I wish I owned Korra - NOT in THAT way, you pervert! - mainly because I loved Last Airbender, but my nut-sack was kicked when they forced drama into the show.

Small rant: What the FUCK, Mako?! You first had Asami, who has MILF qualities, and then leave her for Korra, only to then go back for Asami in season 2 when things don't look so hot and then back to Korra?! I know this site is prone to that with both girls jumping the guy's pants - Which means I'll avoid having Naruto breaking hearts and getting laid like he's some god/Gary-Stu at any cost but if I do, do kick my ass, readers - but Mako, you just jump to whatever girl is conveniently near you. What're you, Sasuke 2.0? ... Oh god, now I can't unsee that!


As Korra walked around the districts of Republic City, wondering when or where she could find someone who didn't remind her of the corruption of the entire city as well as Tenzin's whereabouts, she heard something coming her way, and fast. She instantly bolted to her side to avoid a flying thug who had been sent out of an alley. Her curiosity got the best of her and she entered the place to see what had caused that. The Avatar's eyes widened when she noticed a lone man standing in the alley which led to a small dojo with a few kids in white pants and gi standing at the door.

The man was blond with his hair slicked back, had a tanned skin of a golden tone, whiskered cheeks, and deep blue eyes of a darker shade than most water tribe people. His outfit also did make him stand out, he wore a white gi which was pulled inside a pair of reddish dark orange hakama pants with a black belt keeping said pants up, and blood red bandages around his arms, also covering his knuckles for fighting. The man was also buff but not overly so, showing he did train himself but didn't abuse his training to compensate anything, showing the body of a true martial artist who mixed in strength and skill. And both strength and skill showed when an earth bender stepped forward and threw a fist up, launching a rock at the blond man.

The martial artist let out a breath in a small shout of power and slammed his right fist on the rock, shattering it to dust. Another earth-bender threw himself into the air and covered his body with rocks to crush the master, only to gasp as the blond turned, easily grabbed the airborne man and Judo-slammed him to the ground with enough force to shatter the armor. The blond then took a step back and maintained a perfect pose while doing so as he got into a defensive stance.

"You go, sensei!" the kids cheered.

"Kick their butts!"

"Show them your Rasenken (Spiral Fist)!"

"Hit 'em hard!"

Korra smiled as she could see why the kids had so much admiration for this tank of a man. But her smile turned into pleasant surprise when he spoke with a chuckle and a small, calm and warm smile to his students, "A master doesn't go overboard to bring pain to those who don't deserve it. Martial Arts are meant to protect the weak, not to unleash anger on others." He then smirked at the thugs, "But considering you are trying to take down my dojo and drive out my students for money, I guess I can't hold back."

Another bender, this time a fire-bender, roared in anger as he threw a fiery punch at the martial artist. The Avatar watched in horror as she knew the man would get badly burned, but before she could use her water bending to put down the fire, the master gave a powerful step forward that made the ground tremble a bit. The blond man threw his right fist forward in a corkscrew motion, but Korra could see much more in the knuckles of the man. The sheer skill, the way he moved his hand, it was as if his very fist was a maelstrom of its own. Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets as the man punched right through the fire and with his hand and bandages still intact managed to break the fire-bender's knuckles and hand with insane precision.

The other benders started to step back, "W-What are you made of you freak?!"

The master chuckled and grabbed a rock from the ground with a light cackle to his voice, "I'm this dojo's master, I can't lose to the likes of you when I got people here who want to learn from me." With those words he effortlessly crushed the rock in his hand, turning it into dust, "Now this is the part where you run off and never return here."

The thugs instantly did that, leaving Korra to whistle until, "Ow!" she bumped into something hard.

"And you are?" the blond man asked the girl who smacked her face into his strong as steel torso.

Korra looked up sheepishly at the man whose muscles alone told her he could fight off an ox without much effort, and by what she saw he was far stronger than he looked. "Umm... I'm just passing by, sorry, kinda saw the whole thing and got interested."

The blond chuckled, "Well, if you don't mind me being bold, you could try a few classes if you're that interested, if not then that's fine. I can see you're pretty strong for your age." He said motioning to Korra's toned arms.

