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Chapter 4- Wait… Titans are Just Giant, Stupid-Looking Naked People?!

We do not live to think, but on the contrary, we think in order that we may succeed in surviving.

- Jose Ortegay Gasset

"Five years ago, the Colossal Titan had broken the wall surrounding the Shiganshina District. Then the Armoured Titan broke Wall Maria. Since then, mankind's territory had shrunk, and we had lost 20% of humanity. We will never know when they may come back again. If they are ever to appear again, it will be your time to serve humanity, and to sacrifice everything!"

The officers were standing in front of 104th (newly graduated) corp. It was their final moments being recognized as trainees, and first being new soldiers. The speech went on, but Kakashi tuned out the rest of the speech. His thoughts went to Naruto and Konoha, ana all of the drastic changes. 'Konoha's going to war. And from what Pakkun said, we still haven't recovered from Pein yet either.'

Naruto and Kakashi had made it a weekly task to contact Konoha after everyone had gone to bed. Kakashi would do it more often without Naruto, some information was needed to be kept quiet. Then the cyclops thought about the recent news. 'Naruto would only be more anxious to get back if he heard that the Raikage wanted Sasuke dead.'

The months passed by in this world, things traveling at a faster pace. It had already been almost three years here.

While his ninja dog told him only two weeks had passed in the ninja world.

Naruto had fallen to his knees in relief, glad to know that nothing had changed. But when Kakashi hadn't told him yet, the blonde had been restless at night. Sometimes never sleeping at all. But he got it all back when it was time for lessons, paying even less attention than usual. 'Good thing I told him. Kami knows what else could've gone wrong.' But he could've been better too. He was always late to the lessons.

His attention snapped back to reality when he heard everyone yell and salute; being a little later than the others. "We will now call up the ten best recruits, depending on scores in sparring, three dimensional maneuver gear, and intelligence." The instructor said.

"First, Kakashi Hatake."

'I should've known this would happen.' Kakashi rolled his visible eye. As he made his way through the aisles of people to the front, he heard hushed whispers. Some of them who've seen him before, didn't look surprised with the results. Arriving at the front, the next names were quickly called.

"Second, Naruto Uzumaki. Third, Mikasa Ackerman."

Naruto was dumbfounded when he heard his name called, but made his way up there anyway. Mikasa came silently forward, and glanced at Naruto when she arrived next to him. The blonde leaned slightly towards Kakashi, but not so much at to be noticeable. "How'd I get second? Didn't I flunk the lessons?"He whispered.

Kakashi had thought about it. Sure, Naruto's scores were frightening, but his stamina may have made up for it, and his way of thinking up plans on the spot. 'It was his inhuman strength that made up for it too.'

Naruto had shown his worth when he was able to finish arduous activities without being exhausted, and his strength. When they had their evaluation on the 3DMG, Naruto had sliced so deep into the neck, that the head had been left precariously hanging on the board left to support it. The rest flying off with the cushioned targets.

"I'm guessing your strength and stamina got you over the top marks." The silver haired man replied. He would've told Naruto the other things that got him to second, but didn't want to fill the boy's head.

"Fourth, Reiner Braun, and fifth, Bertholdt Fubar. Sixth, Annie Leonhardt, and seventh, Eren Jaeger."

Mikasa seemed to straighten up a little at the sound of Eren's name as the four people came forward. Only three were left. The soldiers had faces of indifference, but you could see their eyes reflected hope and fear. The person was about to speak, then someone had rushed up to him, and whispered in his ear. Nodding, the man continued.

"We've never had something like this before, but we have eight tied with two people, making us have eleven." Hushed whispers traveled, but not many people seemed to have high hopes it was them. "Eight was Jean Kirschstein and Marco Bodt. Ninth, Connie Springer, and tenth, Sasha Browse."

The collected tension over all of them had seemed to be released, some of them with a face of utter shock that (surprise, surprise) they weren't picked. Jean and Eren exchanged a silent sneer and glare as they stood next to each other, not going unnoticed.

'They remind me of Naruto and Sasuke… Which means they probably do the things Naruto and Sasuke would do...' Kakashi sweat at the thought.


Dinner ended with a fight between Eren and Jean.

It had started when Jean said that he was glad he was moving deeper into the walls surrounding humanity, and Eren called him pathetic. He said that becoming a soldier meant protecting the people and such (Kakashi didn't really pay all that much attention).

And then they both started punching. Everyone cheering them on, until everything was halted by Mikasa. Who threw Eren over her shoulder, and walked out. Naruto cackled at the sight, Sasha and Connie laughing along with him.

Soon afterward, they started leaking out, and going to the cabins. Naruto and Kakashi were walking out with some of the other top recruits.

"So Naruto, you know what you wanna do? You can join the royal guard if you wanted to." Connie asked.

"Nope, gonna join the Scouting Legion."

