jarring (Though unmistakably funny) antics. Kiara and Kovu's real life counterparts would occasionally look out to the rising sun and contemplate just how much they had been through their entire lives, and how they both had given the other what they had wanted for their entire life.

And then this happened:

On stage, Kovu looked from Kiara and then at the audience. Having those pairs of eyes from the good and the bad staring back made him a little nervous. However, if he wanted to execute his plan, he had to do it was calmly as possible. "Kiara," he finally spoke as she turned his head and looked at him. "Throughout this whole time, you have been the love of my life. Although our betrothal was never shown-" a voice in the audience interrupted him.

"Can I get some more passion fruit?" Banzai yelled as he held his empty coconut cut in the air.

"NO!" Shenzi snapped.

"A-Anyway," Kovu continued, "will you marry me?"

Kiara couldn't hold back her shock. Had he seriously asked such a question? A smile made its way to her lips followed by a little water welling into her eyes. "Yes," she answered as she bought her head under his chin and give him an affectionate nuzzle. Kovu returned back her nuzzle with a soft purr.

That did it. Although she had tried so hard to hold this back, Nala could no longer do so as she smiled warmly at these words.

"Awww!" She cooed. "That's so adorable!"

And although Vitani was not one do normally do so, she also cooed at the story, admiring how cute it was right then. At this time Kovu and Kiara both looked at each other happily, gently pressing their muzzles against one another in admiration for their portrayal in the story. Kovu could feel a single tear of happiness run down his face as he placed his paw onto Kiara's back, bringing her closer to him.

"That was so beautiful." Kovu said softly.

Simba sighed at the sight of this. "Well that was a nice touch." He said.

"Cut the cheesy parts and announce the next winner already!" Shenzi suddenly yelled for the nuzzling was going a little overboard for her.

"You didn't appear in the second movie," Timon pointed out.

"And you are not going to appear on that stage in the next three seconds," Shenzi sneered.

"Way to ruin the moment, douchebags!" Kopa remarked.

In any case, Timon went forth. The third place winner of the best song in the second film was We Are One by Simba and Kiara.

"As you go through life you'll see/There is so much that we/Don't understand."

Zira's eyes opened wide when she heard that sweet voice. She didn't believe that Simba had such a honey-covered voice. What are you doing? she yelled at herself. He's your enemy!

"Ooooh, is that a hint of actual emotion I'm sensing here, Zira?" Vitani teased. Kopa laughed.

"Zira? Showing emotions other than hateful, murderous masochism? This must be some sort of time paradox!" He said in a taunting voice, which got some laughs out of Kovu and Vitani.

While Simba and Kiara sung their song for a second time in the story, the audience there sounded like they were entranced by his voice, like they had never heard him sing before. Even the hyenas seemed to notice it. And as it went on, the listeners seemed to really like the idea of Kiara singing this as an adult, and had little trouble imagining how good that would sound.

"You'd sound incredible singing this." Kovu commented. Kiara blushed vibrantly.

Following another break, the next category was revealed to be for best couples oddly enough. There was no more division between films, so now the first and second ones were going up against each other.

"And again," Timon jumped in, "there was a huge disagreement between the toucans and the flamingos. They got into this whole war about which couple was the best and why. They kept talking on and on and on and on-"

"GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!" Shenzi roared at them.

"I guess now we know who'd win second place for biggest bitch in Africa." sneered Kovu.

Simba and Nala ended up winning first place, which made their real-life counterparts feel very happy and appreciated. Then this went down between Scar and Zira:

Zira couldn't help but have a look of disgust on her face. However, seeing the way Simba showed his affection for Nala made her wish that she had showed the same affection for her previous mate. He had done all he could to obey her but Zira had never been satisfied with him. Not that she would ever admit that she never showed her previous mate's love for him.

"I'm officially beginning to question the accuracy of those movies now." Vitani interrupted. "That's not how it happened! Zira killed our real parents, hid the bodies and then abducted us to pass us off as her own! Hell, Nuka was the only one she really ever gave birth to, and look how that ended up!"

Pumbaa decided to speak to her now. "Uhh, the movies don't exactly show that, Vitani. They actually don't say anything on who your real parents were. That was just something made up by whoever wrote this."