Korra raised a brow, "Actually, I don't think I need it, I already got my own masters... But I'll admit, that last punch of yours was pretty amazing. How did you do it?"

The blond chuckled, "Sorry, but it's a special technique of mine. I mastered it through a very difficult training trip... Trust me, it doesn't matter if you're talented or not, that punch of mine is not easy to master unless you dedicate a good chunk of your life into it."

Korra wanted to retort, knowing she was very good at martial arts, but the way the man spoke told her he meant every word. She gave an inner sigh and spoke up, "So, what style do you teach?"

The master smiled, "It's my own style. I made it to fight off any kind of enemy with one's wits and strength, to get used to danger and know how to move around it. I really don't have a name for it, but it could be called an all-defense style against anything, even benders."

Korra's eyes widened, "You're with the anti-bender movement?"

The martial artist laughed loudly, "Hahahahaha! No, of course not! I couldn't care less about those guys or the benders. I just want to teach these kids how to defend themselves, that's all."

The kids stood up for their master, "Yeah, Naruto-sensei is a good guy too!"

"He once beat up some thieves who assaulted an old lady's shop!"

"There was once a time he lifted a boulder to help my kitty!"

"A sword master and a fire-bender once tried to force people to pay them and he beat them up without getting hit!"

Korra chuckled, "Okay, okay... He's really strong and really cool... Heh, I'm actually considering training here if not for Tenzin."

Naruto chuckled too, "I wouldn't mind you joining."

Soon the kids started to let out "Ooooo" sounds and tease the two, making Korra blush and Naruto sigh in mild embarrassment. He then extended his hand to her, "Name's Uzumaki Naruto, Naruto for short and friends, sensei if you join."

Korra chuckled, "I'm Korra, and sorry but I don't have any money on me."

Naruto hummed, hand on his chin before his eyes sparkled, "Well, first lesson's free. It's to get you used to it and see if you can handle training under me."

The water tribe girl shook her head, "Actually, I was looking for another master."

The blond sighed in defeat, "Okay, fair enough. So, what're you looking for?"

"Sensei, go with her." a little girl said, pushing Naruto forward and making Korra blush as she had her face once again introduced to the blond man's muscular torso. Not bad, not bad at all she had to admit.

Naruto looked back as Korra instantly pushed herself off him, "What for?"

"You should always be a gentleman and help a lady. And she's pretty, you could get a date."

Before Naruto had any chance to reply, the kids started to cheer and even chant for him to go with the dark-skinned girl. Both looked at each other and sighed with Naruto rubbing the back of his head as he spoke, "So, Korra... Since my students are this insistant, mind if I give you a tour?"

The girl considered it, she did need to get to Tenzin in his island. She smiled, "Sure, I'd finally get to where I want to."

Naruto smiled, "Good, follow me."

And with that, perhaps the strangest friendship started.


And that's my rap!

Yes, I did base his outfit in Geese Howard's from his first boss battle in Fatal Fury (Cheap as Hell, though). Now, with this I am sure I wanna do this. A chakraless Naruto has rarely been done, and while I don't have any proof to claim being the first, I want to make it what it should be: Naruto fighting foes with vastly superior powers with his bare hands, some good martial arts, and his always positive attitude.

And a guilty pleasure of mine is Korra. Toned body, dark skin, sass... Do want! But, sadly, she got the same treatment as Samus Aran in Other M and Ripley in her fourth movie: she's seen as a female character, not a character. By that I mean they shove bins of garbage about how she's a strong female character when you don't need to, she's already a character, she can kick ass, it doesn't matter what she is just what she does. But no, some asshole and some morons decided to try to Meyers and Kishimoto it up.

A good reason for me to put Naruto in here with Korra is, well, obvious: they're both the same if you think about it. Good start for their series that fall flat when a troubled boy comes into their life and the writer tries to put drama around them, loss of powers and being put as inept before "superior" foes who abuse some Deus Ex Machina bullshit power, and being actually likeable only for the plot to make them tools, pitiable tools.

Well, that's the prologue, hope you liked it. And if you wonder how Naruto got in this... I'm not telling until much, much later.

Swordslinger out!