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Chapter 3- Haters Gonna Hate. Why? How Should I Know?

People die when they are killed!

-Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night)(I'm sorry I couldn't resist.)

The cart jolted as it went over an uneven stone in the cobbled road. Kakashi had been reading his favorite orange book for the majority of the trip. Halfway through the morning, it had started to rain, and steadily gotten heavier. Naruto was peeking through the canvas curtains to see a bustling town. The usual city smells fell flat due to the rain, but Naruto could still smell a few, like the bread being baked in a nearby bakery.

The people's umbrella's made a makeshift ceiling over the streets, and-if you looked hard enough- children were weaving through the towering adult's legs. Whenever a fancy carriage came through the crowds of people, they split like an ocean, then came back together. Closing it in it's own personal bubble. He stopped looking out when he thought that a kid had looked his way, and saw him.

Now he was leaning back against the side of the cart, opposite of Kakashi. He had pulled his necklace out and held it in front of his face, just watching it as it bounced the dim light from the outside around the small space. Soon, the bustling like faded away, and the only sounds were clopping horseshoes and rolling wheels.

"Ne, Kakashi-sensei."

The silver-haired man being addressed looked over the top of his book. "Yes?"

"Kyuubi is part of the reason why we're here, isn't he?"

Kakashi lowered his book and stared at his student. 'How'd he find out?' As if reading his mind, Naruto answered his question. "Kyuubi told me himself… I think."

'I think?' "Can you explain?" Kakashi had closed and put down his book entirely, and had his attention on the boy. The rain had gotten harder, and was slamming against the canvas roof, making things harder to be heard. 'I'm sure they can't hear us.'

"It was two nights before we were going to leave…"


Naruto rubbed his sore stomach tenderly. It still hurt from the cut weeks ago, when they first got to the new world. It was dark out, and Kakashi was already asleep in bed. Naruto was hanging halfway out of his, one foot on the floor. He lifted up his shirt for the billionth time since it healed, and looked at the newly formed scar.

Something was wrong with Kyuubi. With himself. When he was on the walls and ceiling, and when he summoned Gamakichi, he felt a little sliver of his chakra, then it was Kyuubis. He tried talking with the demon, but got no replies. Sometimes he'd think he heard a whisper, but it never came back afterwards.

As he touched the uneven skin, he felt something pull at his conscience. It was weak, but Naruto let it drag him back into his mindscape. Soon the surroundings became dirty pipes and walls. Shallow water moved around his feet in quiet ripples. The seal looked ready to fall into pieces, despite his father repairing it recently. The wall in front of him was made out of cell bars, that towered up to the ceiling. Behind those bars, was the Kyuubi.

The giant fox was curled up, looking like it was sleeping. But it looked like an afterimage of the fox. He was a very transparent orange.

"Oi, furball, I've been trying to talk to you for a few weeks now! What's going on?" Naruto shouted at the beast. Opening one of his red eyes, the fox sat for a little longer, then stood up straight. "Brat, I'd watch your mouth. I saved our asses from being taken by Madara." Naruto was confused. "What do you mean?"

"I used my chakra to interfere with Madara's jutsu, and took us here." Kyuubi replied. "But we didn't come here without a cost." The blonde was now curious. "What cost?"

"You lost all of your chakra."

Naruto paled. 'What does he mean? I've been using it.' "But furball, I used some of my chakra since we got here. But, I always felt yours in my system right after."

The fox hummed a bit, thinking. "It may mean that you have a little left in your system, but barely enough to make a regular bunshin. AND STOP CALLING ME FURBALL!" He hissed, then tiredly sighed. "I don't have time for this," He mumbled. He looked at the blond boy. "Be mindful of this, boy. If you don't want me taking over, control your anger. My chakra will not hesitate to come out in full force."

"Wha? You don't want to take over? Wasn't that your goal from when you were first sealed? Are you trying to protect me?" Naruto had a giant grin on his face. "Yes- but- ah dammit! Just get out of here! I can't keep you here any longer. Also, the chakra..."

Naruto's mindscape started to fade from view, but not before Kyuubi could get out his last words.

"Using it will slowly kill you."

~Flashback End~

Silence reigned in the small vehicle. Then Kakashi spoke up. "Is that all?" "Yeah." It was the last things they said for several hours. The trip slowly going along in silence.

