Author's Note: Inspired by the few Michel and Josette stories in Rhythm Thief. I think there should be more stories about these two.

Michel's Company

Michel let out a weary sigh, staring down into his cup of tea. He was sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower in the beautiful Paris, France, just enjoying a sunny day alone. He so wished he could enjoy it with someone, but nobody seemed to be available today. Raphael was out doing secretive stuff with his dog, Fondue, Marie was out shopping, and Emile was…doing things that he did not know of.

Releasing another dreary sigh, Michel picked up his tea and tilted his head back a bit, allowing his eyes to roam the glorious Eiffel Tower.

Michel was lonely.

The male took a sip of his tea and sighed once again, eyes showing with forlorn and bitterness. His ruminations traveled onto the dark depths of his mind where negative thoughts danced and frolicked about. The positive thoughts were murdered by the negative thoughts immediately. They were gone like wilted flowers.

"Hey there."

Hearing a new and feminine voice, Michel lowered his gaze a little, removing his eyes from the magnificent Eiffel Tower. There was an average, but fairly decent young woman standing in front of him and off to the side a little. She was wearing a genuine smile and mirth danced in her eyes.

"Do I…know you?" Michel wanted to know, thinking she seemed vaguely familiar.

"Yes, you do." The woman responded, placing her hands onto her hips.

Michel studied her. "You seem familiar."

"That's because we've met before," The female answered while rolling her eyes. "I'm Josette, Marie's childhood best friend. She introduced us at Raphael's birthday party, remember?"

Michel searched deep within his mind to gather those memories from the party this Josette woman was talking about. Once he managed to gather all of those lost memories, he put them together piece by piece, like an incomplete puzzle that needed to be fixed immediately. When he was done, he saw Josette's face and recalled Marie introducing her to him at Raphael's birthday party.

"I remember you!" He blurted out suddenly.

"Lovely." Josette deadpanned.

"Forgive me, mademoiselle," Michel sat his cup of tea down, giving her an apologetic expression. "It was not my intention to forget you for a moment. I see a lot of new faces every day and sometimes…I tend to forget."

"It's fine, Raphael's friend." Josette commented, taking a seat next to him.

"Did you forget my name?" Michel asked, putting all his attention on her.

"Kind of."

"It's Michel."

"Nice to meet you again, Michel."

"Nice to meet you again too…Josette."

Then, Michel allowed himself to smile genuinely at the lady beside him. He had needed some company and he got some; Michel was grateful. The positive thoughts burst back to life and annihilated the negative thoughts in his mind.

All was well.