Chapter 49 - The Boat That Rocked.

Anastasia's POV

"Have I told you how beautiful you look today?" Christian smoothes my hair away from my face with the palm of his hand and tucks it behind my ear. "You always look beautiful but there's just something about the way the breeze blows through your hair, you almost look angelic." Pulling my head back to look at him I smirk, if I didn't know any better I would think he's fishing for something.

"What do you want?" I ask skeptically. Placing a hand over his heart, he mock gasps, feigning hurt and I can't resist smiling, he's been in such a good mood all day and I don't want it to end. Actually he's been in a good mood ever since last night but especially today, I think being able to go out on his boat has relaxed him somewhat and I can't say I don't feel the same way. The weather is beautiful and it feels like there is nothing around us for miles, we're drifting along Vashon Island enjoying the last of the late afternoon sun and I don't think I have ever felt so at peace as I do right now in this moment.

"I don't want anything! Can't a man tell the woman he loves how stunning she is on a regular basis?"

"Hmm, I guess. You just look…fishy."

"Fishy?" His lips curl up into a grin. "Oh, Miss. Steele your lingual prowess knows no bounds. I don't know what it is, I think this bikini could be helping." His index finger traces the swell of my breast making me shiver, only he can turn me into a puddle of mush simply by touching me. "Your tits look fucking amazing."

"Smooth." I grin. I must admit they are rather "accentuated" in this swim suit. The coral coloured bra cups my breasts perfectly and the halter neck straps that are divided into five parts provide me with comfortable support but not enough to make it frumpy. Yet another reason why I love Caroline Acton. "Oh how you make me swoon."

"I'll make you fucking swoon alright if you carry on sticking your chest out like that." He growls as his eyes turn a stormy slate grey, he's been eye fucking me ever since we boarded and I can't say it isn't starting to have an effect on me, he's been groping me every chance he's got and I swear if he presses his erection into my back one more time I'll combust. "You know what that fucking does to me."

"Everything I do does something to you, Grey. You're just easy."

"Only when it comes to you, baby." He props himself higher on his elbow so that he can look at me. We're sprawled out on one of the sun cribs on the top deck, Christian is wearing red swim shorts and I'm yet to pick my jaw up off of the floor, I've seen him naked countless times but the way his ass looks in those? Hot. Fucking. Damn.

"Stop trying to seduce me. My dad could come back up any minute."

"I doubt it, I think he'll be down there until dinner." Ray took off to fish just under thirty minutes ago, he was like a little boy on Christmas morning with his rod in his hand and aviators perched on top his head, I don't think I have seen him smile like that since he taught me how to fish when I was eleven.

"He seems happy to be here, I thought he would be getting restless by now but I haven't seen him this at ease and relaxed in months."

"Why would he be getting restless?"

"He's just a simple man who likes his home comforts, don't get me wrong he loves spending time with me but I know how happy sitting in his tatty old armchair while he watches The Mariners makes him, I give him another day or two before he starts to get itchy." I sit up and reach for my mimosa, taking my sunglasses off and tossing them onto the chair beside me. "If I'm being honest I wish he would just move here permanently but I know that would never happen, it'll be a cold day in hell before that man will ever leave Montesano." I lay back down and close my eyes as I raise my arms above my head, basking in the feel of Christian's fingers tracing lazy circles on my stomach and around my navel.

"But if it meant being closer to you wouldn't he jump at the chance?"

"I don't know. He has his job and his friends, he's quite happy with the small town life and to be honest, I don't think he would be able to handle the hustle and bustle of Seattle on a daily basis." I hear Christian chuckle.

"Baby, it's hardly New York."

"It's still a city, smart ass."

"Montesano's a city."

"With a population of 3,000 people." I retort with an eye roll. "Compare that with here, it's frightening."

"You managed it okay."

"I'm adaptable." I shrug and bend my knee, propping my leg up. "My dad is a whole other kettle of fish."

"Oh I don't know, I think you're pretty similar."

"How so?" I crane my head to gaze at him as he sits up fully and tilts his face to the sun, the muscles in his arms flexing as he leans back on his hands. Fuck, he looks so hot.

"Well for starters you're both stubborn as hell. You're both reserved yet animated, you would fight fire for the people you love and not to mention how faithful and honest you are. Never in my life have I met two people more fiercely loyal then you and your father."

"You think I'm loyal and faithful?" He slowly turns his head and a small smirk plays at the corner of his sculpted mouth.

"Do I have my presumptions wrong? Knocking someone off behind my back are we, baby?" I give his chest a good slap making him pull backwards and wince but even I can't stop the grin creeping onto my face.

"It just always floors me when I hear you say stuff like that and I don't know why." I'm fully aware of the slight blush that is staining my cheeks right now, I'm even tucking my ear against my neck like I'm being tickled and I can't bear to tolerate the feeling. God, I am such a loser.

"Why have you gone shy?"

"I'm not shy!" I lie. "You just make me feel on the spot that's all."

"Even after everything we have done together? You still feel shy around me."

"I've just told you I'm not!" I try to sound offended but it comes out as a weird shrieking noise instead. "Stop looking at me." Christian throws his head back and laughs, baring his perfectly white teeth.

"I can't look at you now? Anastasia Steele you are a mystery sometimes do you know that?." He rubs the top of my thigh with his large hand and fuck if that doesn't make my panties wet.

"Good mystery though right?"

"Perfect mystery," His head dips and his teeth latch onto my earlobe then my collarbone. "As well as sexy and beautiful."

"Now you're just trying to distract me, don't think I'm not onto you Christian Grey."

"I couldn't give a fuck if you're onto me or not, baby, don't pretend that you don't want me inside you right now." My eyes fly open as I gasp audibly.