Vitani sighed. "So I'd imagine the fans don't look too kindly on that, then?"

"You don't know the half of it."

However, seeing that there was a certain black maned and sinfully handsome lion sitting next to her. Scar's eyes slowly blinked as he felt himself falling asleep. He put a paw over his muzzle and let out a yawn. Zira hid a smile as she wrapped her paw around his head, pulled him closer, and gave him a lick on the cheek.

Scar was caught off guard. His first instinct was to attack but after feeling the wetness on his cheek, he was confused. He furrowed his eyebrows, turned his head, and gave her a confused look. "What. Was. That?" he slowly asked her.

"Oh please," Zira said as she waved her paw in the air, "you act as if you have never been kissed before!"

"That's because I haven't!" Scar snapped back but Zira was not at all bothered by his little outburst.

"Well that's no surprise." Kiara sneered. Simba virtually cheered mockingly when this was read. He yelled, "Yeah! Serves you right you old prick!"

Nala chuckled. "You just love seeing your uncle embarrassed like this, don't you Simba?"

To this the king replied, "Are you kidding? The more crap he goes through here, the more I'm liking this whole story!"

The second and third place winners were tied between Mufasa and Sarabi, and Kiara and Kovu. In the long run, Kiara suggested that Mufasa and Sarabi receive second place while she and Kovu got third. She seemed completely fine with it, and was just happy to not only win something at all, but to have the boyfriend she had.

"Selfish brat my ass!" Kovu whispered to her, providing her with further comfort in remembrance of what happened the morning before. "I told you they were wrong!"

The next category was for best hyena. "Well so much for them not winning anything, then." Kopa said flatly.

Surprisingly enough, Ed won first place in that. "At least they picked the one I hated the least." Simba commented. "The other two were trying to kill me, that poor guy didn't even know what he was doing."

"Okay," Pumbaa said as he picked up Ed's trophy and gave it to him. Ed eyed the trophy, leaned forward, and sniffed it. A sweet smell hit his nose so he opened his mouth and ate the trophy in one bite!

A gasp was heard throughout the audience. "Despicable," Scar scoffed.

"For once", Simba said reluctantly through gritted teeth, "We agree on something."

Timon and Pumbaa stood there as Ed licked his lips. "We shouldn't have made that trophy out of berries," Timon yelled.

"Yeah, hindsight's a bitch, isn't it?" Vitani scoffed. The second place winner for best hyena went to Shenzi.

"Second place winner is...the hyena that I asked to marry me!"

"What?" Kovu asked in surprise. Why would a meerkat ask a hyena to marry him?

"Long story," Timon simply answered him.

"Weirdest moment in my life," Shenzi muttered as she got up from her seat and headed to the stage.

"Okay, I've gotta ask now... why the hell did you do that, Timon?" Nala suddenly cut in. Timon groaned. "I told you guys already, I was desperate!"

"Yeah, but you could've at least given her something so she'd accept easier. You would have to be in a pretty bad relationship to resort to that so soon, Timon." Kopa joked, seeming to misinterpret what he said. The meerkat turned around.

"Okay Kopa, let me ask you something!" He said angrily. "If you were up against a wall with thirty hyenas who were trying to kill you coming up against you, and you needed to stall for time as long as you could, what would you do?"

Without hesitation, he replied, "Uh, I'd probably just fight them off. I mean, I've got teeth and claws, Timon. I don't exactly have to resort to proposing to the enemy."

Timon opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. He smacked his hand on is face. "Guess I set myself up for that one." he said to himself.

"And besides," Vitani taunted. "You didn't even have a ring with you! You could've at least given her one before proposing, you know?"

Timon grunted in annoyance. Even though what Vitani said was a joke, he said to her angrily with his voice becoming steadily louder and more pissed, "And where, Vitani, could you possibly find a wedding ring around here? Huh? Tell me, if you have any idea where I could've gotten a freaking ring right then, I will go there now and personally give it to her myself just because you proved me wrong, which I know you won't!"

Vitani and Kopa grinned ear to ear, holding back the urge to laugh. Finally, Kopa remarked, "Well... how about the fires of Mount Doom?"

