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Duel Academy Chancellor Sheppards Office

Crystal stood in front of the huge door. She had two members of the Academy security stood on either side of her. Crystal hadn't realised just how big this place was. She had been briefed on the way here by security of all the various areas on the island. She had been also told which areas were restricted for duel academy students. Crystal noticed the door suddenly opened. Stood in the door way, was man who had a round face, completely bald and was dressed in a red duel robe.

"Ah Miss Dawson, please come in." Crystal followed the man into the office, she watched as he took a seat behind a huge desk. She stood nervously as the man picked up a file and flipped it open.

"Please Miss Dawson, have a seat. According to your file, you have come all the way from the United Kingdom, not that we are unhappy to have you here, your duel results were some of the highest we have ever seen, however I just want to know why you would choose this Academy instead of one much closer to your homeland."

Crystal could feel Nyxs trying to stir and take over. Obviously she wasn't too happy with this man asking questions, however Crystal focused and was able to gain some control.

"Well you see Sir, even since I was 10, I have been fascinated by the world of Duel monsters. Since I received my first deck, I have been working hard to improve my skills. I chose this Academy, because I wanted to learn from the best, and what Academy could be better than one owned by the Kaiba Corporation."

Sheppard lounged back in his chair. "Thank you for those kind words Miss Dawson, and it is Chancellor Sheppard. Now I understand that you use a very unusual deck. according to your reports you use a combination of three skills, deck destruction, hand destruction and burn, you have managed to create a deck that incorporates all three skills, very impressive, and going from your result at the Academy entry exam you would do very well here. Now the only thing left to do is to place you in a dorm, due to your high marks on the written exam, and your outstanding results on the practical exam, you are admitted in Obelisk Blue. I wish you the best of luck with your studies this year."

Crystal heard Nyxs screaming. "No, that is no good, we need to be in the red dorm, I need to find out what has happened to my sweet darling. Blue and Yellow is not an option!"

Crystal lowered her head. "Actually Chancellor Sheppard I wonder if I could go into the Slifer Dorm. I would like to work my way from the bottom to the top, and see it has more of a challenge then going straight into the top dorm."

Sheppard was surprised with the request, normally duelist would give anything to get into Obelisk blue, but this girl wanted to start at the bottom in Slifer red.

"Very well Miss Dawson, if that is what you want, then I admit you into the Slifer Red. Now if you can just fill in a few detail on this form, I will contact your head of house, his name is Professor Banner, and he is one of our finest tutors."

Crystal filled the forms in and then signed them. Just has she had finished she noticed a oriental man walk in, he had black hair that went down to his shoulders, and he was dressed in a white shirt and pair of black trousers. In his arms he had the fattest cat Crystal had ever seen. Crystal stood up and introduced herself.

"Hello Professor Banner, I have been entered into your dorm. I promise to do the best I can to make you proud of me."

Banner smiled and shook the girls hand. "Welcome Miss Dawson, please follow me, and we will get you settled in. As you are the only girl in Slifer dorm at the moment then you will be entitled to your own room. Meals are taken within the dorm mess halls. breakfast is served at 8am, and tea is served at 5pm. The school canteen is also opened during the day, so feel free to use it when you want."

Crystal followed her new head of house, making sure she took noticed of everything he was telling her. Meanwhile Nyxs was getting very excited, soon she would reunited with her long lost love once more.

Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm

Ace and Alexis were walking towards her dorm, Professor Fountaine had given her the all clear to leave the hospital wing and now both teens held hands just enjoying the gentle afternoon breeze. Ace couldn't believe how fast things had moved between him and Alexis, it had been only two days since they first bumped into each other at the Kaiba dome. As they approached the dorm, Ace noticed two of Alexis best friends Jasmin and Mindy came running out of the dorm.

"Alexis, oh my god, we wondered what had happened to you." Ace suddenly found himself pushed away from Alexis and now watched as both girls orbited his new girlfriend checking to see if everything was okay.

"Guys just leave it. Ace and I handled it, so could you please give me some space, I was just enjoying a pleasant walk with my new boyfriend."

At word Boyfriend both girls squealed "I knew it, I knew it, So how long has this been going on? Was it love at first sight, Our Lexi Finally in love. ooh wait till the rest of the dorms hear this. Queen of Obelisk blue is dating the prince of Obelisk blue."

Ace eyebrows raised at the world Prince. "Excuse me but when did I get a title, and If I am Prince, then who is the King of Obelisk blue."