There was a stunned silence. "Why would you want to do that? You'll be putting your life in danger!" Connie yelled. "Well, I'll tell you right now, Eren's speech didn't do anything to affect my choice. But it may affect yours." Naruto said. "I'd rather not be stuck inside, y'know. Too boring." The others had stopped, but Naruto had walked away.

"He may be right, but I'm going in the Royal Guard." Annie said, then she walked off to her cabin. The group started to disperse, but Naruto's words stayed in their heads.

Several Days Later

"This view..."

Naruto was standing on top of the wall with some of the other graduates. His hand was over his brow, shading his eyes from the sunlight.

He had never seen a view as spectacular as this one, not even the Hokage mountain could compare. Kakashi wasn't with him, which the others thought was strange.

"Hey Naruto, where's your boyfriend?"

"Shut it Connie! He's not my boyfriend! Heck, he's older than me by, like, twenty years!"

Naruto grit his teeth and a blush was lightly brushed across his face. Connie laughed at his anger, the crate of cannonballs rattling in his arms. They were in process of restocking the cannons lining the edges of the walls. It was a clear day, nothing wrong. Only a few days ago were they taken to Trost.

"So does anybody know which branch they're entering?" Reiner asked.

Naruto turned to look at the lost land of the first wall, putting his arms on the back of his head. "You already know my answer," he said.

"Well, I'm joining the Survey Corps!"

Everyone turned to Connie, surprised at his choice, then Naruto smirked. "Did Eren's speech make you change your mind?"

"No! I-it's just because I want to! It sounded interesting."

After the short conversation, Eren spoke up. "Hey Naruto, are you from "Asia"?"

Naruto looked confused. "Asia? What's that?"

Eren looked down, looking disappointed. "It's just that you and Kakashi look a lot like Mikasa in some ways." Naruto looked at Eren a bit longer, then scratched the back of his head. "I think you should ask Kakashi this, I don't really understand."

"He looked smarter than you anyway."

"Who said that!" The blonde whipped around to the others, who were all busying themselves with tasks. "Connie!"

"I didn't say it!"

While they barked at each other, the door to the roof rattled against the wall after whipping open. Sasha made her way over to them, a hand holding her jacket, and one inside.

"Guys,guys! guess what?"

She pulled a chunk of meat from her jacket.

"I got this thing from the Senior officers' secret stash. Who wants to split it?" She was heavily breathing, her cheeks flushed, and a dazed look in her eyes, as if she was dreaming of the meat.

"You'll be put into isolation if they find you with that!" Everyone treated it like a bomb. "Get rid of it! Put it back!"

"Sashaaa! I'll have some!"

Naruto came bouncing over, and as if by magic, the boy and Potato girl started discussing what to eat the delicacy with. "We can't eat that!" The others screeched.

Sasha turned around, completely calm. "We won't yet." She made her way over to one of the crates in front of a cannon. "We'll save this until we become real soldiers." She opened it up, and hid the meat among the supplies.

They soon started cracking grins, then laughed. After getting back to work, Naruto felt a sudden chill. 'This is great and all, but I have an ominous feeling.'

Next thing he knew, a shadow was looming over them. Naruto turned his head, and his eyes widened in horror.

A giant head appeared behind Eren, everyone caught off guard. It had no skin or hair, nothing to cover its muscles. Its eyes were hooded, and gave it a much darker look. Heat came off its body, and it release a burst of steam.

The sudden heat that hit their skin made them grunt in pain, and they all found themselves falling off the wall with pieces of rubble. Naruto felt his spine bend back from the force of his gear's wires hitting the wall. Turning to his right, he saw Sasha dive down and catch Samuel by shooting a hook through his foot, making Naruto wince. The boy was freely hanging, while a cloud of dust below him started to settle, and Naruto saw the heads of Titans start to appear.

Eren barked something to the others, and launched up the wall, quickly disappearing from sight. 'This must be the Colossal Titan they were talking about. For that head to be that huge, the body must be gigantic!'

Naruto copied Eren's movements and went up the wall, to see the boy staring down the monster. The thing was just standing there, its hands latched to the wall. The skin shined in the sunlight, and wisps of steam still came off of it.

"It's been five years, huh." Eren smirked with anger. He hadn't noticed Naruto standing there, but the Titan did. Its eyes shifted to the blonde, if only for a second, then swung it's arm towards the wall.

A small gasp escaped Naruto's mouth as he and Eren narrowly dodged the meaty limb. The other arm came up to try to sweep off the humans, and Eren had jumped off and propelled towards its neck using his gear. Naruto had jumped onto the other arm and made his way across to the back. But before anything could be done, a bigger plume of steam blew them off the monstrous Titan. The wind of falling was blowing through Naruto's hair, and he looked up to see the Titan gone. Anger surged through him.

'A fifty meter Titan shows up to break a wall and just disappears?! A fifty meter titan?' He swung towards the wall and clung to it with the gear.