Timon just screamed in annoyance.

Trying to collect himself, he returned his attention to the story. In it, Banzai won third place, but at this point he was too drunk to get it and he was almost passed out at his table, so Shenzi had to bring it to him. After another break, the next category was for best villain. Only this time, there would only be one winner.

"Second nominee is good ol' Scar," Timon announced.

Scar sent Timon a glare. "'Old?'" he echoed the word as he slid out of his seat and floated over the stage, "I'll have you know, meerkat, that I am younger than that muffin over there," he spat as he nudged his head towards Mufasa.

"What a loser." Kovu jeered insultingly. "I swear, if he wins this thing..."

"Did he just call Mufasa a muffin?" Kiara questioned, sounding confused.

"Whatever the hell that even is." Kopa added.

Of course, Scar ended up winning. Even though the listeners expected Zira to go on another fit of rage, she instead thought this:

Oh Zira thought as she cocked her head to the side Scar won? Well, I have to say that not only is he a good villain but he is a sinfully handsome one too.

"Oh get a room you two!" Simba taunted. "I'm sure your perverted fans would love that!"

At that moment, Kopa gagged at the thought of what kinds of Scar and Zira art there could be that he hadn't seen. He feared the thought of it, and indeed the less he knew, the better. In any case the next category was for the cutest cub, which Simba ended up winning first place in. Then oddly enough, a group of fireflys somehow managed to create a type of slideshow and show off picturs of the winners. Simba bowed his head in embarrassment.

"Good lord, would that be embarrassing." He said to himself.

"Hey wait a minute!" Nala said. "How are fireflies able to make pictures of us? Is... is that even possible?"

"Hey Timon!" Vitani said. "When you said they made those movies off of us, what did they use to... eh, do it? What was it called?"

"A camera?" Timon answered unenthusiastically.

"Yeah! They should've used one of those here!" She finished. Kopa shook his head. "I don't know about that, Vitani. I mean, a... whatever it is Timon called it, I can't help but feel that would be too out of place in this."

Vitani gave him a sarcastic look. "Oh, like anything here is in place for us, Kopa?"

The prince paused. "Touche, Vitani. Touche."

Second place winner for cutest cub went to Nala, who also went through the embarrassment of having pictures inexplicably shown of her from fireflies. She sighed. "Just as long as they keep it clean this time."

As it turned out, there were only two awards for cubs in the first movie, so the time came for the cutest cubs of the second film. First place went to Kiara, who felt rather flattered from this. Kovu placed his paw on her shoulder.

"Congratulations." Kovu whispered to her. Kiara replied quietly, "I would've given first place to you."

Then it turned out that second place went to Kovu. "Close enough." His real self said to his mate.

The third place winner for cutest cub in the second film went to Vitani, which made her feel very warm to be appreciated in this way.

"You'd better believe you were cute." Kopa said romantically to her. She chuckled. "So were you, Kopa."

The next category was an odd one: The category for best mother.

"I swear to God, if Zira wins this one" Kovu shouted while standing up, "I'm gonna take that freaking award and shove it straight up her-!"

"Kovu, relax." Kiara interrupted, though still keeping her calm tone from before. "It's only a story. Remember what I said before?"

She stood up beside him and nuzzled him comfortingly, purring as she did so. Kovu sighed, returning the loving nuzzle. The two of them sat back down as Kovu rubbed his eyes, hoping to God that Zira wouldn't win. And thankfully, she didn't. In the story, it turned out that Sarabi had won for best mother, which was satisfying enough for them all.

"She deserved it." Simba said sincerely, recalling how wise, gentle and caring his mother was while she was alive. However, after Sarabi had won, Zira wasn't happy about it to put it mildly.

Zira seethed when Sarabi had received that trophy. That trophy belonged to her! What had she done anyway to be a great mother? She must have lounged all day because she was the king's queen and was spoiled all the time. Maybe one of the other lionesses had taken a better care of her cub while she spoiled herself. "NO!" Zira found herself growling at Sarabi.

Sarafina, Nala, and Sarabi halted from walking off stage.

