Game of Thrones: Wars and Hearts

Chapter 36 of my Game of Thrones story, the last chapter enjoy.


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Chapter 36

Arya Stark smiled to herself as she walked down the school corridor. After recovering in hospital she returned home to Winterfell with her family; not long after that Gendry moved north, getting a mechanic's job there. Much to her relief her instincts had been right and her family had accepted her and Gendry. Due to missing her last three exams Arya had enrolled in summer school to make up for what she had missed. She had managed to pass and now here she was back at school, at the end of her first day in junior year. She had changed her appearance again, keeping her hair short, but no longer dying it completely. Instead she dyed streaks into her hair, in this case red. It was a strange sight; seeing Arya Stark smiling at school. But she was indeed happier than ever.

'Although...There's always the horrors that await me at night.' She thought to herself.

Although they were less frequent now she suffered nightmares every night of her captivity and of that monster Ramsay Bolton. Luckily her family was always there to help her through it; especially Sansa. Arya didn't know how exactly but somehow, everything that happened had made her and Sansa closer than ever. While Robb and her parents had small lingering doubts about Gendry; Sansa, Bran and Rickon had no such doubts, they all gave the relationship their whole-hearted support. Finally Arya reached her locker and quickly put her books away, she closed the locker, shook her head at the creeps who had been trying to look up her skirt; unaware she still wore shorts underneath, and headed for the exit.

As she headed for the exit Arya noted a familiar crowd; apart from the ones that graduated, it was Sansa's old friends, the ones who had always given her a hard time. Arya rolled her eyes, they couldn't be more obvious if they tried; standing in that precise location like that; they were waiting for her. Arya tried to keep a straight face; she was above being concerned about their words now. But the thought of how pathetically obvious they were being brought her close to laughter. As she drew close one of them blocked her path.

"Where do you think you're going, Stark?" She taunted; clearly expecting Arya to scowl or threaten her.

Arya merely smiled. "The parking lot, where else would I be going."

That made her opponent frown, she shook her head. "You shouldn't even be here; honestly look at you…"

"Bye." Arya said, cutting across the girl and stepped around her before walking on.

This made the group exchange looks and cries of outrage before walking after her, continually making comments which Arya ignored; she was too busy thinking more about how things had changed. One of the comments did catch her attention however.

"To top it off, no guy would ever give you a second glance. You can't get a boyfriend, you somehow cheated your way back into school." There was a pause before they added. "You would've been better off staying under whatever rock you went to hide in."

Again it was all Arya could do to keep from laughing at the absurdity of it all.

She didn't care what they thought about her managing to get into junior year, not when she knew the truth of it. Also, that attempted cruel joke about a boyfriend.

'If they only knew.' She thought gleefully.

Deciding to continue ignoring them completely she instead focused more on how her life had changed. A few weeks ago Jon and Ygritte had to return to the army; this time however Arya took it a lot better, she guessed it was because of how much things had changed for the family and the fact she had Gendry now. Robb had returned to Riverrun, promising to come up with Jeyne for dinner one night. Sansa was going to Highgarden University and would be staying with Willas and the Tyrell's while she was there. Arya allowed herself to smile as she remembered the last fencing competition she had been to, three days ago. In contrast to the ones before, apart from her father, Robb and Sansa who couldn't make it, her family and Gendry all turned up to watch her. Her younger brothers were both happy together with their girlfriends; she had met Meera and they became friends almost instantly. Bran had said he didn't know if he should be happy or worried about that. Arya stepped outside, still ignoring the girls following and trying to put her down as usual. Yet when she emerged she stopped, and so did they, both she and the group were silent.

Arya couldn't believe it; standing there in the parking lot, leaning against his car, was Gendry. He had clearly come to pick her up from school; she felt his timing couldn't be better. As always, around Gendry, her heart sped up slightly and she smiled. Luckily her detractors couldn't see or they likely would've commented, as it was however she heard them whispering.

"Whoa, who is he?" One asked.

"Don't know." Another replied before adding. "But wow, he's hot."

A third then butted in. "Hey, I saw him first; I get dibs."

Arya rolled her eyes. 'Boy are they in for a shock.'

Not wanting to spoil this perfect chance she carefully glanced over her shoulder, they were all looking towards Gendry as they continued to whisper. She knew immediately this meant they would see her when she carried out her plan. So, leaving them to their whispering she turned her head back and smiled to Gendry, who smiled back. This prompted fresh whispering and vain hope from the group. Arya then began to walk over to Gendry.

She could hear them whispering. "What the hell, what does Stark think she's doing? Yeah, like he's gonna even look at her."

She stopped in front of Gendry; still smiling. Without hesitating, and drawing more scandalized reactions from her detractors; Gendry stepped forwards and hugged, her, almost lifting her off the ground and they kissed.

They parted and he smiled.

"Hey, thought I'd give you a lift." He remarked casually; seemingly unaware of the commotion they had caused, although the glint in his eyes suggested otherwise.

Arya smiled back. "Thanks; let's go."

He nodded and they got into his car; Arya couldn't help but smile to that group. The girls were all shocked and some were clearly enraged; Arya found it all hilarious. She settled back in the seat as Gendry then drove out of the parking lot. Things had changed drastically; around this time last summer so much had begun to change and her entire family had been swallowed by the storm. But now, finally they were all through it and were stronger because of it, the past was behind them now, it was time they looked forwards, to the future.

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