"Christian, you can't say things like that when my dad is close by he might hear you." He glares at me with a 'what the fuck?' look and shakes his head.

"All the way from the lower deck? What the fuck does he have, supernatural fucking hearing?" He goes back to sucking on my neck and no more than ten seconds later I'm melting into him, stroking the back of his neck as his lips move to my sternum. "Let's go to the bedroom."

"What? No?!" I'm awake for the second time but this time I'm sitting up and pushing him away, well trying to push him away. The man's built like a brick shit house. "I'm not fucking you while I'm with my dad, Christian, are you crazy?" He gives me his best puppy dog face.

"You don't have to fuck me, baby. A blow job will do." I pull my hand back to smack him again but he's on his feet before I can even make contact, running away like a small child about to get spanked for being naughty. "Hey, less of that! I bruise easily, you know that." Fucker grins at me and stretches his arms above his head causing the hem of his swim shorts to ride down slightly, exposing the 'V' that I love so much. He's so ripped and taut, like something that has just stepped out of GQ magazine. How the FUCK did I ever manage to snag that? "Earth to, Anaaaaaa." My head snaps up and I blink rapidly only to be met with a shit eating grin.


"See something you like, baby?"

"Nothing I haven't seen before." I swear I hear him growl but it's gone before I can register the sound. He stalks towards me and tucks his hands underneath my armpits pulling me up and off of the lounger.

"You'll pay for that, baby, mark my words. Now come on," He plants a loud, wet kiss on my lips and smacks my ass. "Let's make a start on dinner."

"Let's? As in the two of us together? Planning on helping me are you, Grey?"

"What I really mean is you make a start on dinner and I'll ply you with wine." He grins and taps my nose twice. "Is that satisfactory enough?"


Throwing on a blue, off the shoulder lace dress, I pile my hair into a messy top knot and secure it with a band before heading out of the bedroom and into the kitchen below deck. Christian is waiting with the glass of wine he promised me and I'm disappointed to see that he too has decided to cover up. He's changed out of his swimwear and into a pair of chino shorts and a short sleeved polo top, Damn it. I was hoping he would stay half naked all day. Even though he looks hot as fuck in that outfit, there's just something about this guy in casual clothing that speaks to the nymphomaniac in me, seeing his bare feet and muscular arms exposed turns me the hell on.

"Is dad not back yet?"

"I went to see him while you were changing and he's quite happy for a while longer, I think he's enjoying the peace and quiet."

"See, told you," I smirk as he hands me glass of chardonnay. "Simple man with simple needs."

Moving towards the island in the centre of the kitchen, I wash my hands and begin dicing chopped onion and celery ready for the pea and watercress soup, it's still a warm evening and I'm not feeling anything heavy. "Can't say I dislike the outfit change, baby." Peeking up through my lashes, I see Christian leaning over the counter with his arms crossed and staring at me intently. I know that look, I know that look well.

"We aim to please. I didn't think the bikini was suitable to dine in."

"Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't have had any complaints."

"Yeah, you might not have," I point the knife at him. "But my dad would have had something to say about it. Can you pass me that large pan, please?" He looks at me like I have just asked him to crack the Da Vinci code before reaching for the pan in the corner of the kitchen and handing it to me. He silently watches me as I allow the pan to simmer and make a start on quartering the potatoes for the beetroot and grilled steak salad.

I can feel his eyes on me and it's starting to make me a little hot and bothered, the sexual tension between us is gradually becoming unbearable and I can't help but wish he would just lift me onto this counter and fuck the shit out of me, I blush at my own wayward thoughts and inwardly shake my head. I know Christian wants the exact same thing but he respects my boundaries more than enough, he knows I won't do anything with him while my dad is on this boat. No matter how horny I am.

"Hey, so I was thinking," Christian's voice interrupts my dirty thoughts. "How do you feel about going back to Paris?" My hand freezes mid air as I reach for the beetroot cubes.


"I've been thinking about it for a few days now, I want to take you somewhere and I keep coming back to Paris every time. What do you think?" He pops an olive into his mouth.

"You want to go back?"

"I've never been one for going to the same place twice, it's a big world and there are so many places to see without repeating yourself, but Paris is special to us, it holds a lot of meaning and after everything that has happened since then, I thought it would be nice to go back. It was just a thought." He shrugs a shoulder like it's no big deal and I want to cry. This man kills me every fucking time.

"It is special to us." I state. "It's where we first said I love you," Christian grins making my heart swell three times the size.

"That it was. Feels like a lifetime ago doesn't it?"

"Oh, I don't know. Sometimes it feels like I've only known you for three months and then it's like you're all I've ever known, how crazy is that?"

"I feel the same way. That's why I've been toying with the idea of going back, no business this time though, baby, it will all be fun I promise." I bite my lip to stifle a laugh. He sounds so enthusiastic, like a teenager trying to convince his mom there will be a parent at the party. I just want to squeeze his cheeks.

"When do you want to go?"

"Tomorrow," He laughs. "As soon as you would like to go."

"Works pretty hectic right now." His face falls as soon as I mention the word work and I know why, I don't want to say what I'm about to say but we've made progress with this and I think he understands more now even though it's only slightly. "James Bryce's book launch is coming up and it would look pretty bad if I didn't show, he is the first main author I've ever worked with after all."

"When is it?" His jaw clenches but I pretend not to notice. I don't want to instigate an argument over Bryce.

"June 21st if everything goes to plan."

"That gives us over two weeks, unless you want to go after?"

"I prefer before, like you I would go tomorrow if I could." His lips curl into an adorable smile and I know I have made him happy again. "And before you say I can I can't, I have responsibilities and so do you for that matter." He flaps a hand at me and sighs.

