"Snowflakes falling on your face..."

Jake began as he stood outside of the garage. The cold winter barely chilling him through his winter jacket. The stress of the snow cracking in his ears as he shifted.

"A cold wind blows away..."

It was almost time. Everything that was once inside was now completely gone. Removed. The final chapter of their story here has been written here. Done.

"...The laughter from this treasured place..."

The light snow lazily fall down as the quiet winds breezed across his face. It was painful realizing that this place will no longer have residence. His life began here. Not only his but his partner's life as well.

"...But in our memories it stays."

To Jake, this place was like, no, it was his home. The only place where everything happened. Good memories and, especially, bad memories. So many mornings started out with a new challenge. So many nights came around to rest from what was to come.

"This is where we say farewell..."

Jake's voice almost cracked. But he fought hard against having to leave. He had made his decision and had to go along with it. There were no regrets. But this was a decision he didn't make alone.

"...And the wind, it feels a little colder now."

He felt his presence behind him. Waited patiently for Jake to finish. There was also a sense of worry coming from the other. Saying goodbye wasn't always His best skill. So they promised to leave without a word and trace.

"Here time runs out like a spell…"

There were times when Jake forgot how much 'fun' was. When there was nothing to do, there was always something normal to do. Working on broken down cars made him a little irritated so he left for a walk. Maybe even when out to a movie with Him.

"...But laughter's our vow."

And when things got tough, He was there to comfort him. That one time happened out of nowhere. Jake saw a new side of Him that he never expected. It was inviting. It was warm. It was love.

"This is where we saw it through."

Jake's life was becoming not only his own, but also his partner's. They struggled through many battles. There was a lot of heartache and panicked worry. But nevertheless, they cared for each other more and more.

"Thinking then, 'this friendship, it was built to last'."

No matter what happened around them, whether it was the community or their family going against their love, they knew they were made for each other.

"Here is following the truth…"

Now it was almost time for Jake to finish saying goodbye to his old life. Where everything began. From junkman to hero. From a broken tom to a fulfilled husband.

"...To the bonds that were forged in our past."

Song: Snowflakes

Game: Persona 4 Golden

Composed and arranged by Shoji Meguro

Lyrics by Benjamin Franklin

Performed by Shihoko Hirata

I know life can be pretty tough. We've all had our own share of pain and lose. But there is no avoiding pain. Express yourself. Don't be afraid of who you are.

Some of my stories actually does contain my pain.

What I went through in life.

I am glad you guys enjoy my stories and I will continue to write.

Happy Holidays and Have a great New Years.