Hello there! This is chapter one of my new Bilbo/OC story. Keep in mind that this will be a slowly developed relationship, as I intend to show Bilbo's adventure with the Company from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it :)


Disclaimer: I do not own the Hobbit or any of the characters/story lines that belong to it, all credit goes to J.R.R. Tolkien, in all his glory.

The Shire was a very peaceful place to live. Over the many ages of Middle Earth it had remained as pure and beautiful as ever, never losing its sense of homeliness.

It was in the Shire that the meeting of two young hobbits was about to occur.

Bilbo Baggins had just celebrated his fifth birthday and to celebrate, his parents Bungo and Belladonna had organised a small get together with the Underhill's, who had a daughter the same age as Bilbo.

"Why are the Underhill's visiting?" an anxious Bilbo asked his mother once again while she changed him into suitable attire.

"Bilbo, I have told you many times now," Belladonna frowned at her son, "We are going to meet their daughter, Elana."


"For you to make a new friend," she explained in a gentle tone.

"But she's a girl," Bilbo said, wrinkling his little nose.

"That does not mean you cannot be friends with her."

"Yes it does."

"Now Bilbo, that's enough," she said firmly, "I'm sure you and Elana will be very good friends."

"Yes, mother," Bilbo resigned, but in his mind the little hobbit was still against the idea of having a girl as a friend – yuck!

"Good afternoon," Bungo said happily as he opened the front door to his guests.

"Good afternoon to you, Bungo," Theodore Underhill smiled, shaking Bungo's hand warmly as he entered Bag End, "You are well, I trust?"

"Never better!" Bungo cried happily, "And Miss Sarah, looking radiant as ever."

Sarah Underhill smiled brightly, "Hello Bungo, thank you so much for having us."

"Not at all! Come in, Belladonna should be out any moment," Bungo said, now looking curiously at the small hobbit clutching Sarah's leg, "And this must be little Elana."

"Yes, I am sorry, she is very shy around new people," Sarah said, looking down at her daughter, "Elana, say hello to Master Baggins."

Elana nodded nervously and slowly stepped away from her mother towards Bungo. She was a very pretty little Halfling, with brown-blonde hair that was short and curly like all hobbit children.

"It is very nice to meet you, Master Baggins," Elana said quietly, and did a small curtsy to Bungo, who beamed down at her.

"It is nice to meet you also, Miss Elana," he smiled.


Belladonna smiled as she saw her old friend near the doorway. The two women embraced each other in a tight hug and said their hellos.

"Hello Theodore," Belladonna hugged him after she had finished talking to Sarah.

"It is good to see you," Theodore replied.

"Where is Bilbo?" Bungo asked his wife.

"He should be coming down now," she said, looking around for her son.

Right on schedule, the little Halfling with light brown hair came hesitantly into the room, staring wide-eyed at the strangers in his home.

"Bilbo, come and say hello to the Underhill's," Belladonna said, gesturing Bilbo forward.

"Hello Underhill's," Bilbo said quietly, looking down at his feet in embarrassment.

"Now Bilbo, where are your manners?" Bungo frowned at his son.

Bilbo nodded and stepped forward, shaking Sarah and Theodore's hands and formally introducing himself as his parents had taught him.

"And is this your little one?" Belladonna nodded towards Elana, who had returned to hiding behind Sarah's leg.

"Yes, this is Elana," Theodore said and gazed meaningfully at his daughter.

Elana stepped forward once again and introduced herself to Belladonna like she had done to Bungo.

"I am delighted to finally meet you, Elana," Belladonna smiled, "This is our son Bilbo."

The two little hobbits looked over one another for a few moments but did not say anything, too shy to begin a conversation.

"Perhaps we should adjourn to tea while they become acquainted," Belladonna suggested to the other adults, who all nodded in agreement.

"Bilbo, you look after young Elana, okay son?" Bungo said to Bilbo on his way out of the entrance hall.

Bilbo nodded to his father nervously and stood a few feet back from Elana.

As the adults left a silence filled the room. The two Halflings met gazes occasionally but still they said nothing.

"Hi," Bilbo said eventually, breaking the silence.

"Hello," Elana said quietly.

"My name's Bilbo, what's yours?"

"Elana," she said, "But you can call me Lana."

"How old are you, Lana?"

"Five," she said, holding up five fingers triumphantly.

"Me too," Bilbo smiled proudly, "When was your birthday?"

"September 15th."

"Really?" Bilbo asked excitedly, "Mine was on the 22nd."

"Of September?"

Bilbo nodded, "What did you get for your birthday?"

"Just clothes," Elana said in disappointment.

"Me too, but my mother said all respected young hobbits get clothes and all the best presents come when we're older," he blurted out, as if he had recited it.

"I can't wait 'til I'm older."

"When I'm older I want to have a big adventure!" he grinned, "Full of danger and fighting!"

"Oh me too!" Elana agreed, "And dwarves and elves."

"And dragons and orcs," Bilbo added, "And maybe we can use swords."

"Or bow and arrows and axes!"

"Want to go outside and play adventure?" Bilbo asked, excited he now had someone who shared his love for exploring.

"Oh, yes!" Elana smiled brightly.

And with that the two little hobbits ran out of Bag End side by side, waving their hands in the air and crying, "We're going on an adventure!"