"Nothing Ros can't deal with besides, I'm easy to reach if there's an emergency. Talk with Chalmers, baby. Negotiate some time off and I'll make the arrangements." He winks at me over the rim of his wine glass and my knees buckle slightly. "You, me and a hotel room. Fucking bliss."

"You make it sound like we never have any alone time," I giggle. "We have our own apartment in which we live in together."

"We may live together, baby but there's always some fucker there. Taylor, Sawyer, god damn fucking Elliot. The list is endless, uninterrupted time is exactly what I need right now, Ana, I need you all to myself before I lose my fucking mind." Opening the fridge door, he twists the lid on the gherkin jar and pops a whole one into his mouth making me cringe, how the hell can he do that? "And I know you don't like fucking around the apartment other than in our bedroom because of the cameras. We need some alone time, Ana, you know we do." I can't say I disagree. He's right, I don't like having sex around Escala because the thought of Taylor or Sawyer seeing me naked fills me with absolute dread, at first I would just avoid thinking about it but now it's inevitable. They're everywhere, I know Christian tells them to turn the CCTV off when he's feeling pretty horny and he assures me that nothing is replayed without his say so but still, I'm a girl who likes to fuck her man in private.

"I agree with you. I just don't know how comfortable I feel taking leave from work so soon after going back, they're going to think I'm unreliable, Christian." I feel his arms wrapping around my waist as I make a start on slicing the steaks, his chin rests in the dip between my shoulder and neck and his nose nuzzles the side of my cheek. He smells like sea breeze and sun.

"No one could ever accuse you of being unreliable, baby. You're entitled to a vacation with your boyfriend you know."

"You make it sound so normal, I may be entitled to a vacation with my boyfriend but not everyone will see it that way because they're not dating Christian freaking Grey."

"Would you rather they were?" I can hear the grin in his voice and I smile despite myself. He is in such a good mood today.

"Not a chance in hell. What I mean is it won't be that simple, taking a trip together won't be that simple and you know it. The media know about us now, Christian, as soon as they click on to where we're going they will be all over us like flies around shit, unlike my colleagues every move I make will be documented in the press and I don't want -" He grasps my chin with his thumb and forefinger and presses a single, wet kiss on my lips.

"You're over thinking everything again, Anastasia. It will be fine, that's what I pay my security team for. So that we don't have to stress over shit like that."

"They can't stop the attention we receive no matter how much you pay them, Christian." He turns my head once again and looks into my eyes, scanning my face.

"If you don't want to go just say, baby. I promise I won't drag you there kicking and screaming." I instantly feel like shit for putting that into his head so I turn in his hold and wrap my arms around his neck as I stand on my tip-toes.

"Of course I want to go, more than anything I want alone time for us it's just - I'm being realistic that's all. You're rather well known if you haven't realised that yet."

"You didn't know me." He smirks that sexy as shit smirk that makes me want to jump him every time.

"That was different, I was a sheltered woman. Actually I think I was the only person on the planet who didn't know you." I giggle. "People are fascinated by everything you do, Christian."

"It's fucking ridiculous I know, but I've learnt how to blank the fuckers out like they don't exist." He scans my face once again and reaches up to push a fallen tendril of hair off of my forehead. "Does it bother you?" I frown and stroke the nape of his neck with my fingertips.

"No, it doesn't bother me."

"Would you tell me if it did? The last thing I want is to lose you to those mother fucking blood suckers, baby. That would kill me." Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Christian, who said anything about me leaving you? I'm not going anywhere I promise." He closes his eyes and leans forward, resting his forehead against mine. "The press might piss me off but I would never allow them to drive us apart, I hope you have more faith in me than that?" I ask a little affronted because quite frankly, it frustrates me that he would even insinuate such a thing, after everything we have been through he worries that an asshole with a camera is the one thing that will push me over the edge?

"I've seen it happen, Ana. I've seen relationships crumble due to this bat shit crazy life and I don't want…I don't want you to become unhappy or lose pieces of yourself bit by bit until you don't even know who you are anymore, when I said that you leaving me would kill me? That would fucking tear me apart." I think my heart just shattered a little there. For someone so strong and powerful he still has so many insecurities that I can't understand for the life of me, it's like he thinks I will disappear into thin air if he turns his back for more than a second. Where some women would find that controlling I find it sweet as well as heart wrenching, I don't want him to feel this way every time I bring something like this up.

"Listen to me," Pushing myself further into his hold, I clasp his hands and hold them against my cheeks, allowing his thumbs to stroke the skin of my jaw line. "I couldn't give a shit about anyone else because we," I kiss his lips and linger for a few seconds, hovering over his mouth when I hear his breath hitching in the back of his throat. "Are not most people, we've been through hell and back and yet we're still here to tell the tale. Doesn't that count for something?"

"God, baby, it counts for everything."

"Well then," I rub the remnants of my lip balm from his mouth with my thumb. "Remember that every time the thought of me leaving creeps into your head. Because I'm not going anywhere, no matter what happens or what you do I will never leave." A ghost of a smile appears on his face and I relax somewhat, he always locks and tenses up when he doubts himself and it puts me on edge. "Actually scratch that, if you cheat on me then I'll leave your ass so fast you won't have time to even take your dick out of your hands." He laughs heartily and splays his hand at the nape of my neck, pulling my head into his chest and holding it there.

"Now that is something you never have worry about, baby. You are the only woman I even see."

"Yeah right." I scoff. "Don't forget I've seen the blondes that are hotter than actual hell strutting around your office, you trying to tell me you haven't?" At that he pushes me backwards so that my ass hits the counter behind me, his arms trapping me from either side of my torso. Looking up I lock eyes with molten lava, boring into my skull with such intensity I fear I might expire on the spot.

