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The Weasleys', Harry, Hermione and the various partners of the Weasleys' were gathered at The Burrow. Mr and Mrs Weasley had called for a family meeting and had stipulated that it was extremely important and mandatory attendance was required. Harry knew it must be serious as even Charlie was summoned. Charlie's face was in the fireplace, he had firecalled so he could be included in the meeting.

Harry was squished between George and Fleur, across from him he could see Ron and Hermione. Ron shrugged to show he had no idea what was going on when he caught Harry looking over. Harry decided to just sit and wait, there was not much else he could do.

He was pleased that he was still included in the Weasley family meetings. He had come out to them and he feared that they would be disgusted with him, and angry at his treatment of Ginny. However, they were understanding and even happy for him, happy that he was figuring out who he was as a person.

Ginny was not that bothered either, they never really got back together after they broke up during the war. She had confessed to Harry that she had started seeing someone before he even announced he was gay. He was pleased, he did not want to lose her friendship.

Before Harry could sink further in his thoughts, Mr and Mrs Weasley stepped into the room. Their faces were set with determination and they seemed nervous. Harry could tell this meeting was to deliver bad news.

Mrs Weasley spoke first.

"Before we explain why we have called you all here, I want to make myself clear. This meeting is to inform you of the situation, to keep you in the loop. Therefore your moaning, shouting and complaining will not change the situation in the slightest. Arthur and I have made our decision and nothing will change that." She declared.

Harry could see the various Weasleys' looking at their parents in puzzlement and worry.

Arthur stepped up next to his wife and put an arm around her shoulders for support, and to show a united front. He knew that their news would not be taken well, but like Molly had said, they made their decision nothing will change that.

"Mum, Dad?" Bill asked after a few moments of silence.

Molly looked around them all, "We have a house guest. We found them in a poor state and they were barely alive. Arthur and I have decided to allow them to stay here until they have recovered and gotten back on their feet."

Shocked, blank faces stared back at them.


"Where did you find them?"

"Muggle or wizard?"

"What kind of state?"

"Why would we object to your act of kindness?"

The various occupants asked at once, Harry remained quiet. He had a strange feeling.

Arthur motioned for all of them to be quiet and waited until everyone had settled back down.

"Now your mother and I will not be told by you what to do. You may not like who our house guest is, but he is here to stay for the foreseeable future." He sternly informed them.

"Just tell us already," Ginny demanded, impatient as ever.

Arthur took a deep breath, "Draco Malfoy."


"No way."

"He's not in my room is he?"

"That scum in our house."

"QUIET!" Arthur called over the questions and shouts of protests.

The room immediately went quiet, Arthur rarely lost his temper or shouted, that was Molly's job. They all stared stunned at Mr and Mrs Weasley.

"Like we said the situation will not change no matter what you think of it. Draco is staying with us, end of discussion. If you have questions we will answer you, but we will not listen to protests and demands that he leaves." Arthur calmly said.

"What's ferret doing here? Where did you find him?" Ron demanded.


Draco was curled up in the fetal position on his side, in a small worn out single bed. He was aware that the whole Weasley brood was downstairs, most likely demanding that their parents throw him out. He would not blame them if they did. Mr and Mrs Weasley had already shown him so much compassion, kindness and forgiveness. More than he deserved.

(Three Days Earlier)

Draco was walking around the small town, he was hungry, tired and filthy. He had not eaten properly in days, he'd been sleeping on the streets and been washing out of the sinks in public toilets.

He used to say he was starving between meals at Hogwarts, but now he knew that was a huge exaggeration. He had never known hunger like he felt now. No not hunger – starvation. He had not had any sufficient food for a long time, a few days ago he could cope. He experienced slight hunger pangs and dizziness. Now he was close to just collapsing.

Not for the first time he wondered how his life had managed to get so out of control. After the war, The Ministry repossessed the manor and froze all of the Malfoy vaults. They were spared prison, mostly due to Potters testimonies. His father was sentenced to house arrest and had a restriction placed on his magic. All house-elves were freed and any assets were auctioned off.