Mindy and Jasmin rolled their eyes. "Duh. who do you think, is the King of Obelisk Blue, Zane Trysdale of course. He is the top student in duel Academy, and one time we thought that Alexis was going to hook up with him. Oh well guess you will do, however you hurt Lexs and you with have me and Mindy to deal with."

Ace looked at either girl and noticed Alexis was stood in the background head in her hands. Ace noticed both girls were glaring at him, he did the only thing he could do, and held up his hand in surrender.

"Okay, I get it, hurt Alexis and I will have to deal with you two, however you don't have to worry about me doing anything to Alexis, she is in charge of this relationship, not me."

Mindy and Jasmin, nodded satisfied and then started to orbit Alexis once more, asking her all sorts of questions. Ace winced girls were brutal, he didn't want to hang around to hear all the gossip and so waved to Alexis and then headed towards his own dorm. It seemed if he wanted to prove that he was the best of the best, then the only way to do this was to take down Zane. Ace started to formulate a strategy, that could help him take down the King of Obelisk blue.

Slifer Red Dorm

Crystal looked around her room, and frowned, it was nice in it's only little way. Of course her walk in wardrobe was twice the size of this room, but it would do for this year. Maybe she could work her way up quickly into the other dorms. Crystal started to put her stuff away in the drawers, even they were too small for everything that she had bought in her suitcase.

"Honestly Nyx, why couldn't we have been in Obelisk Blue? You could still have got to meet Jaden and hook up with your lost love. Now I have to deal with this cramp conditions for a whole year, hell the room so small you can't even swing a cat in here.

The closer we are to my love the faster we can work to free him from the boys control. Now lets go meet the rest of the dorm maybe we could find someone to duel.

Crystal groaned and dug out her duel disk, she then left her room, which happened to be on the bottom floor. She noticed several students dressed in red jackets were having a duel. it seems Professor Banner was right, and she was the only girl in this dorm. Crystal suddenly spotted Jaden, he seemed to having a duel with another boy in their dorm. Suddenly she heard a voice.

"Hey sweet cheeks, how about you duel me, winner gets to kiss the loser."

Crystal growled and turned to see a boy dressed in a red blazer, he had blonde hair and blue eyes, your typical boy next door look. However that did nothing for Crystal. In fact she avoided such boys, who thought they were gods gift to women. She felt Nyx suddenly take over, her eyes suddenly glowed gold and her hair began to waver just a little bit. With a small evil smile she clicked her duel disk into place.

"Why sure mortal, however if I win you have to promise you will never speak to me again, You ready?"

James Hampton activated his duel disk, how dare this bitch knock him back, oh he was going to make her pay.

"Deal let duel!"

James 4000/4000 Nyxs

"Seeing how I am a gentleman I will allow you to go first."

Nyxs smiled and then drew five cards. She looked to her hand and grinned evilly. This duel was going to be over, before it even started. Nyxs then drew a card from her deck.

"I set one Monster face down and then lay down two face downs, Your move mortal."

James frowned, what was with the whole spooky eye and evil voice. James looked down at his hand and then drew one card.

"I summon Battle Ox 1700/1000 in attack mode. Next I equip the spell card, Axe of despair. This magic card gives my Ox a power boost of 1000 attack points."

Battle Ox attack suddenly rose to 2700/1000. "Now my beast attack, show this girls why you don't knock back James Hampton."

Battle Ox roared before swinging it's huge axe down and through the card, which flipped to show a small worm. Needle worm 750/600 to be precise. The card shattered into thousands of pieces.

Nyxs smirked. "Good show mortal, however now you will feel the sting of my worm, as I activate it's effect. You see when Needle worm, is destroyed by battle or flipped summoned, you have to send the top five cards from your deck to your graveyard."

James growled before sending the top five cards from his deck to the graveyard. "Fine I place one card face down and end my turn. Your move."

Nyxs smiled sweetly before drawing a card from her deck. "I activate the spell card Hand Destruction, Now we send all cards in our hands to our graveyard, then draw the same number of cards from our deck." Nyx sent three cards to her graveyard and then drew three more.

"Now I summon my Fire Princess 1300/1500 into attack mode." A female monster dressed in a flaming orange dress holding a staff appeared on the field.

James laughed. "Really that's it, your Princess doesn't even stand a chance against my Battle Ox, obviously you're a novice duelist."