"That is absurd!" Zira yelled, "that wrinkle faced lioness does not deserve to win such a trophy!" she yelled as she pointed at Sarabi with her paw. "I have done the most motherly work toward my children and turned them into fighters. All she's done is turn her child into a tyrant."

"Uhh, what?" Simba said sounding clearly confused. "How was I a tyrant? Last time I checked, I never ran the lionesses into the ground with hunting, nor did I kill my own brother just to be king!... if I had one, that is."

Nala rested her head on his mane. "Simba, this is Zira we're talking about."


"Now just a minute!" Mufasa's voice boomed throughout the jungle, "at least she cared for her cub and didn't abuse them under such hard conditions like you have done with yours."

"Yeah! You tell em', dad!" Simba shouted enthusiastically.

"Why don't you just shut your mouth before I do it for you?" Zira sapped at him.

When she said that, Simba jumped on his paws and growled at her. "I'd watch it if I were you," he told her.

However, Zira didn't pay any attention to him. With her teeth bared, she marched over to Sarabi and got as close as she could to her face. "What kind of a mother were you anyway. One that lounged around and didn't have a care in the world?"

"You bitch!" Simba protested. "I'd sure as hell like to see you do better! She could kick your ass in a fight easy!"

Little did Simba know that he could not have picked a worse time to say that.

Sarabi maintained a mature composure as she slightly held her head high and didn't let Zira's words affect her title as a mother. "No," she spoke, "I cared for him when he was just a cub and cried when I thought that he had died. When he was gone, my mind was always on him and I always recounted the past time that we had shared together. I even welcomed him when he came back to Pride Rock," she answered.

Simba couldn't help but smile widely at his mother's warm words. He knew that what he had done was wrong to escape from Pride Rock but at least she had welcomed him.

"And what about me?" Zira snapped at her.

"That's your own judgement," Sarabi said, "now, if we want to settle this like ladies, I suggest that we forget about this and move on."

"NO!" Zira snapped.

"Have it your way then," Sarabi answered as she turned her back on Zira and walked over to her table. Zira clenched her jaw and crouched lowered to the ground. She leaped in the air and held her claws towards the old queen.

"Holy crap." said Kopa, sounding genuinely concerned for his grandmother in the story.

"Okay, now she's officially crossed the line!" Kiara said angrily.

"MOM!" Simba yelled. Sarabi looked from him but seeing the frightened look on his face, she turned around and saw Zira's shadow coming towards her. Zira wrapped her paws around Sarabi's neck and the two lionesses rolled on the ground.

The loud thump awoke Banzai from his slumber as he jumped in his seat and looked at the two lionesses fighting. "Yeah!" he yelled as he threw his paws in the air, "girl fight! Cat fight!"

"Oh would you shut up you drunken idiot?!" Vitani yelled.

Sarabi tried her best to protect herself from Zira's attacks. Zira held her paw in the air as she bought in upon Sarabi's neck. She scratched the side of the neck but it was painful enough to make Sarabi let out a painful roar. Mufasa leaped from the table as he ran from the table and tackled Zira off his mate.

"This is horrible!" Nala said with fear. "Zira's done too much already!"

"How dare she attack my mother like that?!" Simba protested. "First my son, then my pride, and now my mother?!"

"Burn in hell, Zira." Kovu said unenthusiastically.

Simba arose from table as he and Nala helped his mother off the ground. A line of blood trickled down the side of her neck as Simba began to lick it off her.

"You ought to be ashamed!" Mufasa roared at Zira's face. "Who do you think you are? Who are you to attack my wife like that?"

Kovu was ashamed to have seen his mother act in such a manner. He hoped that Sarabi was alright, but he didn't know what overcame his mother to act in such a way. He looked over at Kiara who had a terrified look on her face.

"I can't say I blame myself." She said.

"Talk about mama drama," Timon said as he hopped off stage and walked over to Mufasa, "don't worry Mufasa, I will have her escorted out of this place immediately."

"About freaking time!" Kopa shouted with relief.

"You wouldn't dare!" Zira hissed at him.

"I would," Timon pouted, "because all you have done here is cause chaos."