"No, Anastasia, I don't see them, you know why?" I slowly shake my head, never once daring to break eye contact with the caveman in front of me. "Because I have you. I have you which means I don't want anyone else, I could never want anyone else except you do you understand me?" I want to tell him that I was only joking, that I know he would never look elsewhere but something at the back of my mind is telling me to keep my mouth shut. That and the fact that I can feel his erection pressing into my stomach when he takes a step closer, pinning me to the island behind me. "You are all I could ever want and more, Anastasia Steele."

And with that he kisses me. Like really kisses me.

His tongue forces it's way inside of my mouth and our teeth clash briefly from the force and ferociousness of his assault, he's devouring me, literally devouring me and for a second I fear that he may actually swallow me whole. After a beat I give in to him, my hands lacing into his still damp hair and twisting at the roots. We're dry humping each other like teenagers, my leg is wrapped around Christian's hip and his right hand has snaked underneath my dress so that he can palm my ass effectively holding me in place. The damp heat between my legs turns into a raging inferno and I'm seconds away from pulling his shorts down and allowing myself to take what I really want. Him. As if he can read my mind he pulls back, as breathless as I am and cradles my face in his hands.

"Come on," Taking my hand, he attempts to drag me out of the kitchen but I wrap my hand around his wrist halting him from moving any further.

"Christian, no."

"Yes. I need to fuck and I'm done fucking waiting. Bedroom, Ana, now." I think I could come on the spot just by hearing his words but I will the brazen little slut in me away and try to compose myself, not that I can. How the hell is anyone able to focus when he's looking at me like that.

"We can't, my dad -"

"Is fishing." He interrupts. "I told him I would call him when dinner is ready, stop fucking stalling, Ana, you're only turning me on more." Oh holy Jesus. "If you don't get that sweet ass in that bedroom in the next ten seconds, I will fuck you right here, is that what you want?" His voice is low and husky and I want to scream, YES! from the top of my lungs but I don't. "I'm not fucking bluffing either, I will pull your panties down, throw you on that table and fuck you so hard you wont be able to breathe." He licks the shell of my ear and presses the pads of his thumbs against my nipples making me want more, so much more. Just when I feel myself giving in, I hear faint footsteps coming from the upper deck above us and jump back like I've been caught doing something I really shouldn't be doing, Christian tips his head back and mutters something that I can't make out under his breath and seconds later, my dad emerges through the double doors and flops into one of the stools at the breakfast bar, picking up a stick of celery and biting a chunk out of it.

"I could smell potatoes."

"Are you pissed?"


"Are you sure? Cause it sounds like you kind of are." I throw the dish cloth onto the counter and pinch the bridge of my nose while I count to ten. "I was only thinking of you, Steele."

"Oh no, you do not get to 'Steele' me when I'm pissed at you, Kate that's not how this works."

"So you are pissed. I knew it." I hear her sighing heavily on the other end of the phone and I can just envision her sprawled out on her bed, legs in the air and twirling her toes like a college grad. "I'm sorry if what I said upset you, Ana, but you should have seen his face when I mentioned kids. It was like looking at a fucking Christmas tree."

"You opened a can of worms that I didn't even want opening yet, Kate. I wasn't ready for that conversation on top of the day we'd had and deep down I don't think Christian was either, but he's not the kind of guy that can let something as heavy as that fester away at him without discussing it first." She sighs again.

"I really fucked up didn't I?"

"No." I abandon the dishwasher and sit at the island in the kitchen, balancing my phone in between my ear and shoulder as I reach for the bottle of wine and refill my glass. "I know you were only thinking of me, you're just not the most tactful person that's all. I'm not mad."

"Honest? Cause' I can call Christian and make it all right again? I'll tell him that I got it wrong and that you don't really want kids, well not yet anyway."

"There's no need for that, it seems that we're pretty much on the same page when it comes to having babies."

"I'm confused?"

"He wants them, I'm not saying he wants them now but he does at some point in the not too distant future. What's really surprising is that I feel the same way." There's silence on her end for several seconds before she speaks again, with what I can tell is an obvious as fuck grin.

"So I was right? You are ready for a family."

"Whoa cool your jets I said I don't mean now, I just said we're on the same page that's all. We aren't even married yet."

"Yeah, I give that a month."

"Kate," I groan, emphasising the 't' in her name. "Will you stop trying to force things that aren't ready to happen yet? We'll get married when we're ready and we'll have babies when we're ready, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, yada, yada, yada," I can picture her waving her hand in the air and rolling her eyes as the words leave her mouth. "Like I said I give it a month," I pull the phone away from my ear and flip her off as if she can see me. I want to tell her to change the subject but luckily she does it for me. "So, you had any yacht sex yet?"

"No. My dad is here remember?"

"Anastasia Steele you disappoint me, if Elliot took me on a boat I would be riding that dick until sundown." Raising the glass to my lips, I take a sip and refrain myself from draining the entire thing in one. Why did I call her again? "Can't you just sneak away while Ray isn't looking?"

"No, I can't. He goes home tomorrow and I want to spend as much time with him as I can, Christian and his penis will just have to wait." She howls and I can hear her slapping her bare thigh.

"So you're just going to go home like good little boys and girls and fuck in bed? You're passing up boat sex?"

"Stop calling it boat sex it sounds weird."

"But it's boat sex, Anastasia!" I hear a grunt and then another slapping sound. "Go back to sleep it's only Ana."

"Are you with Elliot?"


"Fuck, Kate you could have warned me. Has he heard our whole conversation?"