Looking up a distance, he saw Eren hanging. "We need to get back to the others!" Naruto nodded, and let himself fly away from the wall. The situation may be serious,but the feeling of the wind against his face was refreshing. It was like jumping through the trees at home. 'Home,' He thought, but immediately let it go.

Landing on the wall, he stumbled a little, then faced the Stationary Guards that were now on the wall. There were some of the other new soldiers around him, all awaiting orders.

"The strategy for the appearance of a colossal titan is in motion! Get to your posts!"

Not a second later, they were over the city. The streets were steadily growing crowded as they got closer to the other wall. People were shoving each other to get through the gate. The alarm was ringing around the city, its sound echoing deep. More and more Titans were making their way through, and the ones unlucky enough, were caught and eaten.

It was morbid. But Naruto swallowed the upcoming bile in his throat, and made to get to the meeting place faster.

Fort near Wall Rose- Near Trost District

Everyone was scrambling around, replacing blades and getting their gas refilled for the defense against the Titans.

"But Franz!"

Naruto turned around to see the "lovebirds" of 104th graduation corps. Franz cupped his girlfriend's cheek in his hand, and spoke.

"Don't worry Hannah, everything's gonna be fine. I promise I'll protect you."

"Franz," Hannah said in a hopeful tone.

After realizing he was staring, he turned his head a bit more, only for his eyes to meet Mikasa's. She was making her way towards him, when a hand firmly clamped on his shoulder.

"How's my little student doing?" Kakashi happily asked.

"K-Kakashi-sen-! What do you want?! You scared me!" The blonde almost shouted. "Woah, calm down." Kakshi backed away. Naruto turned around to see that Mikasa had disappeared.

"What're you looking at?" The silver haired asked. Naruto turned away. "Nothing." He went back to adjusting his gear, when a Stationary Guard walked up. "Hatake, Uzumaki, you're going to help people out of Trost in the rearguard with Ackerman."

"Yes sir."

After clicking the gear into place, they walked outside.

Entrance to Wall Rose- 1 Hour Later


"We need to get through!"

"Move that cart!"

The crowd of civilians were milling around the small hole in the wall that lead to safety. A man was trying to push his cart through the wall, blocking everyone off.

"This is getting troublesome." Kakashi scratched his head with one of his hands that were holding a blade. Mikasa was standing with him near the edges of the crowd, to block off any Titans if they came. The people were screaming at the business man and his cart, telling him to move it.

A scream pierced the air, and a finger pointed at an oncoming Titan. "It's an aberrant!"

It came crashing down the street, smashing several soldiers and getting closer. Mikasa was about to jump out, but a figure made a violent slash behind it, and the Titan fell. As the figure made its way closer, Kakashi saw it was Naruto. The blonde wiped some of the blood off his face, only for it to evaporate off his hand. The monster was already decomposing.

"That was amazing, Uzumaki!" One of the guards said. Mikasa stared in shock. But the boy didn't respond, and instead walked up to the crowd, instantly splitting for him. Mikasa was following after him to the cart. "Is this why they aren't out yet?"

The businessman turned to face them, and a grin was plastered on this face. "Ah, soldiers! Can you come and move this cart for me please? These idiots can't fit it through the door. And it's very important material."

"Move it." Naruto said.

"H-huh?" The man seemed startled at the sudden words. "These people need to get through, I don't think your things matter as much as human lives. So please move your cart." Naruto explained. The man looked shocked, then his face turned beet red. Spluttering, he said, "I'll have you know, I know some higher-ups, and they can have you moved to the lowest position available. Know what? They can just fire you!"

Kakashi had made his way to the center of the crowd. He expected Naruto to burst at this man's words, shout back in his usual manner. But before that action could be taken, Mikasa moved up next to him, blades unsheathed. "Dead men can't talk."

The man swallowed, Naruto and Mikasa staring him down with dark looks. The boy's eyes looked darker, and he saw a flicker of red. They both looked ready to kill him on the spot.

"Move the cart!"

He was angry that they made him do this, but he wanted to live another day.

As soon as it was moved, the people rushed inside to safety. As Naruto watched, he felt a slight tugging on his shirt. Looking down, he saw a little boy and girl, both no older than nine. Their eyes sparkled, and looked at them as heros. "I wanna be like you guys when I grow up!" The boy smiled.

Naruto gave the kid a warm smile, and the mother nodded and led them away. Kakashi had come up on the other side of Naruto. "I thought you were gonna let him have it," Kakashi said. "I was close." Naruto whispered.

"We're done back here. We need to go up to the middle, Titans have gotten that far, and are breaking through." A guard came up. "You two," He pointed to Naruto and Mikasa. "You go up the middle. Hatake will come with another group."

Kakashi was led away, but not before saying one last thing to Naruto.

"Don't lose control."

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