"A-And we'll confiscate your trophy too!" Pumbaa said as he directed a flock of hummingbirds to carry Zira's trophy off the table over to him.

"No!" Zira yelled as she shook her head when she saw her trophy taken away from her, "you can't to that!"

Timon gave her a smile, "that trophy has to be earned madam," he said. "Mufasa, you are a strong and strapping lion please take a group from your pride and escort her out of the premises of this jungle."

Mufasa gave him a nod as he got off of Zira and selected a group of lionesses from his pride to escort Zira out. Once he did that, the lionesses circled around Zira as Mufasa directed the group out of the jungle.

Upon hearing this, every single one of them cheered with delight, Timon and Pumbaa included. All of these cheers went off from them at once:

"Whooo hoo! Yeah, take that you old bitch!" Simba shouted through the cheers. "That's what you get for messing with my mother!"

"Finally she gets what's coming to her!" Shouted Kopa.

Kovu bellowed, "God damn, have I been waiting to hear this! Yes! I have lived today, everyone... I have lived."

"Suck it you old lunatic!" Vitani taunted. "Finally some payback!"

"About time she got her ass out of there too!" Kiara agreed.

"Yes! This is what she's deserved since minute one!" Nala decided to add.

Indeed, everyone around the computer was overjoyed to hear Zira be humiliated like this. They could not even remember a time when they hadn't hated her accurate portrayal in the story with every bone in their bodies, so this felt as though it would be the closest they would ever get to payback for all she had said and done to them. It felt exhilarating, even.

After everyone settled down from their thrilled cheers and sneerful comments, Timon was able to continue. The next category was for the most romantic lion, which was won by Kovu. The six listeners seemed to be happy with that result.

"Congratulations, Kovu." Kopa commented. "After yesterday morning, you deserve it."

Kovu blushed. "Ah, I'd say you should've won it. After all you did stick it out all your life and come all this way just to be with Vitani."

"And it was worth it." Kopa then said to his mate, which made her feel flattered and appreciated, something she never got from Zira. Which made her all the more glad that she got what she deserved in the story.

Mufasa threw back his head and let out a little laugh. "What?" he said, "no, you deserve it!" he said as he pushed the trophy towards Kovu. "You're the first lion that I've seen showing the most love to my daughter."

They all stared blankly at the computer now. "Uh... d-did Mufasa just call Kiara his daughter?" Vitani questioned.

"What the hell's up with that?" Kovu added. Pumbaa chose to answer for him. "I'm sure it was only a mistake. Remember, not everyone's an expert on writing, either."

Kiara replied, "Well yeah, but there's a pretty big difference between being someone's daughter and someone's granddaughter. You'd think they would've been able to catch that."

Timon sighed. "Just be glad they got anything right at all here... unlike some others around this site."

"Oh yeah," Timon said, "throughout half of the movie, he couldn't get enough of her!" he exclaimed which made both Kovu and Kiara blush.

"Hey!" one of the hyenas in the audience yelled as he caught Timon's attention, "how are you even romantic to her?"

Now that question made Kovu blush even more. He didn't show public affection to anyone, including to Simba and Nala. He would nuzzle her here and there in front of them but not lick her cheek in anyway that would make him feel embarrassed.

"He kisses her?" Timon suggested to he hyena.

"Hey, you should do that!" the hyena exclaimed as he pointed at Kovu. "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" he chanted as the hyena audience joined into the chant.

"Well that escalated quickly." Kovu said with embarrassment. "But honestly, I wouldn't have any problem at all with that."

He said this while looking at Kiara, which made her smile. He pressed his muzzle up against hers lovingly, where they both purred. Upon seeing this, Kopa had never before felt such a mixture of happiness and nausea.

"Just as long as they don't have to screw in front of everyone." He said to himself.

"Not that they'd have a problem with that, either." Vitani jokingly added while laughing.

Kovu lowered his head as a nervous smile crept up. The chanting gout louder and louder and more intimidating. He head suddenly snapped up when he felt something moist slide against his cheek. He looked at his side and saw that Kiara stood next to him with a smile on her face. He gave her a nuzzle followed by a small kiss.

"Aww-yeah!" the hyena yelled as he nodded his head at them, "romance at it's best!"