Draco and his parents moved to a small two-bed cottage in Devon and tried to settle into a routine and adjust to their new lifestyle. His father was seething, he swore revenge on the Ministry, he was humiliated and ashamed. His mother was just pleased to be spared from prison and was grateful that they could at least have their freedom.

Things soon took a turn for the worst. His father demanded that Draco immediately started courting a pureblood witch, from a wealthy family. In order to rebuild the Malfoy name, use her family money to invest in certain businesses and try and rebuild the Malfoy fortune.

Draco had refused. He informed his parents that he would not be forced to marry. He would not marry for political or monetary gain. He no longer wanted to be used, he had experienced enough of that in his life. He did not want to go from one self-imposed hell to another.

He confessed that he was gay, that he could no longer lie to himself or his parents. His father already unstable lost it. For the first time in his life, his father had struck him. Draco knew his father was a cruel man, but he usually punished Draco with cutting words and withholding privileges. To use physical violence was a shock, one Draco had not expected. His father struck him like he was an inept house elf.

His father icily told him he had a few days to reconsider if he refused to marry a pureblood he would be thrown out of the family – disowned.

The next day his mother was found dead. She had left a suicide note, claiming she could not live her life this way anymore. His father blamed Draco, said it was because he was gay and refused to marry a witch. Draco and his father got into an argument and Draco blamed his father for his mother's death.

Being married to his father for decades was bound to drive his mother to suicide. His father was abusive, not physically but mentally. He was difficult to live with. Now that they had lost everything, from money, the manor, to loss of respect, his mother had enough.

Draco refused to change who he was, he would not be forced into a marriage with a woman. He could not change who he was, that was all he had left. His father snapped his wand and threw him out.

Draco had no idea where to go. He had no wand, no money, no friends, and the only family he had left was his deranged maniac, abusive father.

With no wand, he could not summon the night bus or apparate. He had no money for muggle transport and even if he did he had nowhere to go.

He had never felt more alone and hopeless. If he had his wand he could use cleaning spells, transfigure blankets and shelter. He did attempt to go back to his father's cottage, but his father had changed the wards so they would not admit him.

For the first time in his life, Draco only had the clothes on his back and nothing more. He slept on the street and scavenged for food. He lost track of time, and he knew he was wasting away. One evening a man had offered to pay him for sexual favours. Draco was repulsed and refused.

How could he lower himself to such a thing, he could not. Now a few days later he had changed his mind, he desperately needed money. There was not room for doubts and morals.

He thought his luck had started to turn when later that evening a wide set man asked Draco if he was available for 'services'.

Draco said he would only go as far as oral, and was not willing to do anything more. The man accepted and said he would pay Draco a small sum in return for Draco giving him head. Draco reluctantly climbed into the muggle metal box on wheels muggles called a car, and the stranger told him he was going to drive to a country lane so they would not be disturbed.

Draco was apprehensive, yes he had given head before. But that was under completely different circumstances. Before he was willing, he was aroused and he desired the other person. None of those applied right now, but Draco needed the money to buy food. Without food, he knew he could not last much longer.

The stranger pulled to a stop in the middle of nowhere and ordered Draco to climb in the back seat. The man soon joined him and unzipped his trousers.

Draco was frozen in his seat, he heard the man growl, "What are you waiting for?"

Draco put aside his discomfort and slid to the floor, there was hardly any space but he was slim and managed to squat between the man's legs. With a heavy heart, Draco shut down any thoughts and feelings, he took hold of him and began what he was being paid to do.

The man had become hard in his mouth and was leaning back in his seat moaning. After a few moments Draco felt large hands on the back of his head, fingers gripped his hair and pulled his head back roughly.

"Get back on that seat. Now." He ordered.

Draco wiped his mouth and sat back up. "I can do better. I'm sorry, I really need the money please." Draco begged. He actually begged!

He could not believe his life had gotten to the point where he was begging a slime ball muggle to allow him to give him head for money.

Draco heard him laugh, "Damn right you can do better. Strip." He demanded as he eyed Draco's body.

