Chapter Two - Bad First Impressions

"Harris?!" Petey said in honest surprise "What are you doing here?" Adrian looked to Petey before turning to the girl on his right arm and said "Tory how about you go and get me and my friends a few cocktails, Put it on my tab…?" Chris stepped forwards and said "You… Have a tab at a Airport?" Adrian turned to the trio and said in a near shocked voice "Of course I have tab at the airport! I am one of their regulars." He leaned in towards the trio and said in a small voice "I'm not gonna lie, Without me this place would probably be bust… But you didn't hear that from me." Petey nodded slowly not quite sure what to make of this new information, Coach stepped forwards and looked around "Hey, Guys we should make a move on as we don't want to miss our taxis!" Adrian waved a nonchalant hand and gestured to his now guests to follow him "Guys, You're on my island now, Stick with me and you'll be ok" The trio followed a little worried that they were gonna miss their rides Adrian called behind him saying "Casey! Get their bags and put them in the car, Then join us later will you, Love" He turned to Petey and said "Where ever you were planning on staying? Cancel and get a refund, You guys are now staying at my Villa" Coach jogged up to walk beside Adrian and said "How the hell can you afford a Villa?! You're on the same wage as me!" Adrians eyes glinted as he smirked and said softly "Am I?" Coach stopped and tilted his head and said "What just happened."

As Petey and the boys took their seats at the Airport Tory walked over with their drinks and placed the drinks on the table, Adrian who was sitting on a couch leaned forwards and picked up the his cocktail, Motioning for Tory to join him on the couch he sipped from his drink he turned to the boys and said casually "So, Tell me. What brings you to my idea of paradise?" Petey looked to Chris and gestured for him to answer. Chris sighed and said "Well, We were thinking of taking a Spring Break, You know escape the chaos at home in Beacon Hills." Adrian nodded and sipped on his Martini "Understandable well, You came to the right place" He rose from his seat and said "Well our ride is here now" Petey looked shocked "What do you… Hey I recognise that lim…" Petey ducked suddenly as Adrian looked down at him with a confused expression "Um, Peter, What are you doing?" Chris looked out the window and smirked trying not laugh "Oh. My. God, Bobby what are the chances of this happening?" Coach who was admiring his Lacrosse pen glanced out of the window and burst out laughing "Isn't that the Limo you stole a few months back to drive to the Museum for 'Checkers' Petey?" Petey looked over and the duo and glared at them "No shit Sherlock! The driver vowed to kill me if he saw me again… And well… He seemed quite insistent I don't think he enjoyed being hogtied and being stuffed in the boot of the limo… Now I think about it, That was not my best choice of Grand Theft Auto." Adrian looked up at the Limo which was waiting for them patiently and said "Look guys, I own that Limo don't worry about a thing, You're with Adrian Harris now. My name is basically royalty around these parts, Don't sweat it" He gestured for them to follow him out of the airport, Chris and Coach followed still laughing at Petey's bad luck with the Limo. As they piled into the Limo, Petey exited the Airport his sombrero pulled low to cover his face, Chris 'The DILF' Argent watched as the Driver glanced over at Petey. Chris and Coach watched as The Drivers face went from his normal tanned self to one of pure hatred. Adrian who was snuggled in the corner with Tory didn't see this.

Petey stopped and saw the Driver. Petey looked left. No clear exit, Petey looked Right… Dead end "Well shit." Petey muttered, He only had one choice forwards. Petey threw his Sombrero to the side like a heroic cowboy and took off running forwards. It was just his luck that the wind blew the Sombrero back at him covering his face knocking him over slightly, But this didn't stop Petey he wrenched the hat from his face and jumped sliding over the bonnet of the car like the Alpha Werewolf he was. Coach and Chris just watched amused I mean this is what they came here for, A memorable Spring Break and well, With Petey you never know what you're going to get. What they didn't expect was for the Driver to start the car and take off after Petey.

Petey was having a lot of bad luck today, A Vicar on the plane now he was running around like a wolf on the full moon… Heh a wolf, He laughed at his own joke, He was a werewolf. As he turned down a side alley and ducked behind a dustbin. How was he going to get out of this one. He brought out his iPhone and loaded up messages choosing 'DILF DILF DILF DILF' and typed out "Bruh, Where are you guys, Can you get meh Harry Harris' Address so I can make my way there, Blud" It took a few moments for Petey' phone to go off but when he looked down he saw he had a text from "Poach of Lacrosse' Petey sighed as he read the entire speech for independence day "As if Coach actually typed that all out" As Petey was starting to get agitated he sent a text to both Coach and DILF saying "Guys, Address… Like now, Kinda lost at the moment! Your home boy Petey" As Petey pressed send he heard the main theme to Independence Day and looked up to see Coach and Chris sitting on a wall looking down at him "What are you guys doing there?!" Petey asked in surprise. Chris grinned and said "Well, Petey… Harris lives here."