"No he was asleep, he didn't hear a thing." I crane my head around to look at the wall clock.

"It's only five thirty?"

"He always falls asleep after sex, his stamina must be waning," Kate grunts again. "Fuck, Elliot that hurt."

"On that note," I reach up and tug at my hair band with one hand, my hair falling around my shoulders and breasts in soft waves. "I need to shower before we head back home."

"Make sure you drag that rich piece of ass in there with you, Don't let me down."

I hang up and flick my phone to mute, just in case she decides to hassle me about 'boat sex' again. I don't feel comfortable in leaving the kitchen a mess even though Christian assured me that he has staff who tend to the cleaning once the boat docks but I don't like the thought of that, it's my mess so I'll be the one to clean it.

I sent Christian and dad outside as soon as we finished eating, not that they need it but I thought a little male bonding wouldn't do them any harm, even though my dad hasn't stopped talking since we boarded this afternoon. He's never been one to surround himself with company all day so seeing him this comfortable relives me no end and I know it relieves Christian too. He might not admit it but Raymond Steele's approval means more to him than anything else, he knows that he's been my only constant and without him I wouldn't even be here. I wouldn't have bothered graduating high school let alone college, I would have thrown my life away and sunk into a bottomless pit of depression if it wasn't for that wonderful man sitting outside right now. I owe him my life.

I lay Christian's jeans and white linen shirt on the back of the chair ready for him before pulling my dress over my head and tossing it on top of my bag near the dresser, I'll get that laundered tomorrow. Part of me wants to follow Kate's advice and beckon Christian to join me but I don't think I would ever recover from the sheer embarrassment of demanding sex right in front of my dad because let's be honest, he's a man, he knows what happens between a man and a woman and I am no different despite being his baby girl.

So instead I exfoliate from head to toe, lather my hair with shampoo and run a razor over my legs while waiting for my conditioner soak in. I blow dry my hair and dress in a loose fitting peach skirt with a white bralet and a kitted cream open front sweater. That will do. Folding our used bathing suits up, I pack them into Christian's duffel bag as I hunt for my sandals at the same time. I almost jump out of my skin when I turn around and see Christian leaning against the door jamb of the bedroom watching me.

"Shit! Don't do that, Christian!" I mock scold him while trying to catch my breath, he really needs to stop doing that before I have a heart attack. "What are you doing just standing there?" He doesn't say anything. He just continues to watch me with scorching intensity before finally pushing himself off of the door jamb and stalking towards me, my breathing hitches as he approaches me and I realise why he was watching me, why he is giving me that look.

Standing in front of me, he trails four fingertips down the length of my cheek and continues his path before reaching my collar bone. I'm breathing like a race horse by this point and he hasn't even done anything yet, but his gentle teasing touches combined with that hot as fuck look he is giving me is more than enough to make me combust on the spot. His fingers hook underneath the knit of my sweater and he slowly peels it away from my shoulders until it is nothing more than a scrap of fabric on the floor next to my feet.

"Christian -" He stops me by pressing a finger against my lips, stealing what little breath I had left away. I'm waiting for him to say something but he doesn't, and before I can even gather a coherent thought he's kissing me. But this time it's not harsh or demanding, it's soft and sensual. His lips nip and suck at my bottom lip as his hands glide up my neck and into my hair, gathering my freshly washed tresses into a heap at the back of my head while all I can do is fall limp. My arms are lifeless at my side and I couldn't lift them even if I wanted to, he's kissing me like I'm the single most precious thing in his life and it's the most erotic feeling I've ever experienced in my entire life.

It doesn't take me long to realise what he's doing, earlier tonight he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to take me and screw me senseless but now it's whole different story. He's taking his time with me, he's slowly working me into a frenzy so that I'll beg for him and let me tell you now, it's already fucking working. He wants to make love to me.

My hands finally engage with my brain and make contact with his skin, my fingers run up and down his biceps and shoulders before travelling down his taut, hard back and back again. My lips meld with his like they always do and before I even realise it, I'm turned around and facing the foot of the bed, the backs of my legs hitting the mattress behind me. I want to tell him we can't, I want to tell him to wait until we get home but when he slides his hands down my skirt, I lose all power of speech and finally give into the wanton whore who has been begging me to let him fuck me all day long.

Pulling backwards, Christian scans my face whilst still cradling my cheeks. He shakes his head and closes his eyes, my heart rate starts to quicken when I see him clearly debating over something with himself but when he breathes the following words, my stomach drops to the floor and refuses to get back up again.

"I love you so fucking much, Anastasia." I claw at his shirt and pull him towards me, I yank him with such force that he falls onto me causing me to fall backwards and flop against the bed. We don't stop though. We kiss and stroke each other until we're panting, breathless messes who only want one thing. "I need to be inside you." His voice sounds almost like a cry and fuck if it doesn't make my clit throb. "Please, baby." His lips latch onto the skin of my throat as he grinds his short clad dick into my core, my back arches and my hands fly out for something I can hold onto for leverage. I swear I could come doing this alone.

"Please," Is the only word that leaves my mouth before my panties are ripped into my shreds. Fuck clothes, I need Caroline Acton to provide me with a years supply of lingerie with the way Christian seems to be getting through them, I open my mouth to tell him that he has just destroyed a $90 pair of panties but I wisely decide against it. Like he would even give a shit. His hands pull at the buckle of his shorts as I reach for the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head, tossing it onto the floor.

"Off," He pants as he pulls the strap of my cami away from my shoulder, sucking and nipping my skin before I yank the thing over my head along with my bra. So dressing was a complete waste of time? "Fuck, you're so beautiful," He settles in between my legs and nudges them apart with his own, his throbbing dick brushing against my wet folds driving me crazy. I hook my leg around his waist as high as I can telling him that I'm ready, that even though my fucking father is only down the hallway I'm ready. I need this like I need air to breathe.

