Forbidden Lust

A/N - Hi guys! This is an idea that has been swimming around in my mind for a while now. They are the still the same Ana and Christian we all know and love with just a few twists and turns added into the fun! Characters are slightly O/C but not much! I And just for the record there will be no Elena in this story!


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Chapter One - Introducing Brody and Anastasia

Anastasia's POV

Why am I so nervous?! I can feel myself starting to sweat and I know that if I don't calm down soon I will have to reapply my make up, I take a deep breath and run my fingers through my curls vigorously trying to give them a just fucked bouncy effect.

I got off the phone with Brody 5 minutes ago, he leaves work soon ready to come and pick me up to go on ahead to the restaurant.

Tonight I'm meeting with his closest friends, and I cant seem to stop fretting about it!

We have been together for nearly a year, living together for 6 months. I never thought I would move in with a boyfriend after such a short period of time but with Brody it just felt so right.

We met when he came into Nordstrom needing help finding a dress, ironically for his girlfriend at the time.

I remember back to how I froze in my tracks as I saw him ambling around the dress section, clearly not having a clue what he was looking for.

"Ana! Oh my god look at that absolute hottie over there! Oh my god I think I have just died and gone to heaven" Kate whisper yelled at me as we were rearranging the hangers on the Valentino collection rail.

I glanced over to wear her eyes were trained and nearly had to pick my jaw up off of the floor, Wow he was gorgeous! Tall with sandy blonde hair that had that surfer boy look to it, he was donning dark denim wash jeans, paired with a black tee and a deliciously fitting leather jacket. Oh my god he was built! Okay now he's looking this way and right at me, well shit that's embarrassing.

"He is so looking at you Ana, get over there and ask him if he needs any help"

"No you go he has just caught me checking him out!" Please ground swallow me up

"Don't be such a baby he wants you to go over there I can tell by the way he is loitering, go now before I shout something at him" And knowing Kate she would, so I slowly turned and made my way over to him, smoothing my black pencil skirt as I went.

"Hello there Sir, can I be of any assistance to you today?"

He turned his head and smiled such a sexy smile I nearly melted to a puddle on the floor.

"Actually yes I haven't got a clue where the hell to start, I'm looking for a dress, an evening dress"

"Okay, may I ask who the dress is for?" Please say Mother, or Sister, Grandmother even

"It's for my girlfriend" Shit. Not that I should be surprised, look at him! He is just so heavenly,

I couldn't help but notice how he said 'girlfriend' though, like he didn't really want to admit to having one. He sounded resigned, sad in fact. Interesting.

"Actually she's roughly around your size, just a little shorter. So whatever you would choose for yourself would be a great help to me" Damn there's that smile again.

I led him around different sections of the store making idle chit chat as we went, once he had told me she likes designer brands I narrowed it down. She sounded like a high maintenance brat to me.

"The Herve Leger collection is really popular this season, especially these bandage dresses" I reeled off in my best sales assistant voice, when really all I'm thinking is how I want him to pick the most ugliest dress here to make her look hideous. Wow. When did I become such a bitch.

"I like this one" He picks up the alabaster coloured bandaged dress, cut just above the knees with a deep plunging double V neckline. I must admit it was a beautiful dress. Unfortunately.

"Stunning choice" I smiled trying to stay as professional as I possibly could

"This must sound really strange but would you mind trying this on for me?"

He looks at me shyly and I cant help but smile.

"Not at all we often try on things for customers, Right this way"

Once I'm inside the cubicle I peel off my clothes and slide the dress over my head. Admiring the way it hugs my curves perfectly. If only a gorgeous sex god would come in and buy this for me.

He is stood leaning against the entrance of the dressing rooms looking at his feet, he notices my presence and stands off the doorway, looking at me. looking at me with those beautiful eyes.

"Umm wow that is..just..yeah wow" He stutters out clearly trying to find words.

"Do you think your girlfriend would approve?"

His face falls as I mention her.

"Yeah I think so, anything with that price tag attached is defiantely a winner" he scoffs.

We stand there in silence for a few minutes just staring at each other, I actually have to clench my thighs together as his eyes turn dark, shit this is getting a little tense.

"So…Would you like to take it?"

"Oh sorry yes thank you, it's an amazing dress" I smile and make my way back inside to change, trying to calm my nerves, there is definitely a spark there, there is no denying that its so raw and I'm sure if sexual chemistry was visible everyone would be able to see it around us for miles.

Kate is looking intently at me as I bag up his dress, clearly noticing the tension between us but trying to focus on the stock take sheets spread out on the counter in front of her.

"Thankyou…Umm sorry I've just realised I didn't get your name"


"Thankyou for your help Anastasia, I'm Brody by the way"

He smiled that amazing smile once more and left the department, I just stood there staring, checking out his fine ass as he walked away.