Naruto had fallen asleep, and Kakashi was reading through his book a fourth time. But he paused, and was stuck in a daze. It had become too dark to read hours ago. 'If Naruto was affected by us traveling through dimensions, was I affected at all?' The cart jerked to a stop, and Naruto's head smacked into the side. While Naruto was silently swearing, Levi opened the curtain.

"We're here. Get out."

Still holding his head, Naruto climbed out, Kakashi following close behind. As soon as they were out, he was gaping along with Naruto. The whole whole camp was in a crater, and walls made out of logs stood overhead. The buildings were also made out of logs, and to Naruto and Kakashi, seemed excessively huge. Torches placed in different spots made patches of light in different places in the area.

'We'll be staying here? How many recruits are there?' Naruto thought. This was the size of a small village! Turning, he saw Levi preparing their stuff for them, talking to another man.

"We have their papers ready, and uniforms prepared, sir."

"Hm. You know not to tell anyone. Do you?"

The man swallowed hard. "Yes."

Levi then took the uniforms held out to him, and tossed them to Naruto and Kakashi. Along with some other clothes. After, he pointed to one of the nearby cabins. "You'll be staying in there. Several people actually dropped today, so you have several beds to choose from. Lucky you." The two ninjas started walking towards the cabin, when Naruto turned around. "Hey Levi, are you leaving now?"

"Yeah, I'm going to travel another several hours right after getting here (said sarcastically). Also, now that you're joining the army, it's Captain Levi."

"Yes Captain Levi." The blond mumbled other things under his breath. Then ran quickly to the cabin before getting caught in Levi's grip.

Putting down the hand that was going to go into a chokehold around Naruto's neck, Levi sighed. He turned to the man who had the papers and gave him a look. "So where will we be staying?" Motioning to the other soldiers that had came with him. "R-right this way."

Naruto opened the door fast enough that it wouldn't creek, and walked into the cabin. Kakashi strolling in right behind him, and closed the door. Despite everyone sleeping, the big room was LOUD. At least every person was snoring at some volume, all adding up to one big noise. As if a blessing from Kami, there was the empty bunks Levi talked about. There were four empty, and all in a row to the wall. They quietly changed from the clothes they came in, and into the pajamas given to them.

They tossed their small bags to the end of the beds- that were pretty much lying right next to each other- and slid under the sheets, falling fast asleep.

Little did they know someone was watching.

(Armin's POV)

He didn't expect people to walk into their cabin late last night and slip into the newly abandoned beds. He couldn't sleep last night and was sitting at the end of his bed, when light shined into the room from the door. He slipped under the sheets and pretended to fall asleep, then squinted his eyes open. It wasn't one of the soldiers patrolling, or a trainee going to the bathroom, but two complete strangers.

He watched as they quietly changed and got into bed. They were out like lights. Slowly, Armin sat up, the sheets falling. Eren was snoring loudly next to him, in a deep sleep. Armin considered waking up his childhood friend, raising his arm to shake him. Then lowered it to his side. 'Everyone will know in a few hours.' But it gave him something to think about. And with that in his head, he fell asleep. After a longer glance at the strangely colored haired people.

Several Hours Later

"Armin! Oi, Armin!"


Someone was shaking his shoulder, and whisper shouting his name. Opening his eyes, a blurred view of Eren was in his face. "What is it Eren?" He mumbled feeling the side effects of staying up late. "There're new recruits in the spots where those other ones dropped!"

Armin sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He saw everyone else had seen the people sleeping. The ones being watched completely ignorant of how much attention they were getting due to their very presence. The others were whispering to each other also.

"When did they get here?"

"How should I know?"

"They must've came in the middle of the night."

'If only they knew how right they were.' Armin thought. "Hey guys, do you see that guy's silver hair?" Marco had come over, and was now sitting with them. "What? How's that possible?" Eren turned to look. "He's right… it is silver." Their discussion could've continued longer, but one of the strangers stirred, emitting a groan.

All conversations stopped, as a sunshine blond, messy head came up from the covers. He had a sleepy look on his face. Turning his head around to see the whole side of the cabin. Everyone was staring back at him, expecting something to happen. Then he spoke.

"Where's the bathroom? I gotta piss."

No one had expected that to come out of his mouth. The only one to snap out of their stupor was Armin, who gave the answer. "O-outside to the left. You'll recognize it."