He lowers his head and kisses me as his hand reaches in between us so he an position himself at my entrance, I close my eyes and brace myself for the harshness of his first thrust but it doesn't come. "Open your eyes, Ana. I want to watch you as I take you." Holy shit balls. I do as I'm told and our eyes lock, we are fixed solely on each other and when I feel the head of his dick pushing through and making that first pop, I fight the urge to close my eyes and groan. "That's it, baby. Look at me."

He's balancing on his forearms above me, his left hand is wrapped in my hair at the top my head while the other runs up and down my ass and thigh in a feather light touch. He rocks his hips slowly allowing me to feel another delicious inch of him, this is so erotic and body consuming I never want it to end. It feels to good. "Oh, shit." I gasp and close my eyes without thinking only for them to fly open again when I feel a sharp sting on my bottom lip. He fucking bit me!

"Open!" He growls and slides in a little further, he's torturing me and he knows it. Although judging by the look on his face, the strain that is evidently now showing indicates to me that he's torturing himself. He wants to fuck me but he can't, it's like he's telling himself to hold off. "Ready, baby?" I try to speak but no words seem to formulate into anything coherent so I just nod my head erratically and hold onto his arms for dear life.

Slower than a snails pace, he sinks into me all the way to the hilt and my back arches off of the bed, my erect nipples pressing into Christian's chiselled chest. "Fuck, fuck, fuck that's it. That's my baby." His hips rock, roll and thrust deeply but never once does he pick up speed, every movement he makes is deep and controlled and if I wasn't so intent on making this last I would have unravelled more than once already. I push myself up using the muscles in my abdomen and press my mouth against Christian's shoulder blade to stifle the moans and whimpers that are desperately trying to break free. Every single inch of my skin feels like it is on fire and I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I want him too much, I need him too much.

"You mean everything to me," He whispers hotly into my ear, never once breaking our connection. "You've always meant everything to me." Oh goddddd. His lips return to my neck and he starts to suckle, leaving wet kisses in their wake and somehow I manage to wrap my legs around his waist and pull him in tighter, using the heels of my feet to press him closer to me. We're naked and wrapped around each other like a vine on the bed of my boyfriends yacht, making love to each other like we've never made love before, the passion between us is so hot and intense I can't suppress the small sob that has been building at the back of my throat ever since he slid into me. "You feel so fucking good, baby. So good." He rears back to rest his weight on his forearms and together we look down at the place where we are melded into one, he is so deep inside of me it feels like he might penetrate my womb but I can't deny how amazing this feels, the gentle rocking of the boat and our soft moans reverberate through the cabin making the feeling a thousand times more intense and erotic.

Christian lifts his head and focuses his gaze onto my eyes but I can't seem to tear mine away from where we are joined, watching his stomach undulate with every thrust drives me into a hyperventilating frenzy and when he nuzzles my nose with his and buries his face into my neck I fall apart. My body shudders with every spasm and I thank god that Christian uses his lips to keep me quiet because if he wasn't, I would be sure as fuck screaming bloody murder right now. "I can feel you baby, fuck you feel so good." Are the words I can hear beside my ear but that's all I am able to register because this orgasm is never ending, wave after wave rolls through me and just as I feel myself beginning to calm, Christian bucks his hips and fucks me furiously as he chases his own release, causing smaller yet just as extreme ripples to course through me from head to toe. "I love you, I love you, I love you."

After what feels like hours, he finally collapses onto my chest and turns his head into my neck. I run my hands through his perspiration soaked hair and cocoon him into me with my legs, even though they feel like lead, I don't want him to move a muscle so keeping him close to me feels like the best way to ensure that he doesn't.

"Thank you." Christian's breathless voice rumbles through the air, jolting me from my post sex doze.

"For what?" His face turns slightly and I feel his soft lips pressing against the swell of my breast sending a shiver down my spine.

"For being mine."

Christian's POV

Handing me a fresh Budvar, Ray sits beside me on the deck outside while Ana cleans the kitchen despite me telling her to leave it the fuck alone, she just waved her hand at me and all but pushed me out of the door telling me that it relaxes her. Fuck knows why.

"She seems okay, I thought she would be more fragile but she isn't, that can only be a good thing right?"

"She's handled this better than I could have ever imagined or wished for, like you I was half expecting her to shrink away from me and shut me out, fuck I really thought she was going to shut me out."

"You're the only person she seems to listen to, Christian."

"She listens to you? She's always listened to you."

"I'm her dad it doesn't count," He lifts his leg and rests his ankle on top of his thigh as he turns his body to face the water. "My Annie's always been a stubborn firecracker and I never thought she would meet anyone who could tame her the way you do, she needs grounding and putting straight sometimes otherwise she would run riot. You seem to do that for her, Christian."

"It isn't easy." I sigh. "But she's worth it."

"I contemplated sticking around for a few more days to make sure she was really okay but I realised I don't need to. She has you to take care of her."

"She needs you too, Ray. She misses you when you're not around, you saw her face at dinner when you told her you were planning on headed home tomorrow." He smiles a sad smile and I instantly panic that I've over stepped the mark by saying something fucking stupid, I don't want to make the guy feel bad.

"And I miss her. For years it was just the two of us, just me and my Annie and it was perfect, she depended on me to keep her safe and protected and I wouldn't have had it any other way, but like I said, she has you now. She doesn't need me suffocating her every single second of the damn day and I don't want to either, I have to let her grow up." I want to ask him a thousand questions. Would you be happy to leave her if she was dating anyone else? Do you trust me to protect your daughter? How soon would you let me marry her? I have the utmost respect for this man and how he perceives me means more to me than fucking anything, he's seen her almost raped, he's seen her traumatised and he's seen her in a hospital bed with a fucking stab wound. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how protective he must be over Anastasia and I want to prove to him that I can be the one to take care of her.

