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I was re-watching Yakitate Japan with my sister and I was researching more about it. I was quite fascinated with the whole damn thing all over again. And then, I got into Inaho Azuma's page. She was practically non-existent except for the fact that she's the reason why Kazuma began making bread. So, I researched her further. From Fanfiction and such. I love Umi Amano (Did I get that right?) for her(?) fanfic, Connected. It's a InahoXSylvan. I advice you to read it.

So, I'm a big sister too. I have three younger siblings and I think that this is how she feels. Because, honestly, from her little screentime and her small info, I feel that she's like me. And this is how I feel if I'm in her shoe. Oh wait, if you take the fact that I'm nothing compared to my two sisters and my brother, I guess It's like I am in her shoe.

Okay, read on!

She's Inaho
AYakitate! Japan Fanfiction

When people look at Inaho Kazuma, all people see is the speed addict. A few years back, she can recall how people ignore her or talk about her behind her back. She didn't actually listen to them. She knew what people talked about her back then. It's not like she hid who she was. She was violent, she fought against people twice her size.

But, it wasn't like she was just violent period. She was... the violence of justice (?).

Okay, even she admits that that is lame. Nevertheless, the concept still stands.

Those times she fought those delinquents twice her size was because they were bullying Anju Tachikawa, a small and shy girl. And there were times she was fighting for those who can't fight for themselves like when those gang who beated up Toyo Sasagawa, an elementary school kid and his friend. Another case was with those kids she had yelled long and hard at. She didn't like to do it, to be honest. But they were stealing. Thathadto be a valid reason, right?

See, she wasn't that bad, right?

Oh, who was she kidding...

She was plain violent, her brother was often the brunt of her violence. She had been demanding to him ever since their childhood. And she can also be quite forceful with him, yes. She can recall how many times her brother complains about her tendencies but those soon faded into background since he got used to it overtime.

Speaking about her brother, it was because of him people suddenly swarmed around her. It had only been a week since he returned back to Niigata for the last match of his, Yakitate! 9. And eversince then, people had come to talk to her, compliment her, asked her if she can also bake like him.

She wasn't jealous of her brother. She loved him! But being ambushed by people is so not making her day anytime soon. And there was the fact that they stopped seeing her as Inaho. She became Kazuma's Onee-san. Of course, she is that no doubt. But, come on, she's more than Kazuma's sister. She's also Inaho Azuma, a speed addict, a violent woman...

And she's someone worth knowing.

Hmph. Honestly!