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It's almost New Year. Winter Cup safely ended with Seirin won, proving themselves to be the Number 1 in Japan. With Kiyoshi Teppei completely unable to play again, the phantom sixth man beat all his former teammates, life seemed to be the same.

Except for a few.

Mayuzumi sighed deeply on the school's rooftop. Last Christmas was quite dull. All because she lost her smile after the incident with Akashi. He wouldn't ask anything anymore and she wouldn't tell anything anymore. It's like a mutual understanding with an unwritten MoU.

"I figured you would be here." A soft voice called him back to reality. There she stood with her hands in her skirt's pocket. A muffler of white background consisting multiple colours of polka dots wrapped around her neck. He slightly smiled at the sight.

"You look good in it."

She was confused, but when the male pointed out the muffler, she nodded. "For the worse gift-chooser in the world, you did well in choosing this as a Christmas present."

"Hey, Yue?" Kirisaki Yue raised her eyebrow in response. "Come to the gym later."

Either to burn him to ashes or shatter him to pieces, both does sound like a VERY good idea to her right now. Accepting Mayuzumi's invitation to come to the gym was a suicide thing to do. He forgot, or maybe he purposedly do so – to tell her that Rakuzan's basketball team got themselves a three-days break to recover from the lost.

Except for him. Him. The very being that she didn't want on her Christmas or New Year list.

Her ex-boyfriend.

Silence filled in. After a quarter of minutes, the sound of ball dribbling and the sound of shoes against the wooden floor started to take over. Sighing lowly, she took a turn around and ready to leave.

Until the emperor spoke words she never imagined she would hear even if she died and resurrected again.

I will make you mine. And this time, it will be a lifetime game.

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