It had taken nearly a week of planning for Juliet O'Hara to set up. It was almost Christmas, and she was tired of her partner Carlton Lassiter staring at the person he liked and doing absolutely nothing about it. Ever since she had arrived on the Santa Barbara Police Force, she saw the heated glances that passed between the two and was not letting them let anymore time slip by. Not after she was abducted by Yin, when she learned just how precious and how short your time could be. So, with the chiefs consent, she had stealthily placed mistletoe at several places on the ceiling that the two of them most commonly stood under.

Shawn Spencer breezed into the SBPD and quickly moved towards the corner desk that was held by the surly Irish head detective. "Lassie!"

Icy blue eyes looked over the top of a computer before looking back down at whatever was on the screen. "Go away Spencer."

"But Lassieface, Gus is away on another of his business retreats-"

"He still works there?" The detective muttered to himself, making Shawn, and his balding father snort in amusement. Henry sat quietly at the desk opposite of Lassie, waiting for his rambunctious son to notice him.

"Yes, but the point is, that he forgot about our weekly Star Wars Marathon, so I propose that you come over to my place at seven tomorrow morning, bring popcorn-."

"No." He said, as he stood up and moved to go down to the file room to get a file he needed to finish up his paperwork.

Just as he reached the top of the staircase, there was a cheerful voice calling from a desk. "Carlton, Shawn, look up."

Blue eyes slowly moved to look at the ceiling, as did every other pair of eyes on the floor that heard her. "So, there's just a little holly."

He felt someone step close to him. "That Lassie, is mistletoe, and we are standing right under it."

Rolling his eyes, Carlton turned away and walked down the stairs. "I refuse to do that with you Spencer."

"But it's bad luck to not kiss the person you got caught under the mistletoe with." The detective kept walking so Shawn turned to the girl everyone thought he had the hots for. "What about you Jules?" He asked, shaking his hips a little, "You want some?"

"Shawn." His dad called, and waved him over.

"Yeah Papa Bear?" the psychic called, making his way to his dad.

"When are you going to grow up?"

"Dad, I don't want to have this conversation again."

"Well then you need to stop dancing around the fact that you like Lassie and go for it."

"I just said that I didn't… what?" He was suddenly giving his dad his full attention.

"Honestly Shawn, the entire force has been waiting for you two to get together for years, but both of you are too stubborn to act on your attraction. So I'm telling you now, get him under the mistletoe, and make him stay."

"But he knows where it is now." Shawn said, pointing at the clump of foliage at the top of the stairs.

"But he probably didn't notice the bunch in the door of the file room." It took four seconds for Shawn to compute what his dad said, before running down the steps two at a time to get to the doorway before Lassie exited.

So, it's really short. But what do you think for a first attempt at a Psych fic?