"She'll push you to insanity," He continues . "She'll drive you crazy and she'll make you feel like banging your head against a wall until you pass out. She's stubborn, hot headed and opinionated but she'll love you like no one has ever loved you before. She's got the biggest heart and while sometimes that can get her into trouble, it's also a gift and the fact that she has chosen you to give it to? Never take that for granted, son." All I can do is nod, I know if I speak I will show just how much what he's saying means to me and I don't want to look like a pussy in front of my girlfriend's father so I decide to keep quiet. "I'll admit at first I was dubious about you," He points his beer at me and I blink, turning in my seat to face him.

"You were this hot shot billionaire who had the world at his feet, you could have any woman that you wanted and I didn't doubt for a second that you haven't dipped your feet in the dating pool more than once," Fuck am I blushing? "Now I know just how beautiful my daughter is, she's always received male attention and I knew it would only get worse as she got older." His jaw clenches and I smile. How difficult must it be having a daughter as fucking perfect as Ana? Knowing that every man within five feet of her wants to fuck her? "That's why it didn't surprise me that you had set your sights on her, you're a man after all and she looks just like her mother did when she was younger so I understand the attraction. I was ready to knock your teeth in when I first met you." I blink rapidly and chuckle uncomfortably when Ray clocks my expression and laughs. How the fuck is that even funny?

"I didn't want Anastasia for her looks, I mean yes that was what initially attracted me to her, she was so beautiful and what man wouldn't look at her and - I fell in love with her," I blurt out before I make a prick of myself. "She's an amazing person and I couldn't stop myself from falling in love with her." Ray smiles and tips his beer back, taking a long pull.

"I know. I could see that as soon as I walked into that restaurant, you looked at her like she was the only woman in the room and that was all I needed to see, you had my respect instantaneously, Christian." Fuck, I can feel the lump forming in my throat as he speaks. He's never shared what he first thought of me before and knowing that he accepted my instantly, I don't think he will ever appreciate just how much that really means. "Which is why you have my approval. When the time comes."


"I know it should be you broaching the subject with me, I was half looking forward to watching you turn into a sweating, nervous wreck but what's the point? You love my daughter and she loves you, that's all any father can ask for and I trust you with her happiness implicitly. So you have my approval."

Is he saying what I think he's saying? I continue to sit here like a deer in the fucking headlights not knowing what to even say, my eyes sting with those all too familiar tears that I have become accustomed too ever since meeting Ana and my throat dries. The bottle in my hand now feels slippery and I realise that I'm clamming up. Maybe Ray will get to see me turn into a snivelling, panicking as fuck mess after all.

"I…I don't, what are you…I don't understand?"

"I'm not saying you need to ask her now, you've only been dating a few weeks and I know you're still getting to know each other, but when the time comes, the right time? You have my approval. You can marry my daughter, Christian." My hand starts to shake and my heart feels like it will beat out of my chest, I can't even believe I'm having this conversation right now. I try and open my mouth to speak but I can't, my throat feels too thick with emotion to even breathe a syllable let alone formulate a sentence. Luckily, Ray catches on because he leans forward, sets his bottle on the table between us and lays his hand on my arm, squeezing once.

"You don't need to say anything, son. All you need to do is go in there and find my daughter," He points a thumb over his shoulder. " Find her and tell her how much you love her, hold her and don't let go. You kids have something people struggle to find during an entire lifetime so hold onto it. That's why I told you, I wanted you to know you have my love and acceptance so you can love my daughter the way you want to, knowing that when you're ready you can make her your wife."

I am seconds, seconds away from breaking down. He has just given me his permission to marry his little girl and I don't think I have ever felt this emotional and elated in my life. Words can't even begin to comprehend exactly what I am feeling right now. Wordlessly he stands and makes his way back inside the cabin, leaving me open mouthed and stunned as fuck.

I don't remember leaving the deck, I don't remember walking to my bedroom, but the next thing I know I'm holding Ana's beautiful face in my hands and I'm kissing her, I'm loving her with my mouth, I'm telling her just how much she means to me but it's not enough. I need to be inside her, I need to feel her wet heat enveloping my dick and I won't be satisfied until I do. I just need her.

She's so slick and hot, so ready for me. I don't think she has ever not been ready for me and the notion causes my dick to throb almost painfully. She's sprawled beneath me panting and breathless, desperate for me to take her and control her, she wants me to fuck her hard but that's not what I want, I need to go slow. I need to take my time and love her the way I need to love her.

He gave me his permission to marry her, he gave me his fucking permission to marry her! The man who loves his daughter more than life itself has allowed me, Christian Grey to make her mine. To make her my wife. Fuck I want to, I want to make her mine so bad and I won't be truly happy until that fantasy becomes a reality. Suddenly I'm envisioning her walking down the aisle to me, holding onto Ray's arm wearing a white dress and declaring her love for me in front of everyone that means something to us, sliding a ring onto her perfect little finger, showing the world that this woman is mine and mine alone. Mine.

My orgasm consumes me, literally tears me from limb to limb and even then I don't feel like I'm finished, Anastasia Steele wields a power over me that results in me collapsing on top of her like a bag of shit very single fucking time. The soft, clammy skin of her breasts presses against my cheek and her fingernails scrape my scalp almost rhythmically, the steady thumping of her heart beats through my ears soothing me like a balm and if I could lay here in her arms for the rest of eternity I would be a happy fucking man.