"Thanks." Shuffling across the floor, he made his way to the door, and started pushing it. Armin spoke up again. "Um… you know that's a-" CRACK

Everyone was gaping at the wild action. Figuring that the door wouldn't open, he put his FIST through it. Then took his other one and broke the rest of the door. He then walked down the steps and out of sight. The room bursted into wild was just as shocked as everyone else. "What the heck was that? Did he really break the door half asleep?"

"I-I-I think…" Marco stuttered. "All our chances of getting in the top ten was dashed to pieces."

It would've continued if the blond hadn't appeared in the doorway. Silence reigned once again. The strong teen was scratching his stomach and yawning loudly. Then as if nothing had happened, crawled back into his bed.


"That's them over there, Mikasa."

Armin and Eren explained what had happened that morning in the cabin, and was now directing her to look at the aliens. When the director came into their cabin, even he was wondering where our door had gone. They had all pointed fingers at the two strangers. He looked shocked at first, then his face became one of indifference.

He slapped them on the heads and told them to wake up and state their names also.

"The blond one is Naruto Uzumaki, and the silver-haired one is Kakashi Hatake. Never heard of names like it before." Eren said. "That Naruto guy had to run several extra laps this morning for breaking the door. But even after all that he didn't break a sweat."

Mikasa had her eyes glazed over, and was staring at the table in a daze. "Mikasa?" Armin voiced. She broke out of her daze. "Hm? Oh."

'She never spaces out. I wonder what's up.' Armin never got to ask the question, for the bell for breakfast ending rang. Now was time for mid-morning sparring.


(Normal POV)

'So much for fitting in with the other recruits.' Kakashi thought. After being knocked in the head this morning as his wake up, he found out that his half-asleep student had broken the door of the cabin down. Then after Naruto was given extra laps, came back without even breaking a sweat. But then he was also one of the only recruits not breathing heavy after the long run.

So not only were they given weird looks at lunch, they were the topic everyone was talking about. It was surprising how Naruto was so oblivious at times. Kakashi was listening to Naruto talk about his fight with Pein, while looking at the other recruits. One was drilling their eyes into them. Turning to the presence, he saw a boy with the sides of his head had his hair shaved off to reveal a darker color. The top of his head was a messy light brown. His eyes were sharp, and studying them.

Before he could do anything, a bell starts ringing, and everyone filed out.

"Now, you are to pick your first partners to spar with, then will switch off with someone else. The loser will move to someone else. We will keep count of wins and losses. GET MOVING!"

Before Naruto could even turn to Kakashi, someone had gripped his shoulder.

"Spar with me."

Turning around, he saw the guy that was sitting behind Kakashi staring holes into his back. Considering it, Naruto finally agreed. "Um, sure." Looking around, Naruto saw Kakashi was with another trainee, the silver haired man seeing him. "Get into positions!" Turning back to his partner, he saw that the guy looked ready to kill. He was waiting in his sparring position, expecting Naruto to do the same.

As soon as he did, the instructors waited one more second then blew the whistle. As soon as they did, his opponent was on the ground. Everyone was stunned. Naruto sat up, raising his hand as he did so. "I'm done. Do I wait now?" The instructors were gaping, as was everyone else.

"I'm also done." Kakashi announced. His partner just as stunned.

"O-okay. Can you switch with each other?" One of them asked, while one of the others furiously wrote something down.

Naruto held his hand out to the teen on the ground, but he ignored the gesture and picked himself up. Kakashi's partner mumbled a small thanks for his offered hand. As they switched places, Naruto's looked at the blond he passed.

(Levi's POV)

"What do those morons think they're doing? I said to blend in, not look like monsters."

They were watching the training from one of the posts up high, overlooking it all. He was standing up in the shade it provided(He would sit down, but due to his height, he would've had to scoot right to the edge, or sit on his thighs). And he didn't want his soldiers to point it out, or he would beat them.

His eyes crinkled when he saw Naruto's partner ignore his offered hand. "What's that recruit's name?"

He heard someone shuffle papers. "Um, Jean Kirstein. He wants to get into the Military Police."

"I'm guessing he only entered the military to get inside the inner walls." Levi turned around and started walking towards the door. "Um, Captain, where're you going?"

"I want to see these recruits up close. Maybe when I'm down there, they'll do better."