"Okay since when did we start getting on first named basis with customers exactly? He likes you Ana"

"Shut up Kate we were just being friendly, besides he has a girlfriend" Even I couldn't mistake the disappointment in my voice.

"Sure Steele whatever you say"

I didn't see him again for weeks, secretly hoping he would come back in so I could talk to him, hell just so I could look at him. I had never met a guy as gorgeous as that in all my life, compared to all the puny frat boys I surrounded myself with at college this man was an Adonis! Then one night Me, Kate and Olivia were on a night out when I bumped into someone, literally bumped into someone and fell flat on my ass in the middle of the dancefloor, I grabbed the strangers outstretched hand as they helped me to my feet and were met with those gorgeous blue eyes that I had only dreamed about for weeks. He bought me a drink and we got talking, that's where I found out that he was no longer with his girlfriend. Funnily enough they had a huge argument the night following his trip to Nordstrom, they had attended a works Christmas party on his behalf, only to spend the whole night arguing over her spoilt and rude attitude towards his colleagues, she never approved of his choice to become a construction worker. Deeming it beneath him and a lowly career choice. Hmm a construction worker images of him and hot, sweaty and dirty flooded my mind and I had to physically wipe drool away from the corner of my mouth.

So that night he ended it with her. Told her he didn't like the person she had become and to stay out of his life.

That was over a year ago and now he we are.

"Ana are you decent? Can I come in?" Kate snaps me out of my reverie by knocking on the bedroom door.

"It's not like you haven't seen me naked before, get your ass in here and help me find shoes!" She laughs at my outburst as she places two wine glasses on my dresser and plonks herself on the bed, leaning back on her elbows. Kate and I have been best friends ever since I started at Nordstrom 2 years ago. She is the only person that can piss me off but make me laugh until my sides hurt all at the same time, along with Olivia she is the most amazing friend I could ever ask for.

"So how are you feeling? Are you nervous?" She asks as she takes a sip of wine.

"God I'm so nervous and I really don't know why, its not like I'm meeting his parents for the first time, Shit do you remember how nervous I was then!"

"I don't know Steele meeting friends is more of a bigger deal then meeting family, you actually give a shit what your friends think"

"Jeez thanks Kate make me feel better why don't you!"

"Stop worrying Ana they will love you, besides me and Olivia will be there for support, you look hot by the way"

I look down at what I'm wearing, tight skinny jeans with a white low cut loose fitting tank top, paired with a long silver chain hanging from my neck and a black blazer. I shrug and make my way over to my closet pulling out pair of shoes after pair of shoes, until Kate points to a pair of suede red platform Louboutins. Perfect. see what would I do without her.

"So who are these friends of his? Are they hot?" I have to laugh, Kate is one man eater. She reels men in like nothing I've seen before, I don't think I have ever known her to be single.

"Ummm Dylan, Blake and…Christian I think, I cant really remember, all I know is that they have been best friends for years and they are more like brothers, He has been trying to get me to meet them for months but I have always thought of an excuse to get out of it, you know I hate meeting new people…And hey why are you asking if they're hot? What about Elliot?"

Kate and Elliot have been fuck buddies for so long now, Brody works for Elliot's construction firm here in Seattle and they were introduced to eachother one night, lets just say they hit it off well. They pretend they cant stand each other unless they are naked but I know different. Deep down they care but are both too stubborn to admit it.

""Ugh don't even talk to me about that shit head. If he likes his balls attached to his penis he better stay away from me tonight" Here we go.

"What did he do now?" I slip my phone, keys and lipgloss into my clutch bag and take a large gulp of wine. Dutch courage.

"Just the same Elliot shit, maybe I'm just tired of being his 2am booty call" Just as I'm about to reply I hear Brody come through the apartment door and the sounds of his work boots hitting the door mat.

"Baby where are you?"

"In the bedroom!" I yell back

"You better not be dressed yet, all I have thought about all day is bending your sweet ass over and sticki…..Oh hey Kate didn't realise you were here yet" I giggle at my boyfriends expense as he realises my best friend is sprawled out on our bed

"Hey Brody, sorry to put a kabosh on your plans for a quickie but we are on a tight schedule here so be a good boy and jump in the shower will you" I laugh as Brody mock salutes Kate.

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Baby what time are the reservations for tonight" I ask as I slide in my large hoop earrings.

"8.30, the guys will already be there when we arrive"

Well that just shot my nerves to shit, I was at least hoping I could be sat down when they all got there but now I have to make this big grand entrance. Brody must notice my discomfort because he places his large hands on my face and kisses me sweetly.

"Baby don't worry, they will love you how could they not, you look so beautiful by the way" He kisses me once more and makes his way to our En Suite. I really hope he's right.