Nyx carried on smiling. If only this mortal could see her hand and field, she was certain he wouldn't be laughing. " I finish by placing one card face down and end my turn.

James looked to the field and then drew a card from his deck. "I summon Marauding Captain 1200/400, and thanks to his ability I am allowed to special summon one level four monster from my hand. So I special summon Enraged Battle Ox 1700/1000, now he may look like my other Ox, but this guy is very different, you see when he attacks a defence position monsters, if his attack is more than the defence of the monsters, the difference is dealt to you as pierce damage. Now Enraged Battle Ox attack her Fire Princess."

The huge Ox moved across the field and was about to slice Fire Princess in half, when it stopped as a trap card was activated.

"Nice try little boy, but that isn't going to happen, thanks to my card Gravity bind! Thanks to this card, all level four and above monsters are refrained from attacking." Nyxs watched as the Ox returned back to James side of the field.

James growled, the only monster that could attack was his captain, but his attack was 100 less than Fire princess, James laid a face down. "I end my turn."

Nyxs drew a card and suddenly found her life points increase my 200 points. Meaning Nyxs life point rose to 4200 however she suddenly saw her Fire princess glow and send a small flame towards James, inflicted 500 life points of damage. Causing his life points to drop from 4000 to 3500.

"What the hell! Why did my life points just drop by 500?" Nyxs looked across to the field and smirked.

"The reason little boy, is because of my Fire Princess special ability, you see when my life points increase, you take 500 points of damage. Now you are wondering how my life points increased, well the reason is thanks to the monster I sent to the graveyard." Nyx then removed a card from her graveyard and showed James Marie The Fallen one 1700/1200. "You see when this card is in my graveyard, my life points increase by 200 points during every one of my standby phases."

James eyes widened. It suddenly dawned on him what type of deck he was facing.

Nyxs noticed the fear on the boys face. this caused her to smile even more. "Now I summon Nurse Reficule The Fallen One 1400/600." A female monsters wrapped in bandages with two wings on her back appeared onto the field.

"Now seeing how I was so mean taking away your life points I decided to give you a gift. I activate my trap card Gift Normally this would give my opponent 3000 life points, however due to the effect of Nurse Reficule you receive 3000 points of damage instead." Nyxs watched Reficule absorbed the life points from Gift, she then watched the monster send a small cyclone towards James, causing him to cry out in pain, as his life points were cut down from 3500 to only 500.

Nyx placed another face down onto the field. "I think you have suffered enough for now. Your move little boy."

James drew his card nervously. He had five hundred points left, and knew he had to win the duel in this turn, or he would be hit with Fire Princess special ability next turn. James looked down at his hand it was useless. Just then he noticed a card in his hand. he smiled. This was the perfect card to deal with this bitches Fire Princess.

"I summon Command Knight 1200/1900 into attack mode, and thanks to her special ability all warrior on my side of the field get a 400 attack power boost."

Marauding Captain attack suddenly rose from 1200 to 1600, along with Command Knights who rose from 1200 to 1600.

"Seeing how my Marauder Captain is only a level three monster, then your gravity bind has no effect on him. Now go my Captain, destroy Fire Princess."

The warrior raised his sword and then raced across the field, however before he could bring his sword down, he stopped as another face down was activated.

"Nyxs just smirked. "Nice try little boy, however I activate my Negate attack, and so now your attack is negated and your battle phase ended."

James eyes widened, he couldn't do anything now. He knew in the next turn, he would lose this duel. James lowered his head and placed one card face down, ending his turn. As he watched the girl draw her card he cried out as the Fire Princess hit him with her effect. Meaning his life points dropped to 0.

Nyx watched as the boy fell to his knees in defeat. She then walked up to him and placed her hand on his head. She heard the scream coming from the boy.

"You will remember nothing about this duel, you will never speak to me again. is that understood."

James eyes suddenly clouded over. "Yes Mistress, I will do anything you say."

Nyxs removed her hand and watched the boy slump onto the ground. he would wake up in about 5 minutes and remember nothing about the duel and an impulse to avoid her like the plague. Nyx suddenly found herself being pulled back into Crystal body.

"Really Nyx, do you have to wipe the mind of everyone we duel."

Nyx laughed. Of course, we can't have people knowing that they are actually facing the Queen of Darkness, now can we. Anyway the boy was annoying and had to be dealt with. Now lets go introduce ourselves to my long lost love.

Crystal growled and started to walk towards Jaden, she had no clue just what she was getting herself into.

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