"Keep it clean, Banzai!" Nala said.

"He's wasted, what do you expect?" Simba commented to her.

The following category was for the most beautiful lioness. Nala ended up winning that, which made her real-life counterpart feel happy with herself.

"You really are." Simba whispered to her lovingly. Nala chuckled. "All the lionesses here are." She said modestly. "I would've been fine with any of them winning."

"Except for Zira, that is."

And then, they came at last to the final category of the story, which was for the most handsome lion. In the long run, that was won by Mufasa, which all of them seemed to be satisfied with.

"It makes me wonder what he really looked like." Kopa said to Vitani, having sadly never seen able to meet his grandfather in person. Pumbaa heard this and said to the prince, "Maybe after this, we could just show you what he was like, Kopa."

Kopa scoffed. "Yeah, screwing who?"

Pumbaa shook his head. "No, not like that. I mean like one of the normal pictures they made of him. There's a lot of them."

"For once." The prince whispered.

At the end of the Oscars, the lions and hyenas got up from their seats as they got ready to head back home. "I'm in the need for a very long rest," Kiara said as she stretched her muscles and let out a yawn.

"Me too," Nuka yawned, "is it alright if we can slumber at your den tonight?"

"You're welcome any night," Simba said with a smile, "after what happened between you two and your mother, I think it's best that you guys stay with us," he said as he received a smile from Kiara and Kovu, Nuka, and surprisingly a warm smile from Vitani.

"Awww." Nala cooed again, not caring who heard it. "That's exactly what I would've done."

"Same here." Simba added sincerely.

"I'm ready to call it a night."

The little meerkat let out a loud yawn as he stretched his arm, legs, and back. "Me too," he said, "let's find a place to rest and deal with this litter tomorrow."

With that, the meerkat and the warthog found a soft place to stay where they could sleep until the next morning.

With that, Timon fell to his knees in front of the keyboard, exhausted from so much reading. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he turned around and he asked everyone once more what they thought.

"That was freaking awesome!" Kovu was the first to say enthusiastically. "Zira was a bitch, but she sure got what she deserved! And everything else too... that was just fun!"

Kiara nodded. "I thought it was really funny, but I liked the serious parts too. It had this... balance, you know?"

Simba said to his daughter, "That's what I was thinking. The hyenas were definitely funny, that much I can say for sure. I love the idea of everyone just being together like that, my father included. And yes, the best part was when Zira got thrown out... even if she did have to attack my mom to do that."

Nala then added, "It was great, Timon. Almost everyone who won something deserved it, except for Scar and Zira of course. I loved those moments between Nuka, Vitani and Kovu... they were just so warm and nice. Everything else was very funny."

Turning now to Kopa, he said for himself, "Even though I still wish I could've been in this, I loved it too. It was actually really hysterical the whole way through, especially with those hyenas. Every one of us sounded like ourselves, like that's what we would really say and do there."

Vitani agreed. "The same thing goes for me, Kopa. The best parts were when Nuka and I were doing what we did, and believe me, I'm going to have dreams about Zira getting what she deserves like she did!"

Kopa nodded. Right after the dreams about my father having sex with you against your will, that is, he thought.

Timon sighed. "So it looks like you guys enjoyed that then?" He asked, even though he already knew the answer. Everyone suddenly talked at once, but he could tell they were satisfied. And for that, so was he.

"Alright then. What's say we move on to another one, shall we?"

Everyone nodded approvingly. "What's next, Timon?" asked Simba.

Timon smiled deviously. "Oh, I have a few ideas..."

Author's Note: I would like to give credit to the author named snheetah for The Lion King Oscars, and I wish to thank them immensely for allowing me to use their story here. The fanfic is a truly great one, it's funny yet serious in places, and it has been a privilege to feature it here. I highly recommend it to anyone who want a good laugh from a story such as this. Check it out for yourself, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Also, the reason this chapter was the longest one yet (Close to 12,000 words, holy crap), was for the same reason I chose this particular story for them to look at: Because there was just so much to work with, and that there was just so many possibilities with the material, I didn't want to waste any. If this chapter seemed too long, I apologize.