Title: From the Ashes, Grow the Roses

Author: Knight MysAri

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A Star Wars version of Cinderella, starring Obi-Wan and other familiar characters. Hold on!! It's not as corny as it sounds, honest. Just take a peek, ok?

Disclaimer: Star Wars, Obi-wan and that's encompassed in it belong to Lucas Films.

Author's note: All thoughts have been encased in 's and **'s mean italics. Also, I would like to mention that I did go and read a number of different versions of the classic fairytale and this has been derived by the many resources out there. Please Read and Review!! I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!



A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, so came to pass this story. A young boy and his mother lived alone for years after the father had passed. They were happy together and cared not so much about the world around them. But as the boy grew, his mother could see a deep longing in the boy's heart to have his father's guidance, though the boy would never admit it outright. As a result, she sought out a suitable husband to fulfill this quiet longing. She found such a man that seemed noble and kind of heart, with two boys of his own. Thinking him to be a good stepfather to her own son, she married him promptly. Overjoyed at having the new family additions, neither noticed the hidden wickedness of the stepfamily. And slowly the mother became ill and passed shortly thereafter the joyous event. Once the thoughtful woman had departed, the vile stepfather revealed his evil nature. The young boy became no better than a servant to the stepfamily and worked in his own house. And so, many years came and went as we begin our tale. . .

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Chapter 1 is up too!! : D