Ana was a bawling mess after leaving Ray at Sea-Tac, she clung onto him for dear life and at one point I thought I would actually need to peel her away from her father. She hates it when he leaves, hates it and I wish I could keep him here permanently but his words from last night have been playing on a constant loop in my head, he trusts me to take care of his daughter and by doing that he feels he needs to give her space, give us some space.

We arrived home around 9pm and I don't think I let her catch her breath for more than five minutes. We showered, fucked. I lotioned her legs, fucked her. Blow dried her hair, bent her over the dresser and fucked her. Spooned her from behind and fucked her. I finally let her get some sleep at 1.30am but then I woke her up and pulled her on top of me so she could ride the shit out of me. I couldn't fucking get enough and I know it was all because of the conversation I had with Ray, him granting me permission. When I saw her wince as she sat down at the breakfast bar I felt smug as fuck, every person who sees her struggling to even sit today will know she was fucked within an inch of her life last night and I was the one to do it.

"You would think this would be easier by now," She snuggles into my chest as Taylor pulls out of the parking lot and heads for SIP. "I just hate seeing him leave."

"I know baby, but he's a big boy he'll be okay. You saw how happy he looked didn't you? He's spent three days with his daughter and now he wants to get home. You knew it would happen sooner or later you said so yourself."

"I know that," She sniffles, reaching into my breast pocket and pulling out a handkerchief. "I just didn't think it would be today, he hasn't even met your parent's properly yet, Christian.. That god damn trial didn't count."

"There's plenty of time for that, Ana. My family aren't going anywhere and neither are we, well besides Paris."

"If we even go to Paris, Chalmers might not even grant my request for time off." I scoff and rest my chin on her forehead. "I told you things are pretty hectic."

"He'll grant it, baby, don't you worry."

"Don't go interfering, Christian. You promised you wouldn't after the last time." Sitting up she smoothes her hands over her charcoal gray pencil skirt and rummages through her purse before flicking open a compact mirror, rubbing her forefinger underneath her eyes one by one. "I told you that I would do this by the book, I don't want any special treatment."

"Hey, I made a promise remember?" I hold my hands up to placate myself. "I won't interfere you have my word." Ana cocks an eyebrow and shakes her head, clearly not convinced and she has every right to doubt me. If that fucker decides to play fucking awkward I'll be pissed. I contemplate telling her that I have already briefed Taylor on arranging a security team and Andrea will be booking hotel reservations this morning but I don't. She already has that 'I'm gonna' chop your fucking dick off if you mess with me.' look on her face so I think wisely against it, I'll tell her that when the times right.

"Ethan arrives home tonight. Kate text me this morning."

"Ethan? Who the fuck is that?"

"Her brother, don't you remember her talking about him?" Do I remember? Do I fucking remember? How could I forget that delightful little slice of information? "So she want's to arrange something to welcome him home, dinner or something. I told her to let me know the when and the where."

"Why would you do that? It's not like we'll be going." She slowly turns her head and fixes me with a cold as fucking ice stare, her beautiful blues penetrating into my eyes.

"Of course we'll be going, why the hell wouldn't we?"

"Ana, the guy wants to fuck you."

"Seriously? You're pulling out that card? He does not want to fuck me you idiot he's more like a brother to me, you've never even met him and you're already judging him."

"Don't need to." I deadpan. "A guy fucking knows these things, Ana and trust me, he wants in your panties." She huffs and pouts her lips before crossing her arms against her chest and throwing her weight into the backrest.

"We're going."

"Like fuck we are."

"We. Are. Going!"

"Anastasia! I am not, I repeat not spending the night with the asshole who wants my girlfriend, you can think a-fucking-gain!" A devious smirk plays at the corner of her mouth and instantly I'm pissed, what the fuck has she got to be so happy about?

"Put it this way, Grey. If we don't go, Paris is off."

"Don't be fucking immature, Ana it doesn't become you."

"Call it what you will but I mean it. Don't test me, Christian, he's my friend and I haven't seen him in months. You're acting ridiculous." Now it's my turn to pout. "Even if he did have feelings for me, which he doesn't, he would be more than over them by now , okay?"

"I fucking doubt that, Anastasia. Have you looked in a god damn mirror lately?"

"Oh stop acting petulant. We're going and that's final!" We spend the rest of the car journey in absolute silence, the only sounds are the quiet humming of the radio and our heavy sighing. She's twirling her foot mindlessly and staring out of the window, her hair is in a messy side bun so I can see her beautiful face perfectly, her sculpted mouth and defined cheek bones, this woman looks like she should be on the cover of fucking Vogue and that's why I don't believe Ethan fucking Kavanagh doesn't have feelings for her, who the fuck wouldn't have feelings for her!

"I'll text you the details, Kate's phoning me at lunch." She mumbles as the SUV slowly coasts to a stop.

"Do I get a lunchtime phone call?"

"Depends. Have you stopped acting like an ass yet?" I bite the inside of my cheek to stifle a smile, she looks so adorable right now and hearing her scold me only makes me want her more.

"Maybe. I might stop acting like an ass if I get a kiss?" I don't give her long to mull over it, grasping her upper arms I pull her into me and kiss the ever loving shit out of her, knowing I've succeeded when I hear her whimper into my mouth. "Is that better?"

"You're still an ass." Her lipstick is smudged and her face is flushed, her chest is heaving as she rubs her thighs together and I know I've turned her on. She turns to open the door and as she lifts up off of the leather seat I give her butt a loud thwack, making her yelp and turn back around. I simply wink and flash her a grin and all she can do is smirk back, rubbing her little cheek as she slams the door in my face. Yep. Definitely out of the dog house.

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