(Jean's POV)

'That guy took me down in an instant! His friend took down Marco too!' He was pissed. He wanted-no-needed to get in the top ten of the graduating corps. If he didn't, there was no chance of getting in the inner walls. He just wanted a sheltered life, that's all. Walking past the blond boy, he took a chance to look at him more. He had the same height, same build, but how could someone be so impossibly fast?

When he reached Marco, it was the same thing. "I don't think I even blinked, when I was suddenly on the ground. That guy was fast!" Marco was amazed. "Hm, it's their first day here. Beginner's luck." But even Jean knew, that it wasn't normal to see people that fast. As they got into positions again, a sort of ruckus started.

"C-Captain Levi of the Survey Corps!" Jean turned his head all the way around to see the newcomer. 'He's short...' Was the first thing to come to mind for Jean. The man was indeed short, but that didn't mean he wasn't strong. 'Has he come to recommend recruits to the branches of the military?' He saw Eren looking at the man with the look that he had the same thought. "I've just come to observe. Go ahead and continue." Captain Levi said, crossing his arms.

After they blew the whistle again, everyone had their eyes on the newbies once more, and were shocked once more.

It looked like they were moving very fast, and their spar started moving across the grounds, people getting out of the way. But then they started doing moves they've never seen before. Captain Levi coughed into his fist, looking at the unusual pair. As if it was a secret code, they went back the forms they were taught. 'Do they know Captain Levi?'

"Hey! Who said to just stand there?"

Everyone continued to spar, trying to wrap their minds around the craziness of the strangers.

After Lunch

"What is your name!"

An instructor was walking in between them, as they were all organized in rows.

"C-Connie Springer!"

"Well Connie, why are you here?"

"To help protect the human race from Titans!"

The man looked at the boy a little longer in thought. "Okay Connie."

Walking a little more, he asked more recruits. Kakashi was in a row he passed already, and was looking for Naruto. He had tuned out what the man was doing at the moment. 'Hopefully, Naruto doesn't do anything.'

Then he noticed how quiet it had become, and turned his head to the instructor. He was facing a girl with a brown ponytail, who looked like something was in her mouth. Then he saw what she was holding. 'She's eating a potato?!'

"You're running laps until you pass out! No dinner!" The man shouted into her face. Kakashi had looked around some more, and saw something that made him want to shake his head. 'Naruto...'

Naruto was snacking on something, and from how he was shoving it in his mouth, he saw what happened with the girl. The others around him noticed, but didn't say a word. The already mad instructor did. He walked up to Naruto, the blond's cheeks filled with turned to face him. "Hrmgh?" (Yes?)

"You'll be joining her!"

"That idiot," Levi said with a facepalm.

Later That Night

(Sasha's POV)

"That...mean old…man…" She huffed. She had been running for hours now, and it had gotten dark. The new boy had been running with her, then she lost track of him. 'Dinner's probably over by now.' She thought gloomily. She was at her limit, and finally collapsed near a torch by a building.

"You done now?"

A figure came from in between the cabins, and it was her missing running mate. The blond hair shining in the torchlight.

And he had bread.

Her mouth watered, and she eyed the bread like a crazed woman. "Um, you okay?" He asked nervously. She launched at him and grabbed at the bread. "Aggh!"


He laughed happily, "you're welcome, I snuck in there and got some to eat. Want some?"

She munched on her bread, and looked at the other spoils he had gotten. They were stuffing their faces. "So-crunch- how did you get all that-crunch-food out of there?" He looked at her, and gave her a wink.

"That's a secret."

They quietly ate in silence, then Sasha spoke up. "My name's Sasha. Even though we had to run together, I never told you my name, did I?" The boy laughed. "Neither did I! The name's Naruto...So, what made you join the military?"

There was a pause. "...I had gotten into a fight with my father. After the fall of Wall Maria, we couldn't hunt anymore, and he said we had to farm instead. So I joined the military. Why did you come here?"

Naruto paused, his head down. "I can't go back home. Not yet, really. Even though I have no Mom and Dad, I considered them as close to family as if they were blood relatives." It got relatively quiet. Sasha had stopped eating, and looked down, then put her hand on her new found friend's shoulder.

"I hope you can go back home." She said with a small smile. "And I hope things'll get better."

Naruto gave her a big grin,"thanks."

Kakashi was hiding behind the corner of the cabin, face in his book. He was hiding a smile, and walked back to his cabin, disappearing into the darkness.

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