"W-what? I c-can't. I said oral only." he stammered, as he looked around the car. The man had locked the doors and he did not know how to open them.

He was feeling trapped and claustrophobic. He did not care about the money anymore, he just needed to get out and away from here.

Draco was panicking he could tell from the other man's face that he was not giving Draco the option. A huge hand reached out and pinned him against the car door by his neck, fingers squeezing his throat.

"I said strip pretty boy." his eyes dark and menacing.

Draco nodded, and his throat was released. With shaking hands, he removed his cloak and shirt.

"And the rest. All of it." he barked at Draco.

"Please...I..." Draco pleaded.

A blow to the side of his face cut off his request and Draco knew he'd have a black eye. Not wanting to risk the man's wrath he removed the remainder of his clothes. He pulled his legs up on the seat and hugged his knees, trying to hide his nakedness and vulnerability.

His ankle was grabbed in a vice like grip and his whole body was pulled down by his ankle. His head banged against the door. This time one of the man's large hands covered his nose and mouth, Draco struggled to breathe.

After a poor attempt to pull the man's hand away, the hand was moved away.

"I like it when my victim's struggle, makes it all the more fun." He huskily drawled.

Draco was not strong enough to defend himself or stop him, he could only plead and beg him to stop. But like he said, he seemed to get off more when Draco struggled and protested.

Draco's wrists were bound by a weird plastic cable, must be another muggle thing, something that wizards did not use. His wrists were shoved roughly above his head, his legs were forced up and pushed back against his own chest.

Draco could not believe how calm and casual the man was being. Draco was shaking with fear and crying. He received another blow to his face, this time, his mouth. He tasted blood.

"If you're going to cry, cry silently." He ordered.

Draco stopped his whimpering immediately, fearing another punch. He looked up into the face of his attacker and took in every feature about the man. He turned to look away, but his chin was grabbed and his face yanked to look back at him.

"What's your name, pretty boy?" He sounded as if he was just in a bar chatting him up.

Draco stammered his name and once again begged to be released. His request was ignored. Draco felt scared, frightened, sick and he could feel the weight of his attacker bearing down on him.

Draco knew this was not just about sex, this man relished the power, control he had over someone. He lived to see fear in his victim's eyes and to know he was the one to cause it.

The tie around his wrists was digging in and he knew arguing was useless. Draco tensed when he felt sweaty hands start fondling him and stroking his thighs. Then Draco shut down, retreated in on himself to block out what was happening.

He felt pain as the man penetrated him, he was not taking it slow. He was rough and forceful. No preparation and no thought to how Draco was feeling. Draco cried out in pain, but this only caused deeper harder thrusts.

Draco wanted it to be over so he could just run, run away and never look back. What felt like a long time, but was only a few minutes he heard a grunt and felt the man's come spill inside of him. Draco squeezed his eyes shut, the sound of heavy breathing, the smell of sweat in the air. Draco wanted to puke, but he had not eaten anything to bring up.

He was relieved when he felt the man pull out and shift his weight. Draco lowered his legs and shifted his bound hands to rest on his chest.

Just when he thought it was over, his rapist started beating him. Saying he wanted to break him, ruin his pretty face. That he wanted to be the last person to see him looking perfect.

After endless punches, scratches and something that burned. A tiny round thing that had a picture of a cigarette on, Draco assumed it was an in car lighter. There was a break in the abuse as the man answered his phone.

Without saying anything the man dressed, got out the car, walked around it and opened the door on Draco's side. His hair was grabbed and he was dragged out of the car by it. He fell onto the cold wet concrete. A few kicks in his stomach and ribs, then he blacked out.

When he came around he was wearing striped PJ's and was tucked up in a single bed. He panicked, had a vision of his attacker kidnapping him back to his. He screamed and Mrs Weasley came bursting in. It took her a long time, with an aid of potions and her husband to calm him down.

That was three days ago now. Mrs Weasley had insisted he stayed with them, she made sure he washed, ate and slept. She did not pressure him to talk and she was not being fake in her offer of kindness.

- TBC -