The Only Way They Know How

Enoshima Junko really does love her classmates.

What she feels for them is a conditional love, but it's still love. It's conditional because she doesn't always love them, but she does, sometimes. They're classmates who have spent an entire two years together, so of course she loves them. How could she not love them? They are almost as dear to her as Super Duper High School Disappointment Ikusaba Mukuro, but not really because dear Mukuro-neechan is her twin and still so disappointing and that gives her wonderful, wonderful despair the likes of which no one else can ever give her.

The others come close though. They come real close.

Junko feels the most love for her classmates when they show her despair, because they do it better than anyone.

Super Duper High School Spineless, Naegi Makoto, whose face crinkles into such beautiful agony whenever he realizes he's just not good enough and his good luck just isn't the same as the others' talents. The way his person wilts like a dying leaf and the way his eyes grow dull like a dead fish makes Junko tremble with ecstasy. Disappointment likes him, too. Double points for Spineless, since Mukuro should only ever love Junko alone, and the knowledge that she does not any longer is even more despair.

Super Duper High School Stick Up His Ass, Togami Byakuya, whose poise and mask shatters like porcelain whenever he falls asleep and his guard is down. Junko wakes up in the middle of the night and turns to see the boy crying in his sleep, weeping over some dead siblings like it's really a big deal, and the sight makes her come harder than the boy can while awake.

Super Duper High School Loudmouth, Oowada Mondo, whose secret isn't a secret to someone like Junko. All it takes for the big, bad man to despair is Junko walking by and whispering to Mukuro, very loudly, oh Mukuro-neechan, do you love me enough to throw yourself in front of a truck for me, you're the bestest best big sister ever, and crack goes his knuckles against a wall.

Super Duper High School Surprisingly Buff, Ishimaru Kiyotaka, whose obsession with the rules is so much fun Junko goes with the easy route and spikes his drink. When he wakes up with Mondo in tangled sheets, he isn't upset about having slept with someone while drunk, he's upset because he drank while underaged, and Junko is awed because she had not been expecting that.

Super Duper High School Schizo, Fukawa Touko, whose love for her Byakuya-sama, the White Knight, is borderline-stalkerish. Of course she notices, when Togami has so many hickeys his skin is mottled. Junko rubs salt into the wound by keeping the door open just a tiny bit and screaming the boy's name like a prayer, Togami, Togami, Togami, and outside Fukawa hears.

Super Duper High School Steroids, Oogami Sakura, whose so-called pride in her freakish build is really just justification for how she's ruined herself. Junko watches Brainless comfort her, try to lie that yes, one day that boy you like will maybe overlook your freaky muscles, but both of them know that's a shitty lie. Junko smiles when Oogami breaks down and screams.

Super Duper High School Brainless, Asahina Aoi, whose bubbly face makes Junko want to gag but whose pain is all the more delicious for it. Junko comforts her after she's done comforting the Ogre, tells her that maybe one day Muscles will love you back, but oh wait, you're not really her type, you're too skinny, eat more. Asahina stuffs herself until she throws it back up.

Super Duper High School Confused, Fujisaki Chihiro, whose skinny legs and pretty face make him so female he wants to be one, disguises himself as one. But whenever he showers, Junko knows he sees something dangling in between his legs that he hates. Junko walks by and asks, oh Chihiro-chan, how do you keep your legs that smooth, and he runs off with trembling lips.

Super Duper High School Twilight Fan, Celestia Ludenberg, whose badly-done, caked-on and flaking makeup makes Junko want to wash it all off and start over, because that girl just does not know how to do it right. She's so ugly Junko feels despair just looking at her, and added to the weird delusions of grandeur, it's almost too much all at once.

Super Duper High School Prone to Heart Disease, Yamada Hifumi, whose denial of attraction to the real world (the 3D-world, he calls it, like the 2D-world is the real one instead) is to hide his obsession not with hentai but with a real-life vampire goth loli. Whenever he sneakily touches himself in the library while looking at Buko, he's thinking of Celes, and Junko loves it.

Super Duper High School Off-Key, Maizono Sayaka, whose fame could only have come from her shitty voice moaning, her shitty dance leg-spreading. Junko whispers to her in a conspiratory tone that, did you hear, so and so idol was found to have been sleeping with her manager, butyou would never need to, you're so talented, and Maizono excuses herself looking quite sick.

Super Duper High School Dreadlocks, Hagakure Yasuhiro, well…Junko doesn't actually love him. He's a little too gross, and even when he despairs, it's not really despair but some sorta weird gross icky thing, so Junko just sort of tries to forget he exists. She supposes he gives her despair too, by just breathing and walking around for as long as he has.

Super Duper High School Wannabe, Kuwata Leon, whose bravado is really quite real because he thinks he's all that, and Junko lets him indulge for a little bit, lets him think he's a real man while she pretends like she enjoys his clumsy touch. Then she turns the tables and it's the whips and the chains and the blades, and she enjoys his whimpering a whole lot more.

And finally, Junko's absolute favorite. Oh, how she loves and hates Super Duper High School Daddy's Girl, Kirigiri Kyouko. Where to even begin. So much teen angst in that girl, and for all her precocious intelligence, almost a match for Junko herself, her brain is still stuck in that stupid mix between love and rebellion. So, Junko does her a favor. She sticks Kyouko's daddy in a spaceship and launches him up, so Kyouko won't have to worry about conflicting feelings anymore. Junko wishes she could walk up and say, here Kyouko, it's your dad in a box, just like you always wanted! But it's almost as good to let her find the bones herself, so that's fine too.

Junko loves all her classmates, so, so much, so much it makes her sick with love and there's so much love she despairs from it, because she fucking hates love. That's why she decides to give her love back to her classmates. For showing her so much love, she must love them back. Love is despair, and despair is love, so when the others show her love, she'll show them despair in return. Junko will give her love to her classmates by forcing them into a life of mutual killing.

